All’s Fair in Love , Lust Ch. 01

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It never occurred to me that I was attracted to my boyfriend’s best friend, that is until I walked in on him and my best friend, Beth, having sex. It was purely accidental, I swear. Beth was always one of those quiet lovers, never letting her voice get above normal standards. I kind of had personal experience with that, that’s how I know. It’s not that I’m bisexual, she just hadn’t had sex for a really long time and had asked for my help. And since she was my friend I gave it to her.

Then she met Al, through my boyfriend Josh. And she hasn’t looked back since. It’s funny how you can know someone for a long time, know their ins and outs, but then you always find something that surprises you. I definitely got surprised when I walked in on Beth and Al together.

When I opened that door I could only stand speechless. There was Beth in all her naked glory running a ridding crop over Al’s chest, and he was definitely enjoying it. He was forced against the wall, naked and with an obvious hard-on that would put most guys to shame. Neither one had seen me yet so I took the opportunity to really look at Al. I mean I knew he liked the movies, “Scarface” was his favorite, had a competitive streak a mile long, and was Josh’s best friend. But I guess I had never really looked at him as anything else.

Beth was still unaware that I was in her doorway so she just simply continued, taking leather straps and sliding them up Al’s thighs, roughly taking his balls in her mouth and slapping his ass, none too gently, with the straps. Al’s head was slammed against the wall as he came, his seed running down between Beth’s breasts like a creek in a mountain valley. When they finally moved to the bed, I made my exit. Very turned on and in need of release, so I called Josh.

As soon as he came over I felt the need to attack him, but didn’t. Even when he followed me to bedroom I didn’t touch him, I don’t know why, I just didn’t. We only ended up messing around and I did get my orgasm, but the whole time my mind was elsewhere. I kept wondering what Al was like in bed, how his penis would feel inside me. Thinking those things made me cringe inside. I loved Josh, I would never in a million years hurt him, but at the same time I wanted someone else.

Both of us a little on the frustrated side, Josh left and I promised I would talk to him tomorrow. As soon as Josh left Al came out of Beth’s room to take a shower. He said his usual “hey” to me but he looked at me and winked. He had seen me. Oh great, just wonderful, now I’ll have my boyfriend and my best friend hating bursa escort me. I just walked back into my room and fell on my bed, wanting to sleep, wanting to dream, wanting a drink. Raiding my mini-fridge that held my goodies, I decided to get good and drunk and forget about this new feeling about Al.

When a knock came on my door I just lay in silence, sipping my alcohol. Hoping they’d go away I guess. But then they spoke through the door.

“Hannah, can I come in.” It was Al. Oh great, again!

“What do you want.” I was quickly becoming aroused again but that put me in a bitchy mood because it wasn’t Josh.

“I just need to talk to you.”

“Can’t it wait?”

“I don’t think I want it to.” When he said that I had to wonder what he really wanted. So against my better judgment I got up and opened the door. He stood there, still wet in places and only with a towel around his waist. I only looked at him, not moving to let him in but I really wanted to.

“What can I do for you?” I asked him.

He simply put his hand on the back of my head and kissed me. I was shocked, aroused, and angry all at once, but I didn’t stop him.

“I know you saw us.” he told me, when his lips left mine.

I never blush but I could feel my cheeks getting warm. He overtook my mouth again, this time with more demanding and I gave in. His tongue drove into my mouth and I felt like crying. I gently placed my hands on his chest and pushed on him a little, but the more he kissed me the weaker I became. Stepping backwards into my room his hands were in my hair, devouring my mouth with his. Josh was a great kisser, but nothing like this. Feeling in a new world I was forced to follow my instincts.

I wrapped my arms around his neck as he lifted me up so I could wrap my legs around him. I imagined that Beth was asleep because I am sure Al would have never come to me if she was awake, but I found that I didn’t care. For once in my life I just didn’t care.

Placing me on the bed, he slowly undressed me. Flowing his fingertips over patches of my skin I trembled. My nipples cried for attention and he obliged them, taking on in his mouth as his fingers worked magic on the other one. Raking my nails across his back, I ended up at the edge of his towel. Letting it slide off of him, I could feel his erection pulsing steady against my thigh.

I whispered, “please” to him and he knew I was ready.

