An Affair has Consequences

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I wonder how many Lit readers have experienced an ‘affair’ from one side or the other. The emotions, the feelings of excitement, guilt, lust, remorse, deception, even love. And then there are the reasons why it happened.

I’ve just written this as a story of a ‘discovered’ affair, and the way the betrayed partners reacted. I’m not sure how many would have taken this route.


“Oh god… Dave!… I’m gonna cum!”

I felt a crushing sensation in my chest. I was standing just inside the kitchen, having come in from the side entrance, and I was hearing sounds from upstairs.

The long cry of pleasure as Diane had one of her ‘super’ orgasms was like a dagger to my heart. When I heard Dave grunting I knew he was emptying himself deep inside her.

I was frozen to the spot. Then in a totally illogical way I retreated, quietly closing the kitchen door behind me, and I scurried back to my car which I’d parked a hundred yards up the road.

I didn’t normally return home in the middle of the morning, but I’d forgotten a file I’d been working on the night before. When I saw Dave’s RangeRover parked outside I knew my suspicions were confirmed. I wondered why Diane had texted me earlier about how she’d be switching her phone off for a zoom meeting that was scheduled.

Dave was her boss and an old friend. He had a recruitment business, and Diane worked some days in the office and some days from home. They were always laughing and joking socially, but no different to me doing the same with Josie, Dave’s wife. However, lately, Diane had become more evasive in her conversations with me about work. It had been the overnight conference in Birmingham a few weeks before, that had got me suspicious.

It was all confirmed now, and here I was sitting in my car wondering how to react, and deciding what to do. My brain was working overtime, and I was flitting from one course of action to another, when I saw Dave appear from the house, get in his car, and drive away.

Immediately I started my engine and I drove the small distance to outside my house where his car had just been parked.

God knows what Diane must have thought when she heard my key in the front door.

She appeared at the top of the stairs in her dressing gown. I could tell how flustered she was when I said, “I thought you had a zoom call, you don’t look very ready for it!”

Desperately pulling her dressing gown tighter around her, she replied, “No, I suddenly came over funny, I felt really sick, I’ve just phoned to postpone it.”

She hesitated, “Why have you come home anyway?”

She must have wondered if I’d seen Dave leave, but I gave nothing away, and as I went to go up the stairs towards her she interrupted my reply, and almost shouted, “No, don’t come up, I’ll come down, I need a drink of water.”

I replied with my reason, “I forgot a file, I just popped home for it.”

As she reached the bottom of the stairs I could smell that aroma of sex which pervades people after the ‘event.’ I made my way into my study to collect the file, and as I emerged Diane was in the kitchen getting her drink.

“I won’t be late tonight, you sure you’re feeling ok?”

She didn’t make eye contact at all, half turning and saying, “Yes, I’ll be fine, you get off now, I’ll close my eyes for an hour.”

As I left, my mind was still wondering if I should have confronted her there and then.

By the time I was back in the office I was actually surprised at my calmness.


“I thought we’d have a take away tonight.”

I’d walked in the front door and Diane came straight up to me, putting her arms around my neck, and kissing me full on the lips.

“You seem better?” I asked.

“Much better,” she replied, with almost a sense of relief, “I don’t want to cook, do you want Indian or Chinese, or a pizza?”

“Just keep it simple,” I replied, “let’s have a pizza.”

When she opened a bottle of wine it became obvious there was some guilt going on, because we never normally drank wine during the week.

We finished the whole bottle, and when I’d cleared the dishes away and I’d sat down on the sofa, Diane came and snuggled up to me.

“We don’t seem to get much time to relax together these days, do we?” she whispered.

I looked down at her face, as she rested her head in the crook of my shoulder. After twelve years of marriage she still looked as beautiful, but it seemed incomprehensible that earlier that day, that same face had been showing the pleasure brought by another man, her boss, our friend. Was this the moment to confront her?

“No, and we don’t seem as close as we were?” I whispered back.

Suddenly she looked up, her hand pulling my face towards her, “Come here, kiss me.”

In a moment our lips were together, and her tongue flicked its way across mine. When her hand slid down to my crotch and squeezed my cock, I’m afraid I reacted. It was a familiar feeling, the prelude to sex between us. Even with the almanbahis sound of her voice in my head saying, “Dave… I’m gonna cum,” my cock was hardening as she massaged me.

