A Woodland Enclave

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Laura and Duncan had planned to meet up at the local train-station. This was only their second date but the flirty text messages that Laura had sent since they last saw each other had hopefully given Duncan an idea of what to expect and his replies indicated that he was also not looking for an innocent evening!

Laura had gotten ready carefully, her long nails were painted a deep shade of red and her small amount of pubic hair was neatly trimmed, it had all taken a long time but she hadn’t wanted to leave the house until everything was perfect; but, still she stood looking critically at her reflection in the mirror of the cramped train station toilet. She had never felt confident about her overly large brown eyes or the way her full mouth curled naturally up whether she was smiling or not, and trying not to notice the cows lick of black hair standing up from her forehead despite much smoothing and coercing only seemed to urge it to stand up further. Assured that Duncan would like her lacy black stockings and crotchless panties worn under baggy jeans if nothing else about her she had tried to leave the toilet on a positive note.

She saw that Duncan was already there and waiting for her, glancing at her watch she noticed that he was early. If anything the boy was overly keen, pushing this thought out of her head and concentrating on not showing too much teeth when she smiled (she hated her large white teeth) she tapped him on his shoulder quickly ducking to the opposite side as he turned. Laughing and grabbing her into his arms Duncan looked as gorgeous as ever. His brown hair was messily falling about on his head and his tight jeans and punk jacket made him look so hot. Not believing her luck in meeting this guy and somehow fooling him to be interested in her Laura didn’t resist when he kissed her hard pressing his tongue deep into her mouth and slipped his arm inside her jacket making him closer to her skin and sending shivers through her body. He held her there like that and time barely moved. Eventually Laura noticed the snotty faces of those around her and shooting them her own disapproving look and laughing raucously she slapped Duncan’s firm arse and guided him towards the open door.

It was dark outside and Laura was relieved to finally be away from the harsh glare of florescent light, relaxing she lent her head against Duncan’s chest and continued to walk in pace with him. He seemed to know where they were going, and Laura didn’t care. Duncan’s hand was wandering under her jacket, squeezing and stroking the small bulge of her hips that became exposed by her low-slung jeans and tight T-shirt. In return Laura kept a firm hold on Duncan’s arse enjoying the way it felt under her hand as he stepped and not being able to resist she slipped it under his waist band and teasingly dug her nails into the warm flesh. Duncan gave her a gentle squeeze and tried to slip his hand down Laura’s jeans. Fortunately they clung too tightly to her body, ensuring that he would not discover the underwear she had chosen to wear until it was revealed to him in it’s entirety.

Walking arms around each other it felt as though they had known each other for a long while, the conversation was easy and free flowing. Chatting about various shit days of the week at work invariably led onto the subject of lonely nights spent reading text messages from the other and the various reactions they had inspired in each others horny bodies. Although not easily embarrassed or made to blush Laura was much more candid than she usually would have been. Perhaps because she was busy concentrating on the quiet that echoed around their steps on the street and the pace that Duncan’s long legs had fallen into so she didn’t have to struggle to keep up, the conversation seemed surreal to her. It had taken only a little persuasion from Duncan before she was revealing intimate details of how she had lain in bed finger fucking herself and still not been able to come. Images of what Duncan’s cock would feel like eluding her and how her body now ached for him.

During this time the way Duncan was stroking her body changed, becoming more frantic and urgent. His hand began to wander higher, skimming across the side of her flat stomach and stretching as far as he could reach. The feathery touch of his finger tips and light scratching of his nails sent shivers through Laura’s body and she was suddenly aware of how empty the street was, how beautiful the stars in the sky were and how despite being November her body felt warm. Her nipples were hard against the soft fabric of her T-shirt and concentrating on walking became difficult, she lent further onto Duncan allowing his hand more access to her body. Duncan’s breathing seemed deeper now, more laboured and his steps less measured. They were walking faster and all small talk conversation had ceased.

“So, what texts turned you on the most?” Laura asked. Not sure if she should have been so brazen or if she would rather not know, she hoped the crotchless panties and stockings had poker oyna been the right choice of underwear. Hurriedly she added that he shouldn’t answer and again they fell into an easy silence.

