An Afternoon of Fun

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It was a beautiful summer day and I was in a hurry when I heard from a passing car, “You’ve got great tits!” I turned to see a pretty good looking guy in a convertible slowly passing and he was smiling directly at me. “What a fucking jerk,” I thought to myself, but I resisted simply giving him the finger and continuing on.

By this time he had stopped the car. I walked up to his car and looked him in the eye and said, “Thank you, I have been told that several times before, but usually in a less public place.”

He was pretty glib and confident, though I couldn’t believe that he would resort to such a crude pick-up line, and that it had ever worked.

I looked him directly in the eyes when I spoke to him. They were deep blue and his gaze never wavered. He was confident in himself and his statement. I knew it was going to be an interesting experience.

Ok, more about myself. I am Sharon; 30 years old, married with no children. I work as a school teacher and live in the suburbs. I am 5ft. 7 inches tall and weigh just about 125. I have been told I have a great body, and I love working out. Secretly I enjoy the stares I get from men, and my husband isn’t the jealous type.

“Why don’t we go for a little ride, I am sure we can find a less public place to get to know each other better?” he said, staring directly at my boobs. “Are you talking to me, or them?” I asked. “I sort of have to go along with them.”

“Fine with me,” he said. “Now that I can take a further look, beyond your gorgeous big tits, I can see that the rest of you certainly does them justice.”

He was an attractive man, but his sexual rudeness and smugness needed to be addressed. I knew the risks of getting into his car, but I had my cell phone so I was certain I could contact someone if needed.

My plan was to tease him as long as I could until he realized my game.

I was wearing a white blouse that buttoned up the front, showing a bit of cleavage, and a black skirt and high heels. He hadn’t mentioned it, but I also have gorgeous legs.

So, with every idea of showing this man that a woman can be attractive and also in control, I reached out and opened the car door.

Once I was in, he stuck out his hand and said, “Hello gorgeous, I’m Bob. Glad to see you in real life, I have been dreaming about you for years.” I shook his hand and said, “Hello Bob, I am Sharon, I’ve been dealing with men like you for what seems like my entire life.” He smiled broadly. As I shook his hand his eyes went again to my cleavage. What a pig.

He drove off smiling to himself as I accessed the situation. The top was down, the sun was warm, and he kept glancing over at my chest. I figured I’d unbutton a few buttons, show him my lacy bra, maybe more if I could get him panting and begging, and have him drive me back to where he picked me up.

Every time he glanced over at me I slowly pushed my chest out and looked back into his eyes to entice him. Each time he smiled smugly. I was also starting on the buttons.

I sat in his car and turned my body so that my back was against the door looking over at him and slowly unbuttoned the first of several. He looked over and his eyes widened. “You said you liked my tits,” I said. “Do you want to see more?”

He stared and mumbles something like “Oh, hell yes.”

He kept driving and I kept unbuttoning until the blouse was completely open in front. My lace bra barely contained my big tits and I was getting excited at the thought of showing this guy my tits. He kept driving and staring over and spending more and more time looking at my tits rather than the road. When we started to run off the road, I pulled the blouse closed and said, “We need to find someplace where we can stop. This isn’t safe.”

“I know just the place,” he said.

A few minutes later he pulled his car off Lake Shore Boulevard onto a small road that years ago was the zoo. Zoo Road was aptly named because it was about 2 miles long and made a big loop through a very unpopulated area.

When he stopped the car, I looked over at him and said, “This is pretty remote, should I be worried about you trying something?”

A smirk crossed his face and he said, “Yes, yes you should.”

“Then I should have you take me back to the plaza,” I said.

“What’s the hurry? It’s a nice day, the sun is out. Let’s stay here and chat for a while,” he said.

“Chat? Well then let me button this back up,” I said.

“No, no, don’t be in such a hurry. I love what I saw earlier. Any chance I can see them again?”

I slowly opened my blouse and his eyes grew wider again. “I was right,” he said, “You do have great tits.” “Could I convince you to show me more?” Slowly I slid the blouse off my shoulders and threw it at him.

My sheer lace bra didn’t cover much and his gaze was directly on my rapidly hardening nipples. “Beautiful, simply beautiful,” he said.

