Against the Law Ch. 04

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Big Dick

4: The Date

They’d been up all night.

The hot water pounded against his back as he lifted her against the wall in the shower, their wet mouths still hungry and hot, finding each other. Her fingers ran through his wet hair, tightening in it as their tongues teased and caught each other.

Holding her body to the wall with his, his hands found her ass, squeezed it, and her fingers moved to dig into his shoulders painfully as he gently opened her, teased her with his fingers, slowly, slowly sliding into her.

Her soft moan was barely audible over the pounding shower but his heart heard it, sliding in again, gently, so gently.

How was she wetter than the water? Still, she was, and getting wetter, and wetter as he slid two fingers inside her now, moving a little harder, and a little faster.

Her nails dug painful crescents in his shoulders as she came, and he welcomed it — loved it, even.

His mouth found her wet, hard nipple and sucked on it, again, gently, teasing it with his tongue, easing another orgasm out of her easily — after the marathon they’d kept up for the last few hours, her body was raw and ready to come. It was so, so easy.

She pushed back and slid her wet body down his, until she was on her knees, swallowing his wet, hard dick into her mouth, licking it and sucking on it, working it with her tongue. His back was against the wall to steady himself, and his hands were tight in her hair.

Her mouth was so relentless it never failed to take his breath away.

“Oh god,” he whispered. He pulled her to her feet.

“Stop,” he whispered.

“No..,” she protested.

He reached for the handles and turned the water off, and still soaked, he lifted her out of the shower and to the bed, hot, wet, both of them so ready, their skin tingling from the hot water and each other.

His movements were seamless and swift as he moved between her legs on the bed and again, gently, slowly, slid inside her. Slow, and deep.

Her back arched and her scream cracked in her well worn-out throat, but he heard it all the same.

Gently, steady, even thrusts, in and out, he rocked between her legs, never hesitating, her pussy soaked, swollen and wet, tight around him.

She opened her brown eyes to meet his fantastically blue ones, and whispered, “harder.”

He smiled.

“Are you sure…I don’t want to hurt you,” he said.

“Harder,” she said, never losing his eyes.

He fucked her harder then, building speed, and she felt her giant orgasm building with every thrust, amazing her with it after swearing she was done, exhausted — sure there was nothing left he could get out of her.

“Like that?” he whispered.

“Yes, yes, just like that,” she whispered back.

Increasing his force, his speed, harder, and harder, lifting them both higher, and higher. His dick was so hard, she was so wet, and though he had been sure they were both ready to just sleep — he realized now he just couldn’t get enough.

“That’s it,” she whispered.

“Oh god…I …,” she couldn’t speak.

“Shhhh,” he said. “I know. Me too.”

And with that, he knew he was almost there, hitting a perfect pace, speed, so hard now, instinctively he felt them both at the threshold, and it was …..3…..2….1….

He felt his mind go white with this time’s explosion — it was almost too much, and she lifted to hold his body to hers, so they could ride it out together, shaking.

“Jesus,” he whispered.

He lifted her to the pillows and pulled the covers back and over her.

“I should go,” he whispered into her mouth.

“No — don’t,” she said.

“We will never sleep as long I stay here,” he said.

“I will this time — I promise,” she said.

“Ok, but you better find something unsexy and shapeless to sleep in, otherwise I DON’T promise,” he said, smiling.

She laughed softly.

When they were both safely clothed and tucked under the covers, it was quiet other than heartbeats.

“Jerry…,” she whispered.

“Yes?” he answered, turning to look into her eyes.

“I….,” she drifted off…, their eyes locked, connected.

His fingers touched her face. The moment was deep and electric.

“I know, Steph. Me too,” he said, and leaned in to kiss her goodnight.

Unfortunately, that led to both of them promptly breaking their promises.


Jerry woke to see the sun was higher than it should have been. He looked at his watch. It was after 11. Shit.

He glanced around to see Stephanie sitting by the window, drinking a cup of coffee.

“Why didn’t you wake me up?” he said.

She smiled.

“I think you earned some sleep, don’t you? Besides, you looked too cute sleeping to wake you up,” she said.

“Did you sleep?” he asked.

“I did,” Stephanie said, but there was something else there.

“Come here,” he said.

She put her coffee on the dresser and sat next to him on the bed.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Nothing, just…I don’t know,” she said.

“Talk to me,” Jerry said.

She couldn’t resist those blue eyes.

“I’m just worried. This is amazing. Totally amazing,” she erenköy escort said.

“And this is bad?” Jerry said, smiling.

