An Open Secret Ch. 01

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It all started when she turned eighteen. He caught her getting out of the shower. She wasn’t exposed for long, but Sean memorized just how she looked, and the expression of joy on her face. She had just had a nice shower.

He started taking pictures of his daughter naked whenever he could. He hid behind doors, couches, under tables to get up-skirt pictures of her. He was using his professional camera he’d gotten for a birthday a while back.

This went on until she turned nineteen. He started getting paranoid someone would find the stash and take him to jail. He had plenty of material to masturbate to now. He thought of just leaving the girl alone.

He couldn’t leave her alone though. He thought of her constantly. He day DREAMED OF THEM HAVING SEX ALL THE TIME. How her oh face must look like. How it must be like to see her with her legs wide open.

He hated when she brought boys home to meet them. He didn’t want her to have any boys. She was still too little. Yet he could take naked pictures of her?

Flashback to her senior year. She had no boyfriends that year. Or at least, she’d not brought them over. She seemed to be focusing on her school work.

She had a blast. She took home such good grades. Her mom wasn’t interested. Sean was though. He told her he’d give her a very good surprise if she passed all her classes.

He wasn’t doing anything wrong. He hadn’t felt this way about her before she turned eighteen. He was allowed this. She was so hot. He felt a strong desire to tell her how he felt. To just tell her how in love with her he was. She was eighteen. This wasn’t wrong.

… … … … … … … … … …

That year was her prom. She really wanted to go. Sydney didn’t want her to go though. She felt Kelly was too young for proms or formal dances like that. Sean disagreed and she was allowed to go.

A day before, she came home from school and got ready to go out.

“Where are you off to, sweet heart?” Sean asked politely.

“I’m going to the mall. I’ve got savings. I’m going to pick out my prom dress.”

“who’s going with you?” Sean asked curious.

“No one. I don’t really want any company.”

“So no dad, then?” he asked.

“No. Not if you’re gonna cramp my style.”

“Oh Kelly.” Sean begged. “Please let me go with you.”

So they went off to the store. It was silent during the ride. No one had anything to say.

“But you can’t say anything.” She said as they got out of the car. “You cannot pick on me if I pick a dress you don’t like.”

“I promise, Kelly. I’ll keep my thoughts to myself.”

He had to. He didn’t want anyone to know he hoped she’d let him into the dressing room. He didn’t want anyone to know he was hoping so much, that she’d let him watch her try on all the clothes.

They got right to the dresses as soon as they got there.

“Ooo! I want this purple one.” She said as she grabbed a purple dress.

“Purple isn’t really your color. You’ll look like a giant bruise.”

“Dad!” she whined. “You said you wouldn’t say anything.”

“I know. Sorry, sorry. I won’t say another word.”

She put the purple dress back, and looked at some others. She found a blue one she really wanted. He didn’t say anything, but she could see a glint in his eye, that showed her he disapproved.

“Okay Mr. big shot.” She said as she backed away from the dresses. “Which one would you pick?”

He went straight for a pink strapless dress. It had nice clear beadwork down the front. He held it against her skin. The pink really looked great on her.

“No. I look awful in this one too. I look like a slut.”

He had to contain himself when she asked him to hold the dress, and follow her to the section where all the underwear were. He was getting so flustered.

“Help me pick something out, then. Since you seem to be in the know about what looks good on me and what doesn’t.”

He was all in. He paid clear attention to her as she looked through the underwear. He picked out sexy things for under her dress. He picked her out a bra that showed a bit of cleavage. They put all the things in the cart, and went off to the dressing room.

“Come in with me.” She requested.

“Oh, no. Kelly, it’s wrong for me to go in there.”

“No one will care. Now, come on. We’re losing day light.”

So he went in. He shut the door behind them, and locked it. He turned to see what she was doing.

She started getting undressed. She was wearing very sexy underwear. She had on a nice padded bra.

He had to keep from whistling as she took her bra off and her breasts appeared. He wanted to reach out and squeeze one.

She got fully naked in front of him, and put on her outfit. She put on her nice see through pink underwear. She put on her strapless bra. With his help, she carefully slipped into her dress.

He felt his face go red as he helped her. She put a hand on his shoulder to help steady her as she put her under clothes on. She asked him to zip her up, when she slid into the dress. His mouth was watering and he was trying not güvenilir bahis to get hard. He made sure not to stare.

