A Weekend with Daniel Ch. 02

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**DISCLAIMER** This story contains scenes of sex between two men. If this offends you in any way or is illegal where you live, stop reading now and leave.

I woke up with the sun shining on my face through the blinds, and Daniel’s warm body pressed against mine. The previous night’s events ran through my mind, and I smiled with satisfaction as I closed my eyes again.

I woke up about an hour later with Daniel still asleep and feeling extremely refreshed, both mentally and physically. I reluctantly tried to pull away from Daniel, but some of the dried cum from the night before held us together like glue. I pulled a little harder to free myself, and this must have woken up Daniel.

“Good morning, sleepyhead!” I said, cheery and bright.

He groaned, wearily reaching for the pillow and covering his face. I jumped on top of his chest and pounded on his chest to get him up.

“Come on! Get up! We have a lot to do!” I said with a smile.

He slowly pulled the pillow from his face and looked at me, smiling slyly. I got off of him, not even noticing that I was still naked and had crusted cum covering my chest and dick. Daniel rolled into a sitting position, his massive 7 inch softie hanging over the edge of his bed. He slowly got up and stretched his hands in the air, showing off his ripped abs and wide, strong pecs. The sun from the window hit his beautiful chest perfectly, showing off his tanned skin, growing chest hair, and his still-developing muscles.

Daniel finished his stretch, looked at me and asked, “Would you like to take a shower? You look like you need one.” He pointed to my cum-covered chest and laughed.

“I’m not the only one.” I said, as I grabbed his firm bubble butt to turn him around. He looked in the mirror and saw the cum all over his back as we both began to laugh.

I pulled him in for a quick kiss before we made our way to the shower. I grabbed his dick near the base and pulled him towards his bathroom as we both giggled with giddy. His thick cock led our way to his walk-in shower. We both squeezed in, out bodies pressing closely in the stall. The shower was somewhat sauna-like as it had a small ledge to sit down on in the corner. He closed the glass door behind us and turned on the water. Hot water sprang immediately from the shower head and filled the bathroom with steam.

He reached over and grabbed the bar of soap, moving it between his hands with a smile.

“Would güvenilir bahis you like to help me wash my back?” He asked me. “Definitely!”

Daniel turned around, showing his broad shoulders, strong back, and sun-kissed skin. I rubbed the bar of soap all over his back, not missing an inch. Then came the fun part. I rubbed my hands on the soap, and then put it down. I smiled as I put my hands on Daniel’s broad, strong shoulders and began to massage him. He closed his eyes and let out a quiet moan. I put up his arms and he flexed his massive biceps. I moved my hands around his massive man arms, covering them with soap. I worked my way up and down his arms, from hand to shoulder I coated every inch of his man muscle with soap. I moved my hands slowly around his strong back, going lower and lower with each movement. Then came the moment of truth. I got on my knees to get a better look and Daniel’s ass.

It was perfect. Round, plump, tan and soaking wet with soapy suds. I pushed my hands on his ass, slowly massaging his cheeks in a circle. He moaned louder and louder with each massaging movement I made. I couldn’t resist any longer, I pressed my face in his ass, rubbing my own cheeks against his. I spread them apart and tongued his firm butthole. I pulled my face away and turned Daniel around. I stood up and moved to his impressive chest once more. He leaned forward, and flexed his arms, chest, and abs for me. I was nearly drooling at the sight of him. I reached forward and moved my soapy hands all over his chest. I felt each curve of his muscles as I moved my hands around his abs and chest. His muscles pulsated and grew as he continued to flex. After I ran my hands over his washboard stomach, feeling his ripped abs, he relaxed and I got on my knees for his grand finale.

His huge limp dick hung wet with the weight of the running hot water. The 7 inch monster was beautiful and brown. Quickly I realized that in my amazement last night, I had barely even noticed his enormous balls. They hung low and swung freely from his cock. They were about the size of two small tennis balls and were free of any hair. I lifted up his enormous cock and stared at his beautiful balls. I cupped them in my hands, almost unable to get both of them in my hand at once. I moved my hands up and down feeling the weight of his balls. Then I slowly opened up wide and put his balls in my mouth. I suckled on them and moved my tongue around as he groaned in ecstasy. türkçe bahis My own dick grew with the sounds of his pleasure.

