Almost Brothers

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Author’s notes:

Picture Rusty: Gay. 5′ 11″, medium build, toned, slightly hairy. Dark hair, handsome. roughly 33 years old.

Picture Scott: Straight. 6′ 2″, husky build, toned. slighty more hairy than Rusty. Brown hair, handsome. A few months older than Rusty.

Picture Cooper: Gay. 5′ 8″, stocky build, well muscled, well toned. some hair on chest, dark treasure trail. More handsome than Rusty and Scott, but not a “pretty boy”. roughly 31 years old.



Rusty Jordan was sitting on the sofa, watching TV. His roommate, Scott Barber, hadn’t come home from work yet but it was only two hours from when he normally gets home. A few minutes later, Scott walked in the house. He sat down on the sofa next to Rusty who noticed Scott’s eyes were red as if he had been crying.

“Is something wrong?” Rusty asked.

“I visited Mom’s grave.”

“Oh. You ok?”

“No,” Scott said and leaned to Rusty. “Hold me.” Rusty took him in his arms as Scott began to cry. Rusty held him tightly as the sobs racked through Scott’s body. Rusty held his former foster brother without saying anything, just held him until Scott was done crying. After a few minutes, Scott pulled from Rusty and wiped at the tears in his eyes.

“What brought this on?” Rusty asked.

Scott sighed. Then he dug into his right rear pant pocket and pulled out an envelope. “Read this,” Scott said and handed the envelope to Rusty.

First, Rusty read the return address. “It’s from the prison?” Rusty asked. Scott nodded. Rusty put his arm around Scott who relaxed against him as he pulled a sheet of paper from the envelope and read it. His eyebrows rose. “He’s eligible for parole? I don’t believe it!”

“Yeah, that’s a pisser,” Scott said.

“I don’t believe it!”

“Well, it says he’s “eligible” it doesn’t mean they are gonna let him out. Besides, its been 15 years now so I guess its time.”

“It says you can give testimony on his behalf.”

“When hell freezes over,” Scott said.

“So what are you going to do?”

“I’m gonna go up there and tell them they can’t let that lousy piece of dog shit go free, that’s what I’m gonna do.”

“Are you really?”

“Fuck yeah! And I hope he’s there when I tell them. I hope he’s there when I tell them I don’t want that fucker no where near me, near you, near your folks or anyone else!”

“Good. That’s what you should do.” Rusty handed the letter back to Scott, who shoved it back into his pocket. They sat there together for a moment. Then Rusty asked, “Are you hungry? There’s left over fried chicken in the ‘fridge.”

“No, I think I’m just gonna lie down.”


“See ya in the morning,” Scott said as he got up and went to his bedroom.

An hour or so later, Rusty went to his room. However, he looked in Scott’s bedroom and saw him in his bed, lying on his side wearing only his boxer shorts. He was awake and staring off into nothing. Rusty went into the room.

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah, just bummed out, I guess.”

Rusty sat on the bed and Scott rolled over onto his back. He rubbed his chest and then moved his arm over his head and closed his eyes. Rusty reached out and put his hand on Scott’s broad chest. He began to massage him there.

Scott sighed. “You haven’t touched me like this in years.”

“I figured you were due.” Rusty moved his hand to Scott’s stomach and fingered the circle of hair around Scott’s navel.

Scott whispered to Rusty. “Make me feel better?”

“Sure,” Rusty whispered. He moved his hand to Scott’s underwear and began to rub him through the material. Scott’s dick grew under Rusty’s fingers until it was rigid and pointing towards his navel. Rusty parted the fly, slightly, and rubbed his fingertips over the top ridge of Scott’s dick. Then he reached inside and massaged Scott’s big balls, feeling the hairy, crinkly skin of the scrotum. Next, Rusty worked Scott’s cock and balls out of the fly and continued to play with Scott’s balls while his cock grew stiff, holding itself an inch over Scott’s body. The huge, blunt head flared and the shaft throbbed over his belly. Rusty traveled his fingers up to the ridge of the glans while watching Scott’s nuts floating around in their sac.

“Mmm. That feels good, Rusty.”

Rusty held Scott’s cock up and ran his fingers through the large expanse of dark brown pubic hair surrounding the organ. He squeezed the shaft and a small drop of precum appeared at the tip. He dabbed a fingertip in the precum and let it form a small, clear thread. Then, Rusty rubbed his finger around the head. Next, he leaned over and spit some saliva on the head and then started pumping Scott’s cock up and down, alternating with a hard and soft squeeze, slowly at first, then faster and faster, again, squeezing hard and softly. It took both of Rusty’s hands to hold the entire eight inch, thick shaft. Another spit, now, and Rusty pumped Scott faster.

“Yes. That’s it. Yes,” Scott hissed through clenched teeth.

