Alpine Holiday

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It was like any other vacation; me and my family going up to visit the relatives for a birthday party, and coming home afterwards. It was my aunt’s birthday party specifically, she was turning 38, and the party was supposed to be a big smash because everyone was invited. She told us to invite whomever we wanted to, so I pulled along some of my long-time friends Ernie and David, and I told my sister to bring some of her friends. At the time I was 20, and my sister and her friends were who knows how old. I was hoping she might bring one of her more “loose” friends mainly because I hadn’t had a girl for almost four years, and hadn’t had sex for almost six! Little did I know that the fantasies roiling in my head would soon rage on in real life…

We got in the Cavalier and rolled up to Alpine, a mountainous village on the outskirts of San Diego County, where many a rich man lives. My Uncle, being semi-wealthy, had recently gotten a new house up there with a swimming pool and yard, and he explained that it was the best up there when it got hot. And boy did it get hot! 90, 95, 100 degrees Farenheit and soon everyone who was out on the patio was getting ready to dive into his huge pool. By everybody I meant my parents and family, some of their work friends and me, Ern, and David. But there was no sign of my sister, or her friends. She would be coming with my other aunt and my cousin Jason, who was also 18. So meanwhile, we played horseshoes, drank and ate our fill, swam up a storm, and sat around waiting for the fight to start. Oh yes, fight of the century everyone claimed! Tyson versus Holyfield! I was so anxious that I didn’t even notice my sister stroll in with her two friends, and my cousin Jason. He had a grin on his face and he walked up to me.

“Wassup Shaun?”

“Aw…nothin man, just sitting around waiting for the fight, you know. What’s goin on?”

“Man, you see those two girls? That one is Yvette and the other is Haquel”

He pointed to them, both with darkish brown hair and eyes, about the same body type too; firm breasts, but not too large, and tight asses that most Spanish girls are known for. I figured they were Spanish because of their features. Yvette came up to me and said hi and I politely shook her hand. Haquel however seemed timid, so I gave her a hug, a strangely spontaneous move that would pay off later for me. She seemed relaxed and relieved after I held her, but not without strange looks from my sister and my friends. I blew off their disdain at my actions and went back to the pool. While mostly everyone was inside eating, I swam a few laps outside waiting for the girls to jump in. I knew they were coming because my sister göztepe escort bayan told me she was gonna change and come in.

When they did come out I nearly died from the blood rushing from my head to my, uh, other head. I sitffened quickly as my dreams walked before me. Both Haquel and Yvette in skimpy two piece bathing suits, and my sister laughing with them and walking toward me. They jumped in and I couldn’t help but watch the whole time. I noticed now that Yvette had a little more in the breast region while Haquel was more tan and thin than anything else. I swam around quietly oogling them for a while until my sister swam over and told me something that changed my whole night.

“Shaun, my friend Haquel over there said she likes you and wants you to do her.” She giggled the whole way through it and nearly drowned in the process. But it got to me. All I could think about was ripping the bathing suit off of Haquel and just plowing into her soft, milky pussy. I shook my head and said, “Well, that’s something now isn’t it. Um, I guess you can tell her I will meet her in Terry’s room tonight.” Terry was my little cousin, about 6 years old, and his room was one of the many in the house.

Well, after that I got out of the pool and hurried into the house to tell my friends and brag about how I was gonna get some and they were shit out of luck. Jason laughed and said he was getting some so he wasn’t worried, and that he was gonna get Yvette. I shook his hand jokingly and said, ” Thanks for joining the club, man.” We laughed it up for a little bit, though my friends Ernie and David weren’t amused. Soon the night was closing in and the party began. BOOZE. Yep, lots of it. We had Goldschlager, Kamikazee, rum, beer, wine, everything. My uncle and aunt are big hard liquor drinkers so they pulled out their bartending kits and made some nasty mixers like “the four horsemen of the apocalypse”, one of my many favorites. In a few hours nearly everyone was thoroughly smashed and soon the fight would start.

So everyone took their seat around the living room, all the adults up front, while me, Yvette, Haquel, and my sister were on the back couch. Ernie and David left, and Jason was up with his Dad. The fight began and I hardly paid attention. The whole time I was glancing out the corner of my eyes trying to peek at Haquel. She was so damn beautiful with her dark curls and luscious red lips, sipping on her margarita. Soon she laid back and dozed off while my sister leaned on her. Me and Yvette were leaning on each other talking about the fight a little when she all of a sudden stopped and looked halkalı escort bayan at me. I looked back and noticed she had a peculiar notion in her eyes. She leaned down closer to me and put her head down towards my lap, while I sat rigid and nervous as to what she was doing. She was face down on my lap when I heard her say something, “Does this make you happy?” I stuttered a yes and she smiled at me. She unzipped me and threw a blanket over us, and crawled under.

