Alicia’s First Lesbian Sex Ch. 01

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Hi, it’s Alicia, again, ok, you’ve read about when I met my husband, you read about the first time I cheated on my husband, now you get to read about my first time with another woman. And trust me, there is plenty more to tell in the other two stories as well.

So, please enjoy, and don’t forget to leave feedback.


To describe what I’m wearing, I’m wearing a dark blue dress with multicolored spots on it, a grey satin front hooking bra, no panties, and grey patent leather heels with a nice 3 ½ inch heel.

It’s my first day at this new station in Philadelphia, I had a really rough day, and I’m in the bar across the street from the station. I was enjoying a nice glass of white wine, when I hear some women chatting behind me, I turn to see who it is, when the bartender puts a bottle of beer in front of me.

“I didn’t order that.” I say, before having a chance to turn around.

“It’s from the ladies behind you, and the blonde wanted me to give you this note.” He says, slipping me the note.

I unfold the note, it simply says:

“Finish your beer, then, ladies room.”

It was signed: Love, Cecily.

“I wonder what she wants?” I think to myself.

I do as the note suggests, and I drain my beer, and I get up to go to the ladies room, and I notice this tall, statuesque blonde following me, could this be Cecily?

She’s wearing a nice black pant suit, with a white, satin blouse under her blazer and black stiletto heels.

I push open the door, and immediately I’m spun around so I’m facing her, she cups my face in her hands and she kisses me, deeply, passionately, I feel her tongue enter my mouth.

“You ever had a woman, sweetie?” She asks, squeezing my ample breasts.

“No!” I moan out, shoving her hands away.

She sits me down on the couch, she continues kissing me, putting her hand on my leg, and trying to go under my skirt.

“Stop…please…stop…” I say, in between kisses.

“Say: ‘Please stop, Mistress…’ Say it, whore.”

“Please stop…Mistress…” I say, tears rolling down my cheeks.

“Don’t cry, girl, I want to make you feel good, do you want Mistress to make you feel good, girl?” She says, again cupping my face, and kissing my cheeks.

“Yes…Mistress…” I cry out, burying my face in her chest.

She raises my chin, and again she kisses me, her kisses are soft, unlike the kisses from my husband, which are rough.

She sit’s down next to me, and I finally get a good look at her, she’s about 5’10, skinny, I mean, super skinny, short blonde hair cut in a bob, green eyes, and a small but ample a cup chest.

She once again tries putting her hand under my skirt, but I grab her wrist and stop her.

“Why are you stopping me, girl?” She whispers in my ear.

“I can’t let you go that far…” I say, smelling her perfume.

She begins kissing my neck, and suddenly my defenses weaken, and her hand goes up my skirt, and suddenly she’s touching my pussy.

“You…little…slut, you’re not wearing panties, are you?” She says, looking at me and laughing slightly.

“No, Ma’am, I don’t usually like wearing panties. As far as being a little slut, that’s how I paid my way through college…being a slut…” I say, lowering my eyes, and not looking at her.

“Look at me, Alicia…” She says, in a strong, authority figure voice.

I look up at her, and she kisses me again, and her hands once again find my man made double d breasts, softly squeezing them.

“They aren’t real, are they, girl?” She asks.

“No, Ma’am, my Master insisted that I get them enlarged.” I say, again unable to meet her gaze.

“You have a Master, huh? You’re about to have a Mistress as well, do you think you can handle serving a powerful woman, Alicia?” She asks me, raising my chin so our eyes meet.

“Yes, Ma’am, this girl would be honored to serve both a Master and a Mistress, Ma’am.” I say, again lowering my head.

She pulls me close, and we again begin kissing, and she asks me to stand up. güvenilir bahis She unzips my dress, and it falls around my ankles, and I’m left standing in my grey satin front hooking bra, and no panties, just my smooth, hairless pussy being exposed, I do blush and try to cover up.

“No you don’t, girl. Let me see that slutty pussy.” She says, pulling my hands away.

She stands up as well, and she rubs her hand over my clit, which to my surprise is becoming erect.

“Do you want Mistress to make you cum, whore?” She asks, locking eyes with me.

“Yes, Ma’am, please, make this worthless whore cum, Ma’am.” I say, lust in my eyes.

She unhooks my bra, and my augmented 38dd breasts pop free, and she begins sucking and biting on my nipples.

“OW! That’s it, make it hurt, please, Ma’am.” I moan, as I run my fingers through her blonde hair.

She sucks and bites my nipples until they’re both fully erect, then she begins kissing her way down my body, stopping at my belly button, and trying to push her tongue inside my belly button.

“That feels really good, Mistress…” I again moan out.

She begins stroking my smooth pussy lips and she continues to worship my belly button, it actually begins to tickle the longer she does it.

I begin giggling a little. “That tickles, Mistress…” I say, trying to hide my face.

She slides two fingers inside my pussy, making me jump and giggle a little.

“You like that, don’t you girl?” She says.