He shoved himself gently into me, making it last. Feelings of warm pleasure spread through me as I wrapped my legs around him once again. His bursa escort bayan thrusts were steady and sure and it only took me minutes before I achieved my goal. As I was coming he was talking to me, but I didn’t clearly understand him. Then I realized he was just talking dirty to me to reach his own height. I stopped him. Rolling him over so I was on top, I showed him a side that I’m sure surprised him.

Sitting on him, while he was still inside of me, I leaned over to his ear and whispered, “ride me hard.”

That was all it took. He smiled at me and drove us over the edge again. My back was arched as he drove up into me with hard abandonment. Unlike Beth I was a loud lover, I loved to make noise. Even though he knew Beth was next door, he never tried to quiet me. His one last plunge forced us both into climax.

Laying next to him, tired in a pleasurable way, he told me something that surprised me yet again that night.

“Josh likes it rough, you know.”

I had no idea. Sex with Josh was always fun, gentle and very enjoyable. But I knew he meant like it was with him and Beth. Still tired from sex and alcohol I fell asleep somewhere in between not knowing what to say and saying good night.

In the morning I woke up and there was a box on my bed. I opened it and inside was a pair of leather-trimmed handcuffs and a long piece of leather strap. I laughed and smiled at myself. I knew exactly who I wanted to try them on.

Calling Josh I made him meet me for breakfast. I apologized for being somewhat spacey the night before but I promised I’d make it up to him. He quirked his eyebrow at me and smiled when he felt my naked foot nudging at the erection in his pants. We barely made it through breakfast.

Back at my apartment we started undressing before even hitting the living room, he apparently hadn’t gotten the release I had last night, but even though I did I was still just as aroused as him. Slipping his tongue in my mouth we kissed our tongues fucking each other. Moaning I roughly pulled him against me, his erection had grown since leaving the restaurant. Lifting me up against him with one arm and opening my bedroom door with the other, he carried me inside.

Smiling, with my sly secret, I stepped away from him as he quickly undressed himself. I stripped until I was only in my underwear. Reaching for the box I took out the handcuffs and approached him. Walking with swaying hips in my matching black bra and bikini’s. I held up the handcuffs by one finger and raised an eyebrow in question at him.

He slowly escort bursa nodded and I could see his penis throb with more anticipation. Snapping the cuffs on one of his wrists I led him to my bed. Using the other cuff as a type of leash I yanked him to me and he came with no trouble. Kissing him like Al had kissed me, I raised his arms above his head and snapped the other cuff on his naked wrist.

Shoving him on the bed with his arms bound together like a prisoner made my clit throb with power. I took the keys to the cuff and hung them from my belly button ring. Still semi-clothed I stood above him and ran my tongue over his lips, not entering them or sucking them, just licking.

Taking the leather piece from the box I dangled it over him like a cat toy. Letting the end of it gently graze his skin, over his chest, down his stomach and I purposely skipped his throbbing member and testicles. He squirmed and halfway begged for me. I grinned at him as I lay the leather strap on his stomach, right below his belly button and right above his penis. Pressing down on the sides, making him unable to move his pelvis, I took him into my mouth. As me head came up, my teeth grazed him gently, and when it went down my tongue made him wet.

Going through this action for almost five minutes made me soaking and it was making him try his hardest to control himself. So when I stopped I took the leather strap and tied his bound hands to my headboard. Seeing the red marks on his stomach from our earlier confrontation, I kissed the line along his hips.

Looking at his penis and knowing it so well, I knew he was almost ready to burst. Sliding off the bed I took off my last remaining bits of clothes. My pussy was dripping and I was ready to quench its thirst for more. I straddled his hips and sat down on him, his steel rod sliding easily into me. He leaned his head back and moaned, I sighed. I felt safe in my world again.

Letting him ride me at any speed, I was thrust into a dream. My hair kept falling forward and back as I let my body rock with the motions and I shoved into him as he drove into me, the friction making it the best sex we’d ever had. He tried to make it slow, and I grabbed his ass and shoved him up into me. This made it impossible for him to even try.

He rammed into me with renewed strength and we both climaxed into each other with great shouts and cries. He was still slightly pumping into me when I leaned over and he grabbed a nipple with his teeth, prolonging our orgasms.

Finally spent, I untied his hands and took off the keys to unlock him. His wrists were red and raw. I kissed them and as we were about to fall asleep. He told me something that shocked the hell out of me.

“I know you slept with Al.”

To Be Continued in Chapter 2…

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