Adventures with Anthony

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Adventures with Anthony: A Continuation of Trading in our “V-Cards”

My lips parted eagerly as Anthony’s tongue probed its way inside of my warm mouth. His fingers glided across my skin, lighting invisible fires everywhere he touched me. Our clothes came off, and he moved on top of me, merging with me, moving in ways that were naughtily delicious. Our sighs and cries mingled in the soft, candlelit room, the bed shaking softly underneath us as we rocked against each other. He called my name over and over again, punctuated by soft grunts. The grunts turned into strange beeps, and I frowned, my impending orgasm fading in the wake of someone shaking my shoulders gently…

“Jordan? Jordan?” Anthony said over the beeping of my alarm clock. “It’s time to wake up, sweetheart.”

I groaned, rising into consciousness unwillingly, and then realized that Anthony was in my room, and I hadn’t brushed my hair.

Or my teeth. Ugh.

I folded my arms over my chest, saying crossly, “You just woke me up from an amazing dream. This better be good.”

“Well, I’m in your room, aren’t I?” he teased.

A sleepy scowl was my only response.

“Ok, ok!” Anthony soothed, “We’ll take the day to ourselves. We’ll watch shows, cuddle under some blankets, and eat junk food, all that fun lazy day stuff. And”, he said, smiling wickedly, “if the movie is bad, you can blow me instead!”

The pillow thrown at his head sent him scurrying out of the room, calling over his shoulder, “I’ll let you get ready then! I’ll be across the hall!”

I giggled softly, my mood already improving. I collapsed back against the sheets, reminiscing about the last time Anthony had been in my room. Actually, he had been in my bed with me, naked. We hadn’t had sex since my birthday three weeks ago. I mean, it wasn’t our fault. School got out; we had sex, and then shortly after, my family moved to a new house and Anthony went on vacation with his own family. I had a feeling that the little tease he had thrown in wasn’t on accident.

Maybe that dream would come true after all.

I hopped out of bed, swaying slightly after having been horizontal for so long, and then walked over to my dressers, humming happily to myself. I pulled the long t-shirt I was wearing over my head, my nipples hardening slightly from the sudden influx of cool air. I fondled my breasts for a short moment, sighing in pleasure, and pulled a deep purple tank top over my head, not even bothering with a bra. As I grabbed a pair of capris to wear, I stopped and slid the skimpy black thong I was wearing down my legs, kicking it off to the side. I pulled the capris back up over my lower body, moaning as the soft fabric nuzzled against my bare pussy.

I brushed out my short coppery tresses, and then added a tiny bit of eyeliner and mascara so I wouldn’t feel like a complete bum. I padded into the bathroom, brushed my teeth, and sauntered down the hall into the living room, where Anthony was waiting.


I sat down next to Anthony, grabbing a handful of popcorn before noticing the DVD title on the television screen.

“The Notebook? Really?” I exclaimed in disbelief.

Anthony gave me a sheepish grin. “Well, neither of us has seen it, and it’s supposed to be really romantic for couples. And also because Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling are almost as hot as we are.”

I chuckled, saying, “I’m probably going to end up crying, you know.”

“Well”, he said, “I’ll just offer up my shoulder for you to sob against.”

We both shared a laugh, and I curled up closer against him, sighing in contentment as his arm snaked around my shoulders. It didn’t escape my notice that his hand was perfectly poised for an “accidental” breast groping. He pressed the play button on the remote, and we settled in to watch the film.

The Notebook was as sappy as I thought it would be. Two star-crossed lovers who are meant to be together are torn apart almanbahis adres because of a girl’s parents’ disapproval. Then the girl becomes engaged to another guy, meets the old flame again, and gets caught in a devastating love triangle.

A couple of sniffles snapped me out of my daydreaming. I glanced over at Anthony, shocked to find him brushing away a stray tear.

“Anthony, honey, you’re not…crying, are you?” I asked, my voice high in disbelief.

He coughed a couple times, gruffly saying, “No, of course not, just a popcorn kernel stuck in my throat was all.”

I stifled an eye roll. Men, always needing to hide their “feminine” emotions, it seemed. What bullshit. Don’t they know girls think it’s cute when a guy shows his sensitive side?

“Can I get you a tissue though? Maybe some waterproof mascara? A tampon?” I asked sympathetically.

Anthony stuck his tongue out at me comically. “Just hush and watch the movie.”