“Yes, Ma’am, this girl likes that.” I say, feeling immense waves of pleasure going through my body.

She begins curling her fingers inside me, rubbing my g-spot again sending waves of pleasure through my body.

“That feels incredible, Mistress.” I say, as I start to breathe heavy.

She begins finger fucking me fast and hard, the palm of her hand slapping my pussy lips, her tongue darting in and out of my belly button, tickling me.

“That feels incredible, Ma’am…” I again moan out.

She pulls her fingers out of my pussy and brings them to my mouth, I willingly suck on them, finding the the taste and smell pleasant.

“Lay on the floor…” She orders, slapping my ass.

“Yes, Mistress…Ma’am…” I say, complying with her order.

She gets down on the floor with me, and immediately begins running her tongue over my clit, she even begins getting sloppy and spitting on my clit.

My clit is so swollen and sensitive, that she’s able to take it in her mouth and gnash her teeth against it roughly.

“OW!” I say.

“Stop whining, you’ll learn to enjoy it.” She says, slapping me across the face.

“Yes Ma’am. This girl will learn to enjoy it.” I say, tears rolling down my cheeks.

She continues to lick and eat my pussy. My husband never performs oral, at least not this good on me. She’s so loving, so caring. All except the rough biting of my clit, she’s an outstanding lover.

“Mistress Cecily, Ma’am, this girl thinks she’s close to cumming, may this girl cum, Ma’am?” I moan out.

“You may, but, you have to be quiet, there are other women in here and I don’t think they’ll appreciate hearing you orgasm.” She says, giving me a stern look.

She puts her mouth back on my clit, sucking and biting my clit, until I have that soft orgasm. It was all I could do not to scream out at the top of lungs.

Mistress doesn’t stop though, she continues eating me out, now pushing two fingers inside my asshole, it hurts, but I’m afraid to say ow again.

Then she does something shocking, she pulls her fingers out of my ass and brings them to my mouth, and to my surprise, I willingly suck on them. Believe it or not, I actually enjoy the taste.

“Yeah, you naughty fucking whore, you like how your ass tastes, don’t you, whore?”

“Yes, Ma’am, this dirty whore loves how her ass tastes, Ma’am.”

She shoves her fingers back in my asshole and puts her mouth back on my clit. I can tell I’m close to cumming again.

“May…this…girl…cum…again…Ma’am?” I moan, breathing türkçe bahis heavy.

“Cum for me, you filthy whore.” She demands, spanking my clit hard, pushing me over the edge.

I have an extremely intense orgasm, this time I actually squirt, soaking her face.

“Yeah, I made you squirt, didn’t I, you fucking cunt.”

“Yes, Ma’am, you made this worthless cunt whore squirt, Ma’am.” I say, lowering my head in submission.

“You’re going to make Mistress cum now, whore.”

“As you wish, Mistress.” I say, as she lowers her slacks and shows me her blonde hair covered pussy, and she begins to lower herself onto my face.

Willingly, I grip her hips and slowly begin running my tongue over her pussy lips, licking from the tip of her clit all the way down to her brown, puckered, asshole.

“That’s it, you fucking whore, tongue my asshole.” She says, grinding against my face.

I decide to stick my middle finger in her ass, and continue to lick and worship her sweet smelling pussy.

“You naughty bitch, putting your finger in my ass…I love it!” She moans, grinding harder against my face.

I start licking her faster and faster, nibbling her clit, her pussy is getting wetter and wetter.

I can tell she’s close to cumming.

“You’re…gonna…make…me…CUM!” She screams as she has an intense orgasm.

She collapses on the floor next to me. After a minute, we begin kissing, deep, passionate kisses.

After a minute of this, I begin crying.

“Why are you crying, whore?” She asks.

“I’m crying…because I had no idea how that sex could be that satisfying. And…I’m afraid to say this…but…I may be in love.” I say, crying even harder.

“Let me ask you, girl. Is that a wedding ring I see?”

“Y-yes, Ma’am…I…this girl is married, but…but, not happily.”

“I see…would you consider being marked by me?”

“Marked, Ma’am?”

“Yes, I want you to have a tattoo and a few piercings. Don’t worry, it’s nothing you can see when you’re on TV, but, I want everyone, including your husband to know that you serve me. Can I mark you, girl?”

“Yes, Ma’am, this girl would love to be marked by you.” I say, crying again.

She holds me close and kisses my forehead.

“Get dressed, we’re going to my home.” She says, squeezing my breasts.

I do as ordered, and she leads me to her car, her hand instantly goes on my leg and up my skirt once we’re both in the car.

10 minutes later we arrive at her home, and she grabs my hand and we race inside. And immediately she pins me against the door and we again begin kissing.

“You’re a good kisser, Ma’am.” I whisper in her ear.

“You’re not so bad yourself, precious.” She says back.

We continue kissing for a few more minutes.

“Take your clothes off, girl.” She looks deep in my eyes and says.

“Yes, Ma’am.” I say, doing as ordered.

