A Workout with Sheri

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Sheri and I had “met” on the internet. We both had the same sort of things on our minds, although not exactly the same. She had once been a model, but now was past the point age-wise where she could command the sort of work she once had. She was still damned attractive, the sort of woman that every guy wanted to get naked with. She oozed of sexuality. Her thing had to do with knowing that she could not only still turn heads, but make guys cum as well.

I had some very specific plans for her. The first time we got together, it was at a smallish bar/restaurant on the avenue. She wore a halter top, short denim skirt, and sandals with straps that crisscrossed almost to her knees. We both had martinis and as hers began to take hold she leaned forward so that her tits would show. They weren’t huge and were a little on the droopy side, but I still thought it was really hot the way she wanted me to see them. At one point I reached over and slipped a hand inside her top to caress and cup one. She just sat there with her eyes closed and a smile.

After a second round, I told her to go to the men’s room and wait for me there. In this place there are two tiny restrooms that face each other across a short hall off the main dining area. After a minute or so I followed and once inside the diminutive space, I undid her halter so that I could see and play with her titties. I sucked on them for a bit, then told her I wanted to see her pussy.

She pulled the skirt up to her waist, revealing no panties and a shaved snatch. I stroked it for a while then stuck a finger into her juicy hole before unfastening my jeans. Before I could get the zipper all the way down, Sheri took over, sinking to a squat so that she could take my member in her mouth. She was a damn good cocksucker and before long I blew my load down her throat. We both re-dressed, she slipped out, then I followed shortly after. When I got back to the bar, she was nowhere in sight and I thought maybe I’d blown it. (Actually now that I think about it, it was more like the other way around.)

That night we reconnected on the internet and she told me she thought that it had been perfect as far as she was concerned — quick and dirty was how she liked it. We made plans for a return to the scene and eventually ended up doing it twice more, once pretty much the same scenario, and the second time we actually fucked. We also met up early one evening at a “meat market” out in the suburbs. That time we more brazenly just went into the men’s room, locked ourselves in a stall and fucked, her bent over with me tapping her from behind.

But the best time was when we met up at the athletic club. A nudist group here in town takes it over one Saturday night each month during the winter. They used to do this at an old YMCA (really) but for the last couple years have been using the club. The whole place is available for nude recreation — swimming pool, Jacuzzi, steam and sauna rooms, treadmills, there’s usually a nude volleyball game in the gym and a massage table set up in one of the lounges.

I’ve poker oyna gone a couple times on my own. It’s really great fun just to get naked with other people in the middle of the winter like that. Nothing had ever happened when I was there, but I’d heard stories.

Sheri and I got talking about those evenings on one of those occasions when we were having our “adult beverages”. I’d never noticed her, but she said she had been to the events several times. There was a guy she knew who just loved having her join him in the jacuzzi and stroke his cock until they couldn’t stand the heat any more. He enjoyed having her play with his member under the bubbles, but he also liked it when they would get out. Everyone knew what was most likely going on under the surface, so it was no great surprise when he would step from the tub sporting a big stiffy. He was able to get away with parading around in front of every one like that.

She said that was all that ever happened, but it did get me thinking. I asked her if she’d join me for the next event, which was a week away. She laughed and told me she’d be delighted to. We made arrangements for exactly what time and each headed our separate ways.

That next Saturday we met in the vestibule of the club, signed in and both headed for the women’s locker room. I always get a kick out of that part — strolling right in, finding a locker, and stripping naked right there in the women’s locker room. We grabbed towels and headed for the pool, to watch and to also be seen. The mix of males to females was about 3 to 1 and I would guess that there was somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 or 80 people there that night. Of all the women, Sheri was the only one sporting a smooth shaven snatch. Aside from one guy, she was also the only one with rings hanging from pierced nipples. There were a handful of others with tattoos of some form or another. Hers was comprised of four letters in gothic script positioned on her lower abdomen that said “LOVE”. I noticed that her pudendae were puffy and distended and her nipples were like rigid thimbles. I licked my chops.

In the room with all the treadmills several people were each doing the road to nowhere thing, all with either tits or penis jiggling away as they did. We passed through and around the corner to the rooms where the exercise machines and free weights are located. These spaces are rarely used at all during the nude events and the lights are mostly off, only an occasional fixture lit. Just inside the broad entryway I led us to the left where there was a dimly it corner, less than twenty feet from where the treadmill walkers were jiggling away.

Sheri knew what I had in mind and laid her towel down on the floor to kneel on. As her face approached my groin I rapidly got hard and as soon as her lips wrapped around the head of my cock I was all the way there. Sucking away she brought me almost to the point of ejaculation in no time at all. I kept thinking that someone might stumble across us there but no one appeared. I had decided that if canlı poker oyna someone did I was going to paint her face. I ended up holding on for later.

