An Unexpected Patient

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I sat at my desk staring down at the pile of patient charts in front of me. I had just got off the phone with the doctor telling me he had an emergency and was canceling all patient appointments for the day. The pile in front of me were all patients that were supposed to come in today. I groaned as I started searching for the first phone number to call.

Finally finished rescheduling the appointments or leaving messages for the patients I couldn’t reach, I carried the stack of charts to the filing cabinet and put them away. As I walked through the office turning off equipment and putting things away, I smiled thinking about leaving early to surprise my husband.

We had a big fight that morning before I left for work. I was complaining again that ever since he started the third shift, we never had time together. By the time I got home every night, he was engrossed in some sporting event or something else as boring on the TV, and I headed to the kitchen to clean up his mess before I could make myself some dinner. By the time I cleaned up and ate, he was getting ready to leave for work. I lay in bed every night alone, caressing my body and fantasizing about having a man in my bed every night.

Now perhaps we could spend some quality time together, I thought. I sat back at my desk intending to finish some work, but I started fantasizing about what I planned on doing with my husband when I got home. I could feel my nipples harden and strain against the thin fabric of my white button down blouse as I gently scratched my fingernails across them.

Suddenly the door opened and a tall handsome man entered the office. Startled, I sat up straight and with wide eyes asked him, “Can I help you?”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you,” he smiled. “I have an 11:00 appointment to see the doctor.”

My heart still racing from the intrusion, I stammered, “Oh, you must not have received my message. We had to cancel all of the appointments for today.”

Clearly upset, he rolled his eyes and said, “Shit. I took time off from work. I didn’t stop at home to check my messages.”

I stood up and said softly, “I’m sorry for any inconvenience. The doctor had an emergency and is unable to come to the office today.” I leaned down to open the appointment book and studying the pages I said, “I could reschedule you for Thursday at 4:30.”

I didn’t realize that when I leaned over I gave him an unobstructed view of my ample cleavage. When he didn’t respond to my offer of an appointment, I looked up at him and noticed where his eyes were fixed. I stood up straight, feeling the heat rise from my chest to my face.

He quickly glanced away and mumbled, “OK. But you know, I basically was just coming in to have my blood pressure checked.” He leaned over, rested his elbows on the counter, and said with a grin, “You’re a nurse aren’t you? Can’t you just check it for me while I‘m here?”

I was staring into the sexiest eyes I had ever seen. Forcing myself not to stare at him, I looked back down at the appointment book and mumbled, “Thursday is only a couple of days away, I think it could probably wait. Besides, I’m really not supposed to see patients when the doctor is not here.”

I looked back into his pleading eyes as he said, “Oh come on. Please? Don’t make this a wasted trip for me. It’ll only take a couple of minutes.”

Hesitantly, I responded, “Oh, all right. No harm in just checking your blood pressure.” I picked up my stethoscope from another counter as I walked towards the exam rooms. “Let’s go in here,” I said over my shoulder as I walked into the exam room.

I walked over to the exam table, reaching to grab the blood pressure cuff attached to the wall. “Have a seat here,” I said softly as I patted the table.

The paper on the table crinkled loudly as he hopped up and adjusted his bottom on the table. The head of the table was against the wall poker oyna and he was sitting with his legs hanging over the side, his left arm closest to the wall.

As he unbuttoned his denim long sleeved shirt exposing his thin white ribbed tank top, I could see his muscular hairy chest. He pulled his chiseled left arm from the shirt and held it out to me. Realizing that my breathing had become short and quick, I tried to concentrate on the job at hand. I wrapped the cuff around his upper arm snuggly and pressed it together for the Velcro to hold it in place. I placed the ear tips of the stethoscope in my ears then held the end in the crook of his arm as I grabbed hold of the rubber bulb with my other hand and started pumping air into the cuff.

As I pumped the bulb, I could feel his fingertips lightly brushing my hip as his arm twitched from the pressure of the air. Trying not to focus on the electrical sensation of his fingertips on my hip, I concentrated on the gauge on the wall. Watching the needle of the dial spin higher and higher with each pump of my hand on the bulb, I could feel my heart pounding in my chest.

