Adele, A Coed Story Ch. 01

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All Characters in this are over the age of 18.


My father had passed away when I was an infant, and my mother remarried a few years later to my step dad, who already had a son a couple years older than me. They never had more kids, figuring two was enough I guess, and my step father was the only father I really ever knew. I had only the faintest memories of my biological father. I was doted on by both my step father, who called me “Addy” and my mother. Dad was a doctor and mom a nurse, plus I got a big lump to go to college on from dad’s life insurance, so I didn’t have to worry about college costs, nor did my step brother, but…

My step brother was a useless jerk. While I studied hard and made good grades, he slid by on late nights and little studying, hanging out with his gamer pot head friends. When he graduated high school he took a job at a department store and within a couple years was an assistant department manager, which didn’t pay much in the way of salary but they got to work him a lot of hours. What an idiot.

When I graduated I went straight to college and began business studies. I was in my second year, age 19, when I met Dave, who was also 19, who was a life changer for me. I had dated guys before, and made out with them, but Dave was the first to massage a breast and get a finger into me. Then finally one night we were studying at his apartment when he dropped to his knees in front of where I was seated on the couch and began kissing his way from my knees to my, well, my goodie bits, and by the time he got there I was quite warm and moist.

I didn’t really object when he tugged my panties from me, but I was grossed out when he put his face in my junk and began licking my oozing moisture from me. The idea of oral sex was kind of skeezy to me, putting a guy’s weiner in my mouth before then, well just the thought of it made me want to hurl. That said, I had to admit that what he was doing felt really great, and just as I would have climaxed, he stopped licking, rose up and mounted me in one quick movement.

“Noooooo” I said softly. I really wasn’t saving it for marriage, but I wasn’t there with Dave yet either, but I was so hot and bothered I couldn’t stop and didn’t want him to either. After a couple minutes of pumping in and out of me, and just as I would have climaxed from this, Dave groaned, tensed up, and filled me with his semen. The next few minutes were nice as he caressed me and we kissed. He told me he loved me and how wonderful I was, but then he flopped out of me, followed by a puddle of his goo and things were awkward. He stood up to get a towel and I saw the first glimpse of a penis, covered in my sexual mucus and dripping white, pearlescent, penis discharge. It was gross, but admittedly intriguing.

How did I know I was close to climax? Well, true I had never had sex, but I did have two hands and lots of hormones and had experimented with touching myself before, and lost my virginity one night in my room to a soft gel vibrator I had purchased that afternoon at an adult shop in a red faced, shame filled visit. We were still close and shared intimacy often if you must know, even though I had strayed and purchase an even larger one for experimental purposes. These were always kept hidden away in the bottom of an old purse for privacy’s sake.

Anyway, my boobs were swollen and it had been almost four weeks since my last cycle, so that should have been a clue to me, but the next morning I skipped my first class to go to the campus clinic to get my first dose of Plan B out of an abundance of caution, a supply of condoms, and a birth control prescription.

As finals were coming up, to be followed by the winter break, I spent most of the next week studying, although I did have Dave’s penis on my mind quite a bit, just from the glance I had gotten. Suddenly having a guy’s thingy in my mouth didn’t seem so bad. My roomie, who was never home, had talked about it a lot, grading her dates on whether they were “pussy worthy” or just “blow job worthy” so I knew there was little shame in it and it was something that not only girls did regularly but was pretty much expected of them in a dating relationship on campus. Dave and I had been seeing each other for only a few weeks, but I decided next date he would be blow job worthy. Also, after a few days I started bleeding like a stuck pig, so further intercourse was out for the time being.

My monthly visit from Aunt Flo ended just as final exams did, and Dave and I were never able to get our schedules together. Well not enough for us to get together the way I wanted. I spent most of the week in the library, studying my notes, nibbling on chocolate, and reading old issues of Cosmo for tips on how to give the perfect blow job. Mints? Ice? Cover your teeth? Lick around the rim of the head? It was a lot to remember. The good news was that it wasn’t important if he ejaculated in my mouth as that sounded just disgusting and gross.

Dave left for home on Wednesday, but I had my worst final on Thursday so I couldn’t share anymore intimacy with him to let him poker oyna know that I considered us a couple. We promised to stay in touch over the summer, but I really doubted things would be the same when we got back.