I have always been turned on by knowing that men are looking at me. Though I am usually proper, being a school teacher doesn’t maltepe escort allow for wild excesses, I will admit that I often notice the fathers of the students taking a long hard look during parent/teacher conferences. Several of the men in the neighborhood spend a lot of time outdoors when I am relaxing by our pool, and a couple of men at parties have come on to me quite openly. I am always flattered, but really haven’t considered anyone other than my husband since we got married. Don’t get me wrong; before I got married I had a number of boyfriends and lovers. I like sex and I like the effect my sexual skills can have on men.

I was starting to become aroused by my bold actions and his overtly sexual response to me.

Anyway, I got up on my knees on the seat of the car and leaned over so that my tits were about to spill out of my bra and moved closer to his face.

I grabbed his head and pushed my tits to his face. I felt his hands reach for my tits and he held them, through my bra for a few moments.

While he was squeezing the “girls” I felt his hand move to the front clasp if my bra. Skillfully with one hand he quickly unclasped the bra and is slipped open, sliding off my full breasts.

His hands cupped the fullness of my breasts as he nuzzled them. I felt his wet tongue glide over my rapidly hardening nipples.

My arousal made me pull back from him, but his hands still cupped my breasts.

“More than a handful, even for my hands,” he said. “I love big tits like yours.”

I sat back against the car door again. He smiled and complemented me again.

“Ok. You’ve seen them,” I said. “Let’s head back to the plaza.”

“No, wait,” he said as I started to reach for my bra. “Can’t we just wait awhile? Tits like yours are something to savor and enjoy.”

I pulled my bra off and sat back. “So you plan is that I’m going to sit here with my tits out for you to ‘savor’?” “It may be a nice day, but I’m not sitting here in your car with my tits out.” My body was tingling with excitement from what we were doing and where it was leading.

“Well, we could always fuck,” he said.

“Well, aren’t you the Mr. Confident?” I said. “Just because I got in your car after your rude remark and my teasing went a little farther than I planned, doesn’t mean I’m planning of fucking you.” “I don’t fuck strangers.”

“Why not?” he said. “It will be something you’ll never forget.” “I have a big dick and am a pretty good fuck,” he said.

“If you do say so yourself,” I said.

“No really, my dick is huge!”

And I should believe you because?” I said.

“Because it’s true.” “Here, I’ll show you.” He said as he un-buckled his seat belt and reached for his zipper.

“Ok, Mr. Big Talk, let’s see what you got.” “You owe me.” “You’ve seen my tits, let’s see what you got!” I said.

He reached for his belt and unbuckled it, then slid down the zipper to his pants.

There was a bulge in his pants, so I was hoping that he wasn’t all talk. He unhooked his pants and opened them to reveal a pretty sizable dick. Not huge, but big. He wasn’t completely hard, and I noticed that he was un-circumcised with his foreskin still covering most of his cockhead. It was fairly thick and I must admit it looked pretty good. When I saw it a jolt of arousal shot through my body. I knew where this was heading if the opportunity presented itself.

Every woman imagines that an uncircumcised cock will be different, and from my past experiences they can be. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve only had one other, but it was different. Circumcised cocks get erect and the head stands out, uncircumcised ones the head is partially hidden by the foreskin until it is fully aroused.

“Very nice,” I said, “but is that as big as it gets?” I teased.

“Well if you want it bigger I guess you’ll have to give it some encouragement.” he said.

“And what sort of encouragement would you suggest? I said.

“A little oral stimulation might help.” He said.

Leaning forward, I moved toward his cock. As I got closer I opened my mouth looking into his eyes, and wrapped my lips around the head of his cock. I felt his body tense as my lips engulfed his cock. He let out a moan as I moved my hand to his shaft and slowly took the entire length of his prick into my mouth. His eyes had widened as my mouth touched his cock. As I engulfed it his body tensed and his eyes closed as he enjoyed the pleasure of me sucking his cock. As I continued, his cock grew and widened as my skills at oral sex aroused him to his full erect state.

His cock felt good in my mouth and responded just as I had hoped. I also felt my vagina tingle as I too grew aroused.

I sucked him eagerly for a few moments and then let his cock slip slowly from my mouth. His dick glistened with the moistness of my saliva.

I watched his face as I let his cock slip from my mouth. His eyes again opened I stopped. “Don’t stop,” he said, “it feels so good.”

With that I mecidiyeköy escort moved back, looking him in the eyes I moved to be kneeling on the car seat. I moved my hand to the zipper on the side of my skirt and slowly started pulling it down.

