An Arabian Girl Diary

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It was the only the fuckin’ curiosity when I intented to open some note book I found on one the Cafeteria’s tables. Inside, it was written LINA RAMI with big red letters,….. “Hmmm, it is for Lina!” as she was my classmate, she was in average tall, white with blue eyes and dark brown hair, about her ass;yeah, it was fine and big but she wasn’t showing off her sexy parts of her body as other girls do. In fact, she was Muhadjaba (Muhadjaba= A girl with an Islamic head-cover) but she wasn’t covering her hair completely. I thought that I should give it back to that nutty complecaited girl but again “ A tiny look won’t trouble!” so I quickly paged the note book…..But “wait a minute!” I read (his dick)! What? Am I drearming? “I must read the whole story” I whispered. I hide it in my pocket and ran to the College Library to read it there, and here is the whole story:
“ Monday, 9th of August 2004,
my cousin “ Omer” came from town to live with us cuz he is attending the scholarship to join university and …………………………………………
I didn’t see Omer for more than 5 years since th……………………………
Omer is handsome guy with nice chin covered by milimetred hair like pins with broad shoulders and……………………………..”
I turned the page to find that statement “his dick” and I found it,
“ it was 3:00 am when I decided to go to bed, the air-conditioner was working, though; the night was so hot that I took off my bras and wore my favourite thin yellow shirt that shows off clearly my pinned cute nipples, I took off my skirt and kept wearing the pants letting the cool air tickling my pussy and ass. But, it was useless! I couldn’t sleep! Then I heard some poker oyna sound! It was my room’s door, as I saw a ghosty person got in quickly and shutted the door. As he was approaching I heard his voice, it was “ Omer”!
he said in a very low voice: “Lina! Darling! Are you awake?”. I didn’t reply. However, he put his hand on my leg and he started rubbing it as he put the other hand on my right hip trying to find a way to my cunt then I insensibly turned to let him examining it, at that moment I was feeling hotter as Omer was instigating me. Then he grabbed my pants as I helped him to do that and he took my lotion bottle and put a little on my butt and especailly around my butthole then he put his middle finger in my anus, this time I couldn’t take it anymore! I began to moan like a hungry pussycat then he lowered his face to my face, sticking his mouth on my lips and started kissing & sucking as he kept {fingering} my anus, I didn’t know what to do as the fire of love spreading all over my body burning my butt, pussy, tits, neck and face then he stood up to undo his trousers and I quickly put off my shirt letting my brown hair waving on my bare body. Then, he joined the bed with me letting my hot sweatie body lying on his and I kept on sucking his tongue as he was hugging me firmly. “yeah, Habibi! Make me feel horny!” I begged, then he pushed me and nestled his face on my wet shaved pussy. He started licking and biting the lips of my pussy as I was crying to find a way to come down the spark of lust and orgasm that I was feeling.
I cried with a glee; yes it was the greatest feeling I ever had felt!
The hot liquids oozed canlı poker oyna out of my hungry poor pussy and Omer seemed to be enjoying the taste of it. After that, Omer stood on his kneels holding HIS DICK! I was dumbstruck by its size; it was terribly huge and so well erected like a dagger. “ Lina! I want you to try it” pointing at his scary circumcised cock. “don’t worry! Come take a suck!”. At first, I hesitated but anyway, I hold it tightly and opened my mouth to let it in and gradually I began shaking it as I was tasting it (it was like a hot alittle bit salty sausage), I was sucking it harder and faster. Omer was groaning and sighing: “Ahhh, Babe! Suck it harder”. I was scractching his left buttcheek with my nails giving him hornier feeling, for that every moment I was feeling that his cock was growing stiffer in my salivy mouth then I felt his precum was flowing from his balls through his dick and finally ejected to my mouth. The taste of his slimy cums were strange but not bad. In fact, I loved that taste! Anyway, his cock didn’t stop shooting that white viscous drops, they were splashed over my face, chin down to my neck and bare chest.. It was great!
After that, we lied together on the floor and Omer was hugging me from my back, I could feel his cock tickling my lower half of my body, Omer was rubbing my boobs and pinching my nipples like someone trying to tune a radio. I lost the control on my self, he was trying to fuck me…. “God, I’m gonna lose my virginity” I could do nothing to stop him doing that. At the contrary, I want him do it to feed my sex hunger cuz it was really cool shit sensation.
But I was scared internet casino of the horrible size of his dick. Its tip was big like a butt of an (Arabain coffee cup). I prepared my pussy to occupy that new visitor but suddenly Omer chose my oily wet ass. “God’ it hurts!” I cried as his 17 cm dick was penetrating my asshole gradually, every centimetre entered the pain was increased more and more until I felt his balls touching my buttcheeks. I was crying as he put his hand on my mouth to silent my cries and ahs as the tears were bursting over my cheeks out of my eyes looking helpessly at Omer’s dick, he was fucking me harder and harder as his balls were spanking and slabbing my arse, it was a real torture. Our hearts were beating thousand beats per minute and both were twisting on each other like two ancient greek wrestlers. His dick was enlarging my butthole with every pulse. “do you want it harder, do you feel it, sweetheart?!” he asked, “ yeah, I feel it” I cried. Then he pumped his full spunk into my ass. We both howled with a shiver feeling a real fantastic pain in my rosebud ass. Wow, I didn’t know that sex gives the one a fablous sentiment like that. Then Omer turned my face to him and kissed me a deep long kiss “ I love you, sweetie girl” Omer said that with gasping voice and wore quickly his clothes and left the room. With my ass being sore and I was still lying on the ground motionless looking at the clock it was 4:30 AM, the whole thing lasted for one and half an hour. What a wonderful minutes they were!
Then we used to have sex over and over again and the most interesting thing is when the cums trickled out of my ass! WOW!”
As I finished reading all that I closed the note book and …… Shit! I realized that my underpants were sunk with cums. That girl made me cum!!
How lucky that Omer is!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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