An Evening Alone

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The day’s work is done the tension and stress produced from a hectic day is gradually swept away with a warm relaxing shower. You enjoy the warm droplets of water as it soothingly trickles down the body producing a ticklish sensation against the skin, almost reminiscent of a tender massage with a silky smooth feather slowly moving down the body. Causing the muscles to lightly shiver then relax leaving a light warm sensation. A warm feeling of contentment slowly flows over the body as you watch the worries of the day’s events slowly disappearing down the drain at your feet.

Stepping out of the warmth of the refreshing shower the cool tile floor feels slick under your wet feet. Dry warmth of the towel feels in itself just as soothing to the body as it absorbs the water from the skin. Feeling revived and content you notice the familiar figure of your breathtaking woman as she enters the bathroom. She is completely nude as she walks past you toward the shower to adjust the temperature of the water. Passing near you, her movement creates a cool wisp of air that is felt against your nakedness with a slight chilling effect causing goose bumps to rise on your skin.

She leans forward into the shower and you instantly notice the delicate smooth round cheeks of her ass. A beautiful sight you have seen many times before. Being taken in by this breathtaking sight you begin to feel a familiar stirring in your groin. Your dick begins to swell to a semi flaccid state as your eyes slowly gaze upon her smooth curves slowly tracing up her back and around toward her creamy breasts. You feel a slight throbbing of your penis as you quietly admire the wonderful sight standing before you, reminiscent of a hungry kid in a candy store, the mind is transfixed as it gazes upon the wonderment of her bosom as they gently sway from her body while she moves to adjust the faucet. Suddenly you begin to realize the room feels much warmer than it did a few minutes ago. With a slight warm flushed feeling on your skin you feel the emergence of the animal lust begins to stir within the inner depths of your body.

You know from experience that any sexual advances on your part will be rejected until she has had her turn in the shower. So without a second thought of your aroused situation you slowly regain your composure. With a slight feeling of disappointment you wrap the towel around your waist, only to notice there is a your erect member is protruding out of the towel as if it were fighting for it’s freedom to roam free on its own.

Feeling a bit of frustration you begin to make your way to the comfort of your bed. A special sanctuary within the home that has been the place of so many wonderful and erotic sexual encounters over the years of sharing with your playmate of sexual enlightenment. You began to plan a devilish scheme to let her know that her actions have turned you on.

Dropping the towel to the floor you lazily climb into your bed anticipating the comfort and feel of crisp cool sheets. It feels refreshing lying in the coziness of your bed, lightly fondling your semi erect penis, as you relive in your mind the many erotic and wild sexual adventures this room has been witness to. You try to pay attention to the news report on the television. But the thought of your lover in the next room fills your mind with erotic fantasies of days past. It is amazing after so many years of being together she is able to excite and stir the animal passion deep within your soul.

After a few minutes she emerges from the room with the glow of the new refreshed feeling the hot shower has afforded her. With only a towel wrapped around her wet hair, her stunning naked body glistened from the rays being cast by the television set. You watch with an aroused anticipation as she walks seductively to her side of the bed and leaning forward she continues drying her hair before tossing the towel to the side. She looks at your semi erect member with a sly grin on her face as she seductively climbs into the bed. Playfully arching her back so her ravishing ass stands out invitingly for a moment as she slowly rolls over in your arms. Her hair is damp esenyurt escort with an almost chilling feeling as she snuggles up against your body laying her head on your chest. The feel of her next to you makes your nipples stand erect and your penis begins slowly throbbing.

The fresh aroma of her hair combined with the warmth of her silken body clouds your head. Slowly stirring the beast of desire forward from deep within your soul. The aroma is almost exhilarating as your mind becomes dizzy with wild desires. Then your heart jumps with excitement as you notice the soft feel of her hand moving sensuously from your chest and entrancingly trail down your abdomen toward your eagerly awaiting manhood. Wonderfully enough your dick has also noticed this movement and it slowly begins to grow. Your manhood begins to swell in an attempt to reach her hand as it slowly moves down the stomach tickling the hairs with it’s soft caress while tracing a circular motion.

