Agents of Pleasure Ch. 03

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It took Marie about ten days to get settled in her new home; out of those ten days Paige was over there helping her several times. Even Sophia and Olivia came over once and helped unpack boxes. There were a lot of mini-conversations regarding the house, their jobs, their kids, and so forth; but not much was said about their sex lives until the subject of Robert came up on Tuesday night.

Jimmy had given Paige four tickets to the Cubs game that morning, and she brought it up while they were lining some kitchen drawers. The other girls were in the bedroom organizing Marie’s closet, “Hey Marie, while I’m thinking of it, my boss gave me the four tickets to the baseball game…not this Sunday but the next. You can still make it, right?”

Marie didn’t answer that question, she just stated, “Robert called me last night; we’re doing Slurpees at the 7-11 Thursday night.”

“Slurpees? Really?”

“Yes, he’s taking me and Michelle out, ‘cuz I didn’t want to find a babysitter on a Thursday.”

“Why that’s kinda silly, Sophia would have sat for you. If it’s just drinks, that’s only a couple hours.”

Marie looked thoughtful as she cut a length of drawer liner, “Aw, I do appreciate it, and I’ll certainly hire your girls when I need a sitter; but this is fine. One hour will be enough; I don’t like to date during the week…that’s setting a bad precedent. We’re not even a couple yet.” Paige started laughing. “What’s so funny?”

“Oh,” she said between giggles, “I’m just thinking that after Thursday, I’ll be grilling YOU for the details!”

Marie grinned and slapped Paige’s shoulder. “It would be fun to trade stories…for sure! I can’t wait to find out if Robert’s cock is as handsome as he is!”

“I never really thought of dicks being ‘handsome’,” Paige was still giggling.

“Oh my God,” Marie enthused, “Are you kidding? I think they’re fucking beautiful! And the pun there was intended!”

Paige gave her a sly look, “Are you a big fan of blow-jobs?”

“On a blow-job scale of 1-10, I’m 110!”

Paige guffawed, “110? Good Lord, that probably puts you in the blow-job hall-of-fame!”

“Ohhh Goddd, I know…I just love to suck a nice cock! Mmmm…and I especially love it when the guy can’t keep still! When he’s moaning and gurgling and urging me on…I love it! And I especially love it when he yells that’s he’s gonna cum and shoots his load down my throat and all over my face!”

“You are so fucking dirty!” Paige leaned over and whispered to Marie, “And you know what? I’m starting to think you turn me on with that dirty talk!”

“I knew that on the first day; your blushing about it gave you away!”

Paige blushed right then, “My face betrays me all the time!”

“Yes, your face is so honest! And since we’re talking about this, let’s make a deal. We’ll always share details; is that a good deal?”

“Pretty much, right now I can’t say no, but we’ll see. So I take it you’re going to see how your Slurpee date goes and then we’ll talk about the baseball game?”

“Yep, that’s pretty much it; and if I can figure out a way…well, I wanna find out about Robert’s dick! Say, you might be able to help me out here.”

Paige made a face, “I don’t know anything about his cock!”

Marie grinned evilly and said, “Oh well, I thought maybe you might have done a threesome with him and Chad.”

Now it was Paige’s turn to smack Marie, but her eyes sparkled, “There you go again you dirty girl…you are SOOO fucking dirty!”


Friday morning Paige’s cell phone rang, it was Marie; “I’m in for the baseball game. Do you want to know what happened at the 7-11?”

“You found out that his cock was like a giraffe’s?”

“I wish,” Marie giggled. “We had a nice conversation.”

“He found out what a slut you are?” Paige teased.

“Oh, my God, you’re in a rare mood today; I like it! But yes, he found out!”

There was a long pause on the phone, “WHAT did you say to him?”

“I was just honest with him; I’m always honest with people.”

“Yeah, your brand of honesty is naughty,” Paige laughed, she could feel Marie grinning right through the receiver.

“When we finally got through all the chatty bullshit and started to talk about our feelings and goals, I said to Robert that I’m not ready for another relationship and that I might never be ready. But I would like to make new friends.”

“And he said?”

“He said he’s fine with that and that he has room for another friend in this ‘fuckin’ small town!'”

“Well, good, that’s great! Now…did the subject of sex come up?”

Marie laughed, “What do you think?”

“I think you’re really curious about his cock…and you couldn’t help yourself!”

“Gee, you know me so well already, Paige! As I said, I’m honest…and so I asked Robert how honest he wanted me to be with him. When he said, ‘Honesty is a good policy,’ then I said, ‘Okay, just because I don’t want a relationship doesn’t mean I’m dead. I might be interested in exploring a ‘Friend pendik escort with Benefits’ situation.”