“Oh, Kelly.” He gasped as she stood upright. “Look in the mirror, honey.”

She looked good. She was wearing her nice pink dress, and some nice high half inch heels.

“I never saw you bring those.” He said as he pointed to the shoes.

“I had them in the bag we brought.”

“You want me to go get you some more to try on? I personally think–“

“Ah ah! You said you wouldn’t say anything.”

“I know. I really need to shut up.”

She went with the pink dress. She loved her father. She wanted his opinion on a lot of things. Most things. They were very close. She felt happy and honored he came with her. If he said she looked good in a certain outfit, she was going to trust him.

… … … … … … … … … …

The event was the next day. She had gotten one of her friends to go with her. They had managed to ask out a pair of boys they had their eye on.

Sean was ready with the cameras. He caught her undressing, and prancing around naked trying to make herself a good outfit. His mouth watered as he took picture after picture.

There she was, brushing her hair. Naked. He took a few pictures. She turned around and bent down for something. He took a lot of pictures of that nice round butt sticking out too.

He gasped as she sat down at the toilet with a bucket of trash at her feet. Was she going to shave down there? Did he want to see that? When she was dressed, he went and knocked at her door.

She came slowly out. He whistled. He hoped she didn’t take it wrong.

“Oh Kelly. You look amazing.” He said with a husky voice. “I don’t want to let you go now.” He sighed. “The boys are all gonna be on you.”

There was a knock on the door a while later. Sean opened it, and smiled.

The girls had spent a whole day getting their manicures and pedicures. They got their hair done up really well. They bought dresses and made sure to show just enough to make the men stare. They also did their makeup.

“Hello friends of Kelly.” He said smiling as he let them in. “I know you, Miera. Who are these two gentlemen?”

Miera and Kelly went off to finish getting ready. Miera closed and locked the door.

“Kelly,” she said softly as she turned to look at her friend. “Kelly, you look…, amazing. You look like you’re looking for more than just a dance.”

“Well, yeah. I’m even on birth control.”

“You wanted sex after the prom?” Miera asked astounded.

“Well, didn’t you?”

“No! All I wanted to do was dance.”

The boys all got together and told Sean what the deal was.

“We need a limo.” Stephen said sadly. “Lance and I couldn’t find one. We really tried.”

“What?” Miera and Kelly were aghast.

“And you tell us now?” Miera cried.

I’ll take care of that. I know a friend at work who has a guy. Just wait and don’t fret.”

Sean really came through for the gang. The limo driver got there in twenty minutes.

“Before you go….”

Sean was ready with his camera again. He took pictures of all the girls. Pictures of the girls standing on their own. He took pictures of them and their dates.

“Have my girls back by midnight.” Sean said bitterly.

The limo driver exchanged numbers with Sean. This way, he could keep an eye out.

“I’ll make sure these kids behave. You have my direct number if you need to check in.” The driver was smiling politely.

“Oh god, dad. Please don’t check in.” Kelly moaned.

Her dad had said yes. Her mom had said no. She apologized for leaving her father to deal with her. Blaming him for letting her go.

“Sydney, she’s an adult. She’s going to go whether we want her to or not.”

“You make me so mad, Sean.” Sydney sighed.

“Then, my work here is done.”

Sean was going to be sure and try and get pictures of her getting undressed in the bathroom. They still had an old fashion key hole. He could feel himself getting half hard.

He went to the couch and put his feet up. He pulled on a blanket, and laid his head down to close his eyes. He was a little tired. He didn’t want to go to his bed though. He wanted to wait for Kelly.

A half hour later, his phone vibrated. It was the limo driver. They were on their way back. The girls were not happy.

“It was a disaster.” The limo driver said as the girls rushed into the house an hour later. The driver told Sean what had happened. The boys were sitting outside arguing.

“So first off, one of the boys started requesting caviar. He wondered if I knew where to get some. I asked if they had money.” He sighed. “He said yes. He’s got about two hundred dollars.

“So, boy goes into the sushi shop. He comes back out a moment later.

“Mr. Gretski, he pulled out this little container, the size of your palm. And I’m being generous here.

“So they each take a tiny cracker, and spread the stuff on it. There was enough for all, but it was so tiny. So the girls got mad.

