Acceptance Ch. 09

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Just hours ago, Al and Andy were best friends out riding around. While each knew everything there was to know about the other, Andy did not realize that tonight, he would become closer to Al than he ever imagined. Al, on the other hand, had planned this evening for a long time. His ultimate hope was to seal not just his desire to be intimate with Andy, but his desire to become Andy’s boi toy.

What began as Al’s demand for a kiss on a desolate dirt road, turned into the opportunity Al had hoped for but had not truly expected. One kiss led to a sensual blow job, which led to the stripping of his best friend and Al’s eventual need to leave his friend naked and alone in the woods for a short time. Had the unexpected car not arrived when it did, Al is sure this night would have turned out different.

Finding this old barn after leaving Andy in the woods was a stroke of luck. It offered a certain privacy that made Al feel comfortable, and it offered the enclosure and seclusion Al believed was necessary for Andy to be “at home” with his bisexuality.

Al pushed the larger dildo into Andy’s ass. Andy let out a moan and instinctively reached back to remove the foreign object. This angered Al. Al quickly forced Andy’s body to the ground. Al moved around quickly and sat on Andy’s back facing Andy’s ass.

Andy could feel Al’s balls and Al’s stiff cock on his back. He was certain that he also felt the slippery pre-cum oozing from Al’s cock onto his lower back. Andy could see Al’s feet straddle his head and felt the weight of Al’s body illegal bahis pin his torso to the ground.

Al began fucking Andy’s ass with the larger dildo. He held Andy’s body down with his own weight, and he used his free arm and hand to keep Andy’s legs from interfering with the fucking of his ass. Al vigorously fucked Andy in this manner for about seven or eight minutes. He could feel the sweat begin to form on Andy’s back, and he could see Andy’s ass cheeks slowly cease to tense up every time the dildo penetrated his ass. He could also tell by Andy’s breathing that Andy was beginning to enjoy the fucking rather than fight it.

Pulling the dildo from Andy’s ass, Al gently breathed warm air onto each of Andy’s ass cheeks. He savored the sight of his friend’s ass, and gently kissed each cheek to reassure Andy that this was about becoming closer, not about being tortured.

The removal of the dildo from his ass was both welcoming and unsettling for Andy. He was certain that the next toy would be even bigger. He was secretly thankful that Al had broken his ass in, and he found the entire domination and ass fucking to be quite sensual and erotic. While Andy had been happily married for more than 10 years and not involved with anyone else during that time, he found the encounter with Al peaceful and hoped that this was not a one time event.

“Do not move your ass” Al said as he stood up. Andy complied and laid motionless when Al’s weight was lifted off of his body.

Taking a moment to stare at his friend’s naked body lying illegal bahis siteleri face down on the old barn floor, Al longed to caress Andy and to kiss him gently. At the same time, the use of force needed to subdue Andy into the submissive state he currently exuded made Al tingle with erotic feelings in a way he, as the perpetrator, had not experienced before.

Al thought briefly of the time he was first kissed by another man. It should not have been a surprise since it happened a gay bar. However, the intensity of the force used by the other man took Al by surprise and, inexplicably, made his cock harder than he had ever recalled it being. After a few drinks, Al made small talk with one of the other men in the bar. They ended up standing next to each other in the dark hallway leading to the restroom. When the man moved in to kiss Al, Al instinctively moved back. The man grabbed both of Al’s arms and pinned him against the wall. He shoved his knee into Al’s crotch and kissed him. When Al refused to allow the man’s tongue into his mouth, the man kneed Al’s balls, making him gasp. With one motion, the man’s tongue was quickly inside. After the kiss, the man released Al. Al quickly left the bar, torn by the eroticism and fear it struck. And while the ordeal was unexpected, it was one Al never forgot and cherished from time to time as he masturbated.

As the memory of the event faded and gave way to the sight of Andy’s naked body lying on the floor, Al knelt beside Andy and began to sensually rub his back and his ass. “I want you canlı bahis siteleri and I to experience things neither of us has ever experienced” Al said quietly. “I want something from you I have never wanted from anyone else” he added.

Andy rolled onto his side and faced Al. He looked deeply into Al’s eyes with a gaze that conveyed to Al that Andy was ready to hear any confession. Al had appreciated from the beginning of their friendship that Andy had never judged him or put him down. Al knew from past actions that Andy would literally give Al the shirt off his back, and seeing Andy lie naked in front of him made him flash for the briefest moment the contagious smile Andy seemed to seek from Al whenever they were together.

“I love my wife” Al said, “with all my heart. And while she fulfills a part of my life, I know that I want and need a bisexual relationship to feel whole.” Al continued, “in the past, I was content to seek that relationship randomly when the urge would strike me. Now, I only want to be with you.”

Andy’s gaze sharpened. Lying on his side, naked, with a cock harder than a steel rod and moistened with pre-cum, Andy thought about the appropriate thing to say. He reached slowly over and touched Al’s semi-hard cock. As Al’s cock slowly stiffened in his hand, Andy said “Al, if it is within my ability to give to you, I will give you whatever you want. You have always known that and have never taken advantage of it.”

Without removing his hand from Al’s hard cock, Andy continued “you and I share something with each other much deeper than friendship and much more passionate than we have with our own wives. So if you want me to be your only bisexual lover, I will accept.”

Al looked at Andy for a moment and said “then let’s seal this once and for all.”

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