So it was that I arrived home Thursday evening, horny and lonely. Mom and dad were out for the evening, and would be gone through Sunday evening on a small get away for them. They rarely took vacations but were always taking long weekends. My step brother Eric, or as he wanted it spelled for the benefit of his douchebag, “Tap Out” wearing, loser friends, “Arric,” was at work apparently so I let myself in, carried in a car load of my stuff, mostly books and cloths, and started on my laundry.

All the way home I was kicking myself for not making time to spend with Dave, and thinking of how by over studying I had missed my chance to give head to a really nice, sweet guy. I couldn’t help myself from thinking about his penis, wet with our, well my, sexual fluids, glistening in the dim light with just a drop of sperm hanging from the tip. I confess I also like the feeling of his ejaculate oozing from me. And the more I thought about it, the hornier I became.

I slipped off my panties and tossed them in with the rest of the laundry and put on an oversized Minnie Mouse tee that I sleep in, and climbed into bed with my old purse for a little me time. I guess at some point I should tell you what I look like. I’m petite, only a little over 5’2″, I don’t weigh much as I try to get to the gym a few times a week and watch what I eat. Everything I eat goes to my butt and thighs so I work them hard and have pretty taunt gluts and legs. Nothing goes to my boobs which are a perky B cup with pointy nips about the size of a quarter. The few boys that have touched them say they liked them, and the one guy that has seen them said he loved them, but I wish they were a little bigger. I think I would look better if they were, but whatever, they’re not. I have dark brunette hair that I keep short, not quite a pixie but barely shoulder length. My other hair had recently been waxed away and I just barely had a sand paper grit of growth down there that I needed to shave, but probably would’t until swimwear season started in full. Oh, and I wear glasses. I would wear contacts but don’t like the idea of having to fuck with my eyes every morning. Thats about it. Now, where was I?

Oh yes. It takes me a few minutes to get going, I always feel guilty and dirty, but I can’t help myself, the temptation from my urges are just too strong. I start with my finger tips, gently circling my clitoris, and when I feel the first moisture appear from my vag, a couple finger tips dip into it to be lube from my continued stimulation of my clitoris.

It might take a few minutes but soon I am truly wet and ready to start with the vibe. I turn it on, but don’t slide it in at first. The low setting is enough, and frankly the high setting is a bit loud and distracting. I place the center of the vibration right on my most sensitive spot and with ever increasing pressure rotate it around and around.

Soon enough after that I am quite delirious, which is why I need my privacy. I lift my shirt up and with one hand massage my breast and play with my nips, while I open my legs fully and with a gasp or two, slip the vibe into me. It takes a few gentle strokes and twists to work it fully into me, but once in I slowly pump it in and out, its length and thickness stimulating my vag while the little motor rearranges the nerves in my clit. After a few minutes of this I am stroking it hard, my eyes closed as I focus on the pleasure I am giving myself, and just before I climax I am so delirious a bomb could go off and I would barely notice.

Of course Eric saying “Hey! Somebody is having a party for one! Can I join it?” seemed much louder than a bomb.

“What! Get out!” I shouted as I pulled the covers over me and looked for something to throw at the asshole. What kind of jerk invades his sister’s space and humiliates her like that? Alas I had nothing to throw as he shut the door and entered the room fully. I had no idea how long he had been standing there, or how much he had seen, but I knew my face was beet red and he would give me shit for the rest of my days.

“No no, don’t be alarmed. You look pretty good under those clothes” he said as he walked over and sat beside me on the bed.

“Get out you perv! I’m your sister!”

“Step sister. I think thats okay, no shared DNA and all that.”

“Get away from me!”

“Oh Addy, I’m just here to help.” He grinned mocking me as he fold the covers back off me, exposing my lower half as I clutched them to my chest. Even though I had closed my legs my knees were still in the air and he reached underneath and grasped my vibrator quicker than I could scoot away.

“Its always more fun to rub one out when someone does it for you.” And with that he started sliding it in and out of me, but instead of just going straight in like I had, he changed the angle some, but kept the same steady tempo.

“Open your legs up so I can canlı poker oyna watch.”

“No… its wrong” I gasped.

“No, its okay, if we were sibs of the same sex we would have been whacking since we were twelve. We’re just getting a late start is all.”