I could feel my left hand becoming sweaty as my fingers were wrapped around his elbow holding the stethoscope in place, and I wondered if he noticed. After the air was pumped into the cuff, I slowly released the valve and tried desperately to listen for his pulse as the air escaped. I couldn’t tell if I was hearing his pulse or mine, as I continued to strain my ears and focus my attention.

When the air was completely released, I realized that my mind was a blank and I didn’t record the pressure. I pulled the stethoscope from my ears and it wrapped around my neck, letting the other end fall and dangle against my abdomen. I proceeded to unwrap the cuff as I said, “I have to check the other arm too.”

With his shirt completely off now, I could see both of his muscular shoulders and arms. I prayed that he didn’t notice my trembling fingers as I repeated the procedure of wrapping the cuff around his right arm and placing the stethoscope in the appropriate positions. In the process of switching arms I was now standing between his legs, my body turned towards his right arm and my neck twisted to his left as I watched the dial on the wall spin as I again pumped the little rubber bulb.

Suddenly, I felt his left hand gently rest on my right hip and give it soft squeeze. The fingers of his right hand were again gently brushing my left hip with each pump of the bulb. I quickly glanced into his eyes and he smiled at me. I redirected my eyes to the gauge, but felt him pull his right arm from my hand as he grabbed hold of both of my hips and pulled me towards him.

Before I knew what was happening, his mouth covered mine and his tongue was trying desperately to separate my lips. I pressed my hands against his chest trying to push away from him, but his hands slid behind my back holding my in place. When I opened my mouth in an attempt to protest, he slid his tongue inside and started swirling it around exploring the orifice. As I struggled to free myself, he held me tighter trapping my hands between us. His arms were so much stronger than I imagined and I couldn’t move as he continued his assault on my mouth.

Suddenly I realized that my tongue was responding to his, and instead of pushing away from him, I was pressing myself into his chest. As he released some pressure of the bear hug, I slid my hands up his chest to behind his neck as my fingers ran though his hair up the back of his head. With my fingers tangled in his hair, I pulled his head closer to mine and deepened the kiss. He reached up and pulled the stethoscope from my ears and I heard it hit the floor. His hands were sliding up and down my back ending up on my ass and pulling me closer to him as he slid his ass to the edge of the table pressing me to him. I could feel his erection though his canlı poker oyna jeans as he pressed it against my abdomen.

His hands slid down my ass to the back of my thighs until I felt him lift the hem of my white short skirt up to my waist. His hands were back on my ass sliding his fingers into the leg openings of my panties and pulling them upwards. As he pulled on my panties, I could feel the thin material slide into my wet pussy and up the crack of my ass. As he pulled the material tighter, I could feel it pulling on my clit and let a moan escape from my mouth.

Our mouths still attached in a kiss, he moved his hands to the front of my blouse and began unbuttoning it. I released my fingers from his hair and let my blouse slide down my arms to the floor. All of the pent up passion from the last few weeks were taking over my senses as I felt the moistness between my legs grow. As he unfastened my bra and slid that off my arms to the floor, I began tugging at the button of his jeans.

He began pinching and tugging at my nipples as I unzipped his jeans and reached my hand inside to set his erection free. His mouth finally released mine to lick and trail kisses down my neck to my shoulder then stopping at the swell of my breast.

As I stroked his hardened manhood up and down, his mouth moved lower to cover my erect nipple. I gasped and arched my back to push it further into his mouth. As one hand pinched and pulled a nipple, his teeth and tongue bit and teased my other.

My hand was stroking him a little faster before I slid my fingers inside his jeans to caress his balls. I heard him groan against my breast as he sucked my nipple harder.

After several moments, he released his mouth from my nipple to set his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me down. Kneeling between his legs, I moved my mouth towards his bulging cock. With my hand holding it at the base, I licked the length of his erection and moved my fingers to follow the path that my tongue had made. I continued to slide and flick my tongue up and down each side of his cock with my hand following the pattern. Soon I wrapped my lips around the tip of his cock and I heard him moan deep in his throat.

His hands had removed the clip from my hair and his fingers were now tangled in my long brown curls holding my hair away from my face, and guiding my mouth deeper over him. I began taking him deeper and sucking him, using my tongue to wiggle and flick the underside of his cock with each thrust. I tasted his pre-cum on my tongue before I swallowed it and sucked him further down my throat. I heard the Velcro tear apart as he ripped the blood pressure cuff from his arm and left it dangling from the wall.