No sooner am I naked, she begins sucking on my nipples, almost like she wished milk would ooze from my nipple.

“I want to pierce your nipples, girl.” She says, just before roughly biting on them again.

“OW!” I can’t help it, the sound left my mouth before I could stop it.

She slaps me hard across the face, bruising my cheek.

“You don’t say ‘Ow’, am I clear, bitch?” She says, anger in her eyes.

“Yes, Ma’am, you’re clear! This girl apologizes, Ma’am.”

She continues biting my nipples, pulling on them with her teeth.

“Are you ready to be pierced?” She asks.

“Y-yes, Ma’am.” I nervously say.

She produces a piercing gun and two hoop earrings.

“We’ll start with your nipples, eventually you’ll have your clit and belly button pierced.” She says, just as she pierces my left nipple.

The pain is so intense, I almost pass out, but, I recover just in time to see her place the hoop through my nipple.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it, girl?” She asks.

“It hurt really bad, Mistress.” I say, crying a little.

“Stop crying, Alicia, I haven’t even begun güvenilir bahis siteleri to be rough with you. Do you want me to be rough with you, girl?”

“Y-y-es, Ma’am, this girl wants you to be rough with her.” I cry out.

Before I even have time to protest, she pierces my right nipple, and is placing the hoop through the new hole.

I sit there, still crying.

“Stop acting like a baby, Alicia. The pain in your nipples is nothing compared to the pain I’m about to put you through.”

“Yes. Ma’am, this girl will stop acting like a baby.” I say, lowering my head.

“Have you ever been taken anal, girl?”

“Yes, Ma’am, this girl has had anal sex before, Ma’am.”

“How long has it been, girl?”

“This girl isn’t sure, Ma’am, but, it was when she was in college, Ma’am.”

“Lay on your stomach, and lay some pillows under your stomach. I’m going to get my strap-on.” She says, spanking my ass.

Mistress returns a few minutes later wearing a harness with what looks like a 10-inch dildo sticking out of it.

“That looks huge, Mistress.” I say, my eyes huge.

“Just hand me that bottle of lube on my nightstand, girl.” She orders.

I reach over and hand her the bottle of lube, and I watch as she rubs it all over her fake cock.

“Ready to have this buried in your ass?” She asks.

I nervously nod my head yes as I feel her press against the rim of asshole.

Slowly she begins entering me, the pain is intense at first, and tears begin to form in my eyes.

Without warning, she pulls out of my ass and then violently rams herself all the way in.

“OOOOOWWWWWWWW!” I scream before finally passing out.

I wake up a few minutes later, I can feel blood leaking from my ass, and I can hear Cecily laughing behind me.

“You’re awake? Silly anal virgin, you got blood on my satin bed sheets.” She yells as she enters my ass again.

The pain is almost unbearable as she slams in and out of my rectum.

Softly, I begin crying, eventually I pass out again.

When I come to, I notice my writs and ankles are cuffed to the posts of the bed.

“Welcome back, whore.” Mistress says, slapping my pussy hard.

“Ow.” I meekly say, the pain is so intense, I wanted to scream out, but, decided against it.

“Did that hurt, Alicia?” Mistress says, laughing at me.

Unable to control myself, I yell out: “YES, IT FUCKING HURT!” Tears streaming down my cheeks.

I can’t help myself, I start crying uncontrollably.

“It’s ok, Alicia. I went too far, I’m sorry.” She says, uncuffing my wrists and my ankles.

She sits on the bed next to me and holds me close until I stop crying.

She begins kissing me again, softly, finally pushing her tongue in my mouth.

“I love you, Alicia…” She whispers, stroking my cheek.

“I…I…I love…you…Mistress.” I say, slightly embarrassed.

“Why the hesitation, girl?”

“I have a husband, I love him as well, Ma’am.”

“I’m going to have a talk with your husband, see if there is a way we can share you. You deserve to have both a Master and a Mistress, Alicia.”

“I’m not sure I like that idea, and I’m certain my husband wouldn’t like it. He doesn’t know I cheat, and I intend to keep it that way.” I say, almost defiantly.

Cecily looks at me, dejected.

“You think either your husband won’t understand, or is it simply, you don’t understand, Alicia?” She asks, now looking mad.

“I’m sorry, Cecily, but, it’s my husband who wouldn’t understand. Please know, I want to serve the both of you, it’s just, right now, it’s impossible.” I say, crying again.

She raises my chin and again kisses me softly, cupping my breasts again.

“Get dressed, you have a lot to discuss with your husband in the morning, Alicia.”

I grab by dress and bra and get dressed.

“Can I call you, Ma’am?”

“Of course, Alicia. But, I don’t want to be your secret, tell your husband, tomorrow, and then call me. Am I clear?”

“Yes, Ma’am, you’re clear.”

We kiss one more time and then I’m in a cab heading home.

The next morning I tell my husband about all of my cheating.

To find out what happens next, read Alicia’s Story Ch. 02 coming soon.

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