“No, no. It isn’t that. I just …I want us to be more than just sex,” she said.

He laughed.

“Come on, you know that we are,” he said.

“I know, but, I don’t know, I feel like we need to spend some time doing something else…,” she said.

“Like speeding?” he said, smiling.

She laughed.

“I’m serious!” she said.

“I know, I’m just teasing. Ok. I understand. Well it is sort of hard to go out around in public when we are trying to keep this quiet. And once we are alone…,” Jerry said.

Stephanie smiled.

“Yes, I’ve noticed that trend,” she said, laughing.

“I’ll figure something out,” he said, “don’t worry.”


Stephanie looked at her phone, sad and a bit disappointed.

It had been two days since Jerry had left her house and she hadn’t heard from him. Had she scared him away?

She tried to concentrate on work, but working at the newspaper only served to keep him on her mind. Too many reminders.

She finally left the office for the day, and as she was walking to her car, her phone rang.

It was Jerry. Which was weird — he never called. They really only texted.

“Hello?” she said, nervous for some reason.

“Hi,” he said, his voice full of that familiar warmth. She could just tell he was smiling.

“Hi. So let’s see, you forgot my number? No, wait, the dog ate your cell phone,” she said.

He laughed. She loved that sound.

“Oh, Stephanie. I thought you could use a day or two to yourself,” Jerry said.

“I can always request such a thing if I need it,” she said.

“You’re right. Well, I’m sorry. I missed you,” he said.

“I missed you too,” she said, leaning against her car in the dark.

“So, are you busy Friday night?” he asked.

She smiled.

“Are you asking me out on a date, Sergeant?” Stephanie said.

“I am,” Jerry said.

“Well, let me check my date book. I’m pretty sure I was planning on taking the hedgehog to the groomer’s on Friday night,” she said.

Jerry laughed again.

“Nope, that is next Friday, lucky for you,” Stephanie said.

“Thank goodness,” he said.

“I will pick you up at 7 p.m. Dress is casual. You’re going out on my kind of a date,” he said.

“What kind of date is that? Where are we going?” she said.

“You’ll see,” Jerry said, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Ok, Mr. Mysterious,” she said.

“That’s Officer Mysterious to you, ma’am. And Steph…,” he said.

“Yes?” she said.

“I really did miss you,” he said.

She smiled quietly to herself.

“I missed you too, Jerry,” she said.

Stephanie smiled the whole way home. She was getting in deep. And for once, she wasn’t scared at all.


The iPod was blasting Eric Clapton’s “Bad Love” as Stephanie finished getting ready. Listening to the words, she thought it was the appropriate vibe.

Dress casual presented a bit of a challenge for her for a date, especially when she had no idea what the plans were.

She finally settled on a brown v-neck sweater, well-worn but well-fitting jeans, and brown boots. She pinned her hair up for a change. She also wore a brown tweed blazer. With her glasses, she thought she was pulling off the librarian/Lois Lane/casual look.

Stephanie finished up with her usual perfume oil at her wrists and other warm places, and she opened a beer as she waited — which wasn’t long.

She heard a knock on the glass door as she came back from the refrigerator, and she saw him standing there.

Oh, not that backwards baseball hat, she thought to herself. Behave, Stephanie, she told herself, you’re the one that wanted to focus on other aspects of the relationship, weren’t you?

She opened the door and Jerry came in, smiling at her, pulling the door closed behind him.

His hand was behind his back.

“Whatcha got there?” she said.

He pulled his hand from behind him to offer a sunflower.

She felt warmth shoot through her, and she smiled.

“So sweet! How did you know these were my favorite?” she said.

“I saw them in your garden,” Jerry said, smiling.

Stephanie took the flower, put down her beer and hugged him under his arms, with his around her over hers. He was too much taller to do it any other way, but she loved it.

He leaned down to kiss her.

“It’s good to see you,” he said.

“You too,” she said, looking into his eyes, seeing something there.

“None of that!” she said, breaking off, laughing.

“Remember!” she said.

“Ok, ok,” he said, taking her beer and having a sip of it.

“But you might want to pack a toothbrush, just in case,” he said.

Stephanie winked at him.

“I already did,” she said.


When they were on their way, Stephanie asked him where they were going.

“You’ll see,” he said.

They headed north on the highway and he reached for her hand. She squeezed it back.

“So göztepe escort I was thinking…,” she said.

“I always like when you think,” he said, changing lanes.

Stephanie smiled.

“In light of trying to focus on other activities this evening, I was thinking we should try to avoid the topic of your occupation,” she said, blushing in the darkness.