“Yep, that’s pretty direct alright!”

“Of course it is; I think he liked it too because he said, ‘Right now?’ (That was funny seeing as Michelle was with me.) So I said, ‘You men…Godd…you’re such animals!’ He started laughing, but I’m pretty sure he was half-laughing at me!”

Paige was laughing herself, “I think he was! You’re the one who suggested it, ya know!”

“Yeah, probably; anyway I said, ‘No, not right NOW! Let’s hang out together some and we’ll see how things go, okay’? So that’s when we decided to go to the game with you and Chad.”

“That’s great! It’ll be fun…but Marie, I’ve got to get ready for work. One more question?”

Marie “the mind-reader” stated, “You want to know how big his dick is!”

“I’m thinking you asked him straight out!”

Marie’s voice turned even more sensuous, “Yes, it was right when I was leaving and just after our talk about the ‘benefits;’ I picked up Michelle and leaned against him with my other hip!”

“He said, ‘Uhh, what are you doing?’ And I said, ‘Since you’re such an animal, I wanted to feel if your dick is hard!’ You should have seen the priceless look on his face, Sweetie!”

Paige was shaking her head, “So, was it hard?”

“No, not that I could feel; so I asked him if I had lost my touch! He about choked! It was soooo funny! So then I said, ‘Okay, Robert, since we were discussing friends with benefits, it might be appropriate to ask how big your dick is? I don’t want to discriminate; but I’m interested?’ And that asshole wouldn’t tell me, Oh my God! He said he needed to retain a little bit of mystery!”

Both women hung up in a giggle-fit!

What a great time they had on the day of the game! The drive to Chicago took a bit over three hours and it was filled with fun: getting acquainted, lots of laughs, and plenty of sexual innuendo (which was a given considering Marie was in the car!) Paige almost peed her pants when Chad asked Marie if she was a hedonist. “What’s that?” she asked in return, “If hedonist means naughty, little slut…then the answer is yes!” After the mutual belly laughs, Paige saw Robert make big-time eye contact with Chad!

Even the game was great: lots of hits, lots of runs, quite a few beers, and good conversation. Paige sat on Marie’s left, and they occasionally chatted; but she was into Robert on her right, and Chad was in his element! He had Paige and baseball, and the Cubs won the game in the bottom of the ninth on Anthony Rizzo’s two-run walk-off homer. On the way back to the car, Chad whispered in Paige’s ear, “If we have sex tonight, I’ll have to say this would be the best day of my life, so far!”

Paige smiled and whispered back, “I have my period, booo!” Chad bopped himself on the side of his head with the heel of his hand, but he was still grinning!

At 8:30 they were dropping Marie off at her house, Paige said to her, “I could have lunch with you at the zoo tomorrow, wanna?”

“Yep, for sure…Safari Food Court, 12:30?”

“See ya then!” They waited for Marie, to go in and send Sophia out.

“So Robert, did you have fun?”

Robert turned and looked at her over his shoulder, “Sure did, there’s a lot of fire in that chick!”

“Would you consider her a MILF?”

Robert looked at Chad and laughed, “Probably!”

“Maybe you’ll get your chance soon!”

“We’ll see; I’m not holding my breath though.”

The next afternoon Marie and I got a couple Safari-Salad combos with lemonade and sat down to eat. It was a beautiful day; traffic at the zoo was light, and so Paige thought it was private enough to ask THE big question, “Okay Marie, how…”

She did not even let her finish, “Six inches…give or take a few millimeters!”


“Robert’s cock; it’s about six inches. It’s a beautiful dick, trust me!”

“What makes you think I was going to ask that?”

Marie smiled at me and said in a purring sort of way, “I didn’t know you were going to ask that; I was actually thinking you were going to ask me if we ‘did it.’ But I was dying to tell you about his cock…so I told you.” She took a bite of her salad and continued, “Okay, where did I go wrong?”

Paige just looked at her and dead-panned, “Fuck you!”

Marie nearly choked on her cherry tomato! “And,” she continued with a cock of her head, “now I am sure your next thought is you would like some details, but you’re too shy to ask!”

“I said…Fuck you!”

“Am I wrong?”

“No…but fuck you anyway!” she shot back.

Marie locked eyes with Paige, “You realize…you and I are bonding, right?”

“What exactly does that mean?”

“Best friends forever, it’s perfect!”

Paige took some time to digest that. She didn’t say anything for several minutes, and Marie let her process.

They were almost finished with their food and Paige finally said, “Okay, give me the details, I wanna hear suadiye escort them.”

Marie pushed back from the table and crossed her legs, “If I tell you what happened, I’m going to expect that our friendship will change, and it’s going to change a lot! To me, it will be amazingly great…but…what do you want it to do?”

