Alice’s Education Ch. 2

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Alice had been looking at the clock on the wall all day. It was almost 24 hours since her sexual awakening in the library with her tutor, Andy, and she was getting wetter and wetter between her legs just thinking about how she wanted to devour his body. Alice had intentionally “dressed to kill” today as she was determined that last night’s sexual odyssey would not be their last.

She had attracted wolf whistles and comments all day as her transparent white blouse clearly showed off her pert little breasts, which today had been boosted by a wonder bra, just to add to her sensual body lines. Her black mini skirt was so short that if she was not careful when sitting down it would be obvious to everyone that she wore no panties today, not even a V string. Her striking appearance was magnificently finished off by the black stiletto heels that accentuated her slender and shapely legs and made her legs look longer than they actually were when combined with the mini skirt. Alice had always prided herself on her appearance and today was no exception.

Alice’s last class finally finished and she quickly collected her books and notes and headed off to the library. When she arrived at the library she was disappointed that Andy was not waiting for her so she sat down on one of the lounge chairs inside the door and waited. While she waited she could see a group of guys at a table about 6 feet away looking up at her intermittently and laughing amongst themselves as they returned to their books. After about 10 minutes of this Alice began to wonder what was so funny, as she was immaculately dressed today, and then… all of a sudden… she remembered that she was not wearing any panties. The lounge chair that Alice was sitting in was quite firm and she had forgotten to cross her legs, so the guys could get a small view between her legs and they obviously realized that she was not wearing panties. The thought of these guys being aroused by this turned Alice on and she decided that if they wanted a show she might entertain them while she waited for Andy to arrive.

Alice was surprised at how wicked her thoughts had become since her session with Andy yesterday and she quickly crossed her and then proceeded to slowly uncross them. As she uncrossed her legs Alice leaned forward to gently brush her ankle, which also afforded the guys a view of her pert breasts cupped within her wonder bra. As the guys at the table became more distracted with Alice than their books, Alice slowly rolled her fingers up the length of her legs and as she reached the hem of her skirt she made a faint attempt to adjust the hem line of the skirt down, but in reality lifted the skirt slightly to afford the guys a look at the top part of her thighs. The thought of these guys watching her rekindled the feelings Alice had felt yesterday with Andy as he opened her body to the feelings of her sexual desires. Alice licked her lips with her tongue as she closed her eyes and leaned back in the chair, pretending to stretch her arms, while really just pushing her breasts out more prominently as she arched her back and sighed.

Just as Alice started to feel the wetness between her legs intensify she heard a familiar voice call her name. It was Andy, and she quickly gathered her thoughts and smiled at him, as he apologized for being late. Alice’s thoughts were still partially with the guys at the table in front of her as she registered what Andy was saying and she told him it was OK. Alice looked at the table of guys and noticed that they were still smiling and looking at her, so she gave them a smile and a wink as she got up to follow Andy.

Andy asked her if it was alright with her if they didn’t study at the library tonight because he still had some papers to grade, however, if she wanted to wait he would be ready to help her in about an hour. Alice said she would wait; she had not dressed to kill only to be beaten by some essays or tests. Andy asked her meet him in the Administration block in about an hour, as he was using an office of one of the senior lecturers, Paul Jamieson, and after he finished they could study.

Alice looked at Andy dreamily as he spoke and when he wandered off she wondered what she should do for the hour or so that he would be grading papers. She looked back at the guys at the table, who were still smiling at her, but thought better of giving them a show, as although her emotions were racing she really wanted to give herself to Andy and not to anyone else. Then she thought to herself, if Andy was using the office of one of the lecturers, she could casually make her way over to the administration block and search for the office that Andy was in and give him sexy surprise as all the offices had the lecturers name on them.

Alice decided that she would give him about 10 or 15 minutes to get through some of the papers so she made her way to the ladies toilet where she freshened up and sprayed her body with a new perfume she had bought this morning especially for Andy’s enjoyment. As Alice made her way into the administration almanbahis adresi block there were still a few lecturers and secretarial staff finishing off their tasks for the day and she asked one of the secretaries where Paul Jamison’s office was located. The lady told her it was on the second floor third door on the right as you exit the lift.