They had been walking for a long time when Duncan indicated for Laura to follow him under a hole in a wire fence, despite the dark Laura could make out trees and smell the rain that had fallen this morning leaving moist leaves and damp tree trunks behind. “Where are we?” Laura wanted to know, though not at all bothered. This place seemed so beautiful to her where ever it was, she looked up at the stars and moon above, obscured partially by ancient tree branches. Duncan was busy laying a large thick rug on the ground and surrounding the edges with lanterns. “It’s my local golf course, I used to come here and chase rabbits when I was younger. It’s kinda beautiful isn’t it? I could never work out why the rabbits wouldn’t let me catch them or where they disappeared to!” Duncan laughed lost in his childhood thoughts but still continued to pull things out of his rucksack.

Illuminated by the lanterns Laura could see that they were in a small enclave, surrounded by trees and invaded by their roots. She wandered around continuously glancing back at Duncan and the picnic he was setting up. He was unbelievable good looking, the shadows of the trees and the bouncing moonlight only enhanced his face and she concluded that this was the most relaxed she had ever seen him. More and more beer kept appearing out of the bag and although she had first thought Duncan had prepared a picnic for her she could now see it was just a booze up. Smiling at him she teased him that he was just trying to get her drunk and take advantage of her. “No….no, it’s not that, I thought you liked to drink beer, I’m also drinking beer, it’s just, oh I’m sorry, please don’t be offended?” he stammered before he finally saw her mocking smile and then laughed openly at himself.

He leaped over the rug and quickly caught hold of Laura before she had time to even think about running away, still laughing their breath mixed together as they kissed. Not sure where to put her hands, Laura’s arms hung limply at her side. Trusting Duncan completely, she let him push her hard up against the thick tree trunk behind her and didn’t fight her instincts as he held her arms up above her head and bit her neck, first gently and then hard. So hard it made Laura cry out reassuring Duncan that she liked it. Biting her neck again and again and kissing all over her face, her ears, her eyes and lingering on her mouth he pushed his whole body tight up against her. Laura opened her legs wide so there was now no part of their bodies that weren’t touching.

Suddenly stopping and going completely cold, Duncan offered Laura a beer. Although she was surprised by this abrupt interruption and Duncan’s reluctance to go any further she tried not to show it and removing her shoes went to sit on the rug opposite Duncan. Getting comfortable by laying on her back and holding her body up with her elbows she accepted the beer that Duncan gave her and let the cool taste calm her mouth after Duncan’s burning kisses. Drinking in silence both Duncan and Laura seemed lost in their own thoughts and the only touch that linked them to one another was the feeling of their feet meeting in the dark and their toes dancing together.

Not wanting to let the feeling of a knock back brood inside her Laura diverted her mind by making shapes with the stars and the tree branches, desperate to tell Duncan the images her mind was making but not wanting to break the silence first Laura tried to etch the images to memory perhaps to share them with him later on in the evening. He was drinking incredibly quickly and looked completely alone against the background of the leaves on the ground. Laura realized it was subconsciously that their feet intertwined together and that Duncan was barely on the rug with her at all. Finishing her second beer she reached and opened another from the pile on the rug and let the feeling of rejection rush over her. She was a little concerned by Duncan’s sudden lack of interest but was too wrapped up in her own insecurities to consider that perhaps something was bothering him and not that she had committed some big sexual no-no in her kissing or enjoyment of his biting her.

She removed a ready rolled joint from her pocket and lit it off of the nearest lantern to her. Changing her position to be closer to Duncan to offer him a toke she lay pressed on her stomach and could feel the rough ground beneath her despite the thick blanket. Her breasts hung loose inside her T-shirt and feigning deep concern that she shouldn’t blow smoke over Duncan if he didn’t want any of the joint himself she looked away from him, dreaming far into the distance with her eyes closed and trying to divert her attention from recent rejection.

