An Old Lady Visits Ch. 04

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So, yeah, I think apologies are in order. This story did NOT go where I meant it to go when I started it, and I believe many people are NOT going to like it… this, on top of my My-Dad-Wrote-A-Porno level erotic writing skills make me think maybe I should consider early retirement… We shall see. And, as always: muscular futa mom fucking people, including son, so – consider.

The Hyundai Accent slowed down as it came close, and Jake sighed inwardly as it stopped near them. Most of the neighborhood were away on vacation, but some were hanging around till the second round of vacation in August; Bob Curry – a burly, middle-aged Canadian who was coordinator of the electrical installation team at the resort project – was one of those. His pockmarked, friendly face poked out of the car window.

“Young Jake Stein. how you doing, buddy?”

“No complaints here, Bob. Yourself?”

“Well, the wife came down with a case of the diarrhea, going down to CV to get her something…”

Jake nodded in sympathy. Bob was a genial guy and he liked him enough, but he didn’t feel up to a neighborly conversation, not with his mom there. “Well, bon voyage, Bob, give her my best…”

Bob nodded, and waved at Kelly, who was standing on the other side of the car, with his mom. “I see you and Kelly still going strong… good, good…” he nodded at Helen, who has taken the large cool box out of Kelly’s car’s trunk and was now carrying it to the sidewalk, her thick thighs bunching underneath the large football shirt, her big round butt challenging it to the max. “And this lady would be…”

“My mom, yes.”

Bob nodded, eyes fixed on Helen’s butt. “VERY fine lady…” He raised his voice, calling out to Helen, who was now standing at Kelly’s side, waiting for Jake. “That is a mighty fine boy you got, Mrs. Stein! Very highly regarded here!”

Helen smiled and gave him a short wave. “Oh, he is a treasure…!”

Bob smiled at her, his eyes locked on the large bosom that stretched out the shirt in front. “Yes, very fine woman, for sure.” He said to Jake, sounding thoughtful. “A LOT of fine woman, eh? She one of those… whatchamacallit – body-builders?”

Jake groaned inwardly. “Well, Bob, Gwen is probably waiting for you to get that medicine…”

Bob shook his head, getting back to reality from wherever it was his head went to. “Right, right, she’s been pooping all over the place, I should really get going, right?” Jake nodded his agreement, but Bob wasn’t quite done. “So, you taking your lovely mom down to the beach? Good, very nice day for it…”

Jake didn’t answer, waiting patiently. Bob sighed. “Well, better get going…” giving his mom one last look. “Might be coming down there myself, later on. No point wasting such a lovely day, right?”

Of course you would, Jake thought, resignedly. Why not? This day was shaping up to be quite trying…


Kerry and his mom were ahead of him as they started down the steep lane leading down to the beach, some 90 feet below. His mom was effortlessly carrying the heavy lunch basket they had gotten from Kelly’s car, while the younger woman carried a stack of blankets. They were talking and giggling – Bob Curry’s ogling of his mom did not go unnoticed – and they appeared to be exchanging war stories. As he straggled behind them, carrying the heavy drinks carrier, Jake was trying desperately to come up with conversation ideas that did not involve sex. Too bad both of them were so staunchly SJW – he would have preferred them to spend the day arguing over immigration or whatever…

“Yeah, it’s pretty much constant,” Kerry was saying. “I get things thrown at me all the time, like how high my shirt is buttoned, or how my legs are too nice for cargo shorts, or ‘innocent’ remarks about my haircut… like, how the FUCK is it any of your business?”

Helen nodded. “Any physical stuff?”

Kelly snorted. “Yeah, there were some, at the beginning – but then I punched some asshole in the face and it stopped.”

As his mom guffawed in appreciation, Jake interjected. “Yeah, that asshole was chief of the installation crew and he could have gotten you fired. You get harassed you go to HR, you don’t…”

Kelly cut him off, her anger flashing. “Guy touchs my butt I don’t wait for fucking HR, I make sure he understands my body is not his playground, OK?”

Jake knew better than to argue. His girlfriend had an edge to her he had learned not to test. His mom was obviously all in. “Good for you, kid! You’ve got to establish boundaries – especially with a butt like yours…”

Kelly punched her in her massive shoulder, eliciting a surprised yelp from the muscle-bound MILF. “Fuck you! It’s easy for you to make fun of this – nobody in their right minds would try to mess with YOU!”

Helen snorted, her free hand massaging her shoulder. “You’d think so, right? Men think with their dicks…”

And you don’t? Jake had to stop himself from interjecting. Better stay out of this, he told himself.