His eyes moved back and forth from my tits to my hand on the zipper. I slid the zipper down and slid out of my skirt and threw it on the floor of the car. I was wearing a black lacy thong.

His eyes grew wide again as I climbed over the console of the car and placed my knees on either side of his legs. I boldly reached down and grasp his cock in my hand. I put my hands on the back of the car seat and lowered my pussy and started rubbing it on his cock. My tits were in his face and he brought his hands up to cup their fullness.

I brushed my barely covered pussy over his cock slowly, feeling it thicken again and returned to being fully aroused. Through the thin material of my thong I could feel the heat of his cock. As he became more and more aroused his cock pushed harder and harder against my cunt.

I felt myself flushing with excitement as his cock grew longer and thicker. I could also feel his tongue flicking over my nipples and they hardened as I grew more excited.

I pushed myself back from him and then leaned back to lower my head to kiss him. His tongue was eagerly probing my mouth for a few seconds. As I ground my pussy against his hard cock I felt the thin material of my lacy thong shifting. It slowly slid over until I could feel the heat of his cock on my excited cunt lips.

I pulled back. “God your cock is hot! It feels so fucking good.” I said.

As I slowly slid my moist cunt along the thick shaft of his cock I could feel it throb.

I could tell he wanted it inside of me, probably as much as I did, but I continued to tease him for a few more minutes.

I was so involved with the sensations of his cock against my cunt lips I didn’t even notice a car slowly approaching. I only heard it as it slowly pulled to a stop next to Bob’s car. I looked over to see a guy looking over at us smiling. I thought I’d give him a better view so I pulled back and arched my back to give him a good look at my tits. Bob raised his hands to cup them and I turned and smiled. I was so aroused.

Bob said, “We’re being watched.”

“Yea, I love to be watched,” I said.

“You’re not a cop are you?” Bob said to the guy in the nearby car.

“Nope, just a guy that likes to watch people fuck,” he replied.

“You may have to wait,” Bob said, ‘she’s just giving me a lap dance.”

“That’s OK, I love watching her move. And God, those tits are great. Your wife is beautiful.”

“Yea she is, but this ain’t my wife,” Bob replied.

“Well, whoever she is she has great tits,” the guy replied.

I smiled down at Bob and he smiled back at me.

“OK, enjoy,” Bob said.

I pushed my tits back to Bob’s face and he continued to lick and suck my nipples.

As I grew hotter and hotter I felt my aroused cunt lips wrap further and further around Bob’s cock. I was pushing his cock hard against his body and I could feel him shifting beneath me.

Bob’s hands had been on my hips as I ground my cunt against his cock. Suddenly I felt one hand move down and the other hand moved up and grasped the band of my thong. His hand slowly moved down the band and started tugging at the material that barely covered my cunt.

I was my cunt against Bob’s hot cock and could feel my thong shifting. More and more I ground myself against that prick feeling the material moving, covering the lips of my vagina less and less.

After a few more minutes of dry humping Bob, I felt the thong slip over to the side and found myself grinding my smooth, shaved pussy against his hot, thick cock. It felt wonderful and I could feel my arousal grow to new heights.

Bob moaned as he felt my bare cunt sliding against his cock. My pussy was moist and tingling as I felt his cock against me.

To tease him even more I slid up further and his cock head partially entered my vagina. I could feel him pushing to get more into me, but I pushed hard against his body to stop him from entering further.

I then stopped grinding against him. I looked into his eyes and said, “Bob, do you have any condoms?” His eyes widened as I asked and he kind of nodded and mumbled something.

I slid off of him and his cock moved to a kneeling position on the seat above him. His lovely cock stood straight up, hard, and moist from my lubrication.

“Oh God, your cock is so beautiful,” I said.

Looking Bob directly in the eyes. My hand reached to caress his dick and wrapped my hand around his shaft.

Boldly I said, “We need more space if you are going to fuck me. Do you have a blanket?”

He nodded and reached for the door to quickly get to the trunk. Within a few seconds he had opened the trunk, gotten out a blanket and moved to his side of the car. I told him to spread it out near pendik escort the cars and he eagerly complied. He opened the car door for me and I slowly got out of the car. I readjusted my thong and wearing only that and my heels; I moved to the blanket and sat down. He was standing next to the blanket, trying to hold up his pants while just simply looking at me.