Jerry laughed out loud.

“Oh yeah?” he said, glancing at her and noting the blushing.

“Shut up!” she said, letting go of his hand to punch him in the shoulder.

“Careful there, miss, you’re assaulting a…..,” he said, glancing at her, leaving the pause hanging, his eyes sparkling mischievously in the highway lights.

“Stop!” she said, laughing now.

“Ok, ok. I’ll bite. Why are we avoiding this topic, exactly?” Jerry said.

“You know exactly why. Because for some reason you being a…..,” she stopped, struggling with herself for a minute. He smiled at her again.

“Yes…?” Jerry said.

“I mean…uh… that is to say, your occupation, can really get me going. And then it gets you going. And we’re trying to not go there for a little while. Right?” she said.

He laughed again.

“Yes, ma’am. You’re the boss tonight. Whatever you say,” he said.

They were quiet for a little bit and she turned up the radio.

“What are you thinking about?” she said, looking at him.

“I’m trying to find a new temporary career path,” he said.

Stephanie laughed.

“How about you tell me where we are going?” she said.

They’d been in the car about 45 minutes.

Jerry took the next exit off the highway. It was a town Stephanie hadn’t been before.

“My family has a lake house up here,” he said.

“We don’t really ever use it in the fall and the town gets pretty empty after Labor Day. So I thought it might be a good town to…,” he said.

“Go out anonymously?” she said, smiling at him.

Jerry looked over at her, smiling back.

“Exactly! You’re quick, Lois Lane,” he said.

She squeezed his hand.

“I mean, people know ME around here. But they don’t know you. So I think I am safe to take you out for a few beers,” he said.

Stephanie thought that sounded just fine.

They pulled into the driveway of a cozy looking house.

“Where’s the lake?” Stephanie said.

“Oh, I forgot to mention. We put the lake in storage after the summer,” Jerry said.

Stephanie laughed.

“Wise ass!” she said.

“I’ll show you. Come on,” he said.

He grabbed their bags and went in the house. He took her hand and led her to the back of the house, and onto a deck, where the backyard overlooked the dock in the lake.

The moon was just starting to rise over the quiet lake, and the view was breathtaking on the warm fall night.

“Wow! It’s beautiful,” she said.

He put his arms around her from behind.

“Not as beautiful as you are,” he whispered.

“Watch it, Romeo!” she said, laughing.

She turned around.

“What???” Jerry said, looking innocent.

“Flattery will get you everywhere,” she said.

“So?” he said, losing his innocent look fast.

“SO, Sarg….,” Stephanie said.

She caught herself, and he waved his finger at her in a scolding way.

“Oops! I mean, MISTER, let’s go get those beers before you take advantage of me,” she said.

He laughed.

“You’re the boss!” Jerry said, taking her hand.


They walked down the quiet street toward a Main Street type area. The night was perfect. She barely even needed the tweed jacket it was so mild out.

They reached an old oyster bar at a corner and Jerry opened the door for her. The inside was all dark wood and typical New England tavern design. There were a handful of people at the bar and not many more at tables despite it being prime dinner time. He wasn’t kidding the town was quiet after Labor Day.

But that suited Stephanie just fine.

“Jerry!” a graying man behind the bar said.

“What are you doing up here? Good to see you,” he said.

Jerry shook the man’s hand.

“What’s up, Nick? How’s everything? This is Stephanie,” he said.

Stephanie shook the man’s hand too.

“Nice to meet you, Stephanie. Stuck with this guy for the night, huh? Lucky you!” he said, laughing.

I’m feeling pretty lucky right now, she thought.

“We’ll see,” she said. “The night is still young.”

Both men laughed.

“Go sit anywhere you want. I’ll send someone over,” Nick said.

“Thanks, Nick,” Jerry said.

They walked to a booth away from the few other diners.

He took her jacket and hung it on a hook outside the booth, and did the same with hers.

“You’re looking very professor-ish tonight,” he said.

“Oh yes? Is that a good thing?” she smiled.

“I go for the sexy librarian type,” Jerry answered.

“You don’t say?” Stephanie said. And he laughed.

She loved that laugh.

They ordered some beers and oysters. Stephanie wasn’t starving. She just wanted to linger over this moment — being out in public, out on a real date, kadıköy escort the perfect date for her.

After they had eaten, they talked over a few more beers.

“Did you always know you wanted to be writer?” he asked.

“Not really,” Stephanie said.

“But when you’re really not good at anything else, it sort of happens,” she said.

“Oh, stop it. You’re good at a lot of things,” he said.

