All the Power Pt. 2: On the Sacred Estate

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Tetenia had arrived on His Supremacy’s Sacred Estate. She was His 244th concubine.

The Sacred Estate was located on The Sacred Isle, formerly known as Pentash. It was an island renowned for its physical beauty and pleasant, temperate climate, across a small sea from the heartland of the Trasian Empire, towards the southern edge of the same continent that contained Nordland.

The Estate itself was massive, practically the size of a small Nordish province. Surrounding a long, narrow, lake, about two miles wide at its widest point in the middle and about ten miles long, it was ringed by a series of pleasant hills. On the lake’s southeastern corner, it fed into a river that led to the city of New Cortium – the largest on the Isle and the headquarters of His Surepmacy’s Sacred Orders. The southern shore of the lake gave way to a grassland, a vast empty space at the back of which were three massive temples dedicated to His Supremacy – the Temple Grounds. The northern shore of the lake was dominated by the main section of His Sacred Palace, which ran the entire length of the shore, hugging a cliff overlooking the lake – a distance of about a mile. On the eastern and western shores were vast pleasure gardens in the northern half of the lake, while the southern half contained the palaces of the ten Queen Priestesses.

The concubines’ quarters – where Tetenia now lived – were near the lake’s southwestern corner. They consisted of four colonnaded, two-story, apartment buildings, each with 100 units (not all were occupied), surrounded by gardens. Each unit had five rooms – a large living and dining area, a large bedroom for the concubine, a kitchen, a bedroom shared by the concubines’ servants, and a shrine to His Supremacy. The shrine was at the center of each apartment, and consisted of a marble floor and, at the back, a life-size golden statue of His Supremacy, usually called His Likeness.

The apartments, and the grounds surrounding them, were, all in all, quite pleasant.

Each of His 244 concubines had four servants – two female and two male. The female servants were Blessed Servants, as were most of the women who worked on the Sacred Estate.

There were, of course, certain rules that concubines (and Queen Priestesses) had to follow.

They each issued several sets of two-piece underwear, made from the finest cloths. These sets – as they were generally called – were very comfortable, possibly the most comfortable clothes Tetenia had ever worn. But they were not allowed to wear anything else, unless it was quite cold (a rarity on the Estate).

When He summoned them into His Sacred Presence, they had to remove the sets and travel to and from His presence fully naked. They also had to appear before Him within one hour of being summoned, or risk punishment as His Supremacy’s discretion.

They were limited in their personal effects, and were not given money – although the latter was offset by periodic gifts of monetary holdings from His Supremacy, which were often very large. Most concubines were quite well-off after awhile, and the Queen Priestesses were wealthier than most kings.

Concubines and Queen Priestesses were also not permitted to have any sexual contact with anyone other than His Supremacy, unless He gave them permission. They were not permitted to masturbate, unless given permission by Him. This permission was generally given only when He wished to view such things for His own entertainment or arousal.


The most important duty of a concubine, of course, was to serve and please His Supremacy.

The second-most important duty was to perform the Ceremony of Full Worship. It was for this that Tetenia was now kneeling in front of the His Supremacy’s Likeness at the shrine in her quarters, palms sweaty at the thought of performing the Ceremony for the first time.

The Likeness was made of solid gold. It depicted His Supremacy, nude, sitting on a chair with His legs spread. Likenesses like these existed in His temples and shrines throughout the world, and Tetenia had seen them before. But what she didn’t notice was the cock. The Likeness had a fully-erect, life-size version of His Supremacy’s cock – the phallus. Tetenia was kneeling, staring up at it, thinking of when His Supremacy shoved His actual cock in her mouth.

Ellesa, one of Tetenia’s Blessed Servants, was kneeling beside her. Tetenia was hesitant to begin. She looked up at the phallus, and then looked down. She began the incantation.

“It is my duty to serve and please His Supremacy at all moments of all days,” Tetenia said, kneeling before the Likeness, head bowed. “As I am not worthy of serving and pleasing Him, I kneel before His Sacred Likeness to perform my duty of worship. I will humbly worship His Likeness to demonstrate my devotion to serving and pleasing Him. There does not exist enough praise to properly honor His Supremacy’s greatness, and I am unworthy of worshipping His Sacred Likeness, but this is all I can do. I will forever be ashamed of my unworthiness, and I meekly beg that He may accept my worshipful devotion.”

With that, Tetenia opened her mouth and swallowed the golden likeness of His Supremacy’s cock. She moved her mouth up and down the tip and then tried to take the whole thing. She gagged quickly, and decided not to bother yet – she had twenty minutes of Partial Worship before she had to perform Full Worship.

The phallus was the same exact size as His Supremacy’s cock, ten inches, and it was even shaped the same. But it tasted odd and metallic – it was made of gold, after all – and it had an impersonal sort of hardness that differed from a real cock. Ellesa had told Tetenia to be careful not to chip a tooth on it. Getting it in her mouth wasn’t really a problem, but it felt strange.

Tetenia moved her mouth up and down the shaft, and licked it. She came off the phallus for a second, and licked the side, then swallowed it again. She began bobbing up and down quickly. She was getting into it. It was a golden likeness of His Supremacy. It may not have been Him, but it was a reminder of His power.

She dug herself deeper and began moving up and down fervently, and did so for awhile. Suddenly, Ellesa said “It is time for you to demonstrate your devotion with Full Worship.”

Tetenia dived down and gagged on the tip of the golden phallus. She gagged, but forced herself to stay down. Anytime she stopped deepthroating the phallus during the thirty minutes of Full Worship, it would be an abrogation of Full Worship. Each abrogation required an additional ten minutes of Full Worship as penance. Ellesa was kneeling beside her mostly to count the abrogations.

Keeping the entirety of an enormous golden cock in Tetenia’s mouth wasn’t easy. She did have to try to avoid hitting her teeth against it. The tip of the phallus hit the back of Tetenia’s throat, a cold metallic discomfort against her esophagus. She tried to move her lips around the base as her eyes began to tear.

Thirty minutes of this? How long has it been already? Stay down, Tetenia, Stay down.

His Supremacy is God, Tetenia. He is all-powerful, the power of God. Stay down.

Tetenia’s arms began to flail. She moved off the phallus for a second – an abrogation – and then swallowed it whole again. She tried to stay down as long as she could, and moved up and down at the base. When she couldn’t do that anymore, she moved up to the tip – another abrogation – then forced herself back down again. The entire phallus was in her mouth. Her neck ached and her throat was sore.

