A Warrior’s Passionate Awakening

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This is my second submission to Literotica and I am a budding author who could benefit from feedback. PLEASE LEAVE SOME FOR ME OR FEEL FREE TO MESSAGE ME.


Tazmeneron walked through the desert, the night sky above him shining with such light that it lit the wasteland for miles. The land surrounding him was dry and desolate, lifeless, save the rare desert weed and the carrion eaters. Only the occasional crag or ridge broke the monotony of the hard pan. Dust, from dunes long swept away, blew threw the air, stinging Tazmeneron’s eyes and drying his throat. It was so clear that he could easily see no ambush nor raid lay ahead, yet he remained vigilant nonetheless, he was so accustomed to constantly watching for attack that he never let his guard down even when he slept. He surveyed his surroundings warily, like a predator hunting for his next kill and took in everything with his cold hard stare. Any onlooker who had the chance to meet his gaze then would have said he was a man whose eyes shone more like an animal’s than a human’s, if they dared to get close enough to look. His long hair was bleached from many days in the sun and his face was a combination of hard lines and brutal scars. His tall, muscular body and sun-darkened skin were covered in the hides of beasts that no man but he had dared to hunt. More frightening still however were the weapons he carried, but most menacing about him of all was simply the way that he walked; he had the grace of a panther and the determined stride of a conqueror, this man’s walk was the walk of a killer.

As he stalked through the night, he noticed the light of a campfire shining in the distance. “What fools would make themselves visible in this place?” he thought. He spat in disgust, feeling no pity for the pathetic souls who would openly make themselves the target for some terrible tragedy simply because they wished to be warm or have the luxury of cooked food.

A strange curiosity came to him then and he knew he had to find out who had lit this beacon in the darkness. He turned and began making his way towards the fire. As he drew closer he heard the voices of children and the sounds of crying babes. “This can’t be,” he thought, no group of children could survive in this place save as slaves and no slaver would be so bold as to light a fire and make his presence known.

Tazmeneron approached slowly, not wishing to give himself away. He crept on all fours until he crested a small dune and set eyes on the group. He stared in shock at the sight he witnessed. “All women and children,” he muttered, “and none of them bound.” These were escaped slaves, he realized and defenseless ones too. Suddenly he heard a noise and his eyes darted to his left only to see a small boy pissing a stone’s throw away. The child met his gaze and gasped. “Shit!” Tazmeneron cursed, now they would know he was here unless he killed the boy; as cold as he was though, he would not do that. He rose up from his position and revealed himself to the camp before him. The former slaves set eyes upon him and gazed at with him abject terror, several fled and the boy screamed.

“Shut your mouth you fool, I mean you no harm and you’ll likely bring back your former masters if you don’t cease howling,” Tazmeneron had no idea why but he felt compelled to help these people, perhaps it was his own past as a child slave or perhaps it was the screaming boy who looked so like him when he was young.

He made his way towards their camp and saw it was little more than a pack of starving slaves scattered around a fire. No supplies, no water skins, no food; these people looked as if they were doomed to die. The few women were unwashed and dressed in nothing more than soiled rags. The children were even worse off, most looked malnourished and sickly but a few seemed as though they might live if they found food or water. When he reached their fire all but one of them had backed away, most of the women held their babes to their chests and the children hid behind their mothers.

A güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri young woman stayed where she was though and raised her dark eyes to meet his, she was beautiful, not like any woman he had seen wandering the wastes. Her skin was tanned yet smooth and her face was unblemished and perfectly feminine. Long dark hair ran down to her breasts and fell between the gentle curves of her chest. Tazmeneron could not help but to gaze at her beauty and when she stood he was drawn to her even more, for like the others, she wore little more than rags. Her half naked body made Tazmeneron burn with desire. He watched intently as she strode towards him, her long bare legs sweeping over the desert sands.

“Why have you come here?” she asked him commandingly, stopping a few strides away.

Tazmeneron was not used to such boldness from women, nor men, save hardened warriors, and for a moment he was left without words. “Because I saw your fire,” he replied without lying, “you drew me here with that flame, it is unwise to make yourself so visible in this place.”

“True enough,” the woman muttered. “The children needed warmth though, the women too,” she added with compassion in her voice.

“Still, it’d be better to risk death from the cold than to attract slavers and die fighting,” Tazmeneron replied, thinking of how these people could have escaped.

“There are no slavers here,” she said, “all those living in this desert have died, we are the last survivors,” no hint of remorse echoed in her voice.

