An Ass Lover

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Author’s Note: As a personal exercise, I am attempting to write one story in each of the Literotica categories. My intent is to be short, concise and focused, but still capture the essence of the category (as I see it, anyway). Feedback is welcomed!


There was just something about the asshole that fascinated Stephen. For as long as he could remember that hidden, puckered little opening had drawn his curiosity. He wasn’t interested in the waste of the human body — it was the orifice itself, the tight ring of muscle and the crinkled skin surrounding it, the way it would give itself up to pressure, open wide and welcome one inside with the right kind of urging…

It transcended sexuality, for Stephen. It had been a running joke in his family for years that a young Stephen hadn’t been allowed to play unsupervised with any toys below a certain size, because he was sure to try and insert them into his ass. There had even been a picture in his baby book of Stephen, no more than age six, little baby-blue pants around his ankles and what was clearly a Tinker Toy protruding from between his buttocks. His cherubic face wore a gigantic grin.

His family was mostly understanding of his anal fixation. As a child his play was mostly non-sexual, and by the time he began to derive erotic stimulation from his anal adventures, he had also learned güvenilir bahis a modicum of discretion. That discretion and a religiously conservative high school girlfriend that had somehow come to believe that as long as Stephen didn’t put his penis inside her vagina she was still a virgin served to keep his family mollified and reassured about his “normality,” at least until he was old enough that it didn’t really matter.

While home from university one Christmas holiday, after a long, hot relaxing shower in the bathroom he shared with his older sister, Stephen had clambered awkwardly up on the long bathroom counter to take advantage of his favorite decorating feature in the house in which he had been raised: the giant mirror that ran the entire length of the counter and stretched all the way to the ceiling. It was well lit from above, and the additional light from the overhead heat lamps in the middle of the room made it an excellent place to groom, primp, or otherwise take care of personal hygiene tasks. Or, as Stephen had discovered when he was about fifteen, get a really good look at your own asshole as you played with it.

Balancing on the counter and spreading his legs wide, with a bit of wiggling Stephen was able to get his ass right up to the mirror. Gazing into the mirror at his tight little sphincter, Stephen sighed in contentment. His asshole türkçe bahis was clean and a bit red from the hot shower and the liberal scrubbing he had given it. It was also still slightly damp and pulsed invitingly as he flexed his abdominal muscles. After only a few seconds of looking his cock was hard and throbbing. Stretching his hand out, he laid the tip of his middle finger in the center of the little folds of skin, pleasure immediately shooting up from the point of contact, arching through his cock and scrotum to a place behind his eyes. His cock began to leak precum, and as he gently stroked at his asshole with one hand he masturbated himself with the other.

He was so involved in the heady luxuriousness of it that it wasn’t until after he had sprayed cum all over his chest and belly that his eyes managed to focus on something other than his finger buried in his asshole in the mirror. Glancing up, he froze as he saw his sister leaning against the door frame, watching him with flushed cheeks. She smiled and winked at him before sliding out of the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

Stephen didn’t bother to define himself as gay or straight or anywhere in between. His main concern, sexually, was finding someone who would allow him unfettered access to their asshole and, hopefully, lavish some attention on his own as well. He’d found partners of both güvenilir bahis siteleri genders over the years amenable, and as long as he got to stroke, prod and eventually at least digitally penetrate that grasping, winking, taunting and perpetually seductive eye he was happy to participate in any amount of sucking, licking, fucking or whatever else was on the mind of his current partner. He considered himself quite egalitarian that way.

Once, wrapped around each other in a post-coital languor, as Stephen casually ran his index finger between his partner’s buttocks, across his recently plundered asshole and then up the seam of his now tightening scrotum, the man had asked Stephen what it was about asses that interested him so much.

“I don’t know, really,” Stephen had replied. “I just…love them, I suppose. I like the way they feel, how they taste, how they respond to my petting and my prodding…I love how it feels when someone makes love to my asshole, with fingers or tongues or cocks or toys. I love opening up my ass to someone, and having them open theirs for me.” He punctuated his descriptions with little touches on his partner’s asshole, and finished by quickly wetting his middle finger in his mouth and then sliding it inside.

The man had groaned, and his cock stirred against Stephen’s thigh.

“Well, I know you don’t love *me*,” the man had said. “But you feel free to love my asshole all you want, baby. Please.”

Stephen smiled, slowly and with the kind of pleasure only pure contentment can bring.

“I think I will,” he said. “I think I will.”

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