“Ever since that other conversation we had, I’ve been thinking about it. And yes, it’s something I want to do… so go ahead, tell me what happened.”

Marie’s eyes softened, there was a lot of emotion behind her thoughts; yet she pulled it together quickly and said, “Awesome; isn’t life great? Well, okay… I guess you know by now that Robert didn’t go home after you dropped me off. He came back to my place and I poured us some wine and then we sat on the sofa and talked for maybe fifteen minutes.

“When I told him it had been a fun day, he said, ‘Know what? It could be a whole lot funner!’

“And I said, ‘Are you thinking what I’m thinking?’

“He said, ‘I know what I’m thinking; what are YOU thinking?’

“So flat out I told him, ‘I’m thinking I need you to fuck the hell outta me…BUT…keep your head screwed on straight and don’t mess up what could be a very good arrangement!'”

At that moment, the truth hit Paige like a car wreck; and everything about her new friend became crystal clear. Marie had cast a spell over her (and apparently over Robert too) and Paige didn’t care, she wanted it. With this realization, a tidal wave of arousal washed over her, and she leaned forward in her chair and said to Marie, “Oh my God, I would have loved to be there watching this!”

She absolutely knew what Marie would reply to that; and sure enough, Marie giggled and said, “That’s no problem at all; I’ll arrange it if you want to!”

Paige was getting aroused now, she thought for a second and said, “Yes, I do want to!”

A look of lust swept over Marie’s face, “Paige, I want YOU too!”

A shudder of expectancy made Paige say, “I know, it’s going to happen! But right now, are you going to tell me…or not, I’m dying here!”

It was Marie’s turn to lean forward, “So Robert says, ‘I think I can do it; I’d like to try!’ And I got up on one knee and leaned toward his face and whispered, ‘Okay, let’s try right now!’ and we kissed ever-so-lightly!'”

This time Paige shivered again as she visualized, “Fuucckk!” she whispered under her breath.

Marie was reading lips, “Yeah, it was hot; we started slowly. One of those kisses, uh…you know, the exploring kind. I was still holding my glass of wine when it happened. There wasn’t even any tongue at first, but after maybe two minutes our tongues touched and BAM! Oh my God! Somehow I was able to put my wine down, but I’m not sure when that was! Robert reached for my hips and pulled me over so that I was straddling him, and we made-out like I don’t know how long then. My pussy could feel his hardening dick growing between us, and I just had to press into it. Or maybe he was pulling me into it cuz his hands were on my ass; I don’t know that either! Somewhere in the middle of that we paused for a breath, face-to-face, and I said, ‘I think your cock is hard, is it ready to be sucked?’

“And he said, ‘Usually, I like a woman to sit on my face first!’

“And I said to him, ‘Oh my God, you know just what to say to a girl, don’t you!’ And the kissing started again!”

Paige could feel her ass squirming in the chair; she looked around to make sure they were alone. When she didn’t see anyone, she slipped a hand toward her left tit and began playing with the nipple right through her shirt. Marie saw it, of course, and Paige saw that look of lust on her face again. “Wow,” Paige moaned, “what then?”

“I couldn’t possibly have been more turned on than that; for sure! My body was so on fire I couldn’t even think what to do next; but Robert must have known what to do cuz he pulled my shirt and bra up over my titties and all of a sudden his mouth was all over my nipples! I took him by the ears and laid against his face, and just let him suck my tits for a while, Fuck…it felt soooo good! I could feel my panties getting soaked too!

“I was grinding my pussy on his cock really slow and feeding my nipples into his mouth one at a time. It’s at times like this I wish my boobs were bigger; I would love to push them together and let him suck them both at once.”

“Your nipples are really sensitive huh? I’ll have to remember that!”

“Hell yes, write that down for future reference!” Marie quipped. “Anyway, Robert pulled my shirt and bra off and then, Oh my Goddd, he spun me around on his lap and pulled me against him again. Then he began to nibble at my ears and neck while his hands felt up up my boobs. He was plucking at my nips and then running his hands all over my chest, squeezing the tits just so perfect and kissing me over my shoulder…Mmmm… That dick was now kinda pressing into my ass, Goddd, I remember thinking how bad I wanted to suck it!

“So tuzla escort right then I started saying shit to him, like teasing him, things like, ‘You like my titties huh?’ and ‘Just wait until I suck your dick!’ Every time I said something like that he moaned and held me a little tighter. And God, Paige, then I said, ‘You want my pussy? You wanna lick it?’ Ohhh wowww… he held me tight by the left tit and pushed his right hand down the front of my shorts and between my legs. My pussy was so fucking wet by this time, and he slipped a finger inside me and started curling it around in there! I thought I was gonna die; it felt so good!