I was deathly afraid we would get caught, so I kept looking around. Both my sister and Haquel were sleeping, and everyone else was engrossed in the match. I felt a grasping on my cock and I knew she was already getting frisky. She pulled it out and got my 8 incher hard just by her touch. I was gasping quietly as she rubbed it, and the sensation of being fucked by someone I couldn’t see crossed my mind. I looked down at the blanket and saw it move and then wham! Warm flowing honey and buzzing of bees, flowers and music, and the blanket bobbed up and down. She was sucking me off, something I have never experienced until now, and it was hellacious. I shook and my knees twitched at the new feeling. I felt a rush and I knew I was gonna lose it soon so I tried to whisper to her. But she didn’t respond. I tried to pull her up but the blanket made it difficult. All of a sudden my legs locked up and I sat upright and came. I blew so many shots I soon felt her release and warm gushes were splattering on my legs. I felt icky and wonderful all at the same time. My head was swimming in pleasure, but hers, swimming in my ball juice. She came up and wiped the residues off her face and smiled at me and went to the bathroom. I followed, but she wouldn’t let me get any off her just yet, so I went to the room to wait for Haquel.

I waited almost an hour and I wondered what happened to everyone and the fight. I knew it would end soon and we should be heading home, and me without getting Haquel in bed. I walked out to see everyone leaving except my parents who were asleep. My Uncle told me that they were just gonna have to stay and I would have to go in the morning. I was overjoyed, so much so that I walked over to Haquel and picked her up to bring her to the room. She woke up smiling in my arms, and her cocoa butter scent tingled my nose. She pulled close to me and nuzzled at my neck a little, arms around my neck. I brought her to the room and busted out my dick, still creamy from Yvette’s mouth.

I put the condom on and began to take her clothes off quickly, then I lay her down on the bed. She was so helpless and innocent, bald and fresh, ikitelli escort bayan warm and sticky with sweat. The alcohol was making her still and peacable, which made it so much better for me. I eased my dick into her with no foreplay, I needed her tightness so bad I couldn’t get down to the usual licking and kissing I normally would do. I pushed in and it went slowly; she was no virgin but she sure was tight. I pushed it as far as it would go then began my rhythmic strokes. I began a decent pace which was making her squirm a little, but as soon as I started speeding up she began to buck and moan, and being I was afraid again I told her to put a pillow on her head to keep quiet. She did and I resumed. I could still hear he little moans and cries as I pumped into her, 20 mins, 30 mins, as time flew by. I gave it to her doggy-style, ripping into her from behind while savoring the smack of her ass. Eventually I blew my load, and I was tired. I had never gone so long, it must have been the blow job I had gotten earlier that strengthened me. I looked at her, peaceful and pleased, lying on the bed naked and sweaty. She was on her stomach and was still grinding her hips a little. I smacked her on the bottom and told her there would be more where that came from, and then I went to the bathroom to clean up a little.

I strolled in and was about to turn on the water when I looked in the mirror to see what was behind me. It was Yvette, she was hiding in the tub looking at me. I turned around and pulled the curtain open so I could see her totally and she was naked! I nearly died when I saw her; large breasts for a 18? year old, fat pussy, slim hips, hands on her legs. She began to stroke herself and I began to harden again. Damn I wanted her. I picked her up and took her in my arms, thinking about how Jason would be angry that I was gonna fuck this girl real bad and she would not want him ever again. I shook my head a little and got on my knees. I spread her pussy a little with my fingers and began to chow down, licking all over and poking and blowing, making her hips rock and her lips moist. She began to reach for my cock, and I knew it was time to take the plunge again.

I put her over the toilet and pressed in from behind her, easing my rod slowly in that creamy pussy. It responded quickly, swallowing me and pulling hard as I moved in and out of it. She gasped and tried to stand up but it was too much for her. I picked up the pace and drilled her until she came a few times. I laughed as she began to convulse a third time and noticed my balls getting ready to spew themselves out. So I pulled her down and got her face near the tip, and made her stroke me. It only took three pumps and I blew all over her face. I loved watching it hit her cheeks, her hair, and nose and run onto the floor. It was everywhere, but I didn’t care. It wasn’t my house. I thought to myself that this had to be the greatest day ever in my whole sexual life. But I was wrong. There was a better day. But that’s for another time. My hand hurts. I bet yours does too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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