All About Katie Ch. 01

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My wife Julie’s younger sister Katie and I have always been close. We used to play and joke around since she was in elementary school. An odd thing happened while I was away in Afghanistan though. Katie grew up.

Katie is now 20, with naturally dirty blond hair that she dyes pure blonde, a 5-7 frame with a B-cup top and one of the world’s best behinds.

Since I’ve returned, I’ve been trying to reestablish the closeness we once had. It’s hard though, as what used to be innocent tickle games and play wrestling when we were both younger now turns into awkward closeness, her perfume intoxicating me, and hot breaths mixing in near kisses. I’m not sure if it’s my hormones taking over or of there’s something there that’s mutual and it’s awfully high stakes to go by trial and error to find out.

One night my wife and I were out drinking and Katie joined us. When my wife went to the restroom, Katie leaned in close in a way that can only be done by someone fighting to hold onto fleeting sobriety, put her hand on my leg and said with mildly slurred speech “I need to find myself a guy just like you.” As she turned and pulled her hand from my leg, I don’t think she expected my member to be as full and long as her proximity had made it and she accidentally stroked across it.

She jumped a little in surprise and glanced down at my pants which were becoming tighter by the minute. “Just like you…” she said with a smirk which I didn’t know how to read and she staggered off to hit the dancefloor. My mind was a blur as all I could picture as I watched her twist and turn while dancing was that she was performing the same moves while straddling me. To make things worse, as she danced she had her back to me several times and was rubbing her ass while looking back at me wantonly. I needed to leave…

With our busy schedules of work and school, I didn’t see Katie much for a while. One night while my wife was out shopping, Katie stopped by to see her.

“Julie around?” she asked.

“Nope, out shopping. She should be back soon though. You want to hang out a while?” I meant nothing by it, but the stirring in my pants made me wonder how innocent that question really was.

“Sure. Got anything to drink?”

At the first mention of loosening up her inhibitions, I almost ran to make up a couple of long island iced teas for us. I made them far stronger than I normally would have, but she didn’t seem to mind.

I sat down at the computer desk figuring we’d shoot the breeze for a but until my wife got back and checked my e-mail.

“So what are you up to?” she asked. She walked up poker oyna behind me and leaned slightly over my shoulder. “Just checking my…” When I turned back towards her, my mouth was at the incredibly sexy curve that ran from her perfect ears to her soft white neck.

I was having a hard time holding back. I wanted to kiss and lick her and bite her gently. “I love that perfume.” Was all that I could say.

“I can tell.” She said as she put her hand back on my leg. Once again, my cock was looking for action and the fabric of my closes was having a hard time constraining it. As much as I wanted to do everything from kiss her for hours to the other end of the spectrum of ripping her clothes off and pounding her until she passed out. I had to stay level headed and talk this out with her. We had a lot of history and communicated well. We saw things pretty much eye to eye, so I figured it’d be an easy conversation.

“Katie could you sit down for a minute,” I said. To save my marriage I had to act before it went any further. “I need to talk to you seriously for a minute.”

“We’ve been close for a long time, but this is weird. A good weird, but still weird.” I was rambling but wanted her to understand that as incredible as she was, I couldn’t hurt her sister like that.

“I’m not one to beat around the bush, so I’ll be blunt. I’m very attracted to you. You’re beautiful, you’re cool, and we get along great.”

I should have stopped there, but I think the drink was a little stronger than I had expected.

“Even while we’re sitting here talking, I’m thinking of a few things I’d love to be doing to you to make you moan, but I can’t do anything to hurt Julie. It isn’t right to her.”

Without a moment’s pause, Katie stood up and kissed me.

Not a brother-in-law “thanks for looking out for my sister’s welfare” kiss, but a passionate kiss where the tips of our tongues touched and my body temperature must have jumped 10 degrees. I just stared as I was at a complete loss for words.

She put her hands on the arms of the chair and brought her hips over mine.

“Show me those things you want to do.” She said in the most seductive voice I’ve ever heard.

“But Katie…” was all I could get out as I wanted to object but the pre-cum leaking from me was limiting most rational thought.

“But nothing,” Katie untucked my shirt and started to unbutton my pants as she leaned in close and but her mouth over my ear.

She whispered directly into my ear “Julie is still shopping because we talked about this and I need you. She’ll join us later. I need to feel you in me.”