He is everything and I am nothing. He is everything and I am nothing. She massaged the base, just like it was His Supremacy Himself. She couldn’t breathe. She moved up, but just half a millimeter, to take a breath, then back down.

She choked and came up for air – yet another abrogation – and then went back down. She desperately wanted to get this right. She kept going.

After some time, Ellesa said “thirty minutes have passed.”

Tetenia shot up, off the phallus. She sounded like someone who had just been rescued from drowning. Through heaving breaths, she said the closing incantation: “I am humbled that His Supremacy has seen fit to grant me the great privilege of performing Full Worship on His Sacred Likeness, although I am unworthy of it. I exist to serve and please His Supremacy, and He has generously permitted me to fulfill my only purpose. I know that He is far greater than my pitiful devotion and worship, but I cannot offer anything else. He is everything and I am nothing.”

After several minutes, when Tetenia began to breathe normally, she turned to Ellesa. “How many?,” she asked.

“Fifty-four abrogations,” Ellesa replied.

The shock on Tetenia’s face was apparent. “How…what? How much time is that?”

“Five-hundred and forty minutes of Full Worship. Nine hours.”

Tetenia just stared at her. “I don’t understand….” She thought she had made six or seven abrogations. Maybe eight. Fifty-four seemed unfathomable.

“The entire phallus has to be in your mouth during Full Worship,” Ellesa said. “Anytime any part of the phallus is not in your mouth – it could be the smallest bit, could be less than a millimeter – that’s an abrogation. Also, anytime the entirety of it is not in your mouth for more than ten seconds, that’s another abrogation. So if you’re halfway up for fifteen seconds – two abrogations.” Ellesa paused, looking at the shock on Tetenia’s face. The early months of concubinage were hard, Ellesa knew. “Fifty-four is actually not bad for the first time,” she added.

Tetenia was still trying to wrap her mind around. Nine hours? Nine hours doing that? That’s all day. “I should start soon, huh?,” she asked.

“Yes. Plus the half-hour for this evening’s Ceremony.” Each concubine and Queen Priestess had to perform the Ceremony of Full Worship for two hours per day – although time in His Sacred Presence counted against this requirement – thus performing Full Worship on the phallus for an hour per day.

“OK. Let me just get up and stretch my legs for a few minutes.”

Tetenia walked outside the shrine, into the living area. Her back, neck and throat were sore. She looked at her sumptuous couch and imagined laying on it, taking a nap. This place was not ostentatious, but all of the things in it were very, very nice. The molding on the wall, the finely carved tables, the plush chairs, the bed that felt like a cloud. The marble on the floor in the shrine. She’d have to spend the rest of the day kneeling on that marble. Mindful of what she had to do, she went back into the shrine.


“Can I give you a little piece of advice?,” Ellesa asked Tetenia when she went back before His Likeness.


“Don’t be afraid to use this.” Ellesa gestured at a bucket beside her.

Tetenia looked confused.

“You were holding back,” Ellesa said. “You’re going to have to vomit. Don’t do it on His Likeness, of course. In the bucket.”

Vomit? Tetenia did come close a couple of times. “Does it count as an abrogation if I do that?”

“Well, obviously. Could easily be more than one,” Ellesa said sheepishly. “But..better here than with His Supremacy. You don’t want it to happen then.” She laughed awkwardly.

Tetenia didn’t like the sound of that, but she understood the logic. She was holding back. And better here than with His Supremacy.

With that, trying not to think about it too much, she swallowed the whole of the phallus. She stayed down as long as she could and she didn’t hold back. She kept going. Through total exhaustion, through her body and self being sore, she kept going. When she could think, she tried to think about His Supremacy. How she felt with Him, the exhilaration, the feeling like He really was letting her fulfill her highest purpose, the way her self began to disappear with His cock in her mouth and how that somehow made her feel whole.

She vomited a few times, and gagged and choked she had no idea how many times. She lost sight of abrogations and focused on the task at hand. She felt hunger, but couldn’t really feel it. She was in pain, a pain unlike any she had experienced before, but she kept going. She had to.

When the nine-and-a-half hours were finally over, Tetenia was beyond exhausted. Her knees, back, throat, head, eyes, elbows, joints, mind – it was all mush. Wobbling, she stood up.

Ellesa rushed to give her a hand. “I..I need to lay down,” Tetenia said. Ellesa was tired, too, and sat in a smaller sofa next to the couch. Abrogations could only be counted by Blessed Servants – she and Dacia, Tetenia’s other Blessed Servant, would alternate days.

Tetenia laid down, and put her temples on her head. She knew she should eat, but she wasn’t ready yet. She closed her eyes for a few minutes.

Finally, Tetenia looked at Ellesa and asked what was on both of their minds. “So…how many abrogations that time?”

“Nine-hundred and thirty nine.”

Tetenia looked at Ellesa. Inasmuch as she as capable, she looked shocked again.

“Full Worship done in penance is still Full Worship,” Ellesa explained.

“So….I guess you should tell me how much time.”

“It works out to one-hundred fifty six and a half hours. If you do fourteen hours a day, it’s about eleven days.”

Eleven days of Full Worship. Plus another hour for ceremony. And who knows how many abrogations that would entail? Worship begets abrogations begets Worship. Who knows how much time this would be? Tetenia remembered how His concubines and Queen Priestesses seemed to be able to deepthroat Him almost non-stop – this was how, she supposed.

Yet those concubines and Queen Priestesses didn’t seem like they were suffering. They didn’t seem like they were spending fourteen hours a day on their knees with a golden phallus shoved down their throat, every day. They seemed happy. Comfortable, even.

“I’m going to go to Him tomorrow,” Tetenia said. “I can do that, right?”

“Yes, you can request absolvance anytime,” Ellesa replied. “But you might not want to do it tomorrow.”

Absolvance was the only way out of penance: concubines and Queen Priestesses could, at any time, go before His Supremacy and ask for absolvance of penance. Whether or not it was granted was entirely up to Him – sometimes He granted absolvance, sometimes He didn’t, and sometimes He granted partial absolvance. But they could ask anytime.

“Why not?,” Tetenia asked.

“Because you’ll have to do an hour of Full Worship the next day. You’ll just be back at square one. You should wait until you can get through an hour without many abrogations, then ask Him for absolvance.”

So that’s why the concubines she’s met so far weren’t suffering messes, Tetenia thought. That made sense. She tried to steel herself for eleven days, one-hundred-fifty-six hours, on her knees. But she had one question: “How güvenilir bahis long does that take?”

