After The Wild Weekend – More Sexy

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After the Wild Weekend — More Sexy Teasing!

By OneWhoKnows

If you haven’t read ‘Wild Bluegrass Weekend’ I suggest you go read it first to see who the characters are and how we got to this point of our true story.

The story left off with Bob and PJ leaving Lake Park for the drive home. It was a good thing it was a nice warm day…. since PJ was barely dressed…. in a light weight, very short skirt with no panties and a quite sheer blouse with no bra or camisole. PJ wanted to tease me all the way home… by being very sexy.

I spoke. “PJ, I really hope this sexy new you is a permanent change… and not just for this weekend. I’m loving it!”

PJ answered. “Close to home where lots of people know both of us I’m probably going to have to tone it down a little bit. But if we go anywhere… out of town… I’m going to be just as sexy as I have been this weekend. I’m having fun!”

I answered. “I’m OK with that. I told you I was going to keep asking you out again and again.”

She replied. “I’m very happy that we have moved from casual friends who share dances and kisses…. to really good friends who want to share lots more with each other. I really like you!”

I spoke. “I’m in total agreement with you. Before you have any chance to change your mind…. I’d love to take you out to dinner and then go dancing at our favorite bar on Friday night. And on Saturday night I want to take you to dinner in the city, it’s only 35 miles but it is ‘out of our town’ and then dancing at a nice country nightclub there. The lighting at either place won’t be too bright. Just right for teasing.”

PJ paused. “You told me that our future was going to be a wild ride. Whatever you want to plan…. my answered will be ‘YES’ and I will tease you.”

I smiled. “I enjoy your teasing… because I know you’re doing it to make me happy so we can totally enjoy each other. I really like you, too.”

She replied. “Thank you.”

Our conversation went on in a sexy or suggestive manner as we drove toward our town.

I spoke. “This little town coming up is our last chance for lunch before getting to your apartment. There’s a little café here that probably won’t be too busy.”

PJ blushed. “I hope I’ll be OK dressed like this.”

I teased. “I love how sexy you’re dressed. Slightly exposed… but not totally.”

I pulled up in front of the café. There were only a few cars parked in the parking lot. I went around and opened her door. She turned sideways on the seat, spread her knees apart to show me her bare pussy, then got out of the truck.

We walked into the café and chose a table towards the back of the room. There were no booths. I held a chair out for PJ. She sat down so she was facing the back wall. People could only see the back of her sheer blouse and no bra straps. They had to just wonder if the front was that sheer.

The waitress was about PJ’s age. “Hello, can I bring you something to drink while you look at the menu.”

We each ordered a Coke. She said she’d be right back. When she brought the drinks she sat PJ’s down first then stepped over beside me to set mine down.

She asked. “Have you decided on lunch?”

PJ spoke. “I’ll have the half size chef’s salad with ranch dressing.”

The waitress was just standing there staring at PJ’s breasts…. her areola and nipples were quite visible in the bright light. Finally she turned her head to look at me and asked. “And…and what would you like sir?”

I ordered. “I’ll have a fish sandwich and fries.”

The waitress spoke shakily. “I’ll…. I’ll get your order right in.” She headed for the kitchen. She hadn’t written anything down so she had to go tell the cook what we wanted.

PJ was blushing. “I’ve never had another girl check me out so intently. I think she was more nervous than me.”

I was smiling. “When she brings our lunch just leave your hands in your lap and see what she does. See if she says anything.”

In just a few minutes of us sipping on our drinks and talking. I saw the waitress coming.

I spoke quietly. “Sit up straight.”

The waitress arrived at our table. She very carefully sat a basket of fries and my fish sandwich in front of me. She turned to face PJ, leaned down to set the salad on the table at which point her eyes were staring right at PJ’s breasts. She was blushing and not saying a word.

PJ broke the silence. “Thank you.”

I spoke. “Can you bring some catsup for my fries, please?”

The waitress turned to me… really flushed. “Yes, Sir.” She went to get the catsup.

When she brought it back she was a little more composed as she set the bottle of catsup down. She was still very nervous.

There was no one sitting very close to our table so I spoke. “It’s OK to blush while admiring my sexy lady.”

The waitress was startled and not sure what to say.

PJ spoke. “I’ll take it as a complement. Thank you.”

The waitress looked around. No one was paying any attention to us.

She finally whispered. “I was just so surprised. I’ve never seen bursa escort a girl so sexy out for lunch. You’re beautiful.”

