Academy Pursuits Ch. 02

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All characters are at least 18 years old.

Be advised that since I am British, I will use many British spelling for words. Such as favour instead of favor, honour instead of honour, and so on.


Taylor paused by the doorway, looking back down the way he had come down for signs of anyone. The last class ended around an hour ago, there would still be a few club active but this part of the Academy was deserted.

He found no indication of anyone else, he then turned back around to the open door and peered through.

“Give me another month, I can get the money for you,” Anna said, pacing around the room.

Taylor watched her for a few moments, she still wore her gym clothes. Which showed off her magnificent curves, from her toned legs and arms, to her flat stomach. She had a short black hair, that were spiky to the sides. Her breasts were large, even if they were firmly locked inside her gym bra. She bent down at the waist, one hand rummaging through her bag while the other held her phone. Her arse stretched the small gym shorts that she wore, he wanted to feel the firmness of them. Her creamy long legs looked firm descended from the shorts, showing off her beautiful bronzed skin.

I am going to fuck her. Taylor thought, watching her stand back up straight.

“Just a little more time, you don’t need to throw me out so quickly.” Anna said, a moment later slamming her palm onto the table. “Dammit Steve haven’t I given my rent in fine for the last few months, I am just two months late now due to the holidays. Give me some time and I can get you the rent. What…shit fuck you.”

She slammed her phone onto the table, breathing deeply she picked it back up and fiddled around with it. He took this moment to step into the room and gently close the door. When it clicked into place Anna whipped around to face him.

“What…why are you here? ” Anna said, the hand that held phone went to her chest before travelling to her hip. “Taylor right…the new kid?”

“New kid, so I guess I have a title amongst the staff. I had hoped this Academy would be above such name calling.” Taylor said, enjoying the view even more now. Her breasts stretched the fabric of her top, he was an arse man but her breasts were still tempting. His eyes travelled around her body some more before returning to her face.

“Look I am sorry, I didn’t mean it like that.” Anna said, brushing a lock of black hair out of the way of her eyes. “Can you please tell me why you are here, or just leave. I am not in the best mood if you can’t see that already.”

“It’s because I have overheard you on the phone, you are in some financial difficulties, yes?” Taylor said, taking a step forward. A plan had formed in his mind on how to get her, this would be far different then with Yucera and more difficult.

“That is none of your concern,” Anna said, narrowing her gaze.

“Really, do you forget who I am or was what you said earlier about being the new kid the only thing you know about me,” Taylor said, stepping forward.

“I know about you, you are the rich kid,” Anna said. “Not that I know what that has to do with you being in here.”

“I have a proposition for you, I can give you money to cover your rent and then some.” Taylor said, raising an eyebrow.

“You will just give money away just like that?” Anna asked.

“Well, there are a few things we could do that would be enough recompense.” Taylor said, he was close enough now to smell her perfume.

Taylor watched her for a moment, only a step away from the beautiful woman. His cock was already hard at the sight of her, he just wanted her to say yes. If she didn’t then his stay at the Academy would become a lot more different, she could stop him from having fun at the Academy. She gazed up into his eyes, he wasn’t sure what was going through her mind but he hoped she would finish deliberating soon.

“Oh, and what do you have in mind,” Anna said, a smile forming on her face after a moment. Her entire posture had changed, while before she had stood straight and proud. Now her head tilted to the side, her hips cocked along with it.

“Maybe we could be a little bit more hands on then we have been so far,” Taylor said, taking the last stepped forward and kissing her. Her lips were soft and warm, a few prods from his tongue and her mouth opened up to allow him entry.

Her mouth was sweet, she must have drank some flavoured tea earlier. His tongue swirled around her mouth and tongue, exploring the depths as her own tongue did the same in his. Reaching forward with his hands, he first placed them on the small of her back. Then started to slide them down her back, until they were cupping each of her firm arse cheeks.

“Mmph.” Anna groaned, her lips still locked with his.

Taylor felt her arms wrap around his neck, trying to pull his body closer. He obliged, pressing his hip against hers.

“You are really forward, I didn’t expect that,” Taylor said, breaking their kiss and gazing into her brown eyes.

“A poker oyna girl’s got to live, and you have conveniently solved my problem.” Anna said, gazing down between them. “You are already so hard, is that just because of me?”