“I went in to spy on them, make sure güvenilir bahis siteleri they weren’t drinking or anything. Those boys had no money. They spent it all on the fish. They didn’t buy the girls drinks, and they complained about how much this prom sucked.” Both men were laughing by now.

“The prom was a bust! Miera shot angrily as she came walking into the living room.

“You better do something, Lance.” Kelly said coolly. “We did our hair and everything.”

“All right. I’ll pay extra if you just take these kids wherever they want to go.” He gave Lance two hundred dollars. “Give them anything they want.”

He did end up getting a lot of pictures that night. She took her time undressing, which was such a bonus for Sean. He made a small video this time, watching as she undressed.

She pulled the ties out of her hair, and it came down. He gasped. He really wanted to be there. She took off her vest, and tossed it on the bed. She stretched and raised her hands. She slipped out of the dress. She needed to shake her hips and ass a bit to get out. He moaned. She undid her bra a while later. He gasped as her breasts once again stood at attention. Her nipples sticking out with the cold. He wanted so much to lick them. Or fuck them. Or both.

“I want to have sex with my daughter.” He moaned as she slid into a nice pair of pajamas. “Dammit I do.”

He walked through the living room, and headed to his office. He had made it his office after his wife had put up a fight. He logged on to his computer, and went to google.

He plugged in ‘incest chat sites’, and got a bunch of role playing sites. No one was really serious. No, they couldn’t be, this was one of the most illegal things ever. This was serious business.

This was the PC they used for torrenting, and downloading music. So his IP address was constantly hidden. He wasn’t afraid that someone would find him. His firewall was strong, and there was no holes in the system. He had tried to hack into it from his work office, and had made no success. So, he wasn’t afraid. No one would find him.

He headed to a site called family therapy: When sex isn’t enough with your wife. He didn’t want to talk to anyone just yet. He just wanted to look. He saw private chats, he saw public ones. There were a lot of people into incest. He got scared and left.

“I’m never getting a boyfriend again.” Kelly sighed that night. “That was the worst prom ever.”

“And we only get one.” Miera said sadly.

… … … … … … … … … …

Her mom decided to go on a weekend outing with a friend of hers. Sean didn’t even bother asking now. He just took it to mean she was going to have an affair.

“You can’t leave me here!” Kelly said angry. “It’s Saturday tomorrow. We have to clean for when grandma and grandpa come over.”

“Oh honey. Just handle it.” she said as she waved and left.

“That son of a. She didn’t even have the guts to wait for Sean to return. She just got into a taxi and rode away.

Kelly walked up stairs, and got ready for her shower. She went to the bathroom quickly, as she was naked and in only a towel. She wasn’t going to take too long.

Sean came in five minutes later. He put his things down on the counter, and called out for someone. He heard the shower running from above.

“Oh my god!” he gasped. It was time.

He took his small webcam, and quietly tiptoed inside. He placed the tiny pea sized device at a good angle. Right beside the mirror. He sensed she was nearing the end, so he left.

He grabbed his phone and went to his cam app. There it was. The bathroom. Captured in one entire view. He loved it.

She opened the curtain. She grabbed her towel from the toilet seat. She slung it around herself and dried off as much as she could. She finally stepped out of the shower.

“Oh yeah.” Sean moaned as he squeezed his penis through his pants.

He stood up and undid his pants. He decided he was going to jerk off while she got ready to go.

She got out of the tub, and started drying her breasts. One at a time. He was so hard.

She bent down and started drying her legs. He sighed. She had to spread them, so she could dry them. He felt so horny. He wished he could walk in on her.

“Ugh! Ugh! Yeah.” He tried not to make too much noise. She was so sexy. “Spin around, baby.” He moaned. He wished she could hear him.

… … … … … … … … … …

Another year went by and he still kept taking snapshots of her. He had gotten quite a collection going.

Her mom still tried to run her life whenever she could. The latest drama was Kelly getting some suitors. She wanted to go on birth control. Her dad approved. Her mom didn’t. Naturally she got her pills the next week. She let it slip she’d had those pills since the prom.

Sydney got even matter. Her father had taken her to planned parenthood. Her mom didn’t talk to them both for a long time. How peaceful.

She got another opportunity to go to a dance at her college campus. She got asked out by a boy she knew from iddaa siteleri high school. They had gone out once, and it seemed they didn’t really click. But still. She wanted to go, and it seemed no one else was going to ask her out.