After smoking a couple of joints she was definitely stoned and the late night air was beginning to chill her. Forgetting the earlier canlı poker oyna events of the evening she leant her body in close to Duncan’s and was pleased find him reciprocating. Their bodies fitted together, moulding not only to the others’ but also to the stretching tree roots below them. Laura decided that perhaps it would be best to make the first move herself, standing up and making sure that Duncan was looking at her she first removed her jacket throwing it to the ground. Imagining music in her head she began to swirl her hips seductively, she knew that her nipples were hard and visible in the dim light through her T-shirt and saw that Duncan’s attention was on her small tits that without a bra moved around, matching the rhythm of her bodies other movements. Laura now had her eyes closed willing any last shred of self consciousness to disappear as she circled around her nipples with her fingernails flicking and pinching them hard hoping that Duncan would realise this is how she likes to be touched.

Hearing movement she opened her eyes and saw that Duncan was now sat up on the edge of the rug, his eyes glued to her movements and fumbling with something in his hands. Looking closely Laura saw that it was an Mp-3 player; the music of The National filled their little tree-surrounded enclave making it easier for Laura’s body to move. The slow, loud beat played quietly and the eerie voice of the lead singer echoed through Laura’s drunk, stoned mind urging her to move all the more alluring. Stepping towards Duncan, her pussy was level with his face and continuing to move, she took his hands in hers and placed them onto her waist, even if he had decided to keep them still, the way Laura was moving made them caress her skin exposing her flesh to the night air and Duncan’s eyes. Feeling more and more confident Laura had her hands raised above her head, stretching her skin on her stomach tight and making it feel all the more sensitive, whilst all the time mouthing the words to the music playing and now beating in her blood. Duncan’s body picked up the rhythm that Laura was moving to and whenever a moment arose would drag his lips and tongue over her stomach, teasing the spot of skin that if Laura didn’t shave her cunt would be covered in hair and inadvertently urging Laura to take off more clothing.

Stepping away from Duncan slightly and continuing to move in time to the music Laura removed her socks leaving them in the separate spots they had landed. After unzipping her jeans Laura continued moving the way she had been up until now, her back to Duncan, rubbing the jeans against her bum and thighs as she removed them slowly she hoped to draw attention to the underwear she had carefully chosen, before finally guiding them down to the floor and stepping out of them and towards Duncan again. Panting, Duncan moved as if to get up but Laura wasn’t finished yet and motioned with her hand for him to continue sitting. Forcefully placing Duncan’s arms by his side and telling him not to move them, Laura continued to dance, this time fully aware of the huge erection she could see through Duncan’s jeans. She stroked her own legs through her stockings and let him see her hands run over her bare arse, pulling the thong string against her cunt. It was hard now for her to dance, horniness combined with beer and dope was making her dizzy, reaching in between her thighs and through the gap in her crotchless panties she dipped her two fingers into her pussy, bringing them to her mouth shining and wet from her juice and savouring her taste before offering them to Duncan.

Duncan happily obliged, licking around both fingers, flicking them with his tongue and pushing them deep into his throat. Not being able to stand the pressure of his hard cock any longer, Duncan unfastened his jeans and released it through the gap in his boxers, Laura continued to dance but this time she danced low. Her wet cunt touched the tip of Duncan’s cock but with each thrust that he made to be inside her she moved away. Both of them were breathing heavily now, desperate for him but wanting to prolong this good feeling, Laura continued to tease herself and Duncan. She played with her tits through her top and exposed her cunt by bending away from Duncan. Unable to take any more, Duncan was stroking the length of his shaft up and down, his eyes still glued to Laura’s faerie like body as she stroked her clit and finger fucked herself as hard and deep as she could. She knew that she wanted Duncan to come inside her and that if they didn’t fuck soon both of them would come separately.

Moving above Duncan and lowering herself down onto his cock Laura gasped loudly as he thrust into her with all of his strength. His hands were all over her, stroking her legs, her back, her neck and gripping her flesh hard each time she rose up high and fell hard and fast back onto his cock. Their tongues intermixed with each other, barely able to kiss and breath at the same time, they licked each other’s mouths moving in time with each other. The internet casino music was barely audible now, gasping and moaning filled the space surrounding them. Laura pulled his thick hair and bit him wherever she could reach. Her legs felt tired and had made Laura slow down, Duncan now cupped her little arse to get her to fuck him hard and deep again. Laura came in a long luxurious orgasm, her body trembling and falling into Duncan’s arms; completely exhausted. Rolling away from his still rock hard cock after avoiding his attempts to continue fucking her, she lay flat on her back, her legs spread and the cool air fanning her hot cunt.