“Just yesterday, on the ride from the maltepe escort airport, the cab driver…”

Jake almost had a heart attack. Oh, jeez, not the cab driver! “Hey, mom – look at the view! Is this value for money, or what?”

They were coming out of the thick strip of wood that stretched underneath his neighborhood, and now had a clear view of the ocean and the beach below. There were thankfully only a handful of people on the stretch of sand, closed off on both sides by jutting cliffs. Now they had to pray that their favorite hidden nook was not taken. The sight of his mom sunbathing in that tiny bikini, her gigantic girl-cock in almost full view… yeah, they absolutely needed a secluded spot.

His mom whistled appreciatively. “You were not exaggerating. This looks fucking amazing!”

Jake pressed on, hoping to distract the two from the previous line their conversation was taking. “Kelly, you think our nook will be taken? There don’t seem to be too many people…”

Kelly shrugged. “Yeah, well, we’ll see when we get down there. Helen – you were talking about the cab driver…”

Shit. Jake thought about the sullen, angry man, and the trace of cum at the corner of his mouth. Shit…

“Well, he was on it from the moment I got in. I’m such a beautiful woman, such a big woman – I need someone who would appreciate me, someone who could serve me like I deserved to be serviced. And he wasn’t too subtle about what exactly he meant…”

Kelly laughed. “Jesus… how very not surprising.”

Helen nodded. “Yeah, well, he wouldn’t let up. And he was getting more graphic, too – a big woman needs a big dick…”

Kelly screamed with laughter. “Oh no he didn’t…! Did you tell him…?”

Helen shook her head. “I was trying to just get through it, I can take shit like this, don’t really care. But then he put his hand on my thigh…”


“Yup. So I decided to have some fun…”

Jake wanted to drop back, didn’t want to hear any more – only of course he did, he could feel his dick hardening in anticipation…

“So, I told him that, no disrespect, but I was sure I could find a bigger dick than his in 10 minutes…”

Kelly snickered. “Very crude… But, I’m guessing he took the bait?”

“Hook, line and sinker. I was insane – why did I think he had 3 – count them, three! – girlfriends, there should be poems written about his cock, he would give me anything I want if I could find a bigger one in all of Costa Rica – no, the whole of Central America!”

Kelly was now laughing uncontrollably. “Oh my god, you didn’t…”

Helen nodded. “Like hell I didn’t. I told him to pull into a rest stop – the moron thought it was his big moment – and then I pulled out a bigger cock. Maybe not the biggest in Central America -” Jake was pretty sure it actually was – “but definitely bigger than his.”

Kelly put her free hand to her gaping mouth, her eyes open wide: “Oh. My. God. I’m guessing he was surprised?”

Helen laughed. “Yeah, you might say so… but apparently it wasn’t the NICE kind of surprise.”

“I bet it wasn’t! What did he say?”

“Well, he was speechless for a few moments, but then he got very eloquent… like, transphobic…?”

“Oh, shit…”

“Oh shit is correct. I meant to shut him up, give him a bit of a shock, but that macho asshole got real nasty, so I decided to take it to the next level.”

Kelly stopped in her tracks, looking up at the Amazonian MILF in shock. “Please tell me you didn’t rape him…”

Helen stopped too. “Well, no – not as such, no.”


“Well, I told him I wanted him to blow my dick, right?”

“And he of course jumped at the chance…!”

Now it was his mom’s turn to hit the younger woman in the shoulder – though she, of course, did it with much less force. “Come on, don’t be a bitch. I never forced him to do anything – I just played on his macho bullshit. I reminded him he promised me anything I wanted if I produced a larger penis than his – and I did. It was a matter of honor for him to stand by his word…”

The three of them stood, the end of the path and the golden sand some 50 yards away, the sound of the ocean filling the air. Jake put the heavy container down, and stood quietly, the two women seemingly oblivious of his presence.

“OK. You fucked with his head. And…?”

“Well, it took about half an hour, but he finally agreed. I put it in his mouth and started pumping, like, just a few inches deep…”

“Eww. Poor bastard. And…?”

Helen brought a heavy, veined hand up, pushing aside an unruly blonde lock that blew into her eye. Was it embarrassment? His mom never struck him as the easily-embarrassed type… “Well, he started crying so I took it out, even wiped the pre-cum from his face. Might have missed a spot, though – leaving him with something to remember me by, right?”