Ellesa paused. “It depends.”

Tetenia decided it was best left at that, for now.


“They won’t stop complaining about it,” Lord Winlow said. “The laborers on their lands, camping out. There’s tens of thousands of them.”

With Sarly disinherited and Daymon no longer in the royal line, the Nordish crown had passed to Henneler. He had been king for barely a week, and was getting caught up.

“But I thought they wanted the magneto-road,” Henneler said.

Lord Winlow took a deep breath. “The merchants and local lords in Hessel want it, but of course they’re not getting it. The landholders in the countryside are upset about the laborers. The landholders near the new palace are upset, too.”

The issue was related to His Supremacy’s new palace, in a hilly region in southern Nordland. His Supremacy had recently directed the Sacred Order of Builders to construct palaces for Him in each of the Subject Kingdoms and Imperial Provinces which did not already contain them – including Nordland. A magneto road, an astonishing technology which allowed for very fast movement of goods, troops, and servants – and was a crucial component of His Supremacy’s worldwide conquests – was also being constructed to link up to the new palace. Building magneto roads and His awesome palaces required massive labor forces, well into the tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands.

“The laborers have taken up in the large estates, built campsites, even sometimes temporary villages,” Winlow said. “Of course they improve the roads and sanitation for the common people, they’ll give them food when it’s necessary, so they don’t mind that much. The common people love His Supremacy. But the landholders say it’s interfering with the harvest.”

“What am I supposed to do?,” Henneler replied. “His Supremacy can claim any land He wishes for His purposes. Haven’t they been compensated?”

“Yes, but they say it’s not enough.”

Henneler turned to Lord Nayris, who ran the Nordish treasury. “We already spend a lot on tribute,” Nayris said. “I don’t know that we can add to the compensation for these landholders.”

Ulsan, the former king, who was advising Henneler, spoke up. “I’d say just ignore this. That’s what I did. The road and the palace will be done in a matter of months, then they’ll stop complaining. You can’t please everyone.” Ulsan disliked being on the sidelines, but he also wanted to help his nephew. And he was somewhat relieved at not being the person who had to contend with these problems.

Henneler rubbed his hand against his temples. “Let’s shelve it for now,” he said. “What about the merchants in Hessel?” Hessel was southern Nordland’s main city, and not far from the route of the magneto road.

“They still want the road. They say it will help trade. But the Guild of Construction doesn’t care. Far as they’re concerned, the road is being built for the palace, not the city.” Bruck – the Nordish capital – was connected to a magneto road, and had prospered for it, one of the upsides of His Supremacy’s reign.

“I actually raised this with them, a couple of times,” Ulsan said. “They said they’d look into it, but I don’t think they really did.”

“Couldn’t the merchants in Hessel go to His Supremacy themselves?”

“They could,” Ulsan said. “But I really don’t think He would care about boosting trade in a minor provincial city.”

“It would be pretty pointless,” Nayris agreed.

“Well, I can raise it with them again,” said Henneler. “Couldn’t hurt. Perhaps I could go with the Hesselese merchants myself, to whoever’s working on it. Or maybe even someone from the Sacred Order of Servants. Can you look into that for me, Winlow?”


“Thanks.” Henneler paused. “Although…wouldn’t the landholders be upset that I was helping the people in the city, and not them?”

“Probably,” Ulsan said. “But again, you can’t please everyone.”

“I’d guess if I can do something, that’s better than nothing.”

The four men looked around the able in agreement. “Nayris, Winlow…could you leave us now?,” Henneler asked.

Nayris and Winlow thanked the king for his consideration, and walked out of the room. Henneler looked at Ulsan.

“Have you spoken to Daymon?”

“No,” Ulsan said. “I sent a letter to Lord Aberdal yesterday, inquring about him and sending my regards. I understand he is somewhat dejected…understandably so.”

“I know. I can’t blame him. I’d just like for him to come back to the capital and help out. We could use him. He’s quite capable, and I kind of miss him.”

“Did you tell him that?”

“At the coronation, I told him. He said he needed to go back home and take a little time for himself. Of course I understood. I’m just wondering how he’s doing…as a king and a friend.”

“He’ll be OK in the long run.”


Daymon looked out the window at the night sky. He had taken dinner with his parents this evening – a first since Tetenia left – but then retired to his room. He read for awhile, which distracted him, but he put his book down bleary-eyed and then couldn’t fall asleep.

He was going to be king of Nordland. He was going to be married to a beautiful princess. Now what? He knew he should go back to the capital and help Henneler, and at some point he intended to, but he just couldn’t think about it right now.

He kept thinking about two things. The first was the dinner. The dinner the night before the wedding. His Supremacy was fucking that Queen Priestess in the ass, and she was praising Him incessantly – you’re God, you’re greatness, you’re all powerful, you’re greater than great – and she was beautiful and voluptuous and belonged totally to Him. And He was looking at Tetenia.

The second was the the last time Daymon saw Tetenia. “Tetenia is my concubine.”

Why did He need Tetenia? As He was saying that, two beautiful women were pleasuring Him. He could do anything He wanted to them. He could do anything He wanted to any of them. “You are God, Your Supremacy. You are all-powerful,” as that Queen Priestess said – or something like that. He was staring at Tetenia and fucking her in the ass. “Tetenia is my concubine.” He said it like He didn’t even care. He came in another woman’s mouth, another beautiful woman’s mouth, obviously, blatantly, just a little while later. “Tetenia is my concubine.”

Daymon’s cock twitched. “Tetenia is my concubine.”

Daymon began stroking his cock ferociously. He hated himself for doing this, but he couldn’t help it. He was green with envy, red with rage, blue with sadness, none of it mattered. What was it like? What was it like to have everyone grovel to you while a beautiful woman degrades herself on her knees, sucking your cock? What was it like to come in Tetenia’s mouth without a care in the world? What was it like?

Cum splattered out over Daymon’s stomach. His cock shrank immediately as he thought of how massive His Supremacy’s orgasms seemed in comparison to his own. He wiped the cum off and laid down in bed, hoping, praying that this moment in his life would pass. He stared at the ceiling, waiting for sleep to take him.


Tetenia had done it. One-hundred-fifty-six and half hours of Full Worship in penance. Fourteen hours per day for eleven days. Plus an hour per day of Full Worship in Ceremony.

Her reward? 18,728 abrogations.Two-hundred-twenty-three days on her knees for fourteen hours per day. Abrogations beget abrogations. This all grew out of one hour of Full Worship. Nearly a year on her knees, the golden phallus down her throat.