PJ responded. “Thank you. I love to tease my guy. He really likes it when I’m sexy for him. If kids show up I’ll just cross my arms across my chest until they pass. Its fun getting smiles from other guys. And maybe it will get some other lady to think about doing it for her guy. Do you have a boyfriend?”

The waitress replied. “I do… but I don’t know how he would react.”

PJ spoke. “Think about it the next time he’s going to take you out for dinner. Just answer your door dressed sexy and ask him if he likes what he sees. He might surprise you.”

The waitress replied. “Enjoy your lunch. I’ll think about it.” She walked away.

PJ was blushing a little. “I guess if I’m going to be sexy for you… I’d better be ready for other people’s reactions. Because I’m NOT going to stop being sexy!”

We enjoyed our lunch and talked about the waitress’ reaction. Just as we were finishing she walked up to our table with the bill.

She spoke. “I’m going to try it. I hope he likes it.”

I looked at the bill, added $5.OO to it and handed it to her in cash. “Thank you for attentive service… and good luck!” She was surprised but walked away without saying any more.

PJ and I walked past the cashier counter to use the restrooms. When we came back out the waitress was standing at the cash register.

She spoke. “I’m glad you two came in for lunch. I’ve always been shy…. But I’m going to surprise my boyfriend the next time he comes to my apartment to pick me up for a dinner out.”

PJ spoke. “Have fun! Life is short.”

We walked out to the truck and I opened PJ’s door. She climbed up into the truck but turned back around after she sat down so she was facing me with her knees wide apart. I stepped close and reached up under her short skirt to push a finger deep into her VERY wet pussy.

She spoke. “I’m really glad we have the camper.. Lunch… made me really excited. Find a place to park!”

I found a dead end street with a couple of closed stores on it. It was a holiday. We were out of the truck and into the camper in no time. I turned the dinette back into a bed in record time. PJ just lay down on her back right at the edge. I pulled the ice chest out for a seat.

I spoke. “PJ, I’m going to have dessert.” I flipped her skirt up out of my way.

I was kissing my way up her soft, smooth thighs again. When I got to her swollen lips I started using my tongue…up and down…side to side… them plunging it deep. PJ was breathing hard. I kept going. I sucked hard on her clit.

PJ’s orgasm hit her. “AAAAAAGH! OOOOHHH! MMMMMNN! DAMN!”

I spoke. “I think you like showing off. Even if just for another girl. I know you like the strong orgasms you’re learning to enjoy.”

PJ finally caught her breath. “You really know how to make me want to be very sexy for you. Don’t stop.”

We cleaned up and shared some sensuous kisses. Then got back in the front of the truck and drove the rest of the way to her apartment.

PJ spoke. “I don’t know which made me more excited… the waitress’ reaction to how sexy I’m dressed… or her saying she wants to try it on her boyfriend.”

I answered. “I certainly enjoyed everything about lunch… and dessert after.”

PJ smiled. “Me, too.”

I parked close to her apartment and walked around to open her door. She gave me another sexy sight before getting out.

I got her suitcase out of the camper and we walked to the apartment. PJ just opened the door and walked in with me following and closing the door.

Sue was sitting on the couch. She stood up to say hi and walked over to give me a hug and a soft kiss like she would do at dance. Then she realized how PJ was dressed.

She blurted out. “PJ, You better tell me ALL about your weekend!”

PJ answered. “Let me give Bob a proper goodbye kiss so he can go home.”

That kiss lasted a full minute with us having a tongue session.

I spoke. “PJ, thank you for sharing this weekend with me. I’ll call you in a couple of days to discuss next weekend. Sue, I hope to see you on Friday night. Bye.”

I let myself out and walked to my truck. I drove home thinking about what a wild weekend we’d had….and how much I was looking forward to next weekend.

I called PJ on Tuesday evening after we would both be home from work.

PJ answered. “Hello.”

I replied. “Hi, Sexy! I’m looking forward to sharing another weekend with you.”

She asked? “Weekend?”

I answered. “Well, I’m hoping you’re OK with sharing yourself with me from Friday evening about 6:00 until Sunday afternoon when I take you home.”

She answered. “I guess I’m packing a suitcase again. What all do you have planned?”

I spoke. “If you will go to dinner with me tomorrow night I’ll tell you all about it. Just over to the coast for seafood. May I pick you up about 6:30?”

She answered. “I guess that’s ‘out of town’ …. I’ll be ready.”

I escort bayan asked? “So how much did you tell Sue about our weekend?”