“Cheeky, but yes it is because of you.” Taylor said, pressing his hardened cock against her. “I am going to enjoy this so much.”

“I hope you can keep up with me, I don’t want to have my job on the line for a lame fuck,” Anna said, pulling him into another kiss.

It was something that surprised Taylor, that she would go into this so easily. She had blindsided him, as he expected to put in much more work to get to this position. He didn’t mind as it wouldn’t affect him so much, but for her, this was a precarious position to be.

“Why are you so forward, and this isn’t just because of the rent is it?” Taylor said, in between kisses. “You either want to fuck really bad and have had something to scratch your itch once in awhile or you are really desperate. So which is it cheeky, I don’t mind either way.”

“You’re so arrogant, aren’t you?” Anna said. “I just want to fuck, and don’t mind where I get it from. As long as you keep quiet we can continue, if not then I will find someone else.”

“I won’t.” Taylor said, squeezing her arse cheeks.

“Good,” Anna said, dropping to her knees and pulling on his trousers. “I really want to try this thing out.”

Taylor watched as she freed his cock, it sprang out of its hiding place. Anna paused, her eyes glazed over as she stared at his cock. Taylor didn’t think his cock was massive, but the way she just gazed at it fill him with pride.

“So big, just what I want,” Anna said, leaning forward and kissing his cock head.

Taylor inhaled deeply when her lips touch his head, after a few moments he felt her saliva start to trickle down his cock. She continued kissing, moving from the cock head to the shaft and finally his balls. Placing kisses on every bit of skin that showed, it was a different approach to what he usually experienced but he enjoyed it.

“Argh,” Taylor said, closing his eyes as he felt Anna’s lips enveloped the tip of his cock. She held it there before sliding her mouth down the length of his cock and to the base. The only time she paused was when he felt the head of his cock hit the back of her throat, but not for long as she readjusted herself and then he felt his cock head slip further into her throat.

He tilted his head back and tried to thrust his cock more into her mouth, even though it was impossible now that she was down to the base. Jolts of pleasure ran along his cock, before he felt a warm sensation in his stomach. He let out a deep breath, opening his eyes and gazing down at the black haired beauty.

“You’re fucking good to get it all in,” Taylor said, watching as she slid her mouth back up his cock before it fell out of her mouth with a pop.

“You ain’t half bad, the number of times I have guys coming just by me doing that is absurd. I am glad you can take me, I expect the same when we continue.” Anna said, slipping his cock down his mouth and deepthroating him again.

Taylor was mesmerised, watching his cock disappear into her warm mouth. A trail of saliva dribbled down from the head of his cock, down the side of his shaft. Just as it was about to reach the base of his cock Anna caught it with her mouth, after a moment she started sucking on the side of his cock.


Anna gazed up at him, her brown eyes had a bit of mirth to them. Her hands clasp his arse cheeks, she stopped sucking the side of his cock and then deepthroated him again. Anna had a firm grip on his arse cheeks, holding them firmly in place while her mouth stayed at the base of his cock.

“That feels good,” Taylor said, brushing his hand through her short spiky hair.

“Good.” Anna said, pulling her mouth away and taking a deep breath. “I wouldn’t want to disappoint.”

Taylor watched her for the next few moments, sucking his cock. She didn’t seem to have a plan. She alternated between sucking the head of his cock, to then deepthroating him and then just licking his cock with her tongue.


However what she was doing was working on him, he felt his balls tighten and the stirrings of an orgasm. Taylor started thrusting his cock into her mouth more erratically, grasping Anna’s head firmly. With one last thrust he held his cock in her much, the head firmly pressed against the back of her throat. That sensation was all he needed, his cock erupting into her mouth.

“Argh, that so fucking good,” Taylor said, gazing down at Anna. He saw her mouth start to move, sucking on his cock and all the cum that spewed out. She kept sucking for a few more moment before finally she slowly slid his cock out of her mouth.

“Yeah, that was good, so much cum.” Anna said, licking up and down his shaft. “I am so wet from that.”

“Thanks, you definitely have some skill in sucking,” Taylor said, breathing deeply. He had been standing canlı poker oyna up throughout all of that, his legs were now feeling very wobbly and weak.

“I am the best.” Anna said, wrapping her delicate fingers around the shaft, stroking up and down the length of it while she gave the head a few long licks. “You are still hard, that’s good. I hope it stays hard because as I said before, I am very wet.”