He slid his hands in my armpits and lifted me to a standing position as he slid off the table. He reached behind me to unzip my skirt before letting it fall to the floor around my feet. With his hands on my hips, he twisted me around and bent me forward over the table. His fingers curled around the waistband of my panties and slid them down my thighs to fall at my feet while his mouth and tongue caressed my ass cheeks down the back of my thighs to the top of my thigh high stockings.

My hands clutched the other side of the table as his hands grasped the inside of my thighs gently parting them as he kneeled down between my feet. One finger slid up and down the length of my opening as he continued to trail kisses from the back of my thigh up the inside of my thigh slowly getting closer to my wetness.

I felt his tongue slowly lick over my hot wet opening as his finger found my clit and began pressing it in circular motions. His tongue continued to slide and lick several times before plunging inside of me. He used both hands to open my pussy lips allowing his tongue to plunge and explore. He moved his tongue to my clit and began nibbling and sucking on it while I felt his nose pressing internet casino and moving against my opening.

As he continued his assault with his mouth, I could feel the waves start in my abdomen. My thighs started trembling as I felt the orgasm begin. I pressed my mouth against the table to help muffle my moans as the orgasm took over my body. I felt every muscle tremble as he continued to lick and suck on my clit and pussy as he plunged two fingers inside of me. I thrust against his fingers as they plunged in and out. He took a finger from this other hand and rubbed my wet pussy sliding it back and forth moving it to moisten my little puckered hole as he pressed against it.

The orgasm continued as his fingers and mouth worked their magic on me. I thrust harder back to him forcing his fingers to plunge deeply into my ass and pussy as I felt the explosion and my juices running down my thighs.

He quickly pulled his fingers from me and grabbing my hips twisted me around and pushed me to the end of the table. With his hands on my shoulders, he pushed me back until I was lying on the table and he was standing between my legs. He leaned down, began sucking on my erect nipples as I ran my fingers through his hair, and arched my back up to him.

His mouth trailed down my stomach to my trimmed hairy triangle, again finding my clit with his mouth and began sucking it. I moaned and lifted my ass off the table to press into his mouth. He pulled his mouth away and stood up, grinning at me as I stretched my arm reaching for him.

He was smiling as he opened the hidden compartments at the end of the table to reveal the stirrups. He continued to grin at me as he bent them into position and placed each of my feet into them. Then he grabbed hold of my hips and pulled me toward him until my ass was at the very edge of the table as he said, “Every time I came to the doctor’s office, I’ve always fantasized about using these stirrups.”

He leaned down, pressed his mouth over my clit, and began sucking it as he plunged two fingers between my wet swollen pussy lips. I began pinching and pulling at my already hardened nipples as I tried lifting my ass to press against his mouth and fingers.

I felt my juices run out of my pussy down to my little puckered hole as his fingers thrust in and out of my pussy. His mouth continued to bring me closer and closer to orgasm as his fingers slid out of my pussy to press against my ass hole. Slowly adding pressure, his finger gently made its way in deeper and deeper.

As his finger thrust in and out of my ass, I moved my hips to meet each of his thrusts enticing him to move faster until I almost screamed out when I felt my juices flow from me and run down over his fingers. He continued thrusting a few more moments before tearing him mouth and fingers from me.

He stood up, placing his hand on my knees separating my legs as far as they would go before plunging his cock deep inside of me. I gasped as I felt the walls of my pussy stretch to accept his size.

“Oh my God, it’s been a long time since I felt something this big inside of me,” I thought as he quickened his pace and began plunging deeper inside of me. I raised my hips as much as I could to meet each of his thrusts.

His hands grabbed my breasts and squeezed them roughly as he continued to thrust against me. His fingers began tugging and pinching my nipples until I screamed out and thrashed harder against him. The waves of orgasm took over. My whole body was trembling and convulsing as I felt his throbbing cock explode deep inside of me. He continued thrusting as I tightened my pussy muscles around him, squeezing until his balls were empty.

Both of us completely dressed, I walked back to my desk as he walked to the door. As he opened the door, he smiled and said, “See you Thursday.”

I smiled as I looked at the appointment book, glad that he would be the last appointment that day. My smile widened as I looked back at the door and thought, “I wonder who else didn’t receive my message today.” All thoughts of leaving early to surprise my husband were gone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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