“God, you’re so sick…” I panted. His attentions down there were having an effect and I was about to climax. I would later realize the degradation and humiliation, plus the exhibitionism were all combined to be a big turn on for me. No reason to explain that to Eric, he didn’t know many words with more that one syllable.

“Come on Addy, let me see those tits, its not fair you never show them to me. I want to see them before you get some college boy to knock you up and marry you. Thats why you went to college isn’t it?” He said as his hand slid under the blanket and began massaging my right one. His hand felt warm and wonderful and even calming, even if his words were nonsense. I didnt’ want to get married or even seriously date until I was out of school, and I wasn’t sure if I ever wanted kids. Plus he had no right to see my breasts, and as I was thinking this I realized my legs had opened, pretty much by themselves, and he was staring right down at my drenched vulva as he slid the vibe in and out of me.

I was at once ashamed and euphoric and the first orgasm hit me hard. I lifted my torso from the bed as my body shook and quivered, and through it all Eric kept up the same steady, maddening pace with the vibe. My body’s desires overcame my sense of shame and self loathing.

“Oh fuck that feels so good! Oh fuck me! Fuck my pussy you asshole, fuck I can’t fucking.. oh shit!” I shouted as the second climax tore through me.

I was grunting and shaking and the bastard was grinning at me, and there was nothing I could do, he was in control of my body, not me. I could barely catch my breath as another hit, then another, all the time him grinning and giggling at me.

“You look really cute, and hot, when you cum Addy.”

By now I was tossing my head from side to side in madness and Eric had lifted the covers from me. My eyes were closed and my mouth open as I groaned in repeated ecstacy. He stopped massaging my boobs and a moment later I felt his warm, wet, mouth begin to suck and lick first one, then the other.

“Addy, your tits,,, are fucking delicious… just so fucking perfect. I never knew you had puffies!” He said as he swapped breasts. He flicked his tongue about my nips as he sucked them, first very gently, the really hard. My hips were still thrashing about, bucking up and down in time with his pushing and pulling the vibrator into my wet hole. After I got over the shock of my brother’s mouth on my breasts I closed my eyes, relaxed and began to enjoy it. I was orgasming with regularity now. If I had been doing it to myself, I would have stopped a long time ago, but Eric would not let me. He just kept sliding it in and out of me with the same constant, maddening, rhythm.

Thus far, and I couldn’t really tell you how long that had been, our activities had been about what he could do to stimulate my body while I was already in vulnerable, sexually aroused state, but that was about to change. He stopped licking and sucking my boobs, slid a hand under my back and directed me to roll onto my right side facing the edge of the bed.

“Good girl Addy, now lift this leg up,” he said as his juice covered hand lifted my left thigh, and he placed my left foot down behind my right knee. I was too delirious to protest.

“Nice” He said as he then smacked me hard on the butt and returned to thrusting the vib into me. The smack startled me though and I opened my eyes to be even more startled. Eric had managed to take off the tee and shorts he was wearing and now stood nude beside the bed, his rock hard erection aimed at my face.

“Wait” I gasped as I tried to catch my breath, “This is wro…” but before I could finish he had placed his manhood into my mouth.

Gross! My brother’s penis was in my mouth, and when I tried to pull away he used his free hand on the back of my head to keep my in place. Then he fucked himself in and out and began to humiliate me with his words again.

“Come on now, I know you girls at the university learn to suck dick, I bet you’ve been blowing guys every night for the last two years. I’ve been dreaming about you since you pranced with that cute ass out around by the pool all last summer, so come on, show me little Addy’s skills.”

I had been day dreaming about giving my first blow job all week, but not to my brother! Gross! But he was right, really he was my step brother, even if we had been raised together since infancy. That said, and maybe at this point I was just rationalizing my actions, I have to confess I liked both the feel and taste of his penis. It was warm and hard, I guess six or seven inches long, and about as thick as… well somewhere between a silver dollar and a quarter. Probably closer to the circumference of the silver dollar. Kennedy, not Sacagawea.

I adjusted to the concept, but as I did he internet casino continued to fuck my face. I had to decide whether I was going to actively participate or not. I figured I had been wanting to try it, and it was no worse than my brother masturbating me really. Well, okay, it probably was, but it was already there, I was curious, and I was about to cum again. And it wasn’t like I would ever be able to rewind the clock to a time when his dick had not been in my mouth.