“I am good,” Taylor said, allowing her to continue her ministrations for the next few moments. She had a lot of experience, but that may have been due to her just being older. “But let’s move on to something more better.”

Taylor pulled her up and kissed her. He thrust his tongue into her mouth, quickly battling with her own. His hands found sliding underneath her shorts and gripping her arse cheeks tightly.

“You are fucking gorgeous,” Taylor said, pulling back and taking her in. Anna had a little bit of spit dribble down from the side of her mouth to her chin. Her brown eyes were hungry, and her hair a mess.

I am so happy I stumbled across her. Taylor thought, letting go of her arse cheeks and pushing her to the table.

“Let’s get you undressed, I am sure that would be much better.” Taylor said, pulling down her shorts. He had to bend his legs until he was on his hunches, he didn’t mind as it gave him the perfect view of her long legs and more importantly her glistening pussy. “Lay back on the table.”

“Sure.” Anna said, lifting up her legs so that the shorts would fall off and at the same time pulling off her t-shirt. “You better not disappoint.”

“I don’t intend to,” Taylor said, moving up to her pussy lips and giving them a kiss. He was about to continue but had to stop as Anna’s hands gripped his face. “What’s wrong?”

“I said I am wet already, and horny. So you fuck me already, we can play more some other time.” Anna said, letting go of his face.

Taylor paused, gazing up at Anna. From this angle she was stunning, her eyes were filled with a hunger. To her large breasts that were still firm even when outside of the bra that held them. Her stomach was taut, and together with the curves he had seen earlier definitely proved she had an athletic body.

“More than happy to,” Taylor said, standing back up and grasping his cock. He lined it up with her pussy lips, Anna leant her head back at the contact. He smiled, pressing his hips forward and watching his cock disappear inside her.

He inhaled, feeling the walls of her pussy clamp down on his cock. He didn’t stop, more of his cock disappeared inside her. Once he had half his length buried in her did he let go of his shaft and grab both her legs by the thighs. Gripping them tightly he pulled her legs over each of his shoulders and slid his hand back down to her firm arse cheeks.

Now fully ready he pulled out his cock until only the head was still inside, waiting a moment and then thrusting back in. He didn’t stop at half way, making sure his whole length was inside her.

“Oh my god! FUCK.” Anna screamed, mouth hanging open.

Taylor grit his teeth as he pulled out and then thrust back in again, repeating the action until he had built up a rhythm.

“Oh, oh, OH! Oh, fuck!” Anna moaned.

Her words were like music to his ears, along with her breasts jiggling back and forth as he thrust. He gripped her arse cheeks, trying to get more leverage on her.

“Fuck.” Taylor moaned, clenching his teeth as the pleasure again washed over his cock.

The table started to rock from the force of his thrusts and speed he put into pounding Anna. The tea cup to the right of Anna started to slide along the table, towards the wall. While the pens held in their holder started to rattle. Anna held onto the edge of the table, with pieces of scrunched up paper between her hands. He didn’t know if they were important, nor did he care. It did, however, add an extra layer to fucking her, that she would not care about her work and only about him.

“Oh, ah. OH! Fuuuck, Fuck me!” Anna screamed, gazing up at him. “Keep doing that, right there.”

Anna moved one of her hands and started rubbing her clit. Back and forth, her eyes were closed tightly. He looked at where the two of them were connected, watching his cock slide in and disappear into her pussy. Before he pulled it fully out until the head was inside and then thrust it back in.

“Keep doing that, ah argh.” Anna said, her mouth staying open and saliva starting to trail down her cheeks. “Arg, ung. Fuck, UGH!”

Anna lifted her stomach off the table, her chest rose along with it.

“Fuck!” Anna screamed, rubbing her clit furiously with her fingers. “Keep going, god that is amazing”

Taylor was more the happy to oblige, pounding her was the most enjoyable thing he had done today. Anna had stopped rubbing her clit, she lifted her stomach up and down a few more times before stopping.

Taylor slowed his rhythm as a content smile crossed Anna’s face. She gazed up at him, her eyes moving from his face to where they internet casino were connected.

“That was amazing, orgasm lasted a while.” Anna said, licking her hips. “Are you still ready to go a bit longer?”

“Yes, more than ready.” Taylor said, slowing his pace down to a crawl. He slid his cock out of her pussy before thrusting back inside, the walls of her pussy were still as tight as before.