Not able to resist the outspread body of Laura before him Duncan roughly climbed on top of her and despite her attempts to push him away pinned her down with his strong muscular body. He pulled her T-shirt up to expose her breasts and after slapping them hard with his hand, lent his head down to nip and bite at her nipples. Laura tried to push his head away by grabbing hold of his hair but this only earned her a harder slap across the tits and caused her to yelp out in pain. Duncan now held her arms above her in one of his hands as he masturbated close to her face with the other. The feel of Laura struggling and writhing beneath him only made him more horny and determined to make her struggle even more. He was sure she liked it deep down. In a text she described something to him fairly similar which thinking about doing to her had driven him crazy. As Duncan tried to force his cock into Laura’s pretty little mouth she turned away, shaking her head each time he followed her and forced her to move again. He was cutting off the circulation in her hands and the weight of his body was suffocating her beneath him. Not expecting him to slap her so hard across the face, her eyes filled up with tears and her mouth gaped open just long enough for him to thrust his whole length in. With Duncan fucking her throat so hard Laura was finding it hard not to gag and before she really knew what she had done she had bit him hard enough to cause him to pull his cock out of her mouth and look at her stunned for a second.

Recalling the text messages that Laura had sent him Duncan remembered what had happened after she had bit him and taking it as a cue to move further in their fantasy shouted in her face. “Oh, what a little slut you are. Aren’t you bitch? Tell me cunt! What a little slut you are. I wana here you say it. All those messages you sent. Such a fucking tease! Oh Duncan, I want to be arse fucked…la la la! Well bitch I’m going to give you the arse fucking of your life and you’ll be relieved if I decide to throat fuck you again! Hmmm! Now now Laura. I’ll show you. You should play nice in future. And you will from now on. Won’t you? Hey you! I’m speaking to you! Fucking answer me bitch!”

Laura barely had any strength left to answer Duncan’s abuse and resigned herself to saying that she’d play nice. Duncan knew that this would be the answer and had already begun masturbating again over Laura’s body. This time he trusted her not to move her hands and cursed her loudly for causing his cock to get slightly softer when she had bitten him. Duncan slid down Laura’s body, sat comfortably on her stomach as he flicked and pinched her tits staring at her face all the while. Despite flinching with each painful touch Laura’s breathing was fast and heavy sounding. Just to make sure she was enjoying it Duncan reached his hand down to her cunt, thrust a finger roughly in and found her soaking wet and her juice dripping down her crack and lubricating her arsehole. Sure now that all was going as Laura wanted, and not wanting to come already, Duncan stopped masturbating and turned his attention towards Laura’s cunt again.

Duncan used one hand to finger fuck Laura and the other to spread her juice around her tight little arsehole. Stroking up and down between her swollen cunt and hole making her arsehole lubed enough to take a finger. Laura was writhing again, but this time out of complete unrestrained pleasure, as Duncan fucked her cunt and arse at the same time she felt another orgasm approaching. Before Laura knew it and had had a chance to enjoy being finger fucked for any longer than she had already Duncan had flipped her over and she lay pressed against the rug, the friction against her hard and sensitive nipples driving her mad. Feeling ready for the arse fucking she had been promised she rose up onto all fours and didn’t have to wait long before Duncan had entered her.

Pushing slowly into her arsehole, Duncan can feel the tightness all around him and hear Laura groaning in pleasure as she strokes her clit. Duncan draws in and out of Laura’s hole slowly until she is used to it and finds her own rhythm; harder and faster than Duncan ever imagined she would like it. His whole cock is now moving quickly in and out of her tight little hole and he’s holding her tightly by her hips, trying to remain in control as his cock gets ready to shoot a whole load of cum deep inside her. Laura demanding to be spanked and begging for him to do it even harder sends him over the edge. Her body feels too divine to hold out any longer and he comes inside her arsehole dripping a few drops over her cute little arse as he withdraws.

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