Rusty dropped one hand to Scott’s tipobet365 yeni giriş balls and pulled on them. He let his fingers massage Scott under his nuts, producing more precum. In this way, he masturbated Scott for several minutes until Scott began to moan. He tossed his head from side to side, occasionally looking down to watch Rusty jacking him. Rusty felt Scott’s cock grow increasingly hard until he knew Scott was going to come.

Then, Rusty stopped. He let go of Scott’s dick and moved his hands to Scott’s thighs. “Fuck, don’t stop, Rusty!” Scott said. “I’m so close!” Rusty grinned. He leaned over and kissed Scott’s chest. He kissed him there, and then kissed his nipples, licking and biting them, also. Scott writhed under him. “Oh fuck!” Rusty kissed down Scott’s broad chest and stomach, pausing to lick his navel while Scott’s dick head brushed against his chin. Rusty grabbed the dick and held it up, again. He kissed and chewed his way into Scott’s bush, enjoying the musky scent which defined Scott.

Next, Rusty sat up again. He gripped one of Scott’s nipples in his fingers. He teased the huge nub, rubbing his fingers over it. Scott reached out and grabbed Rusty’s head. He pulled Rusty’s face to his nipple. Rusty sucked and chewed Scott there. He grabbed Scott’s cock with both hands and started jacking him hard and fast. Scott’s dick grew intensely hard in his hands. His balls contracted next to his body. “Uh Uh Uh Uh Uhhhh Uhhh AHHH!” Cum flew out of Scott’s cock and landed on this chest. One huge drop landed on Rusty’s cheek. Two more full streams followed, coating his hairy stomach in great drops, then more and more cum streamed out, coating Rusty’s hand with the hot, white liquid. It dribbled down Scott’s long cock and pooled in his thick bush. Scott fell back onto the bed, breathing hard and fast.

The distinctive odor of semen filled Rusty’s nostrils and he wanted to taste Scott. However, he didn’t. He continued to pump Scott until his flow ended. Then Rusty let go of the softening organ. He went to Scott’s bathroom, washed his hands and then brought a towel to Scott who cleaned himself.

“I’m hungry now,” Scott said as he rolled off the bed and pushed his soft dick into his under shorts.

Rusty got up to leave. “There’s chicken in the ‘fridge.”

“Yeah. And…ummmm….thanks.” Scott said. “I do feel better.”

Rusty nodded to Scott as they left the bedroom. Scott headed for the kitchen and Rusty went to his bedroom and then took a shower. A few minutes later, he joined Scott in the living room. Scott was watching ESPN’s SportsCenter while sucking the meat off a chicken leg. “I almost forgot to tell ya,” Scott began. He licked his fingers and wiped them on a napkin. “Andy called me today. He scheduled us for a couple of games, one on Thursday and the other a couple of weeks from now.

“Cool.” Rusty said as he plopped down on the sofa. “Who are we playing against Thursday?”

“The Reds.”

“And in a couple of weeks?”

“The Dragons, I think that was the name.”

“I know we’ve played the Reds but have we played the Dragons before?”

“Not yet this year, but we played them a couple of times last year, I think before you started playing. Not too shabby. If I remember right, we’re one and one.”

“Tie breaker, then?”

“I guess so.” Scott chomped on the chicken leg again and shoved mashed potatoes behind it.

Hours later, Rusty woke up on the sofa. He fingered the remote control to turn off the TV and then headed for his bedroom. He paused in front of Scott’s bedroom door and slowly opened it. The TV was on, casting a glow over the sleeping man. Rusty looked at him with genuine love as if Scott was his real brother. He was glad he let Scott move in with him after all those years. It was good to have him around again. Rusty closed the door and went to bed.


A couple of weeks later, Rusty drove into his driveway and noticed Scott’s truck was up on brackets and Scott was underneath it. All he could see of Scott was from the waist down: large but firm stomach, nice package and thick thighs encased in denim. Rusty got out of his truck and walked to where Scott lay.

“Hey, Mr. Mechanic, can I hold your tool?”

“Here, hold this!” Scott said from under the truck. His hand appeared, grabbing his crotch.

Rusty squatted down and peered under the truck at his shirtless brother. “What are you doing?”

“I’m trying to get this fucking nut off!” Scott replied.

“I’ll get your nut off.”

“I knew you would say that,” Scott said as he rolled himself out from under the truck. “Hand me a socket wrench and three-eighth’s socket.”

Rusty found the wrench and socket and handed it to Scott. “Thanks, Bro.” Scott said and pushed himself under the truck. Rusty watched Scott’s biceps bulging as he wrestled with the stuck nut. Then the wrench moved. “Gotcha, you bitch!” Rusty put his hand on Scott’s thigh. He moved his hand up to Scott’s crotch. “Cut it out, Rusty, before I have to use my tool on ya!”

