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I was always curious about my sexuality since my teenage. As I lived in Odisha, India, it is quiet difficult to open up your sexuality to your friends because they will take it in a negative way. But I consider myself not to a single sexuality. What I believed that no one is completely hetero or homo-sexual. There is always kind of a “shade” in between sexuality. Which further makes me like I am sixty percent straight and forty percent bi-sexual. I have a feminine side within me. I get turned on with a huge dick or by a dominating woman with a stripe dildo. My lesbian/gay side (even if I am a guy I consider myself as lesbian as well) is kept secret from my friends and relatives. I never had any sex with a guy or girl before. But when I meet any hot guy friend (even if I am attracted towards him) I tried to talk with him as if I am a straight guy. And everybody bought it because I don’t seem to be a bi-sexual from my behavior or my body posture. My bi-sexuality is always a secret and I liked to keep it in that way. Even though I don’t express it in public I have my other way to fulfill my urges. I have ordered a 6.5 inch dildo from (a popular online store) and bought some lube alternatives i.e widely available in local stores which are “Patanjali Alovera Gel” in combination with “Zytee – Antiseptic Gel” (which are very slippery and cheap). I have literally masturbated with that dildo almost five times a week!. And I always have a non-dotted simple condoms with me to use with the dildo (Less Friction and I don’t like ribbed or dotted ones). While watching lesbian or shemale videos (where they fuck a male guy in his butt hole). I loved watching it all time.

But still I am trying to discover my new shades of sexuality of myself being a sissy as well. I have an old bra of my mom that I like to wear when I am alone and masturbate my butt harder so that it get numb within a minute of thrusting with my dildo. Right now I didn’t felt any sensation of having poop while I have butt masturbation as if my butt have accepted the thrusting of my dildo as sign of sexual pleasure and what I think I have my butt always ready for anal intercourse any time. Literally I can insert a dildo into my rectum whenever I want and it will have no reflexes of pooping the dildo out my butt. Which means when I will stick dildo in my butt, it will stay there until I poop it out manually! And so as to have a best anal masturbation in any time, I consider having a diet i.e rich in fiber. For that I eat “Isabgol” (psyllium husk) poker oyna every time with my regular Indian food. Which makes my rectum clear as hell every time I poop (and slippery as well), which saves time to manually remove poop doing enema (which I felt DISGUSTING!!!).

I have a sexual fetish to have anal masturbation in public without getting caught. Hence some of my days around evening (when daylight is about to be dimmed) I went out to a remote place few kilometers away from my home with my bike where there will be no people around. Once I went to a safe place far from locals I unzip my track pants and sit within the bushes in squatting position and took my dildo out and thrust it as fast a possible. I always have a great orgasm when I did that. And I did it few often because it has risk of locals passing by and can spot you (but due to very low light, spotting me isn’t easy from a distant and even if I may get caught I have a brilliant excuse to say that I was just feeling terrible poop so I didn’t have choice… while carefully hiding my dildo ;D. And it’s ok in India to poop in outdoor). Also there is even a fatal risk of getting bit by a snake or scorpion which thrills me as well but I tried myself to ejaculate as soon as possible and vanish from that place within no time.

Very Fetish!

But this fetish wasn’t end well for one day. And that day was felt like thunder on my chest.

As usual before I went out in evening while searching for a place for anal masturbation I looked for a distant place with long bushes in a wide area so that I wont get visible while in squatting position. I found a right spot (which I thought it was as that time). That place was slightly distant from the main road and as usual no single locals were around at that time. I parked my bike on the narrow road went further into the bush. I had my carrying bag which has everything I need at that time i.e Patanjali alovera Gel, Zytee Antiseptic Gel, Condoms, Tissues, Water Bottle, Wallet and My Dildo.