We ventured deeper into the maze of equipment. On one of the free weight devices I had Sheri lay down. There were high bars to each side of the bench and she spread her legs, resting a foot on each of them allowing me perfect access to her cunt. I spread my towel on the floor and proceeded to ravage her with my tongue. She was more than a little vocal as she came and this time I thought for certain we’d get caught, but again no one appeared. I mopped up her sopping maw with my towel and we moved on.

Holding my towel in front of me to hide my hard-on, we made our way upstairs and stood for a while on the indoor track that ran around the perimeter of the gym a floor above the volleyball game and watched. My dick went flaccid again, so I was able to return the towel to slung around my neck. Sheri reached over at one point and fondled it, and it was at then that one of the women playing below glanced up and caught us. She quickly diverted her eyes, but there was no doubt that she had seen me getting groped. I parked the towel on the rail in front of me and Sheri’s groping turned into a full fledged handjob. Every once in while the woman below would glance up. Even though my now swollen again cock was hidden from her view by the towel, I’m certain that she knew exactly what was going on.

Again I stopped Sheri short of bringing me to full climax and we ventured up another level to where the handball courts are located. No one was around and we wandered around for a bit, stopping here and there to grope each other or for her to suck my cock. At one point we stood right in front of a large window while I stuck a finger in her and nibbled her nipples. If anyone saw anything we never knew. I liked the concept that someone might be watching, but it would have been much better if we knew for certain that there was.

All total there were four levels to the courts, two above two. After we’d explored them all I led her to a court on the second tier and spread my towel out on the floor right in the middle of the space. She started to go down on her knees and reached for my cock to suck, but I told her to lay down on her back and “spread ’em”.

After she was properly in position I knelt down and positioned my fat cockhead mushroom at the entrance to her juicy slit, then in one smooth forceful thrust shoved it all the way in. Sheri let out a little yelp and I started to bang away in and out. I held her legs, partly to keep them that way and partly just to have something to hang on to. We fucked away like that for probably twenty minutes. She came a couple times and finally I reached the edge too. I pulled out and stood, then splattered my load of creamy white goo all over the front of her as she fingered her clit and came again.

I looked around and still no audience. But if felt good to stand there still hard with a naked woman laying at my feet covered in my jizz. internet casino After a couple minutes I started to go limp and Sheri sat up then stood and used the towel to mop herself up. I commented on how it was too bad we hadn’t drawn an audience.

She giggled and told me that we had, that I must have missed the guy standing on the observation gallery jacking off as we fucked. I suddenly went hard again. There was no one there now, but I loved the fact that we had been watched. As we headed out and down to the main level I again had to hold my towel in front of me to hide my erection.

Sheri had a quick rinse in the shower and we headed to the steam room. There were several others already there but shortly after we arrived, all but one exited. No sooner were they gone than Sheri stood up then straddled my legs and pushed a breast right into my face. I wondered how the guy that was left would react, but I felt my cock getting rigid once again. Sheri did too and before I realized it, she had positioned herself so that she could impale herself on it ever so slowly. Once she had engulfed it with her cunt she stated bouncing away on it.

I looked over at the other guy. Sure enough he was masturbating as she gyrated with my pole buried deep inside her. He said something about how lucky it was to get two shows in one night and I just about came right then and there. Sheri had other ideas and told him that it would be nice to have a cock in her mouth too. He certainly didn’t need much convincing. Standing on the step that I was seated on, his member was at a perfect height for her to take in her mouth. She sucked and slurped away without losing a beat in the workout she was giving my dick and her pussy. Before long the heat and eroticism of the situation brought all three of us to powerful climaxes.

After we all disengaged, Sheri made a beeline for the locker room and had another shower before dressing and heading out. I stuck around and spent a little time swimming and luxuriating in the jacuzzi before also going my way.

We’ve gotten together once more since then. That time she told me to meet her at one of her girlfriends house. We thought we would have the place all to ourselves but it turned out the girl’s brother was home. We got naked in the basement den and she sucked on me for a bit but then we ended up chasing upstairs and bursting in naked on the brother who was in his room playing a video game. He was in his late twenties and a real nerd, but Sheri grabbed him by the hand and we all three went back downstairs. He never took his clothes off, but he sat there and watched as I reamed Sheri in true doggy style, her on her knees with her ass in the air, and me in a crouch position over her, slamming away. When I came that night I pulled out and blasted it all over her ass and back just so he could see.

When it was over he went for some paper towels and after he returned, handed them to me and then disappeared. I’m guessin’ that he probably made tracks for the bathroom and jerked himself off. Sheri remained naked as we shared a cold Corona and after a half hour or so I left.

Last time we spoke she promised to set something up so that her roomate would end up accidently discovering us “en flagrante delicto”. It just might be time to pursue that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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