Alice made her way up to the second floor and seeing that the door of Paul Jamieson was closed she decide to knock, just in case someone else was in the office. As she waited for the door to be opened another lecturer returned to his office opposite Paul Jamieson’s office and she wondered how thin the walls were in these offices. She lost her train of thought when she heard Andy call out “come in” and she entered the office. Andy was a bit surprised to see Alice, but as Alice closed the door behind her she told him that she decided she would come up and wait for him to finish. Andy motioned to her to take a seat in front of the desk and Alice moved towards the chair. As Alice approached the chair she decided to see whether she could distract him enough to get his mind off his papers and onto her tingling body which had become more electrified as she thought about feeling Andy devour her body. Alice put her bag down on the chair and turned her back to Andy as she pretended to search for something in her bag. As Alice bent over she knew that her bare ass cheeks would be exposed to Andy, if he was looking, and this would be an indication to him of exactly what subject matter she wanted to study tonight.

Alice hadn’t even opened her bag when she heard Andy say “Alice, how do you expect me to grade papers with your perfect peach staring me in the face?”. As she turned back to face Andy he explained that as much as he really wanted to explore her lovely body he really does need to grade these papers. Alice looked at him and as she walked around the desk she told him that she thought he had already given the students a pass mark. Andy told her that he couldn’t do that as it wouldn’t be fair to the other students he had already graded and failed. Alice walked up to him and said “Andy… They all pass!!!” as she proceeded to kiss him passionately. Before he could move or say another word, Alice ripped open her blouse and thrust her breasts into his face so that he could smell her new aroma from her perfume. As Andy kissed the nape of her neck and moved to unclip her bra Alice lifted one of her legs up on to the arm of the chair and pushed Andy’s head down to smell her sweet perfumed aroma which when mingled with her wetness sent Andy’s mind racing.

Alice had been thinking about Andy all day and now that she had him close she wanted him to touch her and make her body tingle as it had last night. Andy lapped at her clit and outer pussy lips with his tongue as Alice pushed his head hard in against her body. Andy was pleasantly surprised to find her so wet and he eagerly lapped up the juices that indicated that their lovemaking session last night was merely a preliminary to what lay ahead for them. Andy then remembered where they were and gently moved Alice’s leg off the chair and stood up and walked over to the door and turned the lock. He smiled back at Alice and said, “We don’t want anyone disturbing us… Do we…”

Andy told Alice put her hands on the desk and bend over, as he positioned himself behind her. Andy stood so close to Alice that she could feel him breathing into her ear as he gently licked and nibbled her ear lobes. As his hands wandered around to her breasts he pushed his hips in against her ass so that Alice could feel his ever hardening dick. Andy caressed her breasts & tweaked Alice’s nipples as he could sense her body respond and her temperature rise. Alice was starting to breath very deeply as she responded to Andy and just as she felt that familiar tingling in her loins from last night Andy’s free hand rolled over her clit and sent her in to a orgasmic shiver that shook her body from top to toe. The apprehension and longing for Andy’s touch that she had been harboring all day was now ready to really explode and she intended to hang on for the entire ride.

As Alice’s body subsided from her orgasm, Andy removed her blouse and bra but kept her bent over the desk. His dick was starting to strain hard against the lining of his pants, but he wanted to see if he could send Alice to another climatic high without penetrating her with his dick. As Alice was bent over the desk, Andy ran his tongue down the small of her back as he continued to roll his fingers over her nipples. As her reached her skirt, Andy’s hands left her nipples and held her skirt up on her hips as he licked her ass cheeks and softly rolled his tongue down her pussy and up to her clit. Andy could feel Alice’s body tingle as his tongue rolled over her skin and he stopped to pay particular attention to her ass hole and her clit as he continued to lick her juices. As Andy gently sucked on her clit, he inserted a finger into her pussy and very slowly moved it in and out running it up her almanbahis adres inner wall towards her G spot. Alice was now getting wetter and wetter and she was was holding Andy’s head in against her as tight as she could as she felt her body moving to the rhythm that he had created with his tongue and finger.

