An Alternative Future

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A/N: I wrote this story for my girlfriend, but it can be for my girlfriend but it can be for anyone else who likes being dominated by a larger man. In brief, they meet in an expensive bar in london and they fuck at his place.

You are slowly sipping a shallow glass of vodka and cranberry, the pink alcoholic liquid stinging your full lips, they would have turned a little redder had you not been wearing a deeper shade of lipstick.

As your gaze drifts around the low lit bar, and the vodka pours deeply down your throat, you hear heavy footfall in the distance snapping louder on the cold wooden floor. You look out across the city of London a thick heavy covering of white snow is blanketing the ground like a white fur rug on cold concrete skin. All the lights from this bar looked deceitfully warmer in winter.

You were glad for the vodka, it was 1 am and you had just finished work. It wasn’t worth the price the place charged but it and the view made the whole season seem less pervasive and less permanent.

The crack of polished shoes grew closer the long steps seemed familiar. Your attention on the glass vista begins to wane as a sizeable figure took a seat a little closer than is the social precedent for such an empty bar. You are never afraid of men, a lesson your mother drilled into you so regularly you almost pity your male legal clients who never expect to be pushed into impotence during a corporate takeover. But for some reason you were unsure whether or not to look at him directly. You see his forearm heavily resting on the counter, lift casually into the air, his finger extend and catch the barman’s eye. Unusually promptly, as if trying to impress, the barman has a drink in front of the man, without him even speaking.

You look back down at your drink for fear of him noticing you even half looking. You notice your chest is heaving, the deep ‘V’ of your cleavage is turning you on, you almost hope he has noticed.

“Why am I behaving like this!” you think to yourself.

But there was something unusual about his presence, an air of confidence, a pervading physical dominance that other men and women in the room seemed to be aware of. You tell yourself to snap out of it and look at him just for a second, that there is no reason to be so intimidated.

Immediately you regret the decision he was very, very large. He must have been about 6 and a half foot, his torso was large the light blue linen shirt was tight around his bicep closest to you, the neck and back of his shirt were taught against his expansive shoulders. His large knuckley hands grasped the diamond cut glass with strong fingers. As you look further up, to your horror, you see him looking back at you.

You signal to the barman, as your chest flutters, to ask for the bill. Your breasts are rising and falling as your breaths get deeper. You look back down to your purse on the bar and back to your drink. The mans glass taps the surface of the bar and slides gently around the curve of it, the smooth sound is broken again by the same purposeful strides.

He sits down next to you.

You outstretch your slender porcelain arm to pick up your purse, as the Barman gets gradually nearer. When a masculine hand falls gently down onto your purse, his course skin touching yours. The feeling of his hand on yours is suddenly hyper sensitive, you look up as if your were given permission to his face, his strong jaw deepset grey bursa escort eyes look over to the barman, who then gets back to cleaning the glasses.

“Don’t worry about it, I can’t have someone so pretty pay in my bar” He says to you. Even his voice was turning you on, like a low rumble, it seemed to speak straight to your pussy.

You ask him, “You own this bar? It must be doing better than I thought, with a suit like the one you’re wearing, Dunhill?” You try not to sound impressed.

He laughs with a confident smile, “no, no… My company designed it, or should I say I designed it. What do you think?”

It’s your favorite bar in the city. “I like the view” you say, smiling into your drink as you take a sip.

“I could say the same” he says looking at you.

You change the topic “So you’re an architect?” He nods. “Well as it happens my brother is planning a new build”

You rarely ever flirt this much, but you have been arching your back since he sat down and you want an excuse to get his number. “Could you send me a portfolio for him? After all your work here seems to be good.”

He looks back to the city skyline somewhere off towards Kensington. “Well if you want to see more of my body of work, my flats not so far away.”

You look up across at his chest, and think to yourself, you certainly wouldn’t mind some time seeing the rest of his body of work.


You’re on your way out of the lift standing next to him gave you a greater sense of just how much larger he was than you, even in the hall way he seemed to take up all the space around him, feeling as if his stature was enveloping you.

As you pass the doorman, you go to call a taxi, but he stops you, as a valet drives up a sleek aluminium sheathed Aston martin Vantage. It’s smooth bodywork clean like a fresh razor reflecting the amber street lights, as it rose from the car park beneath.

The valet opens the passenger seat door for you as he opens the other. The engines steady breath sounding like cream as they roll onto the pristine blanket of snow, crunching as snow does in the tread of a well made car. The gentle vibration running through the car into your seat helps you forget how dangerous this is. The throaty purr of the engine excites you as he tightly corners to join a larger road.

You explore the car with your eyes but inevitably they fall on him, his thick masculine thighs expertly gauge the throttle, you begin to talk to one another about the building work your brother wants, and the amusing clients he has had in the past.

Whilst learning how he started the company in London after finishing university there, you take the opportunity as his eyes are fixed on the road to further enjoy his body. Even though his shirt one could tell he had a very able body, his trunk appeared sturdy a good base for the broad shoulders that suspended his strong arms that were outstretched to the wheel. You were all to aware of the vibrations in the seat in conjunction with the prime specimen of a man you had beside you. It was almost disappointing when he finally announced they had arrived and slid the key from its tight ignition.

They walked to the elevator through the snow from the car, he took your arm firmly. It really was a hell of a lot larger than yours. The warmth from his body could be felt through both the snow and your thick winter fur coat. It was getting too much, you wanted to touch so much more bursa escort bayan of him.

All you could think of was getting into his clothes. Your mind couldn’t help but entertain thoughts of kissing him and more the second you were in his flat.