“I am glad,” Anna said, planting her hands on the table either side of her and pushing herself up. Her face was close to his, she tilted her face upwards the last few inches while he leant down and kissed her.

Taylor continued his slow thrusting even while they were kissing, the position was slightly awkward for him as he had to bend his body forward a little.

“Let me get on top, I want to ride you,” Anna said, breaking the kiss.

“Nope, let’s try another position,” Taylor said, letting go of her arse cheeks and allowing her legs to fall off his shoulders.

“I want to ride you,” Anna said, biting her lip.

“Yes, but I want to see that perfect arse while I fuck you.” Taylor said, stepping backwards and allowing Anna to stand up. “That was the first thing I noticed about you.”

“You really like my arse,” Anna said, a smile on her face as she turned around. “I do keep it in good shape, don’t you think.”

Taylor could only nod, she arched her back slightly and thrust out her arse towards him. A moment later she bent down onto the table and looked back over her shoulders at him.

“Well, what are you waiting for. Get that cock over here and fuck me.” Anna said, licking her lips.

Taylor didn’t need to be told twice, especially in a situation like this. He was ready, his cock still hard and there as a stunning woman waiting for him. He stepped forward again, lifting up his cock so that it laid between her arse cheeks. He kept it there, enjoying the view of his rock hard cock being squeezed by her firm arse cheeks. However he didn’t want to keep her waiting, he lowered his cock. First the head slid past her arse hole, then the sensation of the skin on skin contact sent waves of pleasure along his cock again.

A moment later his cock was lined up with her pussy lips, he didn’t wait. Thrusting his hips forward he speared her with his cock, easily able to slid his whole cock into her wet pussy.

“Fuck, that feels good,” Anna said, biting her lip.

Taylor was in heaven, or as close to it as he could get. Pounding into Anna’s body was great, the tightness of her pussy spurring him on. However, it was the view most of all that made him so eager, that of a grown woman doing nothing but groaning as he fucked her. She laid on the table, no longer being supported by her arms. Her breasts being squeezed under the weight of her body, while her hands were splayed uselessly by her side.

His gazed travelled down to where they were connected, watching for a moment as his cock disappeared inside her. He looked up at her arse cheeks, reaching forward and grasping them with his hands. He started to squeeze and pinch them, confirming that they were still amazing and supple.

“Oh, ah. God.” Anna moaned.

Taylor smiled gazing up at her face, noticing that her eyes were still closed he returned his attention to her arse cheeks. He didn’t want to get her to comfortable, and her arse cheeks were firm. He raised his right hand and smacked her cheek, at the same time increasing the pace of his thrust.

“FUCK, FUCK. ARGH, SHIT, THAT FEELS GOOOOOD!” Anna screamed, whipping her head back.

Taylor continued to smack her arse cheeks, and then once her right cheeks was a nice pinkish colour he alternated to the other cheek. While he started to smack her other cheeks, Anna had moved her hand underneath her again. While Taylor didn’t have the best view of what she was doing from here, he could easily guess that she was back to rubbing her clit again.

“Fuck yes,” Taylor said, feeling his own orgasm drawing near, his balls had started to tighten again.

“Ugn, ugh, Ha, YES.” Anna moaned.

Taylor gripped both of her supple arse cheeks again, squeezing them tightly to get a better purchase on her. He increased his pace, making sure to pull out his cock to the tip and then thrust it back into her.

“Shit, fucking YES! KEEP FUCKING MEEE!” Anna screamed, whipping her head from side to side.

Taylor bit his lip, concentrating on the sensation his cock. He was in almost there, he just needed a little bit more. Which he got when he felt Anna’s pussy clamp down on his cock, with one more thrust he erupted inside of her.

“ARG, FUCK ME. OH, UGH ARG!” Anna screamed, body shaking.

“Fuck,” Taylor said, thrusting a few more times inside her as he cummed. When he felt his orgasm subside he held his cock inside of her, he felt a tingling sensation travel along his cock. “That was amazing.”

Taylor breathed out, watching the beauty beneath him struggle for her own breath. Perspiration glistened along her body, from the back of her neck all the way to her firm arse cheeks.

“You…yeah that was goooood!” Anna said, gazing back over her shoulder at him. He saw the grin on her face, and the mirth in her eyes. “Your cock is so nice.”

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