Anal Adventure

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I looked Ann square in the eye as she wanked my cock. Without a word she got down on her knees and grabbed my hard on and began wanking it with a slow steady rhythm. She then opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around my stiff wood. She started sucking it deep into her mouth and I could feel her tongue moving against my hard dick.

I’d fancied Ann for ages and always dreamt of fucking her. I’d play with myself at nights under the bed sheets, rubbing my rigid cock through my boxers, imaging she was sucking my knob or I was fucking her tight arsehole while I held onto her tits. I’d be shooting my jizz in minutes imagining I was spunking up her arse.

Once, when I’d gone out on a foursome with her, her man and my missus, we slow danced in our drunken state in a nightclub and as I ground my crotch against hers, I got a stiffie. I’m sure she must of felt it, it was that fucking hard!!

I grabbed the back of her head with both hands and fucked her mouth as she continued to suck me off. She ran her fingers down the crease of my arse as she took me deep in her throat. I wanted to spunk in her mouth and I wanted her to swallow it. We did this for a few minutes, while at the same time I reached down and fondled her pert tits through her jumper. She had a white knee-length skirt on and I felt one hand move from my arse cheek and disappear under her skirt. The horny bitch. She was playing with her pussy!

She pulled my dick out of her mouth and began sucking just my bell-end, swirling her tongue over the tip and into my japs eye. I groaned with pleasure as she rolled her tongue over the end then lifted my shaft upright and began licking my balls, while at the same time wanking my cock. Fuck that was nice. I always get worried when a girl güvenilir bahis licks my balls cause I’m very sensitive down there, but Ann was gentle. After doing that for a few minutes she worked her way back up the sides of my shaft, her white skirt now up over the top of her shapely thighs as she fingered her pussy through the side of her knickers. I could here the squelching of her wet crack as she began to suck and pump my cock faster. I was on my tiptoes. Girls playing with themselves turns me the fuck on!

“I’m gonna cum!” I croaked as I felt the spunk rising in my dick. I was ready to pull out of her gorgeous mouth and jizz all over her face. She looked up at me, straight in the eyes as she pulled my cock out of her mouth and began licking just the tip, pumping it faster and faster, running the pointed end of her tongue over my helmet again and again. Suddenly she got to her feet, pushing the index finger of her pussy juice coated hand into my mouth, making me suck the juice off, as she pulled her skirt up to her waist with her other hand and continued to finger fuck her wet pussy. But now she played with it through her knickers. I looked down and watched her middle finger rubbing up and down the slit of her crack, fast and furious, as I sucked the next wet finger she offered me. The strong smell of her aroused pussy hole filled my nostrils as I held her hand and lapped at her fingers, using my other hand to wank myself off to the sight of her frigging herself.

Ann pulled her fingers away and turned around, still frigging herself. She leant over the back of the sofa and pulled her white skirt up and over her fit cute arse. She pulled down her soggy knickers with both hands and arched her back, sticking out her arse and then grabbing both cheeks türkçe bahis and spreading them so her tiny arsehole was on display. I continued wanking my dick as I got on my knees and then began rimming her shithole, pushing my tongue as far as I could into her tight arsehole. Ann let out a deep moan as I rimmed her, lolling my wet tongue around and around her dark hole. I slid my left hand up her the inside of her left thigh and began fingering her wet pussy as I continued licking her arse out, wanking my hard dick with my right hand. I pushed one, then two, then three fingers up her sodden pussy, fingering her hard and fast. I felt for her clit and began rubbing it in a circular motion. Ann pushed her arse against my face, making my tongue go even deeper as she moaned loudly. My dreams were about to come true, I was gonna fuck Ann up the arse.

I pulled my tongue out of her stinky hole and stood up, pulling my fingers out of her horny pussy. Her dark hole was saturated with my spit, so I took my index finger, licking the ripe fanny juice of it and then plunged it in her arsehole. She squealed, backing onto my finger and winding her arse around. Her hands were now rubbing her stiff nippled tits, as she bucked and thrusted towards me.

“Fuck my arse…fuck my arse” she moaned, as she pushed the fingers of one hand in her mouth and began sucking them like lollipop.

I gripped my rampant hard on with one hand and steadied myself, pulling her cheeks open with the other. The tip of my bulborous root touched the tiny entrance. It didn’t look like it was gonna fit, so I thrust hard. Ann let out a deep sharp gasp as the tip of my cock stretched her brown ring open and then an even louder scream, throwing her head back and forth, as I thrust even harder güvenilir bahis siteleri and her ring stretched wider as my rigid, hard prick disappeared inside it. Fuck, was she tight. I looked down and enjoyed the sight of my prick thrusting in and out of her crap hole. I grabbed hold of her hips and began to build up a steady rhythm, working up a bit of friction, so my prick could penetrate her deeper. As I pulled out Ann moaned noisily, busing her fingers with her hot snatch and as I pushed in she caught her breath and cried as if in pain, but her sounds were of a pleasurable pain, as I fucked her insides with my hard length.

This went on for around five minutes, her arse making loud fanny farts, or arse farts, as I increased my speed. I grabbed the back of her head, tousling her hair as I felt my hot, burning seed rising in my rock-hard dick. She must of sensed I was coming because she suddenly turned around to look at me, her face all sweaty, her mouth and lips covered in the pussy juice she been sucking from her fingers and her nipples as stiff as fucking hat pegs. She looked so fucking horny.

“Spunk up my arse…..spunk up my fucking tight arsehole!” she muttured forcefully under her breath, turning back around as I continued to pound her brown star with my sweaty prick.

I felt the first globs of spunk shoot out of my twitching cock and deep into her arse as I pushed further with one final thrust. I cried out, clutching her shoulder blades, balls deep as I deposited my salty jizz up her arsecrease. Ann shuddered, pulling her arse cheeks apart as I pulled my still twitching prick from her butt, the last stringy cum coating her quivering wide open dark ringpiece. She pulled her cheeks open even further, her ring bright red on the outside and still quivering as she thrutched slightly and thick globs of my fresh, white spunk began to bubble out and run down the crease of her butt, coating the sodden hairs of her gungy snatch as it dripped onto the floor……

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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