Alice’s Anticipation

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As you stand in front of me – desperately wanting to be kissed, I refuse. I make you stand still and walk around you, looking at you fully clothed in my presence. You have gorgeous hair, beautiful face and a lovely body. My whole body wants you – but I resist.

As I look at you I remove your top, the garment is folded and put to the side – there is no need to hurry, there is plenty of time. I look again – I can see your pert nipples through your tee-shirt. They are begging to be licked and sucked, but you will have to wait.

You move towards me and I stop you, I look into your eyes and tell you to stay still, you will not move until I make you writhe with pleasure.

I remove your shoes, putting them next to your top. I take your tights and panties off, leaving only your little mini skirt around your hips, I still cannot see any of your treasures, my imagination is running wild – I want to know what is under these few garments, but I will wait – it will be worth far more in just a few minutes.

I walk around you, I run my hand through your hair, I kiss the back of your neck, you squirm. I tell you to stay still. You must be patient.

As I move around you my hand drifts up under your skirt and just barley touches your exposed cheeks.

I pull off your tee shirt, leaving your amazing mounds exposed, pert nipples now fully erect and just waiting for my mouth. I turn away and fold you tee-shirt, and put it with the other clothes. You whimper, but you must wait.

I return and run my hands over your back whilst kissing your proud lips, slipping my tongue into your warm mouth, touching your now desperate tongue. You penetrate my mouth, I bite gently, you retract.

My hands are finding your mounds of pleasure, I run my fingers lightly over them. Just seeing your body clench as I go about my task – making you cum harder than you have ever cum before, without actually penetrating kadıköy escort your taught body.

I kiss and suck your neck as I make my way down to your breasts, my hands are now under the back of your little mini skirt, I love those mini skirts. I am fondling your cheeks, as I kiss around the edge of your breasts.

I pull away, you arch and I tell you to stay calm. I tell you to sit down, hips thrusting forward, and I tie your hands behind your back with your tights.

You are staring me in the eyes, I smile. You want it so badly. You can hardly control your legs, they are tense with anticipation. I pick up your tee shirt and use it as a blind fold.

I kiss your mouth, tongues intertwined, with both drink each others saliva with an intensity that only comes with intense lust. We both want to go further, but you are restrained, and I over some restraint.

I start kissing and licking your face, blowing in your ear, just gently touching your hard nipples with my finger tips. I move my mouth cross your neck onto your arms. I raise your left arm and kiss the smooth area there. You squirm a little as the nerve endings send signals to your brain.

I now start on your feet, licking and kissing each toe one at a time. You push your feet into my mouth as I kiss, suck and bite your foot digits.

My hands are gently gliding across your calves and up to your thighs. I am feeling very hot and horny. My cock is long and hard and desperate to be released.

I start kissing and licking your calves, moving up continually towards your centre of pleasure. I am teasing you more, I move away, letting my hand trail over your exposed flesh.

I leave you wanting, wondering – it seems like an age.

You just need relief, sitting on tenderhooks, hips pushed forward, rubbing your long legs together, trying to build your own excitement, waiting for kartal escort your tormentor to return.

As I quietly enter the room, I admire your taught body. The arch of your back, the rise of your breasts, and the tone of your legs.

I circle around you, looking from all angles, you can sense my presence and your whole body is anxious for satisfaction.

I start sucking on one very hard nub of a nipple. Pulling it in and out of my mouth, passing it over my teeth, occasionally nipping it between them. You whimper with pleasure.

I start caressing your upper thigh, your legs tighten even more under the pressure. My hand drifts up and is slow by the dampness that is now spreading down your legs.

My other hand is now cupping your other breast. I pull your nipple, extending your breast as I do. It hurts a little, but you feel the pleasure radiate from this tender spot.

My finger is now finding your clit under your little mini skirt, it is soaking from your juices, I apply a little pressure, rubbing in long slow strokes. Your hips jump off of the seat.

I take my mouth and place it onto your other nipple and start teasing this sensitive place. I am getting a little rougher as we go, the nipple is put under more pressure as I bite and suck on it.

My finger is now running around the outside of your pussy, just tracing the lips of your enlarged hole.

I change my position, and place my head between your sexy legs. I look at the smooth pussy in front of me.

It is hairless around the lips, plenty of scope for licking and sucking there, but before I start here, I raise your legs, and I extend my tongue and start licking around the edge of your anus. I can taste your juices that have flowed down to your anal flower.

I move my tongue around, gently opening the hole as I slide my tongue inside, you push your hips towards me as kurtköy escort I keep on working on this under used hole.

My fingers stray up to your clit, I pull you apart with one hand and use my entire palm to rub softly over you nub of pleasure.

As I remove my tongue from your arse, I look up at your face, you are bright red, your body is in convulsions, and you are finding it hard to breath. It is a wonderful sight, absolute pleasure.

I raise you little mini skirt, and I start in earnest on your dripping pussy. It is just so wet, the chair has become slippery with your juices. Your hole is extended, I try to put just the tips of my fingers of one hand inside, they fit with room to spare.

I start bringing you to the final climax, My whole tongue is licking over your pubic mound. Your legs are spread as wide as you can get them, and you are forcing your pussy straight into my face.

I am chewing on your clit, moving it around my mouth, you are screaming as I bite a little harder, but your hips are forcing you closer and closer to me. I cannot help but start to push a finger into your anus as your body radiates more heat than an electric fire.

You are telling me to stop, you can’t take any more, but I can’t stop, and you can’t stop me. Your legs wrap around my back and twist as I continue to suck and bite your hot clit, you are literally washing my face with your juices, I have never seen any one cum so hard.

I pull back, I look at your sexy body, still arched, your face bright crimson, your nipple hard and long, and your pussy drenched from our love making. What a sight.

I stand over your hips, I am now naked. My cock desperate to release its fill all over your body. I remove your blindfold, I look into your half closed eyes, you have a blissful expression.

I pull on my member, it takes no time to explode, it has been desperate to cum since I first looked at you, I cover your breasts with my cum, it slips down your chest and onto your lovely little mini skirt.

Heart pounding, I untie your hands. You get up and look at me, put your arms around my back and kiss me.

I am overcome with pleasure, and you I have just come over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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