Bob looked over at the guy in the other car and said, “Now you can watch us fuck.”

I lay down on my back and lifted my knees and spread my legs. He still stood and simply looked at me.

While he stood there I heard another car turning into the parking lot. The driver must have wondered why there were two cars parked close together and drove up and parked behind Bob’s car.

Bob smiled and waved, “You’re not a cop are you,” he asked the driver?

“Nope,” was the reply.

“Well, are you going to get undress or stand there looking? I asked.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “I just think you are beautiful and I can’t stop looking.”

“Well thank you, but I really want to fuck,” I said.

“Here,” I said, lifting one of my legs and hips, “help me off with this.” He dropped his pants and stepped out of them and moved forward. Instead of helping me slide the thong off he grabbed the string and yanked it. My thong split and he was kneeling there with it in his hand.

I lay back down and slowly spread my legs to show him my cunt. He hadn’t even commented on the fact that it was shaved smooth during the entire time I was grinding it against his cock. His cock was standing straight out, hard and ready.

My legs were spread and he was kneeling between them, his cock straight out. He grasp it in his hand and started to move to me. It was big. I was hoping that his earlier brag about being a good fuck was true.

My little plan of teasing and maybe getting him to cum in his pants was in the past at this point. I wanted to be fucked. There I was, on my back on a blanket, two guys watching and one about to fuck me with his beautiful cock. My nipples were hard and I couldn’t remember the last time I wanted it more.

He moved closer and I felt him put the head against my vagina. He slowly ran the head up and down on my cunt lips and put his hand gently on my belly.

As he was about to start penetrating me I said, “Hold on Bob, I don’t believe you have a condom on that cock.”

He moved back from me and said, “Do I really need to put one on? You know we both want this and the time is now.”

“I want it as much as you do, Bob,” I said, “I can’t wait to feel that big dick of yours in me.” “But I don’t even know your name, so I guess I can’t take any chances.”

He quickly moved back to his pants and fumbled through his pockets until he came out with a condom. “It isn’t lubricated, is that a problem?” he asked.

I slowly spread my legs and reached down between my legs to spread myself open to his gaze. “You tell me,” I said.

I heard one of the guys say, “Oh yea bro, she’s ready.”

He opened the condom and held it in his hand. “Want to help?” he said.

“You look like you know what you are doing,” I said.

He rolled the condom down over his cock and slowly moved to me again.

“I liked the way you started before,” I said. He held his cock in his hand and again rubbed the head slowly up and down in my slit. He again placed his hand on my belly and I lifted my hips as his cock started to slide into me.

“God your cunt is hot,” he said, “and tight.”

“Oh yea,” the second guy said as he watched Bob’s cock disappear into my cunt.

He pushed and his beautiful thick cock slowly slid into me. His cock was thick and I could feel the walls of my vagina being spread to accommodate his thickness. It felt wonderful.

Inch by inch his massive cock slid in. I knew his was one of the biggest I had ever had, but I was confident I could take him all. “Oh God, you are so big,” I heard myself saying. “Slowly, let me get used to it, it’s so big.”

He pushed his cock slowly but completely into my cunt and moaned. “Like it I hear,” I said.

“You are so hot and tight,” he said. “I just love the feel of a shaved cunt.”

He lowered himself onto me and I wrapped my legs partially around him rolling my hips back to allow him to penetrate me all the way. He was all the way into me and slowly started to withdraw. To my surprise he pulled his cock almost all the way out of me, leaving just the head inside. Slowly, again he filled me with his cock.

In and out slowly at first he fucked me.

I whispered into Bob’s ear, “I like having these guys watching.”

Bob slowly fucked me to the great pleasure of our onlookers I lifted my hips to allow Bob deep penetration and to let the guys watch him slide in and out of my cunt.

Bob was actually a better lover than I expected. I figured he was one of those guys who was all talk and no action, but Bob was slow and gentle until I started urging him to speed up and fuck me harder. As his pace picked up I felt the entire length of his cock disappear into me, stretching me quite a bit and feeling his shaft scrape over my rapidly hardening clit. He was, it seemed, going to be able to make me cum.

After about 3-4 minutes of hard fucking I could feel Bob’s cock getting bigger and thicker as he came closer and closer to coming.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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