Kelly looked at her for a moment, not saying anything, as the titanic futa looked back at her defiantly. Finally, Kelly sighed. “Seriously, escort maltepe Helen – I have known you for less than two hours, and I can’t make my mind up. You’re either a complete psycho – or the coolest person I’ve ever met. Probably both.”

Helen Stein sneered at her, folding her mighty arms under her massive chest. “Well, at least I’m not an Iowa cow-girl twerp…!”

Kelly answered, mildly: “I’m actually from Des Moines, never touched a cow in my life… also: who the fuck uses ‘twerp’?”

His mom glared at her for a minute, Kelly looking up at her with no particular expression on her face. Jake felt that he should break it up, say something – but then his mom threw her blonde mane back and roared with laughter. “Goddamit, this kid is something! Jake, I think this one is a keeper…!”

Kelly smiled at her. “I was serious. I think you’re maybe the coolest person I know…”

Helen looked down at her, smiling mischievously. “AND a psycho…?”

Kelly nodded. “Jury still out on this one. I have to hear some more stories before I give my verdict.”

As his mom roared in laughter once more, Jake tried to process what he was seeing. What THE FUCK is going on, and how the hell does he survive this day?


The beach was pretty sparsely populated, and they found their favorite nook unoccupied. They could spend the day away from prying eyes – maybe even save them from a visit by Bob Curry… The way that guy looked at his mom, Jake had no doubt the middle-aged Canadian will find a way to give his sick wife the slip…

Kelly was fixing the beach blankets as Helen took off her shirt and stood, head turned upwards, eyes closed, soaking in the midday sun. She was a sight to behold: unruly blonde hair falling on sloping, wide shoulders, her glorious tits, sitting on two protruding muscular slabs, fighting against the tiny bra, the soft flesh spilling from all sides, the dark nipples stretching the thin Lycra forward. Aside from the soft breasts, she was all hard muscles, the sun bringing them into stark relief. Her skin wasn’t quite as pale as it used to be; she had been using a tanning booth for a few months, now, and it looked almost tan.

His eyes fixed on her crowning glory, the piece de resistance. Her huge balls had escaped the confines of her bikini bottom, hanging proud and free, one on each side. It did manage to hold her massive girl-cock up, hovering in front of her eight-pack.

His mom looked down and smiled when she saw where his gaze was locked. She slowly raised her arms, holding them behind her head, her pelvis pushed forward, the giant shaft presented to his viewing pleasure. His own penis reacted instantly, crawling up his belly, threatening to burst out of the confines of his trunks. God, how was he going to make it till tonight?! He NEEDED his mom’s cock inside of him, ramming into him, filling his inside with its massive presence, shooting gallons of hot baby-batter into him… Oh, god – who was he kidding? Kelly was great and all – but it really was no contest!

Kelly stood up, the blankets all in place, and looked over to his mom. She whistled softly. “Well, it’s still fucking majestic… but we better get some sun-screen on you, I don’t think your skin is cleared for this sun.”

Jake chimed in: “I could do that…!”

Kelly looked back at him, puzzled. “What?”

He swallowed, feeling like an idiot. “My mom… it’s a lot of work… I wouldn’t mind doing it…”

Kelly stared at him, her puzzlement replaced by amusement. “Yeah, no worries, dude, I can handle it. I wouldn’t mind you doing me, afterwards.”

His mother smiled at him, knowingly. “That’s very sweet of you, baby, but I think Kelly can handle this. You can take care of brunch, meanwhile, the smells from this thing almost drove me wild!”

Kelly gave him one last look, and turned to Hellen. “OK – before we do anything else, we gotta have a beer, get started on the right foot, amiright?”

Helen shook her head emphatically. “Not for me, thanks! I haven’t had a beer in 3 years, and I’m not going to break this!”

Kelly waved her hand in dismissal. “Much respect for the will power, but we’re talking one fucking beer. I believe that fucking body could take one beer without going all Kirstie Alley on you, right?”

Helen looked doubtful. “I don’t know, I’ve been cheating on my diet, lately, I don’t think I should…”

Kelly pressed on. “Well, one bottle is not going to make that much of a difference, is. It? And I got the good stuff – Jake got me on to the European shit, Belgian, Czech beer…”

Helen relented. “OK, I’ll have one. It HAS been a while…”

Kelly beamed. “Good for you!” She stepped back, and with one fluid motion pulled her shirt off, revealing her toned, tan body. Jake had always loved her body – firm all over, perky breasts, the white string bikini complementing it nicely. When they started going out, the first few weekends they were planning to go to the beach, she’d put on the bikini – and he would get so turned on they’d end maltepe escort bayan up spending the whole day in bed. She finally wouldn’t let him see her in the bikini before they got to the beach – and, once they discovered “their” secluded nook, they would make out constantly.