So many times she’d gone down on me on that same sofa, and as I looked down at her blonde hair spread across my lap, and her head moving slowly, I was conflicted. In just a few seconds I didn’t really care. Unusually I had no real self control, and when I gripped her shoulder tightly she knew I was going to cum.

I didn’t warn her, I simply began jerking, I felt her swallowing everything. I groaned and when I’d finally finished she raised herself up with an expression on her face that wasn’t like the one I’d expected. There was no mischievous smile, I recognised what seemed like an expression of guilt, a sort of dutiful look, as though she was trying to make up for the unfaithfulness.

“That was quick,” she said as she got up to fetch a tissue.

My cock was relaxing, seeping a small amount of semen. Diane handed me a tissue, while wiping the corners of her mouth.

“I’m gonna go up, will you be long?” she said.

As if nothing had taken place, I replied, “I’ll probably watch the news.”

Tucking my cock back inside my trousers I watched her pick up her phone and disappear upstairs. I sat there wondering if I was being a coward, or if I was just scared of our marriage falling apart.


“I’ve invited Dave and Josie over tomorrow evening, it’s their wedding anniversary on Saturday.”

I was just finishing my toast and orange juice before I left for work. Slightly taken aback I replied, “Ok, you sure, do you really want to cook on a Friday?”

“It’s ok, I’m working from home, and I’ll only do a chilli, I’ve got some puddings in the freezer.”

Immediately my mind whirred into action, wondering how they could possibly spend an evening in the company of me and Josie.

When Friday evening came Dave breezed in with his usual ‘bonhomie.’

“Hiya Jim, how’s it going?”

The usual niceties were exchanged, and once everyone had got a glass of wine we sat around catching up with chat about work, families, and holidays.

Diane kept hovering between the lounge and the kitchen, and eventually Dave got up and joined her. I resisted following them, and instead continued chatting to Josie.

“How many years is it tomorrow?” I smiled, already knowing the answer.

“Fifteen years.” She raised her eyebrows as I got up to refill her glass.

I chuckled, “Fifteen good years,” I accentuated the word ‘good.’

“Mostly,” she smiled, “Ups and downs like any marriage I guess.”

Her face wasn’t telling the whole story, she lowered her voice, “I’m often envious of you two, you seem so devoted to each other.”

I looked down, “I thought so too, but…”

I was just about to continue when Diane came in and asked us all to sit down in the dining room.

I followed Josie who half turned, and squeezing my arm whispered, “You must tell me.”

“What are you two whispering about?” Dave said casually.

He held the chair out for Josie to sit down.

“I was telling Jim how I’ve had to put up with you for all these years!”

“Oh, of course, it’s been a long haul,” he replied sarcastically.

There was some chuckling from everyone, but eventually we all settled to eating.

The food was delicious as usual, and when it came to clearing away the dishes Josie managed to briefly get me on my own.

“You’ve got my mobile number haven’t you? Will you text me on Monday?”

I had to nod quickly as Dave re entered the kitchen, and there wasn’t anymore opportunity to discover what she meant. I couldn’t resist the temptation to think it was about Dave and Diane.


It was about ten on Monday morning, I’d handled all the urgent calls and emails, so I texted Josie then.

‘As promised. What’s up?’ was all I typed.

‘Can you meet for coffee this lunch time?’ was the unexpected reply.

I decided it was important enough to say ‘yes’ whatever else needed to be done.

‘See you in ‘Chestnuts’ around 12.30?’ I texted.

The reply was positive so at 12.30 I found myself facing Josie across the corner table of the little coffee shop in town.

“Thanks for coming,” she said, whispering, and leaning forward in an almost conspiratorial manner, “I just got a funny feeling on Friday evening that we were both ‘in tune’ about something.”

I was being careful, and non committal when I replied, “How do you mean?”

Speaking even more quietly, she placed her hand on my forearm.

“I think Dave is having an affair.’

I must have gone very red because she suddenly leaned back and said more loudly, “You know! He’s told you!”

“No!… no, he hasn’t.” I replied quickly.

“Then why are you blushing?”

I took her hand in mine and now I leaned forwards.

“Because it’s with Diane.”

It was as though I’d shot her.


The elderly couple at the next table looked shocked, almanbahis giriş hurriedly glancing at Josie, then me, then looking disgusted.

“How do you know? Jesus, you know and you’ve done nothing!”

“I only found out last week, I went home to collect a file and I found them in bed together… sorry, I didn’t ‘find them,’ I heard them in bed together.”