She couldn’t take it anymore. Despite being advised otherwise, she decided to go to His Supremacy and request absolvance of penance. Even a brief reprieve would be worthwhile.

Going to His Supremacy was not exactly easy. His Sacred Palace was massive, but He probably wasn’t even in it. The main structure of the palace – a hulk of imposing marble spanning the entire northern shore of the lake at the center of the Estate – gave way on its eastern and western sides to a maze of pleasure gardens, interspersed with zigs and zags of colonnades and one, two and three story structures with thousands of rooms for His use. It was all linked up to the main palace, a jumble of trees and shrubs exotic and local, pools and fountains and courtyards and shaded spots and areas where He could be pleasured and worshipped, for a distance of about five miles down either side of the lake. These were remarkably pleasant, often beautiful, places, and were where His Supremacy preferred to spend most of His time.

To find Him, Tetenia had to use the Estate’s magneto road network – itself a wonder, zipping under the Estate in a series of tunnels – stopping at each place and asking the guards if they knew of His whereabouts. Sooner or later, someone would, but the process could take awhile.

Tetenia set out with Elessa just after sunrise, after having a small breakfast. They were finally led to Him, nearly two hours later, somewhere amid the vast pleasure gardens.

Tetenia and Elessa were quickly granted entry to His Sacred Presence. He was seated, naked, in a sumptuous chair, throne-like, underneath an overhanging roof connected to a colonnade behind Him, and beyond that, a courtyard. In front of Him, in the hot sun, were arrayed guards, term servants, and a handful concubines, all prostrate. There were two marble platforms on either side of the chair He sat in. He was being fellated by the Queen Priestess Tessara and the concubine Amandal.

Tetenia bowed down before Him, in front of the platform to His left, and shuddered, remembeirng the power of His Sacred Presence. He did not acknowledge her.

Also before Him was the High Council of the Sacred Orders – Tetenia had happened upon on His Supremacy’s weekly audience with them. The council included the the heads of the Sacred Orders, which were charged with carrying out His will throughout the world. It also included the First Lord of the Empire and Provinces, represnting the Imperial government of Tras. The seven me in the council had taken a knee before Him, a special position usually used for meetings with officials that entailed slightly relaxed the rules for interacting with Him. The position still made it clear, however, that He had all the power.

“Your palace in the Subject Kingdom of Barria is complete, Your Supremacy,” said the head of Builders. “It contains one thousand rooms, surrounded by 500 acres of gardens. The townsfolk who were displaced by the palace have been moved a couple of miles away, and I’m told they are very happy with their dwellings. The king of Barria says he would be deeply honored were you to stay at your new palace, even just for one night. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

“Mmm…yeah,” His Supremacy said quietly. Tessara gagged loudly on His cock, as she massaged the base with her lips, but her head did not move.

Nothing was said for a few minutes. Looking at no one in particular, His Supremacy then said “Deeply honored?”

“Yes, Your Supremacy. Thank you, Your Supremacy,” replied the head of Builders.

His Supremacy sat back, enjoying Tessara and Amandal’s ministrations. He looked at the head of Servants, who acted as a kind of prime minister for the Sacred Orders and often liaised with the governments of the Subject Kingdoms. “I suspect that if I grant Barria….mmmm….the great glory of my presence, the king will…yeah…” He put His hand on Tessara’s head. His cock was dominating her throat, although He was hardly moving. “Like that, Tessara..hmmm…yeah.” He sighed in pleasure. “The king will recognize it.” He paused and sighed again. “As a great moment in the kingdom’s history. I expect that he will be…overcome with gratitude.” He gently pushed His cock further up into Tessara’s throat, as she gagged again and her eyes watered. He put His hand on Amandal’s head briefly, guiding her as she licked His balls.

“Yes, Your Supremacy. Of course, Your Supremacy. I will make sure that the king of Barria does not underestimate your greatness and power. Thank you, Your Supremacy,” the head of Servants said, nervously.

His Supremacy shifted slightly in His chair, and looked at the head of Arms. “Have you any business?”

“Yes, Your Supremacy. Thank you, Your Supremacy. Do you recall that small border disupte between the Subject Kingdoms of Siem and Venarane? Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

Without looking at the head of Arms, His Supremacy replied “Yes.”

“We swiftly put down that small insurrection that the Siemese started a few months ago. But they are still trying to back sympathetic locals. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

“How are they backing them?” His Supremacy was clearly displeased. Subject Kingdoms were not permitted, in any circumstances, to take up arms – that was the sole prerogative of the Sacred Order of Arms. He also did not like that the Siemese were questioning boundaries imposed by His will. He had already removed the kings of both Siem and Venarane over this silly dispute.

“They are funneling some money to them. Back channels, something involving sneaking into boats that trade along the river. They seem to think they can cause enough chaos to gain influence over the island without raising any suspicions. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

“We will settle this once and for all,” His Supremacy said. He paused for a moment. “Like that, Amandal,” He then said, looking down. Despite this news, HIs cock was in a state of bliss and pleasure overtook Him. He grabbed Amandal’s tits with one hand and Tessara’s with the other, and they both moaned in pleasure. He locked His hand on Tessara’s head and told her to stay down.

He looked in Tetenia’s direction. Some time had passed, she was still bowing down and had not been acknowledged. However, he called upon the concubine Eva, who was bowing down, naked, next to Tetenia.

“Eva, get some oil and come forward.” Eva immediately crawled to a small pot on the side and rubbed her hands with oil. She crawled up to His Supremacy, and thanked Him.

“Oil Tessara and Amandal’s tits,” His Supremacy said. She thanked Him again, and did so. He then ordered Eva to move to the side.

He pushed Tessara firmly down on His cock, and then tugged her off. “Thank you, Your Supremacy,” she said, as she came up, gasping for air. “Worshipping you is the greatest gift I can imagine. My gratitude knows no bounds. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

Tetenia wondered how much penance Tessara had to do to be able to worship Him like that.

Tessara wasn’t even done thanking His Supremacy when He placed His cock between Amandal’s tits, which enveloped His cock. She began pushing them up and down, sliding them over His rock hard cock.

“Your cock is so magnificent, Your Supremacy,” Amandal said. “So türkçe bahis powerful. Thank you for letting me pleasure it. Thank you for lowering its greatness, for lowering your greatness, to my unworthy breasts. I am in awe of you and I am in awe of your cock, Your Supremacy.”