She answered. “I tried to just tell her we went camping and listening to great music. She wasn’t satisfied. You know girls who are good friends don’t keep many secrets. She coaxed most everything out of me. I hope you’re not mad.”

I re-assured her. “No, I figured if she was home when we got there and she saw how you were dressed that she would be full of questions. I’m happy about everything we did. It’s fine.”

She took a deep breath and let most of it back out. “Thank you for understanding girls. I was worried that maybe you wouldn’t want her to know personal details.”

My reply. “Now… she’s probably really jealous of your weekend.”

PJ spoke. “Sue will probably be home tomorrow night when you come to pick me up. I’m going to be dressed sexy for you. I hope you’re OK with stepping in for a couple of minutes. We’ll see if she says anything.”

I replied. “That’s fine. If she teases me you know I will tease right back.”

PJ spoke. “I’m so glad… that you are who you are. I really like you. See you tomorrow. Bye.”

I answered. “Bye, Sexy.” And hung up.

I was glad that I was busy the next day at work. I didn’t have time to worry about anything.

I arrived at PJ’s apartment right on time, 6:30. I walked to the door and knocked.

Sue opened the door.

She spoke. “Hi, Bob. Please come in.”

As I stepped in she gave me a nice hug and a nicer than normal kiss.

I spoke. “Thank you for the warm welcome. I like that.”

PJ had just walked into the front room. She was wearing a short black skirt and a long sleeved white blouse that had some lace on the front that was not covering the sexy view.

She spoke. “Hi, Bob.” And gave me a tight hug and a long soft kiss. “I hope you like the blouse… Sue bought it a while back but was too shy to wear it out with just a lacy bra and no camisole. She dared me to wear it tonight with nothing under it.”

I smiled. “It’s very sexy… I’m proud of you for accepting Sue’s dare.”

Sue blushed. “I wish my boyfriend would ask me to dress sexy for him. Maybe that would give me courage. You two go have a good time.”

PJ spoke. “I hope it’s OK if I wear this thin scarf draped around my neck just for getting into the restaurant… then I’ll take it off.”

I spoke. “I’m OK with that. Bye, Sue.”

We walked out to my car. We wouldn’t need the camper tonight. We headed for the coast as we were talking and teasing. Soon we were there. The restaurant hung out over the water on big pilings. We were seated at a window table since there weren’t many other customers. PJ took her scarf off and laid it off to the side of the table. Our waiter came to our table.

He asked? “Would you like something to drink tonight?”

I answered. “Bring my lady a frozen margarita and I’ll have a Coors with a chilled glass.”

Off he went.

PJ asked? “Are you trying to get me drunk?”

I answered. “No, I just want you to be relaxed while I tell you about this weekend.”

She replied. “Thank you for the margarita… it will help me relax. This blouse is really exposing. And you’ve already checked while we were driving that I am NOT wearing any panties.”

I replied. “I love it when you dress sexy and act sexy for me. I will take good care of you.”

She answered. “I’m sure you will.”

The waiter brought our drinks. He carefully placed the margarita in front of PJ being careful not to stare at her breasts. But made sure he got a good look. He sat my Coors and a chilled glass in front of me.

He asked? “Are you ready to order?”

I had told PJ how to order for us so that he had to look right at her.

She spoke. “We’re both going to enjoy the Halibut special that was posted out front.”

The waiter was struggling to not stare… but with such a sexy view he couldn’t resist. He spoke quietly. “Yes, Ma’am. Thank you.”

He headed for the kitchen to put our order in.

PJ spoke. “He’s a good waiter. He didn’t even have to write it down.”

I replied. “He couldn’t write anything down… his hands were shaking too much. A sexy lady always gets excellent service.”

Soon our dinners arrived. The meal was very tasty. The view out the window was fantastic, with the waves coming in. But I was enjoying the view right beside me. A profile view is teasing, too. Not just seeing the front view.

During dinner I was telling PJ what I wanted to do for the weekend. I put my hand way up on her soft, smooth thigh to let her know I was enjoying how she had dressed for me.

I said. “On Friday night I want to take you somewhere in town for just a nice dinner. It’s OK to dress a little safer. Since we will be going dancing after dinner, lacy panties are fine with a short skirt. I don’t like bras. I much prefer the natural look. You certainly don’t need one for support. So, for Friday you should pick a blouse that will be teasing at dinner but not bursa escort too sheer for dancing at the bar.”

