After The Wait

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Dillion Harper

Excitement built in her as she considered the night ahead of her. She’d been waiting for this night for 2 weeks. 2 long weeks of him being away, no release, just frustration mounting on her daily. She hurried home, wanting to ensure all was perfect when he stepped in the door.

Dinner was steaks with scalloped potatoes and steamed vegetables bought by the restaurant around the corner from their home and a nice bottle of white wine to go with it.

The table was set and the food put in the oven to keep warm, wine in the freezer to chill. The candles were placed around the dining/living room and the tapers on the dining table lit. She then ran a hot, fragrant luxurious bath and sat in it thinking of the night to come eagerly anticipating it.

Desire ran through her body like a razor sharp knife under her skin. She sat in the water until it got cool, she showered off and went to get her outfit of the evening, it’s a black knee length lingerie with slits on either side to the hip and showed her long, shapely thighs to perfection. The top was a deep plunge and held her small kadıköy escort full breasts high and moulded to her slim figure.

He’ll almost be here, so she started putting the food on the table and pouring out the wine. A short while later, she heard the key go in the door and posed in the entry way with both wine glasses. This was his first sight when he walked in the door and couldn’t be happier to see it. He missed his wife so much over the past two weeks it was unbelievable. He rushed across to her, put the wine glasses on the table and swept her in a tight embrace inhaling the scent of her and her perfume.

She leaned up and captured his lips in a hot wet kiss and he took it all bending her slightly backwards he pushed her mouth open and tasted all of her mouth as if to make her taste his own. His hands roamed over her body and he realises the lingerie has some interesting features on it. Stepping he back and running an appreciative look at her body and what it currently wore. “Model it for me,” he said. She seductively kağıthane escort twirled so he could get the full effect it, the slits to the top of her thighs, how it cupped her breasts, how it moulded to her full ass. He groans and begins pulling off his clothes his intent clear. “Hun I have dinner and some wine on the table. Aren’t you hungry?”

He grabbed one of the glasses he set aside earlier, tossed it back and said, “I’m starving all right, but for the taste and feel of you.”

He grabbed her back into his arms and kissed her again while feeling her body under the lingerie, his erection pulsing against her stomach. She waited for this for 2 long weeks and was not about to argue about it. He balanced her on the back of the couch and tasted the essence of her, nibbling, sucking and licking till she shattered in his mouth. He then took her down and she slid straight down to the ground and took him in her mouth,. He was too close and couldn’t take much of her warm mouth sucking and pulling him in so he stepped back and lifted kartal escort her, bent her over the arm of the couch, put her feet on the arm and flipped the skirt over her ass wanting to see it as he drove into her warm depths.

The first thrust took him all the way in and she squealed in delight at the feel of him in her. He pushed down between her shoulder blades to hold her in place as he slammed into her trying his best to not cum too soon. A few thrusts later he spilled his seed but he was not done yet,his member still hard, he grabbed her ass cheeks and continued his thrusts at a slower pace. By this time, she was screaming out from the pleasure of having him in her again. He then slid his hand towards her back door intending to claim there once again and was pleasantly surprised to find it well lubricated already.

“Hmm expecting a lot aren’t we?” and he bit her ear as he slammed into her. He slid out her pussy, repositioned her to stand up bending over the couch and aimed at her other entrance and slowly pushed in enjoying the tightness of her ass and the way her body shuddered as he pushed all the way in. He rode her ass gently while playing with her clit till she shuddered and exploded all over him causing him to flood her body with his cum once again. He gathered her against him and kissed her. When she caught her breath she laughed and said “Welcome home baby” and they went to finally eat their dinner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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