Once again, she didn’t have a good time at the dance. Nothing too bad happened. She just realized she didn’t like the boy she was with after all. They hadn’t clicked before, and today was no different.

“I’m sorry it fell apart, dear.” Sean said as she got into his car and they drove away. Wow she smelled so good. The smell was filling his small car.

“I know this is too much information. But I was really hoping both times, to get lucky. None of those boys made any advances towards me. It’s like they’re gentlemen or something.”

“I’m sorry, dear.” Sean said with a big inward grin. This meant she was still a virgin.

When she got home, her mom was livid. She hadn’t wanted Kelly to go to the dance. That was the second time she defied her. Birth control and dancing? Come on!

“Why are you letting her act like a whore?” she asked.

“Sydney! Don’t call her that!”

“Why are you giving her what clearly isn’t good for her?”

“You’re the one who doesn’t want her to have those things. Maybe if you didn’t forbade them, she’d stop going after them.”

“You better not be having sex, Kelly!” she shouted looking over to the stairs.

A few days later, Sean went out and bought Kelly a sexy night gown. He slipped it into one of her drawers, and set up the camera again. He left just as his wife was coming in the house.

“What’s for dinner!?” she asked.

“Whatever you’re making!” he grinned.

Kelly was still out with a friend when it was time for bed. But it didn’t matter. Sean was going to stay up and wait for that beauty. He had to see her in her new lingerie.

Kelly walked into her room after eating some left overs. She was so tired. She wanted to just get into bed and sleep.

“What have we here.” She said as she grabbed the dress. “Mmm mmm mmm mmm mmm.” She smiled. “Who got me this?”

Sean watched her as she got undressed. She was cold. She shivered and hurried. This wasn’t a good strip tease. She was too cold. He moaned inwardly as his hardness went down.

… … … … … … … … … …

This went on for a long time. Kelly went through two different jobs during this whole ordeal. She never knew he was taking all this video and pictures of her.

He kept buying her sexy things to wear. She would find them, puzzled, and put them on that night. He would be sitting in his office, jerking off.

Kelly wondered why her father was getting her all this clothing. Maybe it was for her mom to get angry. Some way to rebel. Well, she liked it.

Sydney was so angry. Kelly made it a point to wear the clothing around the house when she wasn’t doing anything. There would be a new gown each week.

“I hate you.” Sydney said to Sean as they stood in the kitchen one day. “I know what you’re doing.”

… … … … … … … … … …

She had to quit her job as a teller. She went to a Red Robin instead. By now, she was twenty one years old.

“What are you saving up for that you’re pulling all these extra shifts?” her dad asked as she closed the front door.

“We’re short staffed, dad. It’s really messing with the team.”

One day, she and her mother were home alone. Her mom was trying to do some cleaning. Kelly thought she might as well clean her room too. She’d get Sydney off her back.

She got ready to dust her mirror. She was so tired. She really wanted to take a nap.

She gasped. Something fell onto her dresser as she was dusting. It made a soft plink.

She found the little device. It was a small web cam. She gasped. She wondered who had put it there, and what exactly they saw. Oh my goodness, she was getting so scared.

“It’s you!” she gasped.

He was getting sexy clothes for her, and taking pictures of her changing. Oh my gods. He was taking videos of her dressing and undressing. She felt a mix of emotions.

In the other room:

“Kelly?” her mom said somewhere far off. “Come help me, dear. I found something that belongs to your dad and it’s heavy. I just need to move it.”

Sydney had gotten under the loose floor board in the closet. She had found the safe. Kelly ran in, and gasped as she saw it. This was it. The key to why he was taking these pictures.

“Oh that’s just all my writing.” Kelly said picking the safe up with ease. Just pretend it’s yours.

“Well get it out of here.” Sydney said as she waved her away. Both of them had found the safe and cameras. Kelly took a bit to look at her mom. Her facial expression was awful. She looked like she’d seen a ghost.

Kelly was such a liar. Sydney just stood there, not knowing what to do. That pervert was taking pictures of them. She couldn’t get the images of Kelly’s nude body out of her mind.

“I never thought that combination would work.” Sydney gasped. “I really thought it was just a regular safe.” She wondered if Kelly knew. Was she about to find out?

Kelly ran quietly to her room and closed the door. She put the safe on her floor, and started working on the combination. She put in her birthday. It clicked and opened flawlessly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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