She replied. “I can do that.”

I went on. “I’d like you to spend the night at my house.”

PJ’s quick answer. “I’d like that!”

I continued. “On Saturday we can sleep late. After brunch at my house I want to go into the city. I want to ‘dress you’ for all of Saturday. I will have a really short skirt for you…. But NO panties. I have a top for you to wear… while we enjoy walking around at the zoo. I will have another top and a new skirt for you to wear for a nice dinner out and dancing at the country nightclub. Sandals for day wear and your boots for dining and dancing. I want you to stay at my house again. I will take you home sometime on Sunday.”

PJ paused. “I told you that whatever you planned… my answer was ‘YES’. I hope the top that you have for me to wear walking around the zoo isn’t too exposing. For Saturday dinner and dancing….out of town… I expect you to choose something very sexy for me to wear for you. I want to be sexy.”

The waiter brought the bill just as we were finishing our drinks. I checked the bill and paid him in cash… telling him I didn’t need any change back. That we appreciated the excellent service.

He said. “Thank you. Please come again.”

We stood up and walked out with PJ carrying her scarf in her hand. The doorman scrambled to open the door for us while he stood close by holding the door. I think PJ made him glad he had to work tonight.

We walked to the car and I opened her door as I always do.

PJ turned to me. “I’ve never eaten at a restaurant this fancy. With a door man and a man in a suit for a waiter. I’ve also never been out for dinner dressed like this. This has been more than I could have imagined when I had hoped you would ask me out to dinner.”

She put her arms around me and held me tight. I did the same. Neither of us spoke. We shared a kiss that was very seductive on her part. Soft and deep. PJ was a joy to share kisses with.

We got in the car. There wasn’t a moon so we couldn’t see the ocean. We headed for my house.

I spoke. “I want to stop at my house… so you’ll know where I live and to see my house. It’s a ‘start over’ house after my divorce. It’s older and small but it’s fine for me. The house payments are as cheap as rent. It helped that I had some cash for a down payment.”

PJ answered. “I’d love to see your house. I hope to be spending some time there.”

It wasn’t long before I was pulling into my driveway. I had left the porch light on. I got out and went around to open her door. She slid out and took my hand in hers. We went up the walk. I opened the door and reached inside to turn the light on in the front room. PJ went in with me following her and closing the door.

She looked around and then spoke. “I’m surprised… a bachelor pad that is clean and orderly.”

I spoke. “I like to be neat and orderly. In the long run it’s easier than being messy and then having to clean up. Let me give you a mini tour. It won’t take long since my house is small.”

We walked to the archway that led to the kitchen.

I spoke. “This is my compact kitchen with a small table and chairs for eating.”

We turned around and I led her down a short hallway.

I spoke. “This is my bathroom.” Then went to the end of the hallway. “This is my bedroom.” I turned a light on so she could see.

PJ commented. “It may be small but you have almost as much room as Sue and I have in our apartment.”

I opened the other door at the end of the hallway.

I spoke. “This is my extra room. I turned the ceiling light on. There is my desk and chair, a filing cabinet, a table…”

PJ cut me off. “You have a sewing machine?”

I replied. “I guess I haven’t told you that I’m pretty handy with a pair of scissors and my sewing machine. My mom taught me how to sew when I was young. It comes in handy.”

PJ answered. “I’m impressed. What do you sew?”

I replied. “I don’t make many things from scratch with a pattern. But I’m good at alterations and such.”

She asked? “Alterations?”

I spoke. “Let me explain. “I like my lady in a short skirt… If I find a nice skirt I’m pretty sure will fit her… but is way too long… I will cut it short and re-hem it.”

She asked? “Are you going to ‘alter’ skirts for me to wear?”

I reached over to my sewing table and picked up my cloth tape measure which was just sitting there all rolled up. I held the end and dropped the rolled up part. It of course unrolled.

I smiled at PJ. “Please remove your skirt and blouse so I can measure you in a few places. That way when I alter something for you it will fit correctly.”

PJ laughed. “Now?”

It was my turn to laugh. “Yes, please do.”

She slipped her blouse off over her head, pushed her skirt down and stepped out of it.

I spoke. “Just hold your arms out to the sides. I want a few measurements.”

I started measuring: bust, ribcage under her breasts, waist, the swell of her hips where a skirt would ride, how far from that measurement down to a couple of inches below her pussy, and around her hips. I noted all my measurements on a pad of paper on my desk. I rolled the tape measure up and put it on the table.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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