Alex , Jason Ch. 04

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For Alex, walking out to the car was difficult, to say the least. It wasn’t so much the fact that she wasn’t wearing panties that bothered her – what girl hadn’t done something like that before? Nor was it the slight breeze that seemed to be blowing up her skirt. No, that kind of felt nice. Nor, for that matter, was it the smooth, hairless skin that the breeze found underneath her skirt. That made her feel sexy, in a really naughty kind of way.

No, what really had her bothered was the quick dart of Jason’s tongue between her legs, the equally quick removal of said tongue, and the very hard, very swollen, very unhappy clit it had left behind.

There’s no way I’m letting him get away with that, she thought to herself with a sly smile.

Jason held the passenger’s door open for Alex. Rather than slip into the seat, she decided to try something, something that would just maybe wipe that smug little smile right off of his face.

As she stepped past Jason, she dropped her bag onto the passenger’s seat and turned around. Standing there, in the space between the open door and the side of the car, she turned and looked at her man.

With speed that startled even her, Alex grabbed Jason by the lapels, spun him around, and nearly threw him up against the side of the Explorer. She pinned him there, with her body pressed against his, and kissed him.

Now, there are kisses and then there are kisses. This one was one for the record books, or at least some really good porn movie. It wasn’t romantic, it was sweet. It was an open mouthed, tongue tickling the back of his throat, all out “take me now and fuck me until I scream!!!” kind of kiss.

It took a second for Jason to respond. When he did, he started to kiss her back just as insistently. His hands came down to the back of her head, finally resting on her shoulders. When he tried to flip them around, so that it was he pinning her to the car, Alex responded anadolu yakası escort again in a blur.

Removing her hands from Jason’s lapels, Alex took both of his hands in hers and slammed them against the truck with more force than she had originally intended. She felt him wince slightly at the impact.

Oh well, he’s a big boy. He’ll get over it, she thought to herself.

Jason struggled a bit, trying to get free, but Alex had leverage on her side and he wasn’t going anywhere until she let him.

Pressing her body into his, she began grinding his crotch with hers. She wasn’t surprised in the least to find Little Jason standing completely at attention, begging for some attention of his own.

Breaking the kiss, she held her face not even an inch from his, making sure he could hear her erratic panting, feel her hot breath on his cheek. She knew he could feel her shaking as well, struggling to control the surge of hormones rushing through her.

When she had regained some semblance of control, Alex snaked one of her hands between them, past Jason’s stomach, past the buttons on his shirt, past the buckle of his belt, until she found what it is she was looking for.

As her nimble little fingers took hold of his zipper, Alex leaned forward and whispered into Jason’s ear.

“Don’t. Move.”

Still pressed against him, Alex lowered Jason’s zipper and slid her hand inside. Grabbing his erection, which by now was pulsing with his heartbeat, Alex wrapper her hand around it and gave it a firm squeeze as she pulled it out of his fly. She stared directly into his eyes, her face so close that their noses were touching, and began to rhythmically squeeze him.

Jason struggled to keep his eyes open, to stare right back into Alex’s eyes, but the pleasure was too great. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back, intent on enjoying what was going ataşehir escort on down below.

Just as his head touched the side of the truck, Alex stopped squeezing Jason’s cock and took her hand away. Opening his eyes, Jason once again found himself face-to-face with Alex.

She stared deep into his eyes for a second, again letting him hear her erratic breathing, feel her hot breath on his cheek, feel her shaking body pressed against his.

And then she pounced.

She planted another ferocious kiss on his lips and ground her body into his. He swore he could feel her nipples on his chest, even though there were three layers of clothing between them. That’s how hard she was pressed into him.

As they continued to kiss, Alex brought her left leg up and hitched it over Jason’s right hip. While sexy in its own right, this move had the added benefit of hiking Alex’s skirt up, exposing her dripping wet pussy to Jason’s painfully throbbing erection.

Jason’s hands, which had, until now, kept their place on the side of the truck, came down slowly towards Alex’s shoulders. Words can not describe how desperately he wanted to spin her around, to be the one in control, to be the one pressed against her pressed against the truck.

Somehow Alex had the presence of mind to notice his ploy and cut it off before it began. She grabbed Jason’s hands and slammed them against the side of the truck once again. She momentarily broke their kiss to shoot him a warning glare – Do that again and you’ll regret it, Mister!!

When she was convinced Jason understood who was boss here, she dove in for another kiss. This time, however, just as her lips touched down on his, she pushed her hips forward until her other lips touched his cock.

Starting low, she pressed her clit against the base of his cock and drug it upwards, feeling each and every vein as it slid against her clit, avcılar escort leaving a trail of her wetness in its wake. When she got to the top, just before the head of Jason’s cock was in a position to enter her, Alex reversed the motion and slid her clit all the way back down to the base of his cock.

It took every ounce of her willpower to not just give in and fuck him right there, standing against the side of the SUV, in front of God and everyone, but Alex was a woman on a mission – she was going to teach this man, her man, that it wasn’t nice to toy with her.

You mess with the bull, she thought.

With each pass of her clit up and down Jason’s dick, every nerve in Alex’s body sung louder and louder. Higher and higher she climbed, until her body could take no more stimulation and cried out for release.

Just as she hit her peak, Alex moved up and took Jason’s entire length into her in one swift motion. Her back arched and she held on to Jason’s neck for dear life as wave after wave of orgasm tore through her.

Jason held her there, transfixed by the site of her. He could feel the muscles in her pussy clenching around his cock, milking him, threatening to tear it right off his body. How he didn’t come with her he didn’t know, but he was so taken by the utterly raw display of carnal instinct that he didn’t really care.

All the while, Alex was soaring as the waves continued to crash over her. She couldn’t remember ever having an orgasm last this long before. She could feel her muscles clenching Jason’s cock and could swear that not only could she tell the size and shape of him, but she could also feel each and every one of the afore-mentioned veins.

They stayed that way, Alex impaled on Jason’s cock, pressed against the side of the SUV, for what seemed like a long time. When Alex returned to earth and her breathing had become less erratic, Jason finally thought it was his turn.

Unfortunately, Alex had other plans.

With a last long sigh and a quick kiss on the lips, Alex lifted herself up and off of Jason. Grinning at his stunned expression, she smoothed her skirt back into place.

“OK, let’s go. I’m starving!!” Alex said playfully as he slid into the passenger seat and closed the door.

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