Just as Alice thought she was about to explode again, Andy removed his finger and rubbed it over her ass hole spreading her pussy juices all over her little sphincter. The feeling of Andy pressing his finger against her ass hole was almost as intense as him putting his finger up her pussy, as her body was so sensitive to touch that she thought she would burst. Andy had no intention of entering her ass just yet though, he decided to tease her a little bit more by licking the back of her thighs and running his tongue all the way down her legs to her ankles. Alice’s skin tingled and bubbled as his tongue moved down the back of her legs and her internal fireworks were starting to sparkle as his tongue reached her ankle. As he commenced the return journey back from her ankles he stopped to nibble on her calf muscles and the back of her knees. Alice had never thought of these as erogenous zones but the combination of her tingling body, Andy’s tongue and her desire for him to fuck the living daylight out of her sent her into another orgasmic glow. As her body tingled and shivered Andy continued to lick and nibble the back of her legs as he made his way back up towards her ass and pussy. As he reached her ass cheeks Andy gently spread them with his hands as he licked her pussy all the way up to her clit.

Instead of pushing a finger into her, Andy gently breathed against her inner thighs. Andy’s breath combined with her juices ensured that this was an enjoyable experience for Alice who once again felt the sensations of another orgasm building within her body. She was amazed at how she could be sent on a high just by the feel of his breath against her skin. This time, however, she needed to have him inside her and she told him that if he didn’t enter her then she way going to rip his dick out of his pants with her teeth. While this thought appealed to Andy, his dick was already at breaking point in his pants, so he released it from its confines and rested it against the opening of her pussy. Alice was having none of his teasing anymore, she had been waiting all day to feel his dick inside her and as soon as she felt it against her body she thrust back hard against him. Her thrust caught Andy by surprise and it forced him to take a step back, but as he regained his footing he could feel Alice’s pussy muscles contract like a vice around his shaft and he knew it would not be long before he exploded inside her. For all the teasing he had given Alice, his dick had been wanting to get some action and it was now ready to roar.

Andy told Alice to brace herself against the desk as he was going to fuck her hard and fast. Andy thrust in and out of Alice as hard as he could as he felt his loins start to stir. Alice was panting hard and Andy was breathing spasmodically as he thrust harder and harder. As he felt himself about to explode he grabbed Alice by the hips and held her close. Alice, on the verge of another orgasm quickly ran her fingers over her clit as she felt Andy explode inside her. She screamed at Andy to hold her tight a he came and not to let go of her as she was close to cumming herself… As Andy’s dick started to soften he could feel Alice’s pussy clench his dick as she came again in a torrent of juices. The combination of their juices leaked out of her pussy as Andy withdrew his dick and released Alice from his embrace. Andy fell back into the chair as he tried to catch his breath. The sight of Alice’s glistening thighs and pussy was a pleasure any man would desire he thought as he pondered the gorgeous young girl before him.

Then before he could think twice he watched as Alice turned around and without a word started lapping up their combined juices from the shaft of his flaccid dick. Alice’s eyes were still burning with desire, her body was still racing from her orgasm and the feel of her warm mouth around his dick was sure to start his motor running again soon. Alice told him in between slurping his shaft that she had been thinking about yesterday’s fuck session all day and she had left more than one or two puddles on lecture seats during the day thinking about how she would like to taste him and have him inside her again and again.

Andy was exhausted from licking Alice from top to toe, however, Alice’s efforts on his dick were bringing it back life and as he got harder and harder Alice asked him if he wanted a lap dance. The thought appealed to Andy because it would mean that he could sit there and Alice would be making all the moves. He knew she was a virgin before yesterday and he thought it would be interesting to see what she could “cumm” up with.

