Abi and her friend surprise me. Part 2

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Abi and her friend surprise me.

Part 2. The morning after the night before.

I woke about 7ish in amazement to find Abi’s arm over my chest and her face and body against me. Rachel who is 19 and has a fuller young womanly body was lying over my stomach with her head a few inches from my cock and her hand resting on my thigh.

I immediately became hard with the excitement and my usual morning glory and couldn’t resist the opportunity for some early morning action so I began stroking Rachel’s hair and body to wake her. Without a word Rachel moved her head down and began to lick my cock while caressing my balls softly and slowly. She then slipped her hot mouth over my cock and began sucking on it slowly as I moved my hips up so more was inside her mouth.

Rachel moved her body towards me so that I could finger fuck her hot pussy and I was now moaning with pleasure and I could hear Rachel humming as she sucked my throbbing cock and gripped my balls. I wanted Abi awake so I began caressing her hair and down her arm pulling at her so that she would wake up and after about 30 seconds her eyes opened and she smiled and whispered “morning Johnny, I love you” as she leaned up to kiss me. Rachel continued sucking as Abi realised what was happening and grinned “Oh, looks like someone’s having fun” making Rachel turn and look up at us with my cock firmly in her grasp she said “Can’t let it go to waste can I.”

Abi then kissed me hard and I whispered “sit on my face babe, please” she didn’t hesitate and as I moved down the bed a little she straddled my head and I began licking her hot pussy lips. I was fingering her wet pussy while sucking on her clit which made her quiver and force her pussy into my face. I increased the tempo and Abi reacted by grinding hard and fast while holding onto the headboard and her pussy was soaking by this point.

Rachel had been finger fucking herself vigorously as she sucked so her pussy was soaking when she grasped my cock and stroked it fast before she straddled and devoured my cock bouncing hard and fast digging her nails into my stomach. Abi was really grinding and I was sucking her clit harder and faster as my fingers worked deep inside her as she moaned louder and louder. Her body was quivering as she moan loud that she was getting close to coming and that I better not stop.

As she was grinding on my face illegal bahis and fingers Rachel also began to moan loudly “Wait for me Abi” she said as she pounded my cock while frantically rubbing her clit. Both girls where now moaning loudly grinding and bouncing hard as I kept the momentum going waiting for their sweet juices to engulf me.

They screamed loudly, moaning, quivering and shaking like something from a hardcore movie for about 2 or 3 minutes before Abi finally pressed her pussy, legs and body hard into my face and head as she gushed out over me “Oh Johnny, Yes, I fucking love it, Yes.” Within 10 seconds or so as I was lapping every drip up from Abi’s gushing pussy Rachel screamed “I’m coming, Oh God, Yes, Yes” as she erupted over my cock, balls and bed gripping my stomach and digging her nails into me. Both girls where shaking and moaning with sheer delight as they continued to grind and bounce getting slower with every passing moment.

As they slowed I moved Abi off my face and lustfully demanded that Rachel now sit on my face and Abi get on my cock. The girls slowly moved around and Rachel slipped over my head facing down towards Abi and her soaking pussy smothered my face, then Abi took my cock sucked on it for a little then devoured my cock in one swift move as she gasped.

Both girls began to move slowly but hard as they caressed each others body and where kissing passionately. It wasn’t long before the tempo increased and the girls where again moaning loudly and I mumbled through Rachel’s soaking juice for them to come again.

With each passing movement they got faster, harder and louder as they neared yet another orgasm. Within minutes both girls where coming again Abi first exploded squirting wildly followed by Rachel about a minute later who gushed causing me to swallow hard and push her up slightly to get a breath as they continued to fuck my face and cock drowning me with their sweet hot teen juices which finally pushed me over the edge and I shot my come deep inside Abi. I pushed up hard as Abi pushed down ensuring my come was deep inside so that every last drop was in her tight pussy as it milked my cock.