It feels good as she ever so delicately and slowly traces her fingers around the base of your member then down the thighs. Her fingers gently move back up the opposite thigh to gently caress the balls with a light tender touch. The skin tingles with each anticipated touch of her finger tips as your throbbing member feels as if it’s ready to jump out of its own skin as it throbs in unison with the your wildly beating heart. Just as your throbbing organ begins to ache for a lack of attention she slowly grasps it in her hands and gently begins to stroke in a slow rhythm. Each gentle stroke of her hand sends a tingling sensation to the testicles as they slowly prepare for the eruption that is sure to follow if this seductive assault continues. Several minutes have passed but it feels like hours as you enjoy each and every tantalizing touch of her delicate fingers. Becoming lost in the lust as the arousal grows with each passing moment thoughts of carnal desire begins to swim in your mind. You feel the cloudy intoxication as your thoughts become hazy. The whole being of the body has become engulfed in the sensations her wonderful hand is creating. Animal lust has taken over all reasoning you may have had, your thoughts are transfixed toward the act of pure wild ecstasy as the remaining feelings of modesty melts away from your very being.

The mind has become completely engulfed on the magnificence of this woman lying next to you. Your only contemplation is to enjoy the wonderful pleasures being afforded you by this soothing act. Slowly you turn toward her until your lips meet in an embrace of lustful contentment in anticipation of what is to follow. The gentle embrace of your tongues sensually dancing together sends small shivers down the core of your spine. She lets out a low moan from deep in her throat, a moan of approval as you feel her begin to rotate her hips toward your hard throbbing organ. The hairs from her pubic mound produce a course feel as it rubs gently against the throbbing of your manhood, which is pleading for a chance to enter the moist honey pot hidden within.

After the long passionate kiss you lovingly begin kissing her neck taking time to nibble on her ears. She reacts in response to your attention by gently coaxing your manhood closer to her waiting love nest. But you have other plans for your lover this evening. Wanting to make the excitement of the moment last you slowly begin kissing down her silky smooth neck slowly working your way to her soft delicate breast. Her nipples have become erect and appear to be begging for the same sensual attention. At a snail’s pace you begin to kiss and nibble around the left breast slowly circling your way to the top where the nipple stands proud, waiting patiently for the carnal consideration it will receive.

Gracefully you let your teeth lightly glide along the smooth skin on the undersides of her silken breast. The whole time she purrs with approval as she continues the slow gyrating of her hips against your stomach and lightly running her nails along your back. The sensation of her nails tingles as if it was sending minutes electrical charges gebze escort throughout the body. She has become lost within her passion as she continues gyrating her hips in her search for your member to fill the burning void that grows in intensity with each passing moment. But you stay true to your preplanned goal slowly working towards the right breast, which has been waiting patiently for its turn to be caressed by your traveling tongue. Adding to the excitement you begin to tease her delicate skin as you trace your fingertips along the length of her thighs being careful not to touch the tender lips of her waiting pussy.

Moans of desire begin escaping her throat gradually increasing with volume and frequency as she purrs with the tender touch of your actions. In a deep sensual voice she begins to demand your manhood fill her moist hot wanton pussy. Her body continues squirming with more intensity as you ignore her request and continue to work your way to the middle of her chest and then down her stomach. Stopping long enough to pay special attention to her navel by trusting your tongue into it as if it were the opening to her pussy. Then slowly with the tip of your tongue moving ever so gracefully you glide down from the navel to her pubic region. Gracefully you trace the outline of her pubic area with your tongue using a light flicking action until you have reached the outer areas of her wanting womanhood. The aroma from the moist silken pedals of her labia fills your nose with an aroma so sweet you find you have to hold yourself back from the urge to dive in and lick the sweet droplets of nectar that are forming on the pouting lips. Maintaining your composure you slowly overcome the urge to dive in and lap the glistening love box. Instead you slowly nibble and lick between her legs and inner thighs being careful not to touch the pouting pussy lips.

With growing lust in your eyes you watch her facial expressions as you slowly begin to nibble the outer lips being careful to teasingly take your time before parting her succulent pedals. She reacts sensually gyrating her hips in anticipation to your gentle caress as you continue the sexual assault of the surrounding areas of the outer regions of the vaginal lips before allowing you tongue to gracefully part the protective lips, revealing the wonderful rewards that are hidden within. Moving carefully with the tongue you slowly find her love bud that has been slowly growing as you softly lick your way around it.