His Supremacy grabbed Tessara’s head, and pushed it towards His cock, having her lick the tip as Amandal pleasured Him with her tits.

“Your cock is the center of your Godliness and I can never be worthy of it. It is so great, Your Supremacy. You are so great, Your Supremacy. It is so great, Your Supremacy,” Amandal said.

His Supremacy began to cum. He came in Tessara’s mouth but but it quickly overflowed and fell all over Amanda’s breasts. He pulled Tessara off His cock and kept coming, vast spurts of cum covering their faces, their heads, getting in their eyes, covering their breasts, dripping down their torsos, falling on the floor.

“You’re cumming, Your Supremacy. You are blessing me, Your Supremacy. Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Amandal said.

“Each time you cum it is the greatest moment of my life,” Tessara said, her face fully drenched as even more cum spilled forth. His cock was like a fountain. “I am nothing with your cum and I am less than nothing without it. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

“It is the greatest and most sacred of all gifts,” said Amandal. A look of pure joy was on her face, although it couldn’t be seen behnd the mask of cum. “It is unbelievable. It is unbelievable that you see fit to give this to me. Thank you, Your Supremacy. I know I can never thank you enough, but still…Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

His Supremacy’s orgasm subsided finally, after about three minutes, but His cock was still completely hard. He tugged at the back of Amandal’s head – which had less cum – and His cock disappeared into her mouth.

“Eva, lick my balls,” His Supremacy said. “Tessara, lick my great gift off the floor.” Each did so, and thanked Him.

Several minutes went by, after which His Supremacy looked at the head of Arms. “Tell the kings of Siem and Venarane that I summon them here. I also summon the charge who leads the Sacred Order of Arms in the region.”

“Yes, Your Supremacy. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

Amandal gagged on His Supremacy’s cock. Her face was completely covered with His cum. He was God. She existed to please Him.

His Supremacy looked at the head of Producers. “Any business?”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy. Not right now, Your Supremacy. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

He sighed contentedly, and dismissed the High Council. Each of them thanked Him for the privilege of serving Him. He sat back and enjoyed Amandal’s blowjob for a little while. She moved up and down the shaft for a bit, but He pushed her back down. “Like that, Amandal,” he said. She was all the way down, massaging the base of His cock with her lips, the tip deep in her throat. This was an inconvenient, uncomfortable and difficult-to-mantain position for her, but He loved it and that was all that mattered.

Nearly an hour had gone by before He acknowledged Tetenia. “What brings you…mmmm…before me, Tetenia?”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy. I can never be worthy of your Sacred Presence. I humbly beg for permission to request absolvance of penance. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

A few minutes went by. Staring into the middle distance, His Supremacy said, “permission granted.”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Tetenia said. “You are the personification of all greatness, and the world drops ot its knees in awe of your power. I recognize that penance is a great gift and Full Ceremmonial Worship is an awesome privilege which you grant to a select few, however unworthy. I am not worthy of uttering thise words before you, as no one is worthy of uttering any words before you. I simply ask, meekly ask, that you may grant me absolvance of my penance, great gift that it is. I ask ths in the vain hope of appealing to your boundless generosity, although I submit myself fully to your will, whatever it may be. I will be eternally grateful for your will, whatever form it may take. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

“Ahhmmmm,” His Supremacy said, pushing His cock into Amandal’s mouth. He called over a term servant and a guard. He had not so much as looked at Tetenia as she made her request.

He addressed the guard and term servant. “Get the concubine Jainee.” Each of them thanked Him and scurried off.

Amandal gagged on His Supremacy’s cock again. Cum was drying on her face and in her eyes and her head hurt. He sat in the chair, moaned in pleasure, and looked out over the distance. Her knees were on concrete. She felt woozy from a lack of breath. She needed to be grateful, because His Supremacy’s cock was in her mouth, in her throat – and she was.

He looked out at the assembled group, around twenty or so people, all bowing down to Him. Beyond that the land sloped down towards the lake. He could see the pleasure gardens on the other side of the lake, and hills rising beyond that. It was pleasantly quiet. Some time went by like that.

“Fuck yeah,” He said, almost at a whisper. “Yeah….mmmhmm, that’s nice…..mmmhmm..ahhh.” He was cumming in Amandal’s mouth. He was almost lazy about it. He just shot cum straight down her throat, impervious to her gags and struggles, for nearly two minutes. She existed to please Him.

When he was done, Amandal popped off His cock and said “Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

His Supremacy began to doze off. Amandal, Eva and Tessara bowed down towards Him with the other concubines. Tetenia realized it was the first time she had seen Him sitting in a chair not being fellated. His was still quite large unerect, she noticed.


His Supremacy awoke about half an hour later, and He called on Eva, as well as the concubine Valentina – who was silently bowing down the whole time – to get Him some food. They returned with plates of cheese and fruit and got on their knees before Him, holding the plates up as He ate from them.

Tetenia’s stomach growled – she had had a piece of bread for breakfast, hours ago. She had been here for around two hours, and He still had not responded to her request for absolvance. Her back hurt from bowing down. She figured she should probably get used to that.

His Supremacy sent away the food, and His cock quickly stiffened. This time, it was the Queen Priestess Frenessa’s turn to worship Him, as Valentina licked His balls. Frenessa – who was one of His better deepthroaters – knelt and swallowed Him. “Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Valentina said, as she began licking Him. “I exist to please you, and am humbled you have let me fullfill my purpose. Thank you, Your Supremacy.” He also told Amandal and Tessara that they could go, and they left, cum still evident on their naked bodies.

His Supremacy sank back into the chair. This was His will, His whim. Endless pleasure.

He put His hand on Frenessa’s head, and looked over to find and outer term servant who had been bowing down behind Tetenia for awhile. All within one-hundred feet of His Sacred Presence must be bowing down to Him, prostrating themselves towards Him, unless He gives them permission otherwise. Outer term servants and outer guardians had such permission, and kept track of who came and went.

“Yes?,” He asked the term servant.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy. The concubine Jainee is here. She has been kneeling at the perimeter for about forty minutes. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

“She may enter.”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

The term servant left, and Jainee entered and bowed down. His Supremacy immediately called her to Him.

He looked at Jainee, kneeling at His feet. “You…mmm…I summoned you over an hour ago, Jainee.” He looked away. “That’s good, Frenessa,” He said.

Of course, Jainee had actually arrived at the perimeter well within an hour. The reason she was over the one-hour limit was because His Supremacy was sleeping and then eating and did not notice – or ignored – the outer term servant. But that was no matter. When summoned, a concubine had to be in His Sacred Presence within one hour – even if He ignored them, even if He went somewhere else, they could be subject to punishment (or not).