“He said to me, ‘Know what? Before we do anything else, we need to make this beautiful, little pussy cum hard!! I wanna feel your ass against my cock when you get off!’ So then he started fingering my clit and flicking my nipple…FUCKK! I grabbed at my other tit, and just let it happen cuz it didn’t take long! I hadn’t had a lover for a couple months and it was really good! Robert says, ‘How’s that? Your pussy likes this, huh? Your pussy is gonna cum so good, you sexy little bitch, Mmmm…’ He was moaning into my ear and fingering me!

“I said, ‘Oh yeah, make me cum…make this hot, little cunt cum so fucking hard, dammit!’ All the dirty talk set me up, Paige; I could feel the orgasm coming, ‘Ohhh, yesss…YESSS! Fuuckkk…here it comes, Babbyy, Yess…Oh God, yessss! Don’t stop, Goddd…Don’t stop! Here it comes!’ And when I tensed up to cum, he pulled me even harder against him and shoved a finger deep inside me! Oh God, what a great orgasm that was!”

Marie had this faraway look on her face and Paige was beside herself horny now. “Oh God, Marie…Chad is in trouble tonight! He’s not gonna know what hit him!”

Marie laughed and continued, “So now it was my turn; it took a minute, but I stood up and peeled off my shorts and panties and then knelt between his legs and started unbuckling his belt. I said, ‘Okay, now you’re really gonna get it; I need this dick in my mouth!’ Robert was grinning, he had one hand holding the top of his head, and the other hand was on my shoulder while I worked his pants down. He was commando, so when his pants came down, that cock popped out so hard it was glistening! I took it in one hand and felt it up and down a few times, just to hear him moan… and then I slipped it into my mouth!”

Paige had this curious look on her face, so Marie added, “It was about six, maybe six and a half inches; nicely cut and just perfect for sucking and I worked it up and down with my hand while I sucked and licked at the head for a bit! I must have hit his good spot right away ‘cuz he grabbed at my hair and gasped, ‘Jeesusss! Oh my Godd!’ I had him in the perfect position: straddling one of his legs, sucking his dick, pumping his shaft lightly with one hand and feeling his balls with the other! I love sucking cock when I can ride a guy’s leg at the same time and get a little pressure on my pussy slit!

“I worked him for maybe thirty seconds like this, but then I had to stop. I said, ‘Robert, how many orgasms are you good for? I really need you to fuck me tonight and I don’t want to waste one!’

“He smiled and said, ‘No worries, Babe…I got at least two in me, maybe three…it’s been a while for me too!’ Two or three! Mmm…How lucky can I get! So I sucked his dick in again and went to work…oh, my God! I just wanted to make him crazy hot! And a really good part of this is that he’s a talker…I love the dirty talk!”

Paige interrupted, “I like it too; Chad will talk, but he usually needs a little encouragement.”

“He needs to follow your lead, Hmm.. Well, anyway I took Robert’s cock and started licking up and down the underside of his shaft. Godd, he was hard… Every few seconds I would suck at his balls and then lick up toward the head again! I watched him out of the top of my eyes and he was feeling his own nipples; I just love that! I wanted to crawl up there and suck them too; but first things first! He was talking non-stop like, ‘Oh HELL yes, right there Babe! Gawwdd…yeahhh, right there, that’s the spot! Suck it…Oh Godd…suck it…yesss!’ It didn’t take all that long; and then he said, ‘Ohh Goddd, Marie…it’s cumming; I’m g..gonna cum; SHIT! Wh..whatcha gonnnna do?’

“So when he said that, I sucked him in deep and in about a second, his ass raised off the sofa and ‘boom!’ He yelled loud and blew that first load down my throat… Mmm…it was so fun watching him react, Oh my God!”

Paige was shuddering non-stop; well…almost non-stop. Every few seconds another surge of sexual adrenaline coursed through her. It was fortunate that no one was sitting near them because her moans were pretty audible. Marie was sitting there virtually laughing at her, and she realized she had unconsciously slipped a hand partially down her pants. “Oops,” said Paige and she quickly collected herself.

“Hahahahaha!” Marie was loving this! “You horny thing! Didn’t you get any last night?”

“No, my monthly was just finishing, and I don’t like it during. But your story is great…what happened next?”

“I was grinding on his thigh then, and I could have gotten off that way; but Robert said, ‘Your turn, c’mon up here!’ I climbed up higher and I heard him say, ‘Jeesusss, what a beautiful pussy! Woww…’ Then he couldn’t talk ‘cuz I sat on his face! Ha!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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