An Unexpected Weekend Out of Town

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Ashley Adams

An unexpected weekend with the daughter in law.

I am a happily married man in my 50’s our son got a sweet girl pregnant at an early age (she turned nineteen this year and the grand daughter is 2). We were blessed with a beautiful granddaughter. While we have the grand daughter most weekends her mother asked to join us out of town this weekend. I call her my daughter in law, but they are not married and we get along very well.

The wife (Lisa) and I had decided on a weekend out of town for a rock and gem show. (Lisa thing not really mine). Our daughter in law (Carrie) was informed we were going out of town and wanted to get permission to take the granddaughter with us. She said OK only if she could also come. We thought, why not? Maybe give us some time together alone while they do mother daughter things. Friday Night arrives and we are packed ready to go. It is about a 6 hour car ride so there are many stops. Carrie and Lisa changed spots in the front seat a couple of times. Carrie was wearing yoga pants and just looked fantastic in them. When she sat in the front seat I would place my hand on the seat next to her and rub her leg. I never got any protest.

We amsterdam shemale finally arrive at the hotel and the granddaughter is extra fussy. She had a long nap on the way here and it is a strange place. The room is 2 queen beds. So, my wife and I take 1 and Carrie takes the other with Abby. (granddaughter) Carrie leaves the yoga pants on to sleep but borrowed one of my t shirts. She went to the bathroom to change and it was apparent that the bra had been removed from the perky c-cups. Wow they bounce terrific. I am immediately aroused. The wife is almost asleep already. I try to encourage Abby to lay down and she is not having it. I turned the lights off she was furious. I get up to go to the bathroom to get my pants off and plan on just sleeping in my drawers. I get back to the bed to find Abby had taken my place and was sound asleep. Laying sideways. I was not about to move her and chance her waking.

I made a decision that I would lay in the same bed as Carrie and try to get some sleep. Much to my surprise in just a few minutes she was snuggled up next to me. I was shocked and did not know how to respond. I placed my arm around her as I am rotterdam shemale a side sleeper and thought I would just snuggle with her. I was getting aroused and got brave and decided to “brush” one of those fantastic titties. I did not get a response. I then went for it and just rubbed it. No response. This is going to be bad; I think. I get extra brave and decide to go for an undershirt titty rub. No response. I am just going to go to sleep with this titty in my hand, I think to myself.

Suddenly Carrie gets out of bed and heads for the bathroom. I think shit I am in trouble now. She returns in a few minutes without as much as a sound. This time she lays on her back. When I start to return to my previous position to find that the yoga pants are missing. Oh shit. As I start to go under the t-shirt I find the soaked pussy with a small patch of hair. I start rubbing her pussy until it is apparent she has had an orgasm. She then takes my hand and places my fingers in her mouth. I start pumping my fingers deep into her throat. She has a tongue ring. I need to get my cock in here.

I rub her pussy again and it takes some to get it wet. I have licked my blog shemale fingers a couple of times just to find it making my situation worse. She finally gets good and wet and has another orgasm. Harder and a little noisy. I stick my wet fingers in her mouth and start pumping my fingers into her mouth with all of her orgasmic juices. She gently gets up and starts to fondle my dick. I am not sure what to expect. She takes it in her mouth and starts sucking like she has never done it before. I gently push her head down and assist her. This won’t take long I am sure. Just as I am about to fill her mouth she straddles my head doing the 69. I start to eat her out and she is about to have another orgasm. I hear Lisa moving. Lisa is standing next to me and says “you enjoying yourself?”

Carrie says why don’t you finish this for me. I have done everything I know how. Lisa grabs Carries tits and starts sucking on them. Carrie has another orgasm in my face and now they are sucking my dick together. I cum in one of their mouths, not sure who. One of them continues to play with my dick until it is hard again. Carrie and Lisa trade places and I get another blow job and it is swallowed again. I wake up with 2 naked ladies in my bed. I decide my wife is getting it in her pussy. I pound her hard. Carrie is awakened and puts her pussy within reach and I begin to eat her while fucking Lisa. What a night. What will tonight bring?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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