I found myself wondering what would happen if I were to blow Anthony while we watched. I casually rested my hand on his thigh, drumming my fingers absentmindedly as the characters Noah and Allie sat in a boat with storm clouds gathering around them. I slid my fingers farther towards the rapidly growing tent in his shorts. His hand caressed my braless tit; he squeezed it slightly, and then squeezed it again, realizing that there was only one layer of fabric separating hand from boob. He gave me a lust-filled smile and wink as my hand finally reached ground zero, my fingers sliding into his shorts, only to find his smooth, warm cock instead of the boxer briefs he usually wore.

“My, my,” Anthony growled, “feeling frisky, are we?”

My only response was a moan as he crushed his lips to mine, at the same time Noah and Allie met in a passionate kiss as rain poured down around them.

My hand caressed his hard cock, the thicker mushroom-shaped head oozing precum already. I took some of the slippery liquid and spread it over the shaft. My other hand glided into my pants, my own sex eagerly awaiting release. I slipped a finger into my pussy, my thumb brushing against my clit, and I whimpered against Anthony’s mouth. He broke the kiss, panting heavily in desire. He smiled as he took in the wanton look on my face as I fingered myself and worked his cock at the same time. He gripped my wrists gently, stopping my ministrations. In one quick motion, he pinned me flat against the sofa, his hands keeping my arms above my head as he leaned in to kiss me once more.

I arched my back up off the couch as his mouth moved to my earlobe, nipping it softly before tracing kisses down my neck, collarbone, and cleavage. He took in a nipple between his teeth through the thin plum-colored fabric, and I cried out in pleasure. He removed his hold on my wrists with a firm, “No touching”, and pulled my tank top over my head, leaving my arms entangled so he could use his hands elsewhere.

Anthony paused to kiss each of my pert nipples one more time, before lavishing kisses and the occasional small nibble down my flat tummy. He stopped when he reached the waistband of my pants, and his hands pulled the last of my clothes away, revealing a pussy glistening with arousal. He moaned at the sight, and in an act of slight smuttiness on my part, I pulled my legs up closer to my torso, spreading them at the same time. Anthony licked his lips, and then tossed my pants away. He slid forward out of his kneeling position, and didn’t stop until his nose was almost touching my weeping hole.

He gripped my ass firmly in his hands, slowly and sensually inhaling the scents my sex exuded. He pressed a soft kiss right on my exposed clit, and I almost lost it right there. My garbled cry of delight made Anthony look up questioningly, but the expression of yearning on my face must have reassured him. He kissed my clit again, rolling his tongue around my sensitive pearl. Anthony moved down, licking in between the almanbahis adres fleshier outer lips and the slightly longer, thinner, wrinkled inner lips. His tongue delved into my warm dark cavern, nose pressing against my flushed, damp skin as he explored my inner depths.

I don’t know where Anthony learned oral sex, but damn, he did it well. I felt his tongue transitioning from soft, shallow licks to deep, fast thrusting, almost like a miniature penis inside of me. I could feel myself rising, rising, rising on waves of pleasure, but just when I felt sure I would cum, he changed speed or depth just enough to bring me down slightly. I was ready to explode from sensory overload, and my moans were getting louder and louder. Just when I was certain I would die from lack of orgasm, his tongue flicked my clit three times, and he clamped his mouth over my nether lips as I let go in one of the most intense orgasms I had ever experienced.

I lost track of time and space. My sight flickered, my hearing disappeared, and if you had asked me what my name was, I wouldn’t have been able to come up with a single coherent thought, let alone voice it. Even amongst all this mind-numbing pleasure, it occurred to me that Anthony must have been painfully hard this whole time, but had dutifully waited his turn whilst seeing to my pleasure and gratification first. God, this boy was definitely a keeper.

I slowly became aware of my surroundings again, and noticed that Anthony had slid up from his position between my legs to kneeling on the opposite side of the couch, his cock valiantly straining against its confines. My eyes took on a lustful gleam, and I licked my lips, finding myself wanting to reciprocate. I looked back to his face, a knowing grin slowly replacing the slightly concerned expression he had been wearing.

“Would you like to take this to the bedroom?” I asked throatily.

Anthony nodded, and headed towards my bedroom, stopping when he realized I wasn’t coming with him.

“Perhaps you could help me remove my tank top, too?” I giggled.

He turned back, whipped the tank top over my head, and then scooped me into his arms, rushing me to my room. Anthony closed the door behind him, and the lock was turned. He tossed me onto the bed, and slid his sweats off, his throbbing member glistening in the diffused light. I beckoned him onto the bed, throwing one leg over his waist. I nibbled his earlobe, nipping his neck as I kissed my way down to his chest, my breasts grazing the tip of his cock as I settled myself between his legs.

Anthony leaned back, letting me have full, unrestricted access to his cock, his breath catching a little as my lips slowly inched closer to his throbbing erection. I caressed the tip of the head, my fingers grazing the silky-smooth shaft as I blew lightly across his penis, winking naughtily up at him. He leaned forward, stroking my cheek and laughing before settling back to enjoy the show.