His Supremacy said nothing for several minutes. The only sound was that of Frenessa sucking His cock. He looked again at Jainee, and turned his right foot on its side. Jainee knew what that meant. She kneeled before Him, her cheek on the ground, and kissed the bottom of His foot, then thanked Him for the privilege of doing so. He then lifted His left foot, and she did the same.

“Go clean yourself, Jainee. Then bow down,” His Supremacy said. Jainee crawled over to a wash basin near the side of the concrete patch and washed her face and mouth. She then crawled back to His Supremacy and bowed down in front of Him.

Tetenia was, by now, flat-out starving. Her knees and back hurt like hell. She was wondering if He would ever address her request. What was taking Him so long?

He would address it as He saw fit. If He never addressed it, then fine – that was His will. Her desires were not a part of this equation, they were a trifle in comparsion to His Supremacy’s whims, as her ability to breathe was a trifle in comparison to His Supremacy’s pleasure.

“Mmhhmm,” He said, pleasure fanning out across His body. Frenessa gagged on His cock.

He looked directly at Tetenia. “How much penance do you owe?,” He said. Tetenia’s heart skipped a beat. Overcome by nervousness, she forgot about her hunger and discomfort. “Thank you, Your Supremacy. Your power is ultimate and all encompassing. Two-hundred and twenty-two days at fourteen hours a day. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

“And at 24 hours a day?”

Tetenia stuttered. “One hundred – one hundred thirty days. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

His Supremacy rested His arm on the chair’s armrest, apholstered with silk. He looked directly at Tetenia again, then looked away. His cock was still rock-hard in Frenessa’s mouth and throat.

“You realize,” He said, still not looking at Tetenia. “You realize penance is a privilege?”

“Yes, Your Supremacy. Thank you, Your Supremacy.” Tetenia was literally sick with nervousness.

“Mmmhmm,” He moaned, and looked at Tetenia. “You should be thanking me…you should be thanking me…ahhh…for allowing you to worship me. Yeahhh…” He paused for a second. “I expect gratitude.”

Tetenia felt ashamed. “Thank you, Your Supremacy. I humbly request permission to respond, Your Supremacy. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

“Granted,” He said, still looking in Tetenia’s general direction.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy. No one and nothing is worthy of sharing this world with you, Your Supremacy. I…I am eternally, unfathomably grateful. I know you have granted me wonderful privileges, I know penance is a privilege. I do not mean to be…intransigent. I am devoted to you, Your Supremacy. I am devoted to serving and pleasing you, Your Supremacy. It is my highest purpose, my only purpose. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

His Supremacy’s cock twitched. “Fuck yeah,” he moaned. Frenessa began to gag more frequently.

“Jainee,” He said. “Come forward.” Jainee crawled up to Him, again.

“Do you want to suck it, Jainee?,” He said, looking straight at her.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy. Sucking your cock is an awesome honor. I will beg if you wish for me to beg, although your cock is far greater than I could ever be and no amount of begging is sufficient for it. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

He tugged at Frenessa’s head, and she came off His cock, thanking Him. He pushed Jaine down on His cock. “Your gratitude should be limitless, Jainee,” He said. She gagged.

“Frenessa,” He then said. “Prepare Jainee for me.”

“Yes, Your Supremacy,” Frenessa said. “Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

Frenessa dipped her fingers in some lubricant, and began swirling it around Jainee’s asshole. His Supremacy firmly placed His hand on Jainee’s head as she deepthroated Him.

Tetenia was stil bowing down, her request stil unanswered despite their previous interaction.

“She is ready, Your Supremacy,” Frenessa said. “Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

“Jainee,” He said “Ahhh….go kneel on the platform with your face down and your ass up.” He gestured to the marble platform in front of Tetenia. When Jainee knelt, Tetenia could look up at her face.

His Supremacy exited the chair, with Frenessa and Valentina following Him. He positoned Himself behind Jainee, with the two other girls on either side. He shoved His cock into Valentina’s throat for a minute or two, then removed it and plunged into Jainee’s ass as Valentina thanked Him.

“Yeahh,” He said, pushing His cock in to Jainee’s asshole. “Fuck it’s so good.” Within seconds, all ten inches of Him was inside Jainee’s ass. He grabbed one asscheek and slaped the other.

Tetenia looked at Jainee’s face. It was a contortion of pleasure-pain. It was afraid, but anxious, resigned, but excited.

His Supremacy began pounding away. He loved doing this. Jainee’s ass was big but her asshole was tight and warm and His cock took it over. Her ass jiggled as He fucked it, and He slapped it hard enough to leave marks. She was once Queen of The Isle – a Subject Kingdom – a young, pretty queen, and He took her one night in froont of The Isle’s highest nobility. Now she was His concubine; a higher calling.

Jainee’s arms were flailing. Her knees were on cold, hard, marble; there was nothing on the platform for her to grab, no outlet for the pain caused by His Supremacy’s cock taking over her body. She grimaced and shook. His Supremacy pushed harder on her back and moved His cock in an out of her ass.

Just then, an outer term servant appeared. His Supremacy kept moving His cock in and out of Jainee’s ass as she let out a loud moan. As He was doing that, He glanced at the outer term servant and gestured for him to speak.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” the term servant said. “There are three petitioners here, from the Imperial Province of Ankul.”

“Ahh, yeah….fuck that’s good, that’s tight,” He said. “Send them in…ohh fuck,” He said, grabbing Jainee’s ass. The term servant scurred away.

His Supremacy then pushed His cock all the way, hard in, pounding, not in and out. “I can’t…Ahhhaaahhhhhh,” Jainee cried, so loud that it hurt Tetenia’s ears.

The three pettioners entered, and bowed down silently.

“Ahhhh….I….you….eeeeeahhhheeee,” Jainee screamed. Jainee’s pain was pleasure and her pleasure was pain. Her face was violently contorted, her eyes bulging, her arms flailing. She felt nothing but His Supremacy’s cock. She felt nothing but His Supremacy’s power.

“Fuck, yeah, it’s so fucking…ohh…fuck….,” His Supremacy said, thrusting at her.

Tetenia couldn’t believe her eyes. Jainee seemed to be wearing every güvenilir bahis siteleri emotion that had ever existed on her face at that moment.