“What?” Tazmeneron asked in shock.

“A plague took them, there are none living here save us,” she answered, “you are the first living person we have seen in three days.”

“Then you must head to the south, there are villages there, perhaps a few days through the mountains. Your people may live through the journey if you break for the foothills at dawn. There’s water there,” he added as an after thought.

“Good,” she said, “will you make the journey with us?”

“Tazmeneron howled with laughter, shocked by the question, “why would I journey with you?” he asked, “a pack of escaped slaves. No, I have no desire to make the trek with a group the likes of this, you would slow me down and make me open target for raiders. I’ll take my chances alone, woman.” Tazmeneron turned to go, not wishing to waste anymore time on the poor wretches or their leader.

“Tazmeneron, wait,” shouted the dark haired woman.

Suddenly, he stopped dead in his tracks. “How do you know my name, woman?” he demanded as he turned to face her with a look that spoke of a willingness to kill. “Tell me,” he shouted as his hand dropped to the axe hanging from his belt.

“I know many things,” she said in a whisper, “what your name is, where you’re going, and that I would find you here.

“What witchcraft is this?” he asked with disgust, “have you done sorcery to see into my mind?”

“No, it is foresight, I am a seer Tazmeneron, I swear it.”

“A seer?” he gasped in shock.

“Yes, I foresaw you coming, that you would help us, that with your aid we would cross the mountains and find shelter in the lands to the south.”

“Why should I help you?” he asked with bitter resentment.

“Because, I will give you this,” the woman said as she walked towards him and took off the animal hide covering her chest before dropping it to the ground.

Tazmeneron’s eyes went wide as she bore herself to him. Her breasts shone in the firelight and were round and full, her beautiful nipples stood erect in the cold wind of the night as she brushed her hair away from them so they would be uncovered. Her belly was flat yet soft and her smooth skin made Tazmeneron want to run his hands and tongue all over her body. She slowly pushed down the strip of cloth she had fashioned into a skirt and he gazed at the black hair that covered her mound, longing to lick deeply into her and taste her juices as he gave her pleasure.

“Come, let us go away from here,” she güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri said as she turned and strode into the desert. Tazmeneron followed her and when the fire was but a small light in the distance she turned and said “you may take me now Tazmeneron, I am yours to be with and I want you too.” He wasted no time in hesitation and threw his clothes to the ground without a second thought before taking her in his arms and bringing his lips to hers.

He kissed her with a passion so great it consumed his every thought and made the fear of wasteland predators vanish from his mind. He had not felt such lust for a woman since his youth and could not remember a time when he hungered for satisfaction more than now.

Her lips opened for him and his tongue met hers as he ran his hands over her smooth body. She moaned with passion as their tongues lashed at one another’s and his fingers caressed the cheeks of her ass. His cock began to grow hard against her belly and made her shiver with anticipation. He squeezed both her ass cheeks with one hand and ran the other slowly over her side until his fingers found her wet lips and felt that they were dripping with juices.

“Uunnhh,” she gasped as he slid a finger into her cunt, relishing the feeling of her warm wetness around him as he slowly began to work it in and out of her with a rhythmic gesture that made him want her even more. “Gods,” she whispered as he slid another finger into her crack and began to rub her clit with his thumb. Her hands moved over his body and slowly she brought them down to his hard cock, moaning as she wrapped them around his shaft. “Gods I want you,” she said, opening her eyes and seeing that his face was filed with passion.

Tazmeneron kissed her again and felt his cock nudging against her cunt as she stroked him. He wanted to fuck her, needed it. A tingling sensation rose in his shaft and he knew he was getting closer. Slowly, he broke the embrace and she looked at him with confusion but when he gently pushed her to the ground, she realized what he intended and smiled with a nervous anticipation. As he lay her down on top of his discarded clothing he spread her legs and moved as if to mount her, but instead began kissing her tender nipples. She moaned with ecstasy as he pleasured her and cried out even louder as he brought his wet fingers back to her cunt, rubbing her swollen lips with excitement and a hunger to taste her.

He began to slowly kiss the valley below her breasts, making his way down over the smooth skin of her stomach and rubbing his left hand over her breasts with pleasure. He felt the hair of her mound tickle his chin as he worked his way down to her cunt and eagerly went lower, lapping at her wet lips with excitement. She moaned louder this time, shouting “Gods yes!” to the sky as the feeling of her climax washed over her. Tazmeneron licked her passionately, wanting desperately to taste her juices and run his hands over her as she came for him. Suddenly her body bucked against his face and she was overcome with a pleasure that made her juices flow from her cunt, soaking his face as he continued to lick her with passion. “Yes, yes, yes,” she screamed as the pleasure of her orgasm wash through her. Her chest curled forward and she looked down at him as he continued licking her “stop,” she pleaded, “it’s too much.”