I finished up with his massive balls and moved on the impressive piece of man meat in front of me. I picked it up and looked at it once again. It was even more astounding in the light. Last night I hadn’t been able to tell, but Daniel is uncut with long foreskin. His foreskin leads to his huge, thick shaft. Tan-colored and thick, it swung freely between his toned legs. Just as I was about to try to put my mouth around this monster, Daniel grabbed my hair tightly. I winced in pain as he then grabbed his dick at the base. He held my face close to his dick and suddenly slapped me in the face with it. I laughed a little at my first molly-whopping, but as I looked up at Daniel’s face, he had a look of extreme lust.

He slapped me again and again, every time I tried to put it in my mouth, he pulled me back and slapped me in the face. His dick began growing, veins appearing and pulsating with each slap on my face. Then, without warning, he shoved his 8 1/2 inch semi into my throat. I gagged and gagged but he kept pounding my face harder and harder. Back and forth and back and forth, he thrusted his now entirely hard man cock into my throat. With each pound, his veiny, thick dick punched the back of my throat. The warm water continued to rain on Daniel’s beautiful body, and as I looked up at his face, I saw only lust and anger. His eyes were focused intently on his massive pole entering and leaving my mouth.

Quickly, he bent down, grabbed me under the shoulders as if I were a small child and put me in his arms. He carried me over his shoulder like a baby, my hard dick pressed against his pecs, with his cock sticking out straight forward, leading the way to the small ledge in his shower. He sat me down in front of the ledge on my knees, and bent me over it. My eager asshole twitched in anticipation of the huge monster cock ready to enter me.

But he didn’t fuck me. Not right away at least. He just stood there, his legs bent slightly and his arms flexed at a 90 degree angle in front of him, as if he were carrying some large box and was bending his legs under the weight. He stared down at me then suddenly moved forward and shoved his gigantic dick up my tight ass. He ruthlessly pounded me over and over again. He pounded harder and harder with each stroke. He reached forward and grabbed my hips and pounded güvenilir bahis siteleri me more and more. I moaned deeply and loudly in pure ecstasy. Suddenly I yelped in pain. I jumped up off of the ledge and looked at Daniel.

“Ow! Daniel! Careful how deep you go; this is only my second time.”

“Don’t be such a cry-baby. I’m barely even half way in.”

His tanned, slippery body suddenly flexed again as he picked me up and carried me in his arms out of the shower. His huge muscles flexed and moved as he carried me to his bed. He dropped me, back side down, on his bed and grabbed both of my legs. He placed both of my ankles on his strong shoulders and got me in missionary position.

“I thought you would want to watch me as I work.” He said with a sly smile.

He entered my asshole once more and began fucking me hard. He hadn’t been lying when he said he wasn’t even half way in yet. His dick seemed larger than normal as it entered my tight asshole over and over. He only went about 8 inches in until suddenly he went all out. Grunting and thrusting in unison, he moaned loudly as he shoved his massive cock inside of my ass. I began yelling as the pain and pleasure filled me up. For a moment, I nearly lost consciousness in the pure ecstasy I was feeling. Daniel got louder and louder with his moans as he pounded me harder and harder. He thrusted deeper and deeper, exploring my ass, until he suddenly pulled out.

“I’M GONNA CUM.” Daniel yelled as he closed his eyes and began stroking his cock vigorously up and down his beer-can thick shaft. He stroked for only a few seconds before the first shots of cum came out.

They shot like a rocket, covering my face. His spurts kept coming as he shot all over my face, and soon moved down my body, covering my chest and legs entirely in cum. He screamed one last time as his last shot was his largest, and went straight in my mouth.

I came my own load all over his chest and face, even some into his mouth. He picked me up off of the bed and stood me up, before he quickly brought me in for a kiss. Our tongues darted in between our mouths, swapping spit and cum. We both fell on the bed together and made out for 20 minutes, just rubbing our toned bodies together in bliss.

Daniel finally sat up and looked at me. He looked a little ashamed.

“Sorry for my little freak-out back there. Sometimes things get a little out of control and I just don’t know what I’m doing. I can’t control my own strength.”

I smiled and said, “It’s okay, I’ve never thought you were hotter than I did then.”

We both smiled and hugged, before we went back into the bathroom to take another shower.


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