All the Things You Do Right

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1. I love that you weren’t wearing underwear and that your shorts had an elastic waist so when you walked in the door I was able to quickly pull your shorts off and get my hands on your penis within seconds.

2. I loved that not long after your shorts hit the floor so did my knees.

3. I loved sucking your cock right there in the kitchen and I loved it when you told me I was a good girl.

4. I loved it when you asked me if I wanted you to fuck me.

5. I loved it when you pulled me up off my knees so I knew you were ready for me to go to the bed so you could fuck me.

6. I loved laying on the bed on my back waiting for you to mount me.

7. I loved burying my head between your legs and licking your balls.

8. I loved how you told me that after you started shaving your balls you discovered how much you liked having them played with, licked and sucked.

9. I loved thinking about other women licking your balls.

10. I loved climbing up on your hard cock in reverse cowgirl with my ass in your face.

11. I loved how you fingered my ass while I rode your cock.

12. I loved holding on to your feet while I fucked you upside down.

13. I loved it when you told me to put my butt plug in.

14. I loved lubing up my butt plug and sliding it in my ass while you watched.

15. I loved it when you pendik escort put me on my hands and knees and fucked my pussy while my ass was full with the butt plug.

16. I loved when I was on top of you riding your cock and you reached around and shoved the butt plug deeper in my ass.

17. I loved lying next to you while you slept with my butt plug buried deep in my ass.

18. I loved the way my ass clenched on the butt plug so you really had to pull hard to yank it out of my ass so you could replace it with your cock.

19. I loved the way you lubed my ass up and fingered my asshole with lube before you fucked my ass.

20. I loved how you got me to put my feet on your shoulders so you could fuck my ass deep.

21. I loved how you got me to push myself against you while you were stroking my asshole.

22. I loved how hard and deep you fucked my ass.

23. I loved the look on your face while you fucked my ass hard.

24. I loved the feeling of your belly rubbing against my clit while you fucked my ass.

25. I loved it when you were sleeping and I pushed my body up against yours and told you that I wanted you to fuck me again.

26. I loved it when, just a few seconds later, I reached for your cock and found it rock hard.

27. I loved it when you told me just hearing me tuzla escort telling you I wanted you to fuck me makes your cock hard.

28. I loved it when you were on top of me giving me short quick strokes. Those kinds of strokes just make me feel like a puppy in heat finally getting relief.

29. I loved it when you’d surprise me by switching from short quick to strokes to deep hard ones that made me gasp.

30. I loved it when you fucked me doggie. I love it when you grab my hips and give it to me. I try to remember to push back against you like you like me to do, but sometimes it feels so good when you’re completely in control and all I have to do is take whatever you’re giving me.

31. I loved it when we were lying there snuggling, I was rubbing your cock a little, and you suddenly told me to roll over. I thought you just wanted to snuggle in a different position but you surprised me by sliding your cock into my swollen pussy.

32. I loved how, while you were fucking me that way, you were behind me and I couldn’t see your face but I could feel your breath and you told me how my pussy drives you crazy.

33. I loved it when I was on top of you and I asked you to grab my hips and fuck me the way you fucked my friend.

34. I loved admitting to you that it made me a little jealous to watch you fuck ümraniye escort her like that because I wanted you to fuck me that way too.

35. I loved it when you grabbed my hips and fucked me the way you fucked her.

36. I loved it when you made me squat down over your cock and impale myself with your manhood.

37. I loved riding back and forth on your cock and moving my hips around in circles while I was on top of you.

38. I loved lying there next to you, feeling very satisfied but thinking about how much I love the way you finger me. So I decided to ask you to finger me, and you said “Of course.”

39. I loved lying on my back with my legs spread wide while you fingered me hard and fast until I came.

40. I loved that you took a break and then started doing it again, this time with two fingers.

41. I love how big and strong your hands are.

42. I loved lifting my hips so you could finger fuck me deeper and harder.

43. I loved it when I admitted to you that I wanted you to straddle my face and feed me your cock, and you asked me if I wanted you to do that right now?

44. I loved it when you straddled my face and fed me your cock, right then.

45. I loved how you fucked my mouth.

46. I loved the feeling of your balls against my chin while I sucked your cock.

47. I loved how you slid your cock deep into my throat.

48. I loved how you slid your hands all over my whole body while I laid on my belly next to you after you’d fed me your cock for a nice long time.

49. I love everything about your body.

50. I love everything about the way you fuck me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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