You certainly hadn’t taken any notice of the stunning architecture around you. There was thud as the lock in the door snapped into place behind you. You were so preoccupied thinking about his body you hadn’t noticed you were stood in the center of a large modern room with a suspended fire crackling beside you. He smiled and walked toward you, then asked “what do you think of the building?”

You had no idea, your heart was racing and your pussy was soaked. And from his wry smile, you could tell he knew. You went onto the ends of your toes and kissed his beautiful lips. His hands where on your waist, almost encompassing its tiny circumference. They burned onto what the snow had frozen onto the walk from the car. You pressed your D cup breasts onto his body they rose and fell on his unforgivingly muscular torso.

“I knew you weren’t looking at my masterpiece.” He scooped you up into his arms, and began to walk over to the sofa beside the fire.

“I can assure you… I was” you say.

You quickly press your mouth back against his. He positions you so that you are straddling him on the sofa. Your body is writhing against his unpreventable movements. You are desperate to see more, you unbutton his shirt, revealing two paving slabs of pure pectoral muscle, each of his abs were almost the size of your tiny palms.

As you ran your hands down his incredible body lit by the flickering fire, you felt your body rise. Your pussy was getting pressed harder and harder by a bulge growing beneath you. You are pushed up by at least two inches or more whiles you kiss his neck.

“That cant be his cock” you think to yourself.

His hands are sliding up your thighs and under your black dress, he keeps moving up taking the whole dress with it and your fur coat, leaving you all but bare for underwear, tights, heels and the heat of the fire. It’s hardly fair he is so clothed when your pussy is demanding more!

You sink to your knees on the floor between his strong thighs. You undo his belt that pops open from the pressure, you worry what you have gotten yourself into as the zip undoes itself with the escaping leviathan of a dick that is now in front of you.

The second your hands seize hold of his mighty girth your vagina cant take the stress and you orgasm between his legs. But he doesn’t let that be the end of it, he stands and places a finger under your chin directing your gaze first at him then to his colossal cock. He leads your mouth towards it. You open your mouth, and begin to accept the head. As it gets deeper your mouth is stretched wider. Your mouth is literally filled with cock, your eyes water at the 4 inches of cock left to swallow. Then a firm hand presses the back of your head, not allowing you to hesitate any longer. The shaft is forced yet deeper into your throat.

Miraculously you take the whole thing, you can feel every vain throbbing inside your mouth. And throat. He begins to unsheathe his cock from your gullet, and starts to thrust back and forth. Finally he relents and picks you from the floor and sets you down onto your own fur coat infront of the fire.

The heat bearing down on your large breasts is cut by his mouth as he kisses escort bursa down your chest, over your stomach, below your belly button, and down further until his delicate kisses are running up and down the lips of your pussy. You begin to beg, beg for more, beg for penetration.

At last he complies and his tongue opens your vulva and scoops at your pussies juices. Lapping up the desire that you had been building up all evening. He runs his tongue over your clit back and forth… over and over again. Licking sucking on it, circling it. His hot mouth adding the heat down there already.

You’re trying not to cum but the sensation is building up more and more, when suddenly you pussy gives out and gushes all over his mouth onto his tongue. But he is unperturbed, he swallows and relentlessly covers your clit with his saliva… he brings one of his thick fingers up to your entrance. You watch him suck it briefly before he continues smothering your clit with his tongue.

His thick rough finger firmly enters you. You gasp as it stretches you a little, he does the same with a second finger. As the pace quickens so too does the rate at which your third orgasms builds. The feeling of both his tongue and his fingers grazing the walls of your pussy send you spiraling up into another orgasm your back arches and your hips quiver.

He puts his arm beneath your back and lifts you up, supported by his hand beneath you fingers still inside you. He presses your back against the thick glass window. Your legs are in the air, the end of his massive manhood, just in reach of your toes. You look back at your underwear on the floor and try to prepare yourself for the huge girth aimed directly at your tight little pussy, still recovering from the earth shattering orgasms moments ago.

“please” you whisper into his ear.

Without hesitation he plunges the head of his cock into your petit little body. Just the head feels bigger than the dicks you have taken before. The shaft was yet to come. And yet it never seemed to stop coming. Inch after inch filled you beyond what you had ever thought you could take.

Every centimeter of sheer size sent you into another little orgasm. Your entire body tingled with the feeling of the mans dick deep inside you. Your pussy quivered around his shaft as it slipped carefully in and out of its tight grasp. He let your body slip down his length, and impale you in total. There he held you in a firm embrace and took you again and again against the window.

He picked you up again and pinned you down on the floor dominating you. Here he really picked up the pace and was slamming himself balls deep into you. His breathing was heavy. His large body was sweating as it worked over you. His abs contracting with so much force your breasts shook with each powerful stroke of his cock.

He let out a deep rumbling moan and with each subsequent thrust his penis noticeably throbbed letting out torrent after torrent of cum into your raw stretched vagina. You swear you can see your navel rise a little, with the sheer quantities his pulsating balls were squirting into you. Needless to say, you came at least twice during his gargantuan orgasm. As he pulled out and slid down your body, you could feel the hot cum overflow out your pussy and run over your asshole.

He was between your legs again and kissed your clit. His tongue and mouth cleaned up his cum, the cum that was over your asshole, around your pussy. He soothed the overburdened lips with his kisses and sucked out the excess of his massive load… when finally you relaxed into your last orgasm he came up to your mouth, and let you taste the fruits of yours and his labours.

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