I took a small breath in preparation, then leaned in and planted a kiss right on the head of his cock, before kissing and licking my way down his shaft, accustoming myself to the hot sensation of his member.

I heard his sharp intake of breath as my tongue made contact for the first time, and I also heard him gasp as I stroked my hand up and down his shaft in time with my lips and tongue. I became more comfortable with it, and with a sigh of anticipation I brought my mouth down, slowly engulfing his cock, taking care to not graze my teeth against the super-sensitive skin. I bobbed up and down; sucking my cheeks in hard like my girlfriends had said to do.

Anthony let out a lust-filled moan, “Fuck, Jordan that feels amazing!”

His fingers entangled themselves into my hair, stroking it softly. I looked up at him, my eyes crinkling in a smile because my mouth couldn’t, stretched as it was around his cock. I took another deep breath, bringing in a couple more inches, the tip of his penis tickling almanbahis adres the back of my throat. I hummed in pleasure, sending low vibrations through his loins.

His breathing became a bit more ragged, fingers lightly gripping my head as more precum dripped straight onto my tongue.

“Just… a bit more… You don’t have to take it… ooh… all if you don’t want… to babe”, he panted.

I mumbled, “I want to”, but seeing him look at me in confusion, I removed his dick from my mouth and repeated myself, noting that his cock jumped in excitement.

He smiled sheepishly, his eyes asking me more than his voice ever could.

I winked at him, saying, “Get off the bed honey.”

I knelt before him, his cock bobbing tantalizingly in front of my eyes.

I took him back into my mouth, suppressing the urge to gag as the tip of his huge cock tickled the back of my throat. I tried to relax as I engulfed another inch, and suddenly I felt my lips come flush against his skin.

Anthony let out a pleasured groan, his fingers tightly digging into my hair.

“Ooooh fuck Jordan, that feels so good”, he groaned in ecstasy.

His hips started thrusting, his cock sliding in and out of my mouth and throat. I began fingering my clit again, my pussy getting wet just watching him enjoy himself.

Anthony stopped thrusting suddenly, panting, “I’m about to cum babe, where…do you want it… in your mouth?”

I shook my head no, pulling his cock out of my throat, and said, “I have other places I want this cock sweetheart, before you cum.”

“I thought you might”, he sighed, “which is why as… fantastic as your mouth and throat feel, I wanted to ask.”

I got up off my knees, and then jumped onto Anthony, wrapping my slim legs around his waist as I kissed him passionately, remnants of precum on my tongue as his throbbing cock was pressed between our stomachs.

Anthony grabbed my ass and held me up, steadily taking one hand and guiding his shaft inside my pussy, inch by inch until it was completely buried inside me. He gently bounced me up and down against his cock. I could feel myself rapidly approaching orgasm.

Anthony backed us up until his knees were against the mattress, and we fell on the bed, his cock remaining inside me, my legs still wrapped around his waist. I sat up, and began bucking on top of his cock, my orgasm coming closer and closer.

Anthony’s head tilted back in pleasure, his hands sliding up my stomach before latching onto my tits, his cock thrusting back into me as we met each other thrust for thrust.

“Cum with me baby,” I said between moans.

Anthony caressed every inch of my skin before pulling me down closer to him, our tongues mashing once again in a kiss that was so hot it was a wonder we didn’t spontaneously combust.

I came loudly, shouting Anthony’s name as I quivered against him, collapsing onto him as he shot his load deep inside me. He continued pumping afterwards, hugging me tightly to him.

I grunted softly, rolling off of him and back onto the bed, trying to catch my breath.

“That was…way…better than…The Notebook!” Anthony said triumphantly.

“Well, at least you didn’t cry again,” I laughed breathlessly.

Anthony gasped in mock hurt. “Oh, so it’s going to be like that, eh?” He reached towards the backs of my knees, lightly brushing his fingers there. I squirmed, trying to evade his tickling, gasping for air as he moved from my knees to my ribcage.

“I’m not going to stop until you admit that it was just the popcorn!” he growled.

It took several tries for me to suck in enough air to say, “I give! I give! It was just the popcorn!” He stopped immediately, leaving me whooping for breath.

As I was recovering from the impromptu tickle fight, Anthony kissed my throat, working his way up with feather-light kisses until he kissed me soundly on the lips before saying, “You make me unbelievably happy, I hope you know that.”

My only response was to pull him in closer, hugging him tightly to me. He truly was the best boyfriend in the world.

We held each other quietly, basking in the afterglow of my newly christened bedroom.

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