An Angel For Christmas

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Our sex life had gone downhill with our income Cathy and I had been married for just a couple of years. I had lost the good job that I landed out of college the summer before. I finally found work two weeks before Christmas. It didn’t pay nearly as much as my old one and I had the graveyard shift as well

Its Christmas morning and I’m coming home tired, sweaty, and feeling a little inadequate because I have just a box of chocolates to give my honey. I open the door to find Cathy kneeling on the floor, naked. Well… not quite. She has on the dog collar, and ankle and wrist cuffs that we used to play around with. There is a folded sheet of paper between her bright red lips. I reach down and pull the paper from her mouth, and this is what I found:

Dear Sam,

For this Christmas, I’m giving you me. I really miss those days in college when you would be so turned on you couldn’t wait. You would call me your “angel”, and drag me into a handy closet, or bathroom; any place that was at least a little private, and fuck me so good. Or you would have me suck you off, and I would have to be careful to swallow it all, so that it did not stain my dress. Those were the days, and I want them back.

Do bahis şirketleri you remember that ‘fishing’ trip that we took with your frat brothers; the one where there were supposed to be four couples, and all the girls chickened out but me? It turned into the most intense sex party that I’ve ever been to. I walked funny for a week afterwards. The girls that didn’t go wouldn’t talk to me for a long time, either. You wouldn’t let me get dressed for the whole week. I did get a nice all- over tan out of the deal. That was first time that I ever had two guys at once. What a wonderful week!

Tell me, “Angel, get your ass over here to get fucked”, and I’ll be bent over, spreading my cheeks wide. Tell me ” Angel, give that trucker a show”, and I’ll be stripping out of my clothes, and pinching my nipples to make them hard. Tell your friends to call me “Angel” and I”LL be on my knees with my mouth open, ready to suck their long cocks better than any whore that they ever bought on the street. But I’ll be doing it for you.

“Angel” will be our code word to put me into “slut mode”, where I’ll do anything you tell me to. Expose myself in public, suck your friends off, fuck you in a parking lot, whatever you bahis firmaları want, I’ll do. Just call me “Angel”.

All My Love,


I was floored! Never in my wildest dreams had I ever imagined anything like this! I looked down at her. She was trembling! My darling was afraid that I would be displeased. There is only one thing to do with a gift like this and that is use it.

“Angel, use your mouth to unfasten my pants.” She leaned into my crotch, and grasped my belt in her teeth and gently puled it out of the buckle. The tongue gave her a little trouble, but she was finally able to get it undone. She pulled the zipper down next, but that proved to be a mistake, as it made the button to hard to do. So she had to zip my fly closed, before she could get the button open, and then she was finally able to lower the zipper, pull my pants down. If there is any sight more erotic (that’s not really sexual) then watching your slut’s teeth work the buttons and belt of your pants; I don’t know what it is. “Now take my cock out, and get me hard.” Never taking her hands from her knees, or her eyes from mine, she moved forward enough to capture my cock with her pretty lips. She slowly worked it around kaçak bahis siteleri her mouth, getting it very wet, chewing gently, until it was hard enough to actually begin fucking it with her mouth. Man, did she look good! Her bright red lips were stretched over my member, spreading lipstick up and down the invader in her face, her bright eyes locked on mine as she worked to give me pleasure.

When I was good and hard, (harder than I had been in a very long time), I stroked the side of her cock engorged face and said, “Angel, I’m going to fuck your ass. Turn around and stick it up here.” Immediately she spun around, and assumed the position, with her ass high and her cheeks spread. I lined up to her anus and found that she had already lubed herself to get ready for me. I slid easily into her tight, firm ass. I could feel the whole length of my cock being gripped by her body, her muscular ring gripping me really hard. She moaned, and started to convulse in her orgasm.

As she came she brought me with her and I dumped my sperm into her anus, giving her a sperm enema. I withdrew with a loud ‘POP’ and looked down at my brown-streaked member. “Angel, we have dirtied my cock.” She spun around and lovingly began to lick her shit off of me. I knew then that she really meant it She would do any depraved thing that I could think of. She was ready to take my load of cum anywhere I put it; do anything that I asked of her. I could hardly wait!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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