“Is tipobet365 giriş that a promise or a threat?”

Scott glanced at Rusty from under the truck. “You fuckin’ perv.”

“While you’re at it, change my oil, ok?” Rusty asked as he stood. “I left the keys in it.”

“Ok, just as soon as I finish here.”

“Thanks, Bro.”

“No prob.”

Soon, Scott came into the house. “I changed your oil. Your good for another 3000 miles, dude.”

“Thanks man, do I owe you anything for the oil?”

“I could use a blowjob,” Scott said jokingly.

“In your dreams, Scott. Go get cleaned up. We have a game tonight.”

“That’s where I’m headed.”


Rusty and Scott were at their baseball game. The league they are on is nothing fancy, just a bunch of guys on different teams having fun. They don’t play for money or glory, just for bragging rights. Rusty was sitting in the dugout as his team was up at bat and was checking out the catcher for the other team. The man was about Rusty’s age, he guessed, with dark black hair. He was short and stocky with huge arms and thick thighs. But the man’s best attribute, Rusty determined, was his ass. It was rounded, thick and meaty, like two bowling balls. The catcher’s striped pants hugged his body like a glove. Rusty watched as the man squatted to receive pitch and imagined him squatting on something else. Rusty nudged Scott who was sitting beside him. “Do you know him, the catcher?”

Scott looked at the man. “I think that’s Coop. Mark Cooper is his name but he goes by Coop. I don’t know him well, only met him a couple of times. Why? You got the hots for him.”

“He’s fucking fine!” Rusty said.

Scott looked back to Rusty, “Rumor has it he bats on your team.”

“No shit?”

“I don’t know it as fact, but that’s what I’ve heard.”

“Damn, he’s got a nice ass,” Rusty told Scott. Then they heard the Umpire call the last out for the inning so Scott got up and grabbed his glove. Rusty continued to sit on the bench and watched the catcher’s ass as he strutted to his dugout.

Scott tossed a glove to Rusty which hit him upside the head. “Are you gonna play or stare at his ass?”

“I’d like to stare at his ass some more,” Rusty said.

“Come on, you perv, lets get this game over. And then its Miller Time!”

Afterwards, most of the guys on the team headed to a local sports bar, The Goal Post, to celebrate the win and hash out the game together. Rusty liked hanging out with the guys there, enjoyed the “male bonding”. Most of them knew he was gay and it was no big deal.

After about an hour, the guys were having fun, joking around and harassing the young, pretty, red haired, big-boobed waitress. Sitting next to Rusty, Scott guzzled on his beer and then tapped Rusty on the shoulder to get his attention. Rusty turned to him as Scott reached into his back pocket and produced an envelope. “Read this,” Scott said as he handed the envelope to Rusty.

Rusty looked at the return address. “Another letter from the prison?”

“Yes.” Scott replied, again drinking from his beer bottle. He watched Rusty reading the letter and saw his eyes grow large.

“I don’t fucking believe it!” Rusty said.

“Isn’t that a fucking kick in the head?”

“They granted his parole?!”

“Stupid, fucking goddamn sons of bitches. Yeah.”


“I don’t want to alarm you but….watch your back, Bro, ok?”

“Fuck! What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know.”

“Do you think…” Rusty began.

“I don’t know what to think. You were there, you know what he said.”

“I should call Mom and Dad, I guess, and let them know.” Rusty sighed.

“That would be a good idea,” Scott agreed. Then he said, “Look, Rusty, I’m sorry about this.”

“Scott, its not your fault. You and I both know that.”

“All the same, I feel bad.”

“First thing you should do, get a restraining order, just in case.”

“I did that today. You should probably mention that to your folks. I included our address, my work address, and your work address on the restraining order. But your folks will have to do their’s on their own.”

“Look, Bro, I’m here for you. Just like always.”

“I know, Rusty. I love you like a brother, you know that.” Tears formed in Scott’s eyes as he absently tore the label on his beer bottle.

“Likewise, Scott. Like a brother.” Rusty put his arm around him.

“Fuck this,” Scott said. “He doesn’t get out for a couple of weeks so, fuck it. Let’s have some fun. I’m going to get another beer. Ready for a refill, Rusty?”


“Good, while I’m there, I’m gonna try and get that red-haired pussy to come home with me. I need to get laid.” Scott winked at Rusty who smiled at him.

When Scott returned, he had two beers in hand and three guys following him. “Look what I found, guys,” he said to the table, “These losers where at the bar.” Behind Scott were three men from the Dragons, the team they beat tonight. Scott introduced the men to tipobet365 güvenilirmi his team. “This is Randy, John and this is Coop!” While he said Cooper’s name, Scott, again, winked at Rusty. The guys introduced themselves although some knew the other team members. Chairs were pulled from a nearby table however, Scott offered his chair to Cooper.