But now… next to his mom’s super-human body – and her devastating girl-cock – well, she just seemed so… so ORDINARY…

She looked over at him. “Hey – aren’t you going to take your shirt off?”

He grimaced. Yeah, sure – and give her a clear view of the sizable bulge, trying to break free of its confinement… No, the black Jimi Hendrix shirt was his only hiding place. “Nah, don’t wanna get too much sun… I’ll wait a little.”

She shrugged, and went over to the cool box that he left near the bend of the nook, visible from the opening to the beach, signifying the nook was occupied. She rummaged inside, and called out to Helen:”Lager or Pilsner?”

“Lager, I guess?”

Kelly rose, holding 3 opened bottles. She handed Jake a Pilsner, and walked over to Helen, handing her a Stella Artois. She raised her own Pilsner, and Helen clinked her bottle against it, the hand holding it seemingly 3 times thicker than the younger woman’s. She smiled.

“To new friends.”

Kelly smiled at her. “Skoll”. They both raised their bottles to their mouth and took a swig.

Jake raised his own bottle and said to no one in particular: “Lecha’im”. He watched the play of muscle on his mom’s hand and shoulder as she took deep sips from her beer, her thick shaft swaying gently. Oh god, he needed her so badly… he had to get rid of Kelly, every minute that passed without his mom’s cock inside him was a moment wasted…!

As he started to set up the lavish brunch, Kelly got to work, covering his mother’s bulging body with sun-screen. He sneaked sidelong glances, watching his girlfriend methodically going over the futa MILF’S body as she stood there, heavily-muscled hands spread to the side, taking the occasional swig from the fast-emptying beer bottle. Her enormous bulk was towering over Kelly’s lithe body – the body that only a day ago he thought he could never get enough of… He sighed and adjusted his almost out-matched trunks, his hard-on now almost a torture. His mom glanced over at him and smiled briefly. Oh, she knew what was going on down there… He watched her giant cock standing up, almost flush with her abs, and his mind drifted back to a moment he remembered oh so well from sex camp: him, hanging upside-down in the air, his mom holding him by the hips, her tongue playing with his dick, as he sucked on her magnificent girl-cock, his hands holding its girth, the blood rushing to his head making him wooziesr by the minute, finally passing out as his mom’s jizz exploded into his gullet…

He shook his head. Not now! There will be time for this later. His mom will be staying for 3 more days, they will make up for that lost half-year!

The two women were now talking podcasts – turned out they were both huge Blank Check fans – and the thought struck him: they are becoming friends! They seemed to really like each other, they were talking as if they have known each other for ages; this was really unfair to Kelly, he should be telling her the truth, the longer this farce went on the greater the hurt she will be feeling!

“Hey, baby – could you get me another beer?”

He looked up at his mother’s smiling face, caught off guard. “…What?”

“A beer. Forgot how much I liked that stuff. Make it a Pilsner…”

Kelly raised a white-smeared palm. “Me too. I’m thinking a Tuborg?”

He rose slowly, adjusting his overstretched trunks, and walked awkwardly to the drinks cooler. He took out the two bottles, removed the caps and made his way back to the two women, handing them the beers and standing aside, waiting, trying to gather his courage for the task ahead.

“Food ready?”

He nodded. “Almost. Once you’re done here.”

Kelly pursed her lips, a woman on a mission. “Well, we’re down to the most important part…” she took a swig, then put the bottle down and turned back to her task. She was kneeling in front of his mom, a look of wonder filling her eyes as she surveyed her target. “Jesus, I can’t believe how much of that thing there IS!” She squirted a large dollop of sunscreen on her hands, and took the thick, giant shaft in her hands, rubbing the white lotion in with slow, methodical strokes.

Jake gasped with pain as his dick tried to stretch its way free of his trunk. He looked up at his mother’s face, only to be met with a look that he knew all too well: her eyes closed, mouth partially open, breathing slowly…

Kelly said in a conversational tone, not turning her head, her hands still working his mom’s massive womanhood: “Better take little Jake out or it’s gonna rip your pants off.”

Jake looked at her in shock. She turned her head to him, her face expressionless. “You maybe wanna take it from here?”


He stared at her for a minute, not speaking. She smiled thinly. “That’s a one-time offer. I’m actually liking this a lot.”

He looked at his mom, who shrugged her mighty shoulders. “She’s not an idiot, Jake.” She looked down at the young woman kneeling in front of her. “When did you know?”

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