Josie groaned, and as she looked at me ashen faced, I explained how it had happened.

“So why haven’t you said anything, done anything?”

It was my turn to look guilty.

“I don’t know, I guess I’m afraid of the fallout.”

“Jim, you can’t do nothing, and I can’t believe Diane would do this to me, her friend, and to us!”

“What are you going to do?” I reversed the dilemma.

“I’m not sure, I need time to think. I was suspicious, I smelt some perfume on him, lots of things didn’t add up. I wondered when he had that night away in Birmingham…”

“Yes, that got me suspicious too,” I added, at a loss what to say.

“Will you throw him out?”

A silly, but obvious question, asked too soon.

“I don’t know, I can’t see how he can end it, they work together.” Then as if realising lots of other implications she suddenly said, “Oh my god I fucked him twice over the weekend!”

The elderly couple got up to leave, giving us both more disgusted looks.

“Have you ever been unfaithful?”

My voice was a bit shaky. The question came out of nowhere and as soon as I’d asked it I knew I’d hit a nerve.

Spluttering a little Josie replied, “Jesus Jim, you know how to put the boot in.”

There was a brief pause, “I could lie to you, but I won’t, I did have a fling, and it was in the first year we were married. Oh god, I can’t believe I’m telling you this, I’ve never told anyone else. An old boyfriend, an old school friend I had a crush on. Met him by accident and we got drunk one lunchtime, I went back to his hotel room.”

“So you’re like me, a bit of a hypocrite! My conscience isn’t clear either, mine was a threesome, with a client and his wife, sort of an arrangement to get a sale. Fuck, we are seriously both massive hypocrites.”

We sat for a moment in silence before Josie said she must go, to get back to work.

“Look if I’m going to say anything I’ll text you… to warn you. Can you do the same?”

It was pretty obvious we both had some thinking to do, I gave her a hug and we both returned to work.

As it happened I only got one text. That evening it said, ‘I’m biding my time.’

I sent back, ‘Me too, but stay in touch.’


The mood between myself and Diane was pretty normal for a couple of days, both of us getting on with life, the usual go to work, come home, eat, sleep. It was on Friday evening after we’d eaten, and had had a couple of glasses of wine that a question came out of the blue.

“Do you think Josie is attractive?”

I looked up, as the news came on tv. Diane wasn’t looking at me, she had a glazed look as she sipped her wine.

“Er… yes… she’s good looking… strange question?”

“I mean, do you fancy her, have you ever fancied her?”

I sort of chuckled, “You mean sexually? Dave’s a lucky guy, I’ve often thought that.”

For a moment Diane was quiet, as though formulating her next comment.

“Just wondered.”


I was puzzled about the motivation for asking something that seemed to be skating on thin ice considering what was happening between her and Dave.

“Sheila saw you having coffee with her in town, strange you didn’t tell me?”

Slightly flustered I replied, “I just happened to bump into her, I was in town meeting a client.”

“Ok,” was all she said, and then, “I’m going up to bed, don’t forget you’re taking stuff to the tip first thing.”

By the time I’d gone upstairs Diane was fast asleep. I lay there considering if, once again, I’d missed an opportunity to confront the whole issue.

It got light early at that time of year and I was suddenly conscious of two things. Firstly the daylight peeping between the curtains where they weren’t quite closed together, and secondly Diane’s fingers pushing inside the waistband of my pyjama shorts and gently gripping my semi hard cock.

I lay as still as possible to give the impression of being fast asleep, but I couldn’t avoid my erection growing. The heat from her body lying on its side right up against me told me that she was naked, and despite all I knew about her unfaithfulness I hadn’t cum since she’d given me that blow job.

I pretended to stir and turned my head towards her.

“Mmmmm, wakey, wakey big boy.” I felt her breath on my cheek.

For a fleeting second I wondered, bizarrely, how big Dave was, but before that thought went too far my shorts were being tugged down and Diane’s left leg stretched over my lower body.

Her lips closed over mine, and she lifted herself astride me, squirming until her pussy had found my cock. Her breasts were pressed against my chest and she supported herself almanbahis giriş on her elbows either side of me.

“Kiss me,” she said, in a quiet voice.

As she lowered her face downwards she flexed her hips, drawing her knees up either side of me and my cock slid inside her.

“Mmmmmm,” she groaned as our lips parted, and she pushed herself up to a kneeling position astride me. It made me go deeper inside her, and I knew she loved it when she ground her clit down on me.

