Alice’s Birthday

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She had decided to do something special for his birthday. She had him set aside small amounts of money every pay day and hand it over to her. She had collected enough for her plans. She packed a suitcase with all of the things that they would need and put it in the car. She had had him take the next day, his birthday off from work. When he arrived home she told him to get in the car. She gave him an address to drive to. They soon arrived at the hotel she had picked out. She had gone up earlier in the day and registered and paid for the room so they could go straight in to the room. She had him take the suitcase and follow her. She opened the door and led him in. “Happy birthday.” She said with a smile, “Your party will start soon.”

She sent him into shower and shave his body. While he was in there she sent two texts with the address and time that she would meet them in the lobby. After he finished she inspected him and slipped on his chastity device and locked it. She then opened up the suitcase and laid out a corset, a short skirt and a shear top, lacy black padded bra and stockings for him to wear. She helped him into the corset and he put on the skirt bra and top, than sat to pull up the stockings. She helped him on with his wig and placed a collar around his neck. She applied his makeup and lipstick casino siteleri and smiled at the effect. She had dressed similarly and loved the contrast between the two of them. Looking at her watch she had him kneel next to the bed and blindfolded him. She whispered “The presents should have arrived.” and left him there as she went to the lobby.

She met the two men she had texted in the lobby and led them to the room. They were both younger and she noticed one in particular watching her ass as they went to the room. She opened the door and they went in. Pointing to her husband she said “This is Alice and it is her birthday.”

Leading one of the men over to Alice she rubbed his crotch and felt him harden at her touch. She undid his pants and freed his cock. Smiling she took Alice’s hand and placed it on his cock. She smiled as Alice ran his hands over the cock gently stroking it. The man reached over and took Alice’s head and pulled it to his hard cock, brushing Alice’s lips. Alice giggled and slowly wrapped his lips around the head and prepared to take it in. His wife smile at the hesitancy yet underlying eagerness in Alice’s face as he took more and more of the cock in his mouth.

She went and stood beside the second man and gave his cock a rub so he didn’t feel left out. He was canlı casino already hard from the action he was watching in front of him. She led him over to Alice and then had the men swap places. Then second was a little larger than the first and she knew Alice would have a little trouble with his cock. She stroked the first mans cock keeping him hard as they watched Alice sucking the second mans cock. The second man cradled Alice’s face as he forced more and more of his cock in, fucking his face with a gentle grace.

She slip a condom over the first mans cock. She then went over to Alice and tugged his collar. He stopped sucking cock and stood up. She led him to the bed and had him get on all fours his head over the end of the bed. The second man walked around and pushed his cock into Alice’s mouth. She took some lube and flipped up the back of Alice’s skirt and drizzled some on his ass. She then lubed the first mans condom covered cock. She patted the bed and he climbed up and positioned himself behind Alice. She took his cock in hand and rubbed it around the lubed pucker of his ass. She helped him slowly feed his cock into Alice’s boy pussy. Alice whimpered and pushed back slowly taking his cock in.

She stood back and watched as the two men continued to give Alice his present. Her hand slipped kaçak casino up under her skirt and she fingered herself as she watched. Alice was moaning and whimpering like a bitch in heat with a cock in at either end. The first was burying his cock right up to his balls in Alice’s virgin ass as he was gagging on the second cock beating in and out of his mouth. The action slowed for a minute as the second man decided he wanted a turn at Alice’s boy pussy. The first man moved and the second on donned a condom and crawled up behind Alice. She found herself turned on as Alice moaned as the larger cock slid in.

She laid down on the bed beside Alice and smiled at the first man (he had been eyeing her ass) and spread her legs. He knelt on the bed between her legs and slid his cock into her dripping pussy. She watched Alice getting his pussy pounded as he mount her and slowly started fucking her. Alice was in a frenzy, a large cock in his boy pussy as he heard his wife sigh as she was also riding a cock. “Fuck my slut pussy” he said as the second man slid in balls deep holding his ass and pumping his cock in and out.

Side beside the two of them now sharing his present, both determined to fuck the men silly. As he rode the cock in his ass he heard his wife groan and felt the bed shudder. He slammed his boy pussy into the cock riding him and felt the man behind him shudder as he came in his ass. They all collapsed in a tangle on the bed. Once they had all recovered the two men let themselves out. “Happy birthday you little slut” she whispered.

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