“Ayyyaahh…I…ahh…oohhhaaaanooo….I can…I can’t con…..ohhhhh.” She positively yelled this. Tetenia had to cover her ears. “Your Suprema…..ohhaacooeaa….” Jainee was having an orgasm – though calling it an orgasm didn’t really do it justice. It was like every possible feeling of pleasure and pain in exsistence all mashed together.

“I’m noooo…..faaauuckk….you suprem….aaaaaaaacccyyyyy,” she screamed. Jainee was not herself anymore. She was literally nothing. Calling her a slave to His desires implies some agency – she was a ball of energy entirely dependent on His whim.

His Supremacy pounded away at Jainee’s ass with total abandon, and she just kept cumming, or not-cumming, or uber-cumming, uncontrollably. Was it multiple orgasms? Was it one orgasm? Was it piercing, flailing pain; was it intense, mind-bending pleasure? It was all of the above.

“God oh god oh god you’re god Supremaaaaaaaaaaaa…..ohhhhhhh,” she cried out.

Tetenia’s pussy was wet and pulsating. She desperately wanted to touch it, but she couldn’t. She could tell that Jainee was having an orgasm – or something like an orgrasm, but maybe more powerful – and she felt dizzy.

His Supremacy reached down and grabbed Jainee’s tits, pushing His elbows against her back. She existed for Him. “Oh that’s so fucking good,” He said. “Fuck yeah….ahh fuck..”

Jainee’s face contorted yet again. Her hands frantically grabbed at nothing. She was moaning and screaming unintelligibly.

“Ahh yeah,” His Supremacy said. “Ahh yeah.” He slapped her ass, very hard, leaving a bruise. Jainee grimaced through the pleasure-pain. She had no control over anything.

He began to come in her asshole. He continued pounding away as He came. “Ohhh that’s good,” He grunted, loudly, “Ohh yeah.” Cum began spilling out of Jainee’s asshole, and Frenessa and Valentina began licking it up, thanking Him with every lick.

His orgasm lasted for nearly five minutes. Tetenia was convinced that, while perhaps she had experienced something like God, Jainee had experienced God. His Supremacy pulled out of Jainee’s ass, and went and collapsed in the chair, with Jainee still kneeling on the platform, shaking uncontrollably.

His Supremacy was sweaty, and He breathed deeply as He sat. Still, not shockingly, He remained fully erect. “Jainee, Frenessa, and Valentina,” He said. “Come before me.”

The three girls crawled towards Him, Jainee with great effort.

“Are you grateful, Jainee?,” He looked at her, and asked.

“Th-th-thank…” she was still having trouble speaking. “Th-thank you, you-you-Your Supremacy. I am overwhelmed with…with gratitude. Th-thank you, Your Supremacy.”

Without a word, His Supremacy took Jainee’s head and pushed it down to the base of His cock. “Frenessa, lick me. Valentina, go to the side,” He said.

He took His hand off Jainee’s head. She knew what she had to do. Still shaking, His cock tasting like her ass, she deepthroated Him with her knees touching the concrete.

His Supremacy was completely relaxed. “Mmmyeahh,” He moaned lightly. “That’s nice.” He sat for several minutes in silence, then turned to the petitioners.

“Why have you….mhmmm…come before me,” He said. He lightly thrust up into Jainee’s mouth.

It was then that Tetenia noticed that the man who seemed like the leader of the three was almost convulsing. He looked like he was having a seizure.

The man looked at His Supremacy and opened his mouth, but no words came out.

His Supremacy looked at the man. “Why have you come before me?,” He said.

The man, again, had trouble speaking. He dug his hands into the ground, scraping them on the concrete. “Th—thank-thank-thank-thank-th-thank…you. Your…..Supremacy.” He slapped the ground and gripped his arm, rocking back and forth. “I am as – I am as – unworthy – unworthy – of your Sacred Presence as anyone. Mmm-more so.” The man stopped for a second to gather himself, but he was still very visibly shaking. “We come from – from Ankul. Near Triverna. I am – I am – I am a lowly – lowly lord, these people live in the – the nearby…village.” He paused again. “There have been fires. F-F-forest fires. They…they ruined our crops. Thank you. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

His Supremacy was no longer looking at the man. “Why are you coming to me with this?”

“We heard…we heard…that in your wisdom and benevolence, you grant audiences to those who come. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

Jainee choked loudly on His Supremacy’s cock. He looked down at her. It was plain that she was struggling quite a lot. She was normally quite good at sucking Him, but her current condition rendered it an escalating challenge. He looked back out at the distant lake, and moaned a little in pleaure. Her body squirmed and writhed, and she gagged almost incessantly for a minute or two before regaining a tiny bit of composure. He moaned again, His body relaxing in a silk apholstered chair, His cock enveloped in her warm, wet mouth.

“Mmmm….yeahhh….I do grant audiences,” He said, addressing the pettitioners again. “But why come to me with this and not..ahh…and not someone local?”

“Thank you…thank you, Your Supremacy.” The man had gotten it together, a little. “The provincial governor did not care. Some people from surrounding villages helped a little, but it was not enough. The Sacred Orders had used up their supply of extra food due to flooding in another part of the province. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

“You want food?”

“Yes, your Supremacy. We need food for the village…and…and fertilizer to help replant our crops for next year. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

“Ahh yeah,” His Supremacy said. As the man was saying this, Jainee began another fit of gagging, this one lasting for several minutes. Her face was red. But she stayed all the way down. Tetenia wondered how this was even possible in her current state. “Mmm yeah,” His Supremacy said, thrusting up a few times as Jainee gagged. He looked down at Tetenia for a moment. A shock of nervousness went through her – it was inconcievable that anyone other than Him could have any power at all.

He looked away from Tetenia again. “How many people are in your village?”

“Around 200, your Supremacy. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

He moaned yet again. “I can give you food.” He paused for a minute, enjoying the pleasures of Jainee’s mouth. “Take a certificate from the outer guard, and go to the Guild of Managers at the Sacred Order of the Treasury in New Cortium. They can help you.”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy. I humbly request permission to respond, Your Supremacy. Thank you, Your supremacy.”


“Thank you, Your Supremacy.” The man paused. “All that exists is dust before your greatness. What about the fertilizer? The fire destroyed our storehouses. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

His Supremacy sat for ten or fifteen minutes and did not say anything. Jainee had another gagging fit.

“I will grant you some fertilzier,” He said. “But I expect my generosity will be remembered…I expect it will be appropriately…ahh yeahh…commemorated.”

“Permission to respond, Your Supremacy.”