“Coop! Sit here!” Scott said.

“Thanks.” Cooper said to him as he sat down.

“Coop, this is my brother, Rusty.”

Cooper held out his hand and they shook. “Nice to meet you, Coop,” Rusty said and gazed into Cooper’s colbalt eyes and broad smile with solid white teeth. He had his baseball cap on, facing backward. Very sexy, Rusty thought. Cooper had jet black hair which stuck out in all directions from under the cap. It hung around his ears and curled at the ends looking unkempt and yet sexy at the same time. In front, Cooper’s hair dangled over his forehead.

“Same here,” Cooper said. It was then Scott leaned down to Coop and whispered something in his ear. “Really?” Cooper asked and then looked at Rusty.

“What did he just tell you?” Rusty asked.

“Ummm…nothing.” Cooper replied.

Rusty looked up at Scott who shrugged his shoulders. Rusty started to ask Scott what the hell was going on when the red-haired, big boobed waitress came up behind Scott and wrapped her arm around him.

“Hey, big boy, I get off at eleven,” she said. Scott turned around and smiled at her.

“Ok, so when do I get off ON you,” Scott told her before he followed her away from them.

Rusty and Cooper laughed as they watched them leave. “He can be so charming,” Rusty said sarcastically to Cooper.

“I don’t thing charm is what she’s after,” Cooper replied. Then Rusty and Cooper joined the guys in the conversation about tonight’s game, having a heated, but friendly, discussion about a controversial call the umpire made at one point in the game. Nothing was settled, nothing was agreed upon by either team, but they all had fun razzing each other about it.

Soon, Cooper got up, mentioning he had to piss and left the table and Rusty watched the man’s round ass walk away, noticing the tell-tale indentations of a jock strap framing his butt. Mmmm, Rusty thought. He waited a discretionary amount of time before getting up and heading to the men’s room, himself. Once inside the men’s room, he saw Cooper was the only man in there, standing at a urinal. Rusty approached the one next to him, unzipped his pants and began to piss.

“You don’t buy beer, you just rent it,” Cooper mentioned as he saw Rusty next to him.

“That’s no lie,” Rusty replied. He glanced down as Cooper shook his dick. Rusty noticed he was uncircumcised and detected dark, black pubic hair around it before Cooper stuffed his dick into his pants and walked to the wash basin.

“Even though we lost, I enjoyed the game tonight,” Cooper announced as he washed his hands.

“Me, too,” Rusty said. “I love playing ball. Scott and I were on the varsity team in high school.” Rusty finished pissing. He shook the last remaining drops from his dick before turning to face Cooper. With his dick still hanging out, he looked at Cooper and saw the eye movement as Cooper glanced down quickly. Rusty zipped his pants and walked to the wash basin. He looked at Cooper in the mirror as he washed his hands. “You guys have a good catcher.”

“I’m the catcher.”

Rusty turned the water off and reached for the towel dispenser next to Cooper. He looked at him. “Yes, I know.”

“I appreciate the compliment. I’ve been a catcher since I was in college. Do you ever pitch?” Cooper asked, staring into Rusty’s eyes.

“That depends on who’s catching.” Rusty was inches from Cooper.

“I hope you can pitch for me sometime, you know, if you want to,” Coop said.

“I’d like that, in fact, I was thinking, Id like to….” Rusty was interrupted by the men’s room door opening. A man nodded to them and walked to a urinal. “….pitch tonight.” Rusty finished.

“Do you pitch fast or slow?” Cooper asked with a slight smile.

“I like to start off slow, and then give them the fast ball.”

It was then the man looked back at them questionably.

Rusty and Cooper chuckled together and then acted casual as they left the men’s room and walked back to the table. Scott was there, sitting alone.

“Where is everyone?” Rusty asked as he sat down next to him. Cooper sat next to Rusty.

“They left. Fucking pussies!” Scott drank heavily from his beer.

“And you’re drunk,” Rusty said.

“I am not.” Scott slurred his words.

“Scott, give me your keys.”

“No, I can’t, Gina is coming home with me.”

“Who is Gina?” Rusty asked.

“The waitress with the big fucking tits! She’s gonna make Scott feel so good!”

Rusty rolled his eyes. “Scott, man, you can’t drive, dude. Give me your keys. I’ll give them to Gina and she can drive.”

“You swear? You swear you’ll give them to her? Because, I think I love her.”

“You don’t love her. You just want to fuck her.”

“Yeah, fuck. That’s what I want to do to her. Just like you want to do with what’s his name, Coop, yeah, Cooper, you want to fuck him?” Scott drunkenly leaned forward to look at Cooper. “Rusty likes you. He likes your ass, dude. He wants to……”

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