My canlı poker oyna head was spinning. Julie and I had an excellent sex life, even if it wasn’t happening as frequently as I’d have liked. I had no idea if Katie was telling the truth or not, but it was enough grey area that I couldn’t hold back.

I kissed Katie again and lifted her up out of the chair as I stood. I held her at my waist as she wrapped her legs around me. I pushed her back into the wall. We exchanged passionate kisses like you’d see in a big budget movie as I undid her bra and took off her top. In front of me now were two pert, beautiful breasts that I had to have in my mouth.

I felt the angelically soft and smooth breast flesh enter my mouth. Its silken perfection felt like heaven as it brushed past my lips. I continued to kiss and suck on her nipples as I walked with her in the air attached to my hips into our bedroom.

I laid her down on the bed I shared nightly with her sister.

“Katie, are you sure? Julie?”

As I spoke, she moved and quickly to roll me over and climb on top. She unzipped my pants, pulled them down part way, and had all of me in her mouth in what seemed like one fluid motion. As I jerked feeling her mouth’s heat and tongue on me she looked me in the eye. Somehow I knew she was telling the truth, and had no objections remaining as her head lowered, her throat opened, and I could feel her lips brushing against the skin at the base of my manhood.

It was on now. There was no turning back. She bobbed her head up and down on me while alternately attempting to swallow my cock. As much as I wanted to explode in her mouth, I pulled her up and off of me to take a minute to calm down. I wasn’t sure if this was going to be the only opportunity I’d ever have to be with Katie, so I was looking to stretch it out as long as I could and her mouth was about to end the night quickly.

I laid her back onto the bed and kissed her from neck to navel while removing her clothes. As I was pulling her panties down over her knees then off of her completely, I was hit with a sweet aroma. It was her scent and can only be described as something between gummi peaches and what pure sex would smell like if it were bottled. Then we were both naked. Not uncomfortable or nervous which was a complete surprise given the situation, but it felt very natural to me and I sensed that she felt the same.

I moved between her legs and faced her as I started kissing the tops of her feet and moving slowly upwards like a bloodhound following the trail. I finally reached my destination and ran my tongue along her internet casino slit. Making my tongue flat, I made several dog-like licks drinking in her juices. Then my fingers were on her lower lips spreading them slightly to slip inside of her. My index finger entered her at almost the exact instant that my tongue found her clit. My finger began to make love to her I put everything I had into working her clit into a frenzy.

Now, I was at a crossroads. There were three things that could happen in the next instant. I could keep doing exactly what I was doing and make her cum; I could stop and move up and enter her; or since I was a complete and total assman and the thought of her erotic dancing was in my mind I could see how she felt about her ass…

As any assman knows that decision didn’t take long to make.

I began to let my tongue lick down along her slit. I removed my finger and pushed my tongue into her warmth several times, tongue fucking her with all that I had. After a minute or two of that, I ran my tongue over her hole and licked up and down her slit again. After two or three long vertical licks, I began to let my tongue trail lower with each lick, as I raised her legs up and spread the wide. Figuring I only had an instant before she rejected, I flicked my tongue over her puckered anus quickly then forced it up into her ass.

She moaned.

I almost came as I knew that was the moan of pleasure I wanted to hear so badly.

I went back up and worked on her clit some more, this time sliding my middle finger into her. She started tensing up and I knew she was ready and wanting to cum. As slowed to down clit action and withdrew my middle finger from her heavenly pussy. I slid my index finger into it and used the lubed middle finger to push into her asshole. I sped back up on her clit, and she came with such force I thought I was going to lose the fingers I had in each of her holes. As she came down off of her orgasm, I pulled my fingers out and mounted her. As I came up so that we were face to face, I slid into her with one fluid motion which surprised us both at how naturally it happened.

Then our eyes met. This was it. I was in her. We were making love. Not just fucking, this was making love. I was buried to the hilt inside of my sister-in-law.

I began to thrust in and out of her as we kissed passionately. I went from her lips, to her nipples, to her neck and back again many times in what felt like an eternity in utopian bliss. Nothing else existed…until the voice.

It was Julie’s voice which hit me like a right hook. My gut reaction was a combination of almost going limp to instantly cumming inside of her sister while she watched. I was frozen.

“Will you get your dick out of my sister, now?” she said.

(To be continued if there’s interest)

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