Leisurely you use a light sucking action as you let your lips engulf her pulsating clit, slowly your mouth settles to a soft rhythmic motion working slowly up and down the length of her love nest. Adding to her growing pleasure you slowly insert a moist finger and move it in a slow circular motion as you work the rest of her love flower with your tongue and lips. All the while becoming excited yourself by watching her sensually squirm with an excited anticipation to you movements. Her pert breasts are slowly heaving as the chest expands with each deep labored breath, her hips are moving in tempo with your tongues actions. Using her fingers she begins to gently caress her pussy and exposes her clitoris for your tongue as if to assist your movements in the oncoming orgasm slowly building within her. Her body begins to increase in tempo and her hips begin bucking wildly with an almost spasmodic jerking. Then her body tightens with uncontrollable shuddering motion as a deep moan escapes her pursed lips she rapidly approaches the height of her orgasmic threshold. Without warning her moan builds in volume, like a train’s horn approaching from the distance. She grabs the back of your head and grinds your face into her hot pussy. Her orgasm has hit its peak and she is in the plateau of pure sexual contentment, a feeling that is almost spiritual in essence. With the same intensity that spread toward the blissful eruption of the orgasm her body slowly begins to weaken as the pleasure of the orgasm begins to subside. You adjust your rhythm to match her gradually receding movements. Being careful during this time when she can become kartal escort over sensitive around her pussy.

She lays still, content with her gut wrenching release and enjoying the subtle after glow of her orgasm. Slowly you continue applying a soft pressure against her dripping pussy with your lips and tongue. Being careful not to touch the clitoris, which is very sensitive. The only other movement noticeable is the quivering of the muscles throughout her body. Her breathing slowly begins to return to normal. Not wanting her to completely relax you begin to nibble your way back up her body lavishing the sweet taste of her sweat.

In anticipation to your movements her nails lightly dig into your buttocks as she draws you closer to her hungry swollen love nest. Wanting to enjoy the feeling you slowly enter her waiting pussy, feeling the heat as the inner pulsating muscles slowly engulfs your throbbing member with a lubricated ease. With each slow thrust you go increasingly deeper enjoying the tight feeling of the contracting muscles within the vaginal walls, until you are completely buried deep within her love tunnel.

Slowly you withdraw the glistening engorged member until the head rests on the outer lips before you begin to slowly thrust forward again. Slowly at first to enjoy the hot sensations flowing through your body like small sparks of electricity. Animalistic needs slowly take over wanton desire as your body begins to thrust harder. Building in tempo to match the gyrating thrusts of her grinding hips as her body slowly begins to swell with yet another orgasmic eruption. The feel of her hot wet vaginal muscles slowly sucking your manhood trying to milk out the cream she dearly desires. Beads of sweat begin to build on her body as her breasts take on a new glistening appeal, as each thrust of your member makes them softly sway. You become aware to the sweat trailing down your back as you thrust with all reckless abandon, pounding your rod into her hungry pussy with all your strength.

The long awaited orgasm is beginning to swell from within, as you feel the tingling warmth slowly move up your back. Her hands are wildly scratching your back with an increasing intensity as she is moaning in your ear. Her hot breath blows gently across your neck with each gasping breath. Her gyrating tempo has picked up in speed and intensity as you are trying to control your urge to keep from going over the top.

Almost without warning she begins to tighten her muscles, her arms tightly wrap around you to hang on as if she were falling. The muscles within her pussy begin to milk your throbbing member with and intensity that causes you to begin to loose all control. Her orgasmic release is wild as she thrashes about moaning trying to pull you closer and closer towards her body

Conscious of your impending orgasm you realize the threshold of orgasmic ecstasy has been achieved as you thrust deeper with wild passion trying match the momentum of her wild jerking thrusts. An exhilarated pressure begins its eruption at the base of your member as you hold tightly onto your lovers quivering body and let your cream erupt with spasmodic jerks and thrusts, matching the beating of your pounding heart. The intensity of the eruption feels as if it had the velocity that could hit the ceiling of the room. Your whole body is over come with the tingling of a complete euphoric sensation that started from deep within of your testicles spreading throughout the whole body. Muscles begin to shake and quiver as the intensity of the orgasm sweeps over your whole body.

Gradually the momentum of your sexual bliss begins to subside. The euphoric feeling is soon compounded with a feeling of exhaustion. You collapse with spent fatigue into each other’s loving arms. Holding each other in an embrace of pure spent lust. Enjoying the warm afterglow as your cock slowly becomes flaccid while resting in her hot wet cream filled pussy. Your senses slowly return as you become aware of your surroundings and the sound of heavy breathing, while both lie still in an exhausted embrace trying to catch your breath.

Lying together entwined within each other’s sweat glistened bodies you enjoy the expended rapture of your orgasmic union. Content in the fact this wild raw sexual joining will be repeated five times each week as it has for the last twenty-two years. Since giving yourselves to each other as lovers within your hedonistic lifestyle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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