I was already was thrilled of having another masturbation and already started to have a very hard erection just thinking about it. I unzip my track pants (which is quick to unzip and wear) and hide within the bush. I slowly rubbed my clean shaved buttocks and insert my index finger to loosen my rectum. I took my Zytee gel and messaged around my butt hole slowly to lube it. I was also looking at my surrounding so that I could hear any sound of snakes or locals passing. The sun was almost gone and I could only see canlı poker oyna the sky was red and soon to be dark. The time was maybe around 6:45 pm. I put a condom on my dildo and started to insert it slowly in my butt. As soon as my rectum looses and I started to thrust it quickly so as to ejaculate as quickly as possible and I tried to maintain the thrill of getting caught which boost my orgasm so much that I literally unrolled my eyes with that sensation while still biting my teeth to thrust my dildo even faster. It was so good that I was actually moaning while masturbating.

Soon I saw a car coming from a distance which was about to pass by the narrow road where I parked my bike (which was parked at the side of road). There was no other light around that place except the moon light which was shining brightly. But where I was masturbating I was around hundred meters away from my bike. As the car came closer to my bike I was very thrilled of getting caught and that scenario almost boost my orgasm even further.

Then my heart get punched really hard when I saw that car (which can now be visible clearly as an SUV) parked right next to my bike. It was the only bike which was parked in that lonely road. I stopped thrusting my butt and started to pull my dildo out and put it quickly in my bag. I took out my tissues and quickly wiped my mucus around my butt hole and while still in the squatting position I wear my track pants. I saw a skinny guy comes out from SUV started wandering about my bike. He seems to be a young guy in his twenties who was wearing a jeans and a shirt. I knew what he was thinking i.e why a bike has been parked in a middle of a lonely area. I thought, I should go and confront him that everything was ok and I parked my bike so that I could take a poop in the bushes. I was very confident that the reason sounds genuine and he will definitely buy it.

I get up and started to move calmly towards him. He clearly saw me coming and stood still waiting for me to get closer to him. My heart was pounding harder and adrenaline was running throughout my body. But I made myself calm that I have a valid reason to say and soon I will be gone to my home and I swear to myself not to repeat these kind of fetish again in my life. As I was walking closer two more guys came out of SUV. One was a medium size guy while the other one was black and was fucking tall as six feet and quiet muscular which seems to give me a vibration of fear. I was worried of being hurt. I came closer still carrying my internet casino bag, soon the skinny guy abuse me.

“What are you doing here motherfucker?”

A strong pungent smell of alcohol hit my face.

Quickly I knew they all are drunk as hell.

I tried to calm myself and said that “I went there to poop”.

They all started to laugh including three more guys inside the SUV.

I was scared as hell because they can hurt me as they all were drunk.

And right now they just officially. PICKED ON ME!!!

I knew they will dominate me because… they were fucking SIX GUYS and one of them was huge as hell. And the skinny guy who was standing right next to me, slapped me on my left cheek. My cheek gets numb and I knew exactly in what scenario I was currently stuck. I can’t just run with my bike as one of them was resting his hand on it. I was nervous and worried that they are going to beat me as hell without any reason. And I was far from any help I can get at that time. If any locals will came by, I knew he can rescue me from these guys but there was none at that time.

I was regretting of doing anal masturbation in a FUCKING MIDDLE OF NOWHERE!

I started to fold my hands for mercy and to just leave me without any harm.


Again the skinny guy slapped my left cheek and says while raising his voice “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE MOTHERFUCKER???”

I didn’t say anything but only helplessly looked at the skinny guy. I knew clearly that they are not paying attention to me of what I am actually saying.

Then the skinny guy grabbed my collar and said

“You Motherfucker…!!!”

The other medium sized guy came closer to me and took my bag away from me. I looked at my bag… where I kept my dildo and other stuffs. If they opened my bag and found out my dildo then, it will going to be a worse scenario.

I tried to divert his focus on my bag and said “Please Brother… Listen to me… Please let me go…!”

While still holding my bag in his one hand and looking directly at my face he says “Go… Who’s Stopping you?”

That felt suspicious the way he said. As if he was just playing with me. Even though he said me to go, that six foot guy was still standing next to my bike resting his hand on it.

I saw his face. Oh God! He had that evil smirk on his face.

I said “Please give me my Bag!”

Without any pause that six foot guy took the bag from him and slide his hand inside the bag.

I knew it was all end of my lies. He will knew what was actually inside my bag.

I was feeling feared and my whole body was shaking that I was hardly able to maintain my standing composure.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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