“Yes, but if I did those things for work,” she said, her eyes twinkling at him, “I’d probably get arrested.”

He laughed.

“Watch it!” he said.

“Sorry!” Stephanie said.

“Speaking of, or….not ….speaking of,” she said.

“Yes,” Jerry said, earnestly smiling at her, wondering how she was going to work around asking him what she wanted to ask.

“Did you always know you wanted to be a ……,” she stopped.

He crossed his arms, enjoying watching her amusingly squirm a little.

“A what, Stephanie?” he said, smiling.

She blushed.

“A…..dry cleaner!” she said, and laughed.
His head went back in laughter.

“A dry cleaner? Perfect. Yes, Stephanie. I always knew I wanted to be a dry cleaner. My father was the best dry cleaner I’ve ever known. I come from a long line of dry cleaners,” he said.

Stephanie still laughed.

“In fact,” he said, his eyes holding hers intensely, “You might say that dry cleaning is in my blood.”

Stephanie caught her breath for a minute.

“Stop,” she said.

“What?” Jerry said, feigning innocence.

“You know what, MISTER,” she said, smiling.

“Guilty! Finish your beer, ma’am,” he said.

“This dry cleaner is ready to go.”


They walked back to the house slowly, enjoying the lovely fall night. It was still warm.

When they got there, Stephanie said she wanted to go down to the dock and get a closer look at the lake.

They stood on the dock looking at the moon over the lake.

“Want to go swimming?” he said.

“Now?” Stephanie said.

“It’s warm out. The lake is probably still pretty warm. Come on. I’ll protect you from sharks. We dry cleaners are good like that,” he said.

Stephanie laughed. She did love to swim. Especially in lakes and oceans.

“Ok!” she said.

He pulled his shirt over his head, while she watched.

“Well?” he said. “It’s now or never!”

She started to pull up her sweater.

“Don’t watch me!” she said.

“You’re being shy? I’m afraid that ship has sailed, my friend,” Jerry said, laughing.

“Shut up! That’s different,” Stephanie said.

“All right, all right,” he said, turning around to finish getting undressed.

She heard him splash into the water.

“Do I still have to keep my eyes closed? I could drown out here?” he said, his voice echoing over the quiet lake.

“No, dramatic!” she said, walking to the edge of the dock in her bra and panties.

“Is it cold?” she said.

“Not anymore,” Jerry said, looking at her.

She smiled, and sat on the edge of the dock to put her feet in.

The water was a little chilly but nothing unbearable — luckily for her, since he then pulled her in with him.

She went under water with a splash, and came up.

“Rude!” she said, splashing him.

He laughed and moved toward her in the water.

“You know, swimming like this reminds me of my prom night. We came back here after and went swimming,” he said.

“So you use this ‘Let’s go swimming’ line a lot then,” Stephanie said.

He laughed.

“If you count once in 1987 and you today as a lot, I guess you could say that,” he said.

She laughed.

“But we had beers and were making a lot of racket and the cops came,” he said.

Stephanie laughed.

“Luckily for me, they knew my dad,” he said.

She smiled at him.

“They had to get a lot of things dry cleaned, I guess,” Jerry said, laughing.

“So I got off with a warning. But it was a funny night,” he said.

“I bet,” she said.

“But I told her of a legend I should probably warn you about as well,” Jerry said, looking mockingly serious.

“Sharks?” she said.

“No sharks,” he said

“However, legend has it there is a Great Lake Monster that only comes out at night,” he said, moving toward her.

Stephanie backed away, laughing.

“Oh yeah? And what is this ‘Great Lake Monster’s’ M.O.?” she said.

Jerry got his arms around her.

“He swims up when you aren’t looking and steals the underwear off pretty girls,” he said.

“Oh no! I see him now! Look out!” Jerry wrestled with her, fingers hooked in her panties under the water.

Laughing, Stephanie pushed him off, fighting.

“Get off, you maniac!” she said.

He suddenly stopped.

“Oh wait, I just realized you should be safe. He only does it to virgins,” he said.

Stephanie laughed out loud.

“Fuck you!” she said.

Jerry stood in front of her, looking in her eyes.

“Promise?” he said.

She couldn’t look away from him.

“You know it,” she said, quietly.

He moved one hand behind her back, and with the other he took one finger over her bra, on the left side.

“Cross your heart?” he said, moving his finger over her hardened nipple.

Stephanie felt weak.

“I feel like I haven’t really kissed you in forever,” he whispered.

“Me too,” she whispered back, his fingers still working her left nipple through the wet material of the bra.

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