A Woman In Need Ch. 03

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Allegra woke the next morning wrapped in Bryce’s arms. She wiggled in his embrace, arching her back and grinding her ass into his cock. He murmured something unintelligible and pulled her closer, wrapping one large hand around her breast. She turned in his arms, kissed his cheek, and told him she was going to shower. She wriggled out from under him and headed down the hall towards the bathroom.

Ten minutes later the bathroom was full of steam. Allegra groaned, feeling the hot water soothe her. She washed her hair then her body, running her hands over her chest and feeling her nipples harden despite the heat. She pinched them lightly, and ran her hands downward, over her gently curved stomach and down to her bare pussy. She moaned loudly as her fingers slid over her mound, sliding between her lips and into her wet slit.

Allegra’s soapy fingers found her clit and her hips ground forward against her hand, wanting more. She turned in the water, opening her pussy lips and letting the spray from the showerhead hit directly on her clit. She gasped, throwing her head back. The warm water felt so good hammering against her aching clit. She slid two fingers into her pussy, groaning at hot wet she was. She slid them in and out while the hot water beat down on her clit. Suddenly her hips slammed forward and she screamed as she came.

The shower door slid open, and she turned, one hand flying up to drag her wet hair out of her face, the other cupping her pussy. Bryce grinned at her. “You’ve had your fun, babe. Now I want mine,” he said as he plucked her from the shower and set her down on the shaggy red bath mat. He grabbed a towel from the rack and ran it briskly over poker oyna her, drying her thoroughly. He ran it gently between her thighs, rasping the fabric against her over-sensitive clit. She moaned, her hips arching away from the pressure.

“Too much?” Bryce asked her as he slid the towel back and forth. He grinned when she moaned low in her throat. He threw the towel to the floor and grabbed her hand, dragging her back down the hallway towards the bedroom. He laid down on top of the tangled sheets, kicking the comforter to the end of the bed. “Come here,” he demanded, patting the space on either side of his head.

Allegra flushed from her head to her toes. She shook her head slowly, running one foot up the calf of her other leg, then back down. She took her lower lip between her teeth, crossing her arms under her breasts.

Bryce groaned, his green eyes glittering. “Come here,” he repeated hoarsely. She was going to be the death of him. He watched her nipples harden as she chewed on her lip. “Now,” he demanded. She didn’t move, and he sat up, grabbed her around the waist, and sat down with her straddling his lap, leaning back against the headboard. He moaned when her pussy slid against his cock, and he ground up into her. He grabbed her hands and wrapped them around the iron rungs. “You better hang on, baby. This is going to be one wild ride,” he told her fiercely.

Her fingers stayed wrapped around the rungs when he slid down her body, pushed her thighs apart, and settled his head between them. Allegra moaned when his tongue slid across her pussy lips, her hips grinding down into his mouth. She felt his tongue slide deeper, pushing up into canlı poker oyna her wet slit. It rasped across her clit and she groaned. “More,” she whispered. “Give me more.”

Bryce flickered his tongue firmly across her clit, grinning as he felt her body vibrate against his mouth. He drew her clit in between his lips and suckled her gently. She gasped, grinding down and riding his face. He suckled harder, drawing her clit deep into his mouth and rasping his tongue across the tight bundle of nerves. “Fuck baby…You taste so damn good,” he groaned.

Allegra moaned and ground down on his tongue, feeling it stab deep into her pussy. She rode it hard, on the verge of coming apart. Her hands wrapped tightly around the iron rungs of the headboard, her knuckles turning white. She felt his tongue paint a path back up to her clit and she gasped as he took it between his teeth and nibbled. “I’m cumming,” she screamed, her hips moving wildly back and forth, trying to push her clit further into his mouth.

“Fuck yes,” Bryce groaned, feeling her wetness cover his face. He slid from under her, licking his lips. She looked over her shoulder as he slid her knees further apart. He took his cock in his hand and settled behind her. He dragged the tip along her slit, feeling her wet pussy with the head of his dick. Groaning, he pushed inside of her, grinning when her hands wrapped tightly around the rungs of the bed.

Allegra groaned as she felt him push inside her, stretching the tender flesh of her pussy. “God,” she moaned, her head hanging down as his cock slid home. She ground her ass back into him, trying to ride him. She could feel him throbbing inside internet casino her aching pussy. It was driving her mad. She reached back, trying to touch him. He grabbed her hands and wrapped them in his, then wrapped both their hands around the spindles of the headboard.

Bryce held tight as he started pounding her pussy, riding her hard. He groaned, feeling her ass slam back against him. “That’s it, baby. Fuck me,” he whispered as he nibbled on her ear. Her back bowed as she slid back and forth on his cock, and he arched over her, giving it to her deep. He started slamming in and out of her, driving his dick balls deep into her wet cunt. He could feel her gushing around him, her pussy growing wetter by the second.

“Fuck me, Bryce. Fuck me hard,” she panted. His cock thrust quickly in and out of her, rubbing against her sensitive pussy. His balls slapped against her clit and she moaned, ready to topple over the edge. “Give me your cock, babe. Oh fuck! Make me cum,” she begged hoarsely. “Pound my tight little cunt. Make me cum all over your cock,” she cried, words running out of her mouth as her pussy spasmed around his dick, milking him as she came. “Fuck!”

Bryce groaned, her words making him wild. Her pussy throbbed around his cock, clenching down on him as little aftershocks of delight ran through her. She shivered uncontrollably and he moaned, pounding his cock in and out of her tight wet cunt. His balls tightened and he drove into her, desperate for release.

Allegra moaned, loving the feel of him in her. “Fill my pussy, Bryce. Cum for me,” she whispered, looking back over her shoulder as he drove into her, impaling her with his dick.

Her words pushed him over the edge, and Bryce came with a growl, slamming his hips into her, jetting into her. His cock throbbed as he filled her with cum. With a groan he collapsed on top of her, resting his head against the hot skin of her shoulder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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