Alice gave the head of his dick one last lick and nibble as she stood up in front of him and began to wriggle her hips from side almanbahis adres to side like a belly dancer. Andy thought this was great, because although Alice did not have a big set of tits the movements accentuated her svelte body lines and made her look extremely sexy. As Alice moved in and around him she would lean down and kiss him or quickly give his shaft a lick or a rub. Being very supple from her gymnastic classes as a child, Alice was also able to throw a leg over the chair and sit her pussy just in front of Andy’s face while sucking his dick and balancing on one leg. Alice only left her pussy there long enough for her to suck in the full length of his shaft and for him to give her a good lick before continuing with her dance routine. Andy thought to himself that this sexy little vixen certainly had the talent to make any man cum on call, and not just with her looks. He also realized that she was even more supple than he thought and she had a wicked imagination. Andy’s dick was now rock hard and Alice could tell that he was ready for her to start her lap performance, so without any hesitation she lifted her leg over his lap and sat straight down on his shaft. The force of his dick entering her pussy in such a quick manner hurt her a little bit but Alice was in heaven. She had the man of her dreams fixated on her lithe body and his dick was servicing her desires as she ground it into her as hard as she could.

As Alice moved up and down on his shaft she started to move from side to side to change the sensations within her pussy and she lifted herself off his lap so that the head of his dick was just inside her. Alice leaned forward and kissed Andy passionately as he ran his hands over her breasts and tweaked her nipples hard. Alice moved slowly up and down on his shaft feeling her muscles contract and hold his dick as the moment took her. Alice then suddenly without warning threw her leg over Andy again and in an instant she had her back to him. This reverse position excited both Andy and Alice as she could not see what he was thinking and it enabled Andy to massage her clit while she worked his shaft in and out of her tight little pussy. It also enabled Andy to play with her tits as she writhed in pleasure on his lap. Alice could feel her pussy muscles contracting hard and her stomach start to tighten as her orgasm built. Andy, who was furiously playing with her tits, had no idea that the way he was tweaking her nipples was just about to send Alice into the orgasmic atmosphere. Alice’s breathing became deeper and her voice got higher as she could feel herself edging towards an orgasm. Andy, who had seen her skin start to tingle and flush red, decided that now was the opportune time for him to introduce Alice to the joys of anal penetration.

As he felt Alice’s body temperature rise and her breathing become more pronounced, Andy removed his hand from her tits and positioned it at her sphincter muscle. With one hand on her clit and he pulled Alice’s hair back and told her to prepare to explode. Andy spat on his finger to lubricate it and just as he felt Alice about to cum he gently pushed his finger through the opening to her ass and inside. Alice went off like a fire cracker… the combined feeling of her orgasm reaching a crescendo while fucking Andy’s dick was enough, but the feeling of his finger going up her ass sent her higher than she thought possible. Alice screamed out in joy as she felt her whole body shake and shudder under the orgasm that had enveloped her. Alice could feel Andy’s dick rubbing up and down her pussy and just a skin fold away was his finger, gingerly, but lovingly stroking the inside of her ass. The initial pain of his intrusion in her ass was overtaken by the joy of the orgasm she encountered. Her whole body was sizzling like never before and she still had his rigid dick inside her pussy.

Alice’s skin was now ultra sensitive and her adrenalin was sky high. She thought to herself that if one finger could send her as high as that, Andy’s dick could only increase the pleasure. Alice turned to Andy and said “I want your dick up my ass… NOW!!”. Andy smiled and said he would love to but first he would have to loosen up her sphincter muscle as he would otherwise hurt her and he didn’t want that to happen. Alice looked despondent as she wanted him now, but she understood what he was saying so she jumped off Andy and let Andy position her against the desk again. The feeling of Andy’s finger up her ass as she got off his dick and moved to the desk was a pleasurable and unique sensation she thought. Andy inserted a finger in her pussy to lubricate it and then gently inserted it in her ass with the first finger, which was still in her ass. Alice felt a fair bit of pain as he inserted that second finger and thought to herself, that it was good idea of Andy’s not to just ram his dick up her ass. It took about 10 minutes for Alice to relax with the two fingers up her ass and for her sphincter muscles to relax enough for her to start to enjoy the thrusting in and out. All this time Andy had been playing with her clit with his free hand and she was still on an emotional high. Andy would kiss the nape of her neck as he fingered her ass and clit and she felt her body start to tingle again as her ass muscles relaxed around his fingers.

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