I pursed my lips, covering my teeth and opening my jaw to accept him, then began sucking hard. I wiggled my tongue on him as he fucked my now willing mouth. On my side and under his control, I couldn’t do any of the other tricks I had learned in my research of women’s magazines, well I could have fingered his ass I guess but he was my brother and … Ewwww! It didn’t matter as he immediately told me I was the best he ever had.

“Oh fuck yeah Addy, I knew you would learn to be the best dick sucker… shit that’s good… Oh fuck yeah, suck that dick you little slut! So fucking hot with a cock in your mouth.. so fucking beautiful when you cum… oh… uh… uh… uh” and after that he just grunted.

I focused on things to do to a penis with my mouth. He relaxed his grip as I grasped his penis in my hand and I sucked hard as I pulled back and released him. That let me catch my breath for a second as I kissed around his head and licked the rim of his head with my tongue. He moaned his approval and I noticed his thrusting of the dildo into me became off tempo. It still felt divine but he was distracted, and I had stopped cumming for the moment. The tingling in my womb told me I would start again soon.

I occurred to me that this was the first time I had kissed my brother since he had graduated high school two years before me, and that was on the cheek. I wasn’t aware he had spend so much time gawking me, it didn’t occur to me to consider him as an admirer, he was just a jack ass brother. But I was seeing him in a new light. Now instead of his cheek, I was kissing his throbbing glans, and loving every second of him shivering as I slithered my tongue around it.

I took him back into my hot, wet, mouth and began to fuck him with my lips in an “O” around his shaft again, when he let out the deepest gutteral groan I had heard since Dave… oh shit.

“Oh fuck Addy! I’m cumming!”

Before I could pull back and take him out of my mouth the first gusher of semen hit the back of my tongue and the second landed right on it. He grabbed the back of my head, this time not gently, and fucked several more smaller jets of his jism into my mouth. So totally gross I nearly vomited right then, Ewwww! Just the thought of something coming out of a penis and into my mouth was repulsive to me. Guys pee with those things!

But there was no where for it to go but down, even though it was quite viscous and difficult to swallow. It wanted to stick where it was, and was mostly still there as the last of his orgasm was injected into my mouth. My mouth was completely full of penis and penis juice when I finally was able to swallow most of it. The rest coated my mouth and the scent of clorox invaded my sinuses. The taste wasn’t bad. It wasn’t really good either, it was like an egg white smoothie with a bit of lemon, and maybe something metallic added. Oh, and salty penis on top of that. So, it wasn’t like anything I had ever tasted before. And it came out of my brother’s dick. Fucking gross!

So there! I had given my first blowjob! Yay… Wait, I just sucked off my brother and his still hard cock was still in my mouth oozing ejaculate slowly into me as he told me what a good cock sucker and slut I had become. Gross. I hated myself. I loathed him for taking advantage of my stupid hornieness. I mean, it was my first taste of cum and as time passed and I sucked more dick I would become more adjusted to it and happier with the taste, but this time? No, it was just gross. Bearably so. I could see why girls didn’t really mind sucking guy’s they liked now. But this came out of my brother’s dick. Just… .Ewwwww!

Now that Eric wasn’t grasping my hair anymore I released him from my mouth and rolled onto my back. I closed my eyes, exhausted and fucked out from both the vibe in my pussy and Eric’s sperm in my tummy. I just knew I would taste icky semen aftertaste for hours, and have what we called in the dorm “dick breath” as well. I wouldn’t mind either of those but… Ewww, my brother? I almost vomited up the cum in my tummy, but it was probably too sticky to come back up, so I just sort of wretched inside, and hated myself.

Why would he want to put his junk in his sister’s mouth anyway? I mean other than just pure out of control hormonal rage? It wasn’t like he wasn’t an attractive guy, the stupid ones always are it seems, he could just pick up a girl. Why fuck my face? But he did say how I was the best he ever had, and I got a perverse sense of pride from that, even if it was the most degrading thing I had ever allowed anyone to do to me. And as I was doing my best to give him pleasure, he was calling me a slut! Why? Anyway, just wait until I gave him a blow job in a position I could really do some stuff from! If he thought what I just did was the best then… Wait, that didn’t come out right. Well, never mind that.

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