A few more minutes passed before His Supremacy said “granted.”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy. The world is unworthy of bowing down before you. We will commemorate your generosity. We will…always remember it! We will build a new shrine…a better shrine…to you! Thank you, Your Supremacy. Thank you so much, Your Supremacy. Your greatness knows no bounds. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

Jainee choked loudly while the petitioner was saying this. “Stay down, Jainee,” His Supremacy said. “You have to properly worship me.” He did not put His hand on her head – His words, too, had force.

His Supremacy sat back. He almost looked half asleep, but His cock was still rock hard and firmly in Jainee’s mouth. He did not dismiss the petitioners, and He moved slowly, if at all. Tetenia thought He looked like He was in a trance of pleasure.

In the midst of this state, He turned towards Tetenia and looked straight at her. Her heart began to pound. The answer? Absolvance?

“Praise me, Tetenia,” His Supremacy said, barely above a whisper.

Tetenia was starving to the point where she felt like there was a hole in her stomach, and her back creaked and ached. She was hot in the sun; He was in the shade. He seemed faintly aware of her request, but wholly unconcerned with it. Her head hurt.

What’s more, she may have been even more thirsty than she was hungry. She had been here for what, three hours? Four? Five? She couldn’t tell anymore. Her mouth was dry, and getting drier. But she had to praise Him, and she couldn’t ask for a glass of water. She cleared her throat. Perhaps a good praise would sway him to absolve her penance.

“You are….” she paused for a moment, licking the top of her parched mouth. “You are so, so, unbelievably powerful, Your Supremacy. I am in awe of you.” She licked her lips. “The world is in awe of you, the universe is in awe of you. No one else has any power. Nothing else has any power. The world, everything, bends itself to your whim and thanks you for the privilege.”

Tetenia’s mouth was parched. Still, she had to go on until He told her to stop. His Supremacy glanced down at Jainee, whose gagging fits were growing more frequent.

“Your will,” Tetenia said, sudenly getting excited despite herself. “Your will is law. Your will is greater than law. Your will is the law of the universe, the law of the Gods, the natural order of all things. I would call you God, but you are so much greater than that.”

She felt like she could not speak any longer, and also felt like she could not help herself from speaking.

“You are an indescribable force. You are an indescribable power, pure power, distilled to its essence, but spanning out over everything and everyone and all things known and unknown. You rightfully own all things known and unknown, and it is right and just because there can be no other way. You are inevitable, Your Supremacy. You are an inevitable power and all things are yours because you deserve all things even though all things do not deserve you.”

Tetenia’s head began pounding mercilessly from the dehydration.

“You own everything. The world is but a supplicant, who bows before you, awed by your awesome greatness and power. The world will do anything to carry out your will or even please your whim, it is your plaything, the whole world and the whole universe and all that exists are your playthings.” His Supremacy had looked away when Tetenia began praising Him, and only glanced at her a couple of times during the whole thing. Jainee was gagging more-or-less nonstop, desperately struggling to maintain composure.

Tetenia’s pussy was dripping on the ground. Her head was pounding and her mouth felt like a desert. She began running her hands over her stomach and torso, wanting to touch her breasts, wanting to touch her pussy, but knowing she could not.

“I am your plaything, Your Supremacy,” Tetenia cried. “I have been crushed by you. I am dust, I am nothing, and this is my purpose just as your purpose is to bend all that exists to please your will and whim. You are all-powerful.” She shouted this at the top of her lungs, through the parched mouth, through the pounding headache. “There is no power that exists other than that which flows through you. You are so inevitable. You are so unfathomably, limitlessly, endlessly, immeasurably powerful, I shouldn’t even call it that because you are so much more than that.”

Her hands were running around the sides of her body. She had a headache from dehydration and sexual frustration. She wanted to explode.

His Supremacy lazily grabbed Jainee’s tit as she gagged on His cock. He looked a little more engaged than He did earlier, but not by much. He began to cum in Jainee’s mouth. He didn’t even say anything, and He hardly moved aside from a handful of light thrusts into her throat. Jainee’s gagging grew louder and more constant, to the point where it was nearly as loud as Tetenia’s praises. Jainee was squirming and practically convulsing. His Supremacy continued to come in her mouth. She kept swallowing it.

Tetenia went on. “You are everything, Your Supremacy,” she shouted over Jainee’s gags. “You are all things and you own all things. All armies, monuments, kings, emperors, empires, mountains, rivers, stars, all of them, all of it, pales before your greatness, is nothing compared to the vastness of your power. You are a force and a will which ovewhelms all that exists and all that has ever existed and all that could ever exist.”

Tetenia was on the verge of cumming just from praising Him. If she could touch her pussy for even a millisecond, she would probably have the most intense orgrasm of her entire life. She was running her hands around her body, in pain, in a daze.

His Supremacy, not even looking at Tetenia, continued to pump cum into Jainee’s mouth as though choking her with His seed were the most natural thing in the world. Because it was the most natural thing in the world. Jainee never stopped gagging, and never stopped swallowing.

“You are a God which sublimates all other Gods, a power which overhwelms all other power,” Tetenia went on, constantly feeling on the verge of both massive orgasm and massive collapse. “You are a force against which all other forces are useless, a will which squashes all other wills, a greatness which makes any other greatness illegitimate, a being which renders all other beings dust, we are here to serve you, we are here to please you, were are here to supplicate ourselves before you because that is all we can do, we are so far beneath you that you are above heaven and we are below hell, we must worship you though our worship is pitiful because we exist to worship you or we don’t exist at all. You are everything.”

“Enough, Tetenia,” His Supremacy said. His orgasm was subsiding. Jainee came up off His cock, her face beet red, tears still around her eyes. She was still shaking, perhaps even more than earlier. “Thank you, Your Supremacy, “ she said.

His Supremacy looked down at Jainee, then stared off into space. “Keep sucking it Jainee,” He said. “No amount of gratitude is sufficient for the honor of worshipping me.” Jainee went back down and gagged, as His Supremacy let out a contented “ahhhh.”

Tetenia, still bowing down before Him, was in a state of…she didn’t even know. She was incredibly horny and incredibly tired and incredibly thirsty and incredibly hungry and incredibly enthralled by Him and incredibly pained. She tried to calm herself down, alternately fantasizing about drinking, eating, and masturbating.

His Supremacy enjoyed Jainee’s mouth in silence for a little while. He did not look at Tetenia at all. He dismissed the petitioners. He appeared scarcely aware of Tetenia’s existence. At one point, He said “I do not grant you absolvance.”

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