He looked up at her, an eager grin across his face. “Stop?” he asked as he chuckled, “we haven’t even started.” He pulled himself on to his knees before her and grabbed his hard cock and began stroking it while she watched, gazing at his throbbing erection with desire. She wanted to pull him forward into her wet cunt and feel him fill her with his hard cock but she wouldn’t fall to temptation and rush into their lovemaking. She rose to her knees and pushed him down gently so that he lay atop the sand, he knew what she intended and looked eagerly into her eyes as he took his hand from his cock and slowly ran it through her hair.

She began slowly güvenilir bahis şirketleri stroking him, rejoicing in the feeling of his foreskin moving up and down his hard shaft, especially as her fingers ran over the tip, she moved her head closer, unable to resist the urge to bring it nearer to her lips. She looked down at the shaft in her hands and felt her desire to take it in her mouth grow even more. “Suck it,” he told her, desperately wanting to feel her wet mouth wrap around him. She parted her lips slowly, licking them so his cock would enter her waiting mouth smoothly. She pressed her lips to his tip and felt the precum dripping from it moisten her soft lips before opening her mouth even wider. He moaned with pleasure as she took the head of his cock between her lips and slowly swirled her tongue around it, reveling in the taste of his precum.

“Oh gods, keep sucking me,” he said as she brought her lips down to the base of his shaft, filling her mouth with his cock. She moaned as he gently pulled her hair and began to take control, bringing her head up and down over his cock as pleasure rippled through him. She almost gagged as he fucked her mouth and she brought her hand up to stroke him while she sucked, swirling her fingers over the tip of his cock as it left her mouth with every stroke.

“Gods,” he shouted, before pushing her back and getting on his knees, she laid back, wanting to look into his eyes as he fucked her, and spread her legs so he could slide his hard cock deep into her. “Yes,” he said passionately as her lips spread open for him and he pressed the tip of his shaft against her soaking cunt. They moaned in unison as he slid into her, filling her deeply and wrapping his cock in the hot wetness of her cunt. He almost came in her right then but seized his climax and began thrusting into her while looking into her beautiful eyes. Her gaze was fire and he couldn’t control his passion, he wanted her more than anything and felt the need to cum inside her. He began fucking with hard fast strokes and she whimpered in pleasure as his pace increased.

“Oh gods, fuck me,” she cried, “cum in me, cum inside me, I want your cum to fill my cunt, give me your hard cock.

He roared with pleasure, no woman had ever talked that way to him, his thrusts gained intensity and he felt his body pounding into her with a frenzy of passion that built as the warmth in the tip of his cock grew hotter and hotter. He panted for breath, fucking her wildly, not able to stop himself, needing to fill her. Her shaking breasts made his climax spring closer as he watched them jerk upwards with every impact from his cock slamming balls deep into her cunt.

“Yes,” she cried as her body shook with pleasure, “yes Tazmeneron, fuck me.” She screamed as her climax overtook her, her cunt convulsing around his cock and her juices flooding out and running down his balls. Her nails bit into his flesh as she placed her hands on his back so as to pull him closer. The pain was too much and it brought him over the edge, he fucked her furiously and roared as his climax came.

“Oh gods woman,” he shouted, “yes.” His body surged into her, thrusting of its own volition. Warmth surrounded his cock as it shot his cum deep inside her. He continued to fuck her, feeling his cum flow deeper with every stroke. “You’re a goddess,” he said, falling onto her, exhaustion taking him.

They lay together for a long time, him on top of her, arms wrapped around her body. She kissed his shoulders softly as he panted with ecstasy and felt the last surges of pleasure ripple through his body. He lifted his head and looked into her eyes, seeing that the fire of her passion burned no less bright, then kissed her, first softly, then with a lust that made his cock harden again.

“It was our destiny to meet tonight Tazmeneron,” she said to him, breaking their kiss. “The gods willed us to be together. You were meant for me and I was meant for you.” The look in her eyes told him that she meant it and he could not turn away from her.

“Yes,” was all he could say as he saw a purpose in her gaze that he had never had, a passion that made him feel both terrified and hopeful. He kissed her again and thought of what would come as he helped her and her people cross over the mountains and find the lands to the south.

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