Alex’s first time with an older man

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Alex was your average 15 year old boy. Standing at 5’7” and 135 lbs, he was not to tall, not to fat, above average looks but not amazing, just your regular 15 year old boy. His penis was still growing and at a decent size, 6 inches and of average thickness. He was told by past girlfriends he had brilliant blue eyes and the most amazing luscious lips. He often thought to himself that if they were so amazing how come he never got past second base with any of them. Alex however had a secret, he was attracted to men. He yearned for the touch of an older more experienced man, to have his dick sucked by a mouth with years of experience and at the same time he longed to taste his first dick. He was in search of the perfect man, older, experienced, discreet and gentle. He began this search online, browsing gay chat rooms looking for the man of his dreams. He found this man and after months of camming with him online decided they could meet at a hotel a bit of a way from his house. This is where we pick up with Alex…

This was it, room 690, the room he would fulfill his fantasy in. He was visibly shaking from the nerves, not sure whether he should knock or just leave for home. After staring at the door for what seemed like hours he finally let out a deep breath and knocked on the door. In the brief moments güvenilir bahis between the knock and the opening of the door he began to have second thoughts, what if he’s a rapist, what if he kidnaps me, what if he kills me. These thoughts were put out of his head as the door swung open and he was greeted by a cheery “Alex”. Alex barely was able to stammer out his reply of “Hi Ben”
“Would you like to come in?” Ben said confidently with a broad smile across his face
“Yea sure” Alex said with his last bit of composure.
Ben turned inwards and Alex followed behind looking at Ben’s stunning body. Ben was everything Alex was not, tall, strong, 35 years old, fully developed and from what he saw on the webcam quite well endowed. Ben led Alex inwards towards the bedroom, Alex was now sporting quite the hardon from the anticipation. As they entered the bedroom Ben shut the door and immediately grabbed Alex around the waist, pulling them together and firmly grasping Alex’s ass. Ben gave Alex a deep passionate kiss, his experienced tongue darted around Alex’s mouth bringing Alex an ecstasy he had never felt before. Ben then requested Alex to sit on the side of the bed. Alex happily complied knowing very well what was going to happen next. Ben kneeled in front of him and unzipped and pulled down his pants, türkçe bahis exposing his rock hard cock. Ben didn’t even touch it with his hands, immediately taking it into his skilled mouth. Starting at Alex’s balls and moving on up Ben softly caressed Alex’s cock with his tongue. He easily deep throated Alex’s entire cock to the point where Alex was about to burst. Ben seemed to sense that as he removed Alex’s meat from his mouth and requested that he try the same on him. Ben slipped off his jeans and lay across the bed giving Alex the best angle at his cock. Alex looked at it for moments, debating whether or not he could break the taboo and take it into his mouth. Ben made up his mind for him by gently guiding his head down on his cock and moaning in joy. He immediately knew why some girls liked giving head so much. The ability to give someone so much pleasure was empowering. He began to suck on Ben’s 9 inch penis with great enthusiasm. Rhythmically bobbing his head up and down on his first cock, responding accordingly to bens moans, finding all the sweet spots, sucking on his balls and eventually letting Ben’s cock go from his mouth knowing it was time for him to try to take Ben’s enormous cock in his small asshole. Ben positioned him in doggystyle, giving him a good opening to his tiny asshole. Ben güvenilir bahis siteleri licked around it and smiled at Alex’s moans of pleasure as he gently slid his tongue into his virgin asshole. Ben then carefully lubricated a finger before slowly and gently inserting it into Alex asshole, causing a slight wince of pain from Alex. Ben then tenderly asked Alex if he was ready to try his cock. Alex only replied with a slight almost fearful nod. Ben thoroughly lubricated his penis and Alex’s asshole before attempting to penertrate Alex’s asshole. Alex screamed in pain as Ben tried to fit his 9 inch penis into his tiny 1 inch opening. Still Ben persisted until he slid it entirely in and started a slow rhythmic thrusting. Alex’s pain started to subside and he started to feel and amazing pleasure and fullness that he could never have imagined. This did not last long as Ben pulled out and flipped him over on to his back, pointing his cock directly at Alex’s open mouth. Alex knew what was coming but rather than turn away or close his mouth he only opened it wider. That sight was all Ben needed as he let his huge load go directly into Alex’s mouth Alex did his best to swallow as much as possible but couldn’t prevent a few drips from spilling out on his chin. All this was to much for Alex to overcome as he immediately let lose his load all over his stomach. It was the most fulfilling, strongest orgasm he had ever felt. Ben then laid on top of him as if he never wanted this experience to end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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