Whether she’d been awake masturbating I wasn’t sure, but she was so moist, and so aroused I knew that it wouldn’t be that long before she came.

Her hands on my chest supporting her weight, she rotated her hips, and was soon gasping, “I’m gonna cum Jim.”

Those words rung hollow as her whole body shook, and I imagined her pussy clinging to Dave’s cock. I looked up at her face, eyes closed, half smiling in pleasure. She knew I hadn’t cum, she’d been so quick, but she wasn’t ready for what happened next.

In a fit of almost unconscious anger, or perhaps frustration with everything that had happened, I tilted her to one side, onto her back. The slightly shocked look on her face was alongside a cry of, “Jim, what are doing?”

I rolled over on top of her until I straddled her chest. Kneeling, my erect cock, glistening with her pussy juices, was above her neck.

All I said was, “I need to cum too!”

The utter selfishness was joined by a rush to finish. I knelt above her, rubbing my cock furiously until in a loud grunt, a jet of semen shot across her face, up into her hair, and then several smaller jerks of spunk over her mouth and chin.

“God JIM!.. for god’s sake… Jesus… it stings… give me a tissue… quick.”

I reached out for some tissues, thrusting a bunch into her hand, as she clamped her eyes tight shut. My cock was still dribbling spunk onto her breasts as I climbed off her. I said nothing except a quiet ‘sorry.’

“Yes, you might say that,” she said angrily, as she rushed to the en-suite.

I wiped myself clean, slightly regretting my lack of control. I usually wasn’t as rough in our ‘love making.’

Diane returned.

“What brought that on?” she was still naked holding a towel.

“I’m not sure, it just happened, I was all pent up.”

Nothing more was said, we showered, dressed and had breakfast, but there was an obvious tension in the air.

Later when I got back from the tip Diane had gone to the supermarket. As I made myself coffee my phone pinged and it was a text from Josie.

‘You ok? Dave’s gone out. Thought I’d text.’

I replied, ‘Diane’s out too. Supermarket. Phone me.’

I took my coffee into the lounge so that I could see when Diane was returning.

“Just had to see if anything has changed?” Josie asked.

“Sort of,” I replied, “I was suddenly asked last night if I fancied you!”

Josie giggled, “Why?”

“Because Sheila Daniels, you know, Malcolm’s wife, saw us having coffee together and I hadn’t told Diane about it. She thinks we’re having secret meetings.”

“How funny, is she jealous? She can’t possibly be.”

“I don’t know, she leapt on me this morning in bed, it seems so crazy.”

“You mean you had sex?”

“Yes, really frantic stuff, sorry you don’t want the details.”

“You’re a lucky sod, I haven’t had sex with Dave for nearly a month.”

“So have you decided your strategy, you going to confront him?”

“No, I’m leaving it until I’ve got plans in place in case we split up. Are you free on Monday morning, can you get away from work for an hour?”

“Yes I can, but I don’t think we’d better meet for coffee.”

“No, I know, but I’m looking after a friends garden while they’re away, you know, watering and stuff. We could meet there. 29 Ringwood Avenue. It’s off the A46.”

“Ok, 11 ‘o clock?”

“That’s great. I’d better go now. See you on Monday.”

When Diane returned I helped unload the car and everything seemed to be back to normal. In bed that night we stayed apart, both of us silently going off to sleep.


“So did you say yes when she asked you?”

I must have looked puzzled, not quite understanding the question.

Josie had answered the door in a sloppy sweatshirt and Lycra leggings, her hair tied in a pony tail. She’d obviously completed the watering and had boiled the kettle ready for an instant coffee. We were standing in the huge open plan kitchen/lounge.

“Whether you fancied me or not?”

I went bright red.

“I said you were very attractive, and that Dave was a lucky guy. That’s when she said I’d been seen with you in the coffee shop.”

“Very attractive! I suppose that’s a ‘diplomatic’ answer. Mind you I’m a bit scruffy at the moment.”

She released the elastic around her ponytail and her red hair fell around her neck, while she flounced it with her fingers. As she stirred the mug of coffee and brought it over to me, she said, “There’s no milk, they’re away for two weeks.”

I tried to look away from Josie’s green eyes, but couldn’t.

“It’s ok, black will do. So tell me you’re expecting him to leave you? Does that mean Diane’s going to leave me? How serious is this?”

Josie didn’t move away, she put her mug down and took mine, placing them both on the worktop.

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