A Wonderful Massage

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Friday night and you had just come home from a long day at work, I greet you at the door and you proceed to hug me whispering to me” oh it feels good to have you in my arms I missed you today.

“I missed you too baby.” Looking around you realize that the house is awfully quiet,

“Where are the girls?” he asks in wonder.”

“They are out for the night at moms, we have the house all to ourselves tonight.”

Oh that sounds wonderful, as I rub your neck gently kissing you softly.

“Are you hungry baby?” she asks in a whisper

“Not yet I will eat in a little while”

Taking my hand, walk over to his chair with me… pulling me gently into his lap. “

“This is different” she remarks softly.

“What’s different?” “

Us sitting in your chair,” she replies.

“Well I just wanted to have you closer to me tonight I missed you so much today.”

Honey what’s the matter is something bothering you?” “

No I just had a very hectic day and I couldn’t wait to get home” he replies…

Turning to face him rubbing his shoulders she could feel the tension in them, realizing that she has to do something to help him relax she kisses him and gets up.

“Where are you going? He asks with a whimper in his voice

“I will be right back baby”.

As she goes into the poker oyna bedroom and gets her scented massage oil and slip into her sexy baby blue satin teddy that he loves so much.

Coming back into the living room… she gets back into his lap… putting the oil down where he can’t see it,

“I want what I am about to do to you to be a complete surprise”.

“You are so beautiful and maybe I don’t say it enough but you really are, I think I am the luckiest man alive.”

“Thank you but no… I think I am the luckiest woman alive I have you.” Blushing she replies softly.

As he kisses her again deeply this time… his hands work their magic on her back, she works open the buttons on his shirt and removes it from him, rubbing his tired and stressed shoulders along with his neck.

A slight soft moan escapes you I know that you are getting comfortable,

“Close your eyes baby and let me help you relax.” she takes her oil rubbing it into her hands to warm it and begin massaging his temples, his eyes close… she can see the tension leaving his face.

Kissing his lips softly…she works her hands down his cheeks rubbing them firmly yet very gently, she can see him starting to melt, kissing every spot that she rubs as she works her way down his neck onto his shoulders, she reaches those wonderful shoulders, canlı poker oyna louder moans escape him, massaging them deep, working the knots out, as he rolls his head for it feels so good.

“Oh honey that feels so good, how did you know that I need this? He asks.

“Baby I could tell when you walked in the door I could see it in your face and I felt it in your shoulders when you hugged me.” She replies whispering in his ear.

Working her way onto his chest, she nibbles gently on his neck… his body shutters from the feel,

“Oh girl you keep this up much longer and I cant be held responsible for what I am going to do to you.”

“Do you like that baby?

“Oh yes I do… your hands and lips are full of magic.”

Working my hands further down your chest she licks and kisses her way down… stopping at his nipples, sucking them gently, nibbling lightly, he shivers, grabbing her ass

“Oh my god …now you have done it” lifting up her teddy to get his hands on her bare ass.

Gently work your hands off her ass

“Oh no not yet baby I am not done with you yet.” Slowly she work his pants off of him as his mass begins to grow massaging it gently, kissing my way down your stomach stopping at his mass that has grown in her hand, taking it into her mouth, sucking it ever so internet casino gently, his head throws back and his moans grow louder, sucking it a little harder, she massages his balls with that wonderful oil she has, his hands grab her ass, begging her to let him have her

“Baby I want you so bad right now”… taking her into his arms picking her up and laying her down on the couch… he removes her teddy, just sitting there staring at her.

“Oh I love you so much… I want to make love to you right now.”

Rubbing his hands feverishly all over her, spreading her legs gently, getting in between them… she takes that hard mass into her hand, slowly guiding it into her pushing deeper into her.

Her back arches, moans of delight escape us both, wrapping her legs around his waist, raising her ass off the couch as to get him as deep into her as she possibly can…he

start pumping her hard and fast as she begs for more.

“Oh baby give it to me please I want it so bad” she cries out in desire

Turning her onto all fours, once again entering that hard bulging throbbing mass

into her, from behind pumping her so hard… suddenly he can feel her pussy clamp down

He knows that she is about to cum…they reach an explosive climax together.

Upon finishing he lays down on top of her, holding her for a few minutes… then she gets up and continue the massage that she started upon, finishing that massage she takes his head and lays it on her chest, covering him with the blanket, rubbing his head lightly, he peacefully drift off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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