Rachel moved off and licked my face while breathing heavily kissing me hard and saying I was the best and that she fucking loved it so much and wanted it forever. Abi was still breathing heavily too caressing my smooth and chest illegal bahis siteleri as she just sat on my cock as it softened slowly and I could feel her juices slowly run down my balls. Rachel was now lying on the bed caressing my body and kissing it softly as Abi moved up allowing my cock to flop out with a twitch.

Abi lay at the other side of me as I moved side to side to kiss them as they caressed by body and with one leg over me they rubbed their hot wet throbbing teen pussies against my sides. After about 5 minutes or so I suggested a shower to cool off and clean up which had both girls very excited about this as I sat up kissed them both then moved off the bed and walked to the bathroom to prepare the shower.

A couple of minutes later I called the girls in as I stepped into the shower to await them. I could hear them giggling as they walked in and I slid the shower door open as Rachel with her stunning firm teen body was first to join me followed by a very eager equally stunning and firm Abi and we began to caress each other and kiss passionately.

We spent over an hour soaping each other up and the girls sandwiched me repeatedly rubbing their firm wet bodies all over me licking, sucking and nibbling me from head to toe. I was loving it and the sight of these two hot stunning teens had my cock throbbing and wanting to fuck them again. With that I turned Rachel to face Abi and forced her to spread and bend her legs so that I could fuck her soaking pussy and ass.

As I firstly slipped it into her wet pussy I told her to bend right over and suck on Abi’s pussy who I ordered to lean back with one foot raised on the ledge on the shower wall for easy access. I fucked Rachel’s pussy hard using the shower water to slide my fingers in her tight ass and after a few moments I pulled out and firmly pushed my cock into her ass as she gasped and quivered.

I began to firmly press my cock in her ass getting deeper with every stroke which made her stop sucking Abi and she moan real loud saying it was so good and to fuck her faster and deeper. I slipped my hand under so that I could rub her clit as I wanted her to come as I was pounding her ass. My cock was almost all the way in as I frantically rub her throbbing clit until she was screaming as her legs buckled and she grabbed my hand and came. I could feel her ass pulsate around my cock and I looked canlı bahis siteleri straight at Abi who was finger fucking herself and caressing her breast.

They swapped over and it was now Abi’s turn and within no time I was hammering Abi hard as her legs spread allowing me right in as she held onto the side of the shower. Rachel was leaning against the wall caressing her breasts and occasionally rubbing her throbbing pussy as she looked right at me with lustful eyes. Abi was rubbing her clit hard and screaming that she wanted to come again and too keep fucker her hard and fast. I was pounding her deep and fingering her ass for about 2 or 3 minutes as she began to quiver and shook and I could feel her pussy tighten as she came letting out an almighty scream and repeated over and over “I love you, I love you” as her body juddered and she pressed hard against me.

As she slowed down I could feel my balls tighten and I got the girls to go on their knees and finish me off with their hands and suck my cock as I came. Within about a minute I came squirting 2 small amounts out before being milked for the remaining as my body juddered.

We finally got out of the shower caressed each other dry and the girls lay on the bed as I ran down stairs to gathered their clothing that where still lying on the floor in the living room. I returned to the two teen beauties lying on my bed naked and if I could have I would have suggested that we continue the fun but I was truly finished for that moment.

The girls dressed and they both cuddled and kissed me a lot thanking me repeatedly for an amazing time and Rachel said it was the best sex ever and that we should do it again sometime real soon. I nodded and agreed as Abi smiled widely saying that she would love to as this was fantastic. We walked down the stairs and Rachel caressed my cock over my shorts and whispered “I’m definitely coming back” and then lustfully grinned.

I again kissed both the girls hard for a few moments before letting them go on their way. They both walked out slowly as their legs where like jelly as they smiling and lustfully giggled saying they can’t wait until next time and I watch as they walk along my drive way and down behind the hedges.

I closed the door and walked straight into the living room turned on some music sat on the chair and laughed as I began to reminisce about everything that had just happened and those two wonder sexy beautiful teen girls.

The End.

Well, everyone I hope you enjoyed my 2nd story and I would appreciate your comments.

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