Anal Sex with Stranger on a Train 04

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Peter telephones Robert for anal sex to finish what he started on the train.


“Hi Robert. This is Peter. I, um, met you on the—”

“I know who you are Peter,” said Robert. “It’s not every day that a stranger pulls up my dress, pulls down my panties, and fucks me up the ass on a crowded train,” he said with a laugh. “Please call me Roberta.”

“I was just wondering Roberta, if I, um, if we could—”

“If you could fuck me up the ass again?” Roberta laughed while Peter remained silent on the other end of the line.

Making him feel uncomfortable, Peter nearly hung up the phone when he said, “If you could fuck me up the ass again.”

In the way he said fucking him up the ass, still a bit reluctant over having gay sex, it sounded so gay, too gay to make him want to even continue the conversation never mind the gay act of having anal sex with a man. How dare he say that? He wasn’t gay, not at all, just curious. Yeah, if he was anything at all, he was bisexually curious.

As if he slapped him across the face or had a bucket of cold water dumped on his head, confronting the reality of what he did with him on a crowded train, the words startled him as well as upset him. He never thought of himself as a gay man but now confronted by it and putting a name to it, maybe he was. Thinking that he was drawn to a tall, blonde, beautiful, busty woman on the train, now he wondered if perhaps sub-consciously, he knew that Roberta wasn’t a woman but a man. Recalling how she looked standing there wearing a dress, high heels, and with her long, blonde hair cascading down her back, definitely, from behind she looked like a woman, especially when the lights on the train were dim when not out entirely. Even from the side, especially with her big tits, he’d never think she was a man.

“Being that I’m a man, a heterosexual, married man with children, and with you being a man too, I’m uncomfortable having sex with a man but—”

“But what Honey? You’re not really gay? Is that it Peter? You expect me to believe you didn’t know that I was a man? I look good dressed as a woman Sugar, but even I know that I don’t look that good to fool a man who’s not gay to fuck me up my ass.”

Obviously, with Peter having fooled himself long enough and with Robert or Roberta, whatever his or her name was, able to see right through him, there was no fooling him or her.

“No, I mean, yeah but—”

“But what? You really weren’t comfortable having anal sex with a stranger on a crowded train, especially after discovering that you fucked a man up the ass instead of a woman,” said Roberta with another laugh, this time a little louder.

“Yeah, something like that,” said Peter regretting he had called him and wishing he’d stop saying that he fucked him up the ass.

Now all that he could think of is that he was a gay man. All that he could think of is what two gay men do when having gay, anal sex. All he could think of was being raped by another man in prison. All he could think of was nasty, homosexual thoughts, instead of sexually exciting heterosexual ones. Yet, surprising even himself, the nasty homosexual thoughts sexually excited him in a way that he’s never been as sexually excited before. What the Hell was that about? Maybe he really was gay.

“Oh, please, I wish I had a dollar every time a man told me that he wasn’t gay while he sucked my cock, while I sucked his cock, while he fucked me up the ass, or when I fucked him up the ass,” said Roberta. “Gay, gay, gay, forget about this bi-sexual shit, I subscribe to the Jerry Springer definition of gay. If you suck a cock, you’re gay. If you allow a man to suck your cock, you’re gay. If you fuck a man up his ass, you’re gay and if you allow another man to fuck you up your ass, you’re gay. Gay, gay, gay, being gay is as clearly defined in definition as being heterosexual. Trust me Peter, being a gay man myself and having been around gay men all of my life, I know you’re gay.”

“Yeah, well, with apologies to Jerry Springer and apart from your description of what’s gay and what’s not, I’m not gay. I’m really not. I really did think you were a woman,” said Peter while wondering if he was being honest with himself. “Having anal sex with you was my first gay experience but—”

“But what? That didn’t count because you thought I was a woman, a beautiful, blonde with big tits, is that it?”

Plausible enough to unlock and open his closed closet door before slamming it shut, his way back in the closet, it sounded good to him, thought Peter.

“Yeah,” said Peter.

Roberta laughed a loud laugh, almost a cackle that made him want to choke him for pulling him out of the security of his closet or hit him for holding up a gay mirror to his face. Not expecting to have such a revealingly disturbing conversation, he just wanted to have anal sex with the man he thought was a woman, go home, and never call him again. The excuse so he told himself and truly believed, apparently now whether man or woman, he just needed to know what it felt like to cum in someone’s ass, return to his güvenilir bahis wife and life as a heterosexual man, and put all of this behind him. Yet, with Peter now knowing that Roberta was a man and not a woman and with him still telephone him for a date, moreover, with Robert stating that Peter was gay, he wondered if, indeed, he was gay.

“So, you expect me to believe that it was all just mistaken identity and that my ass could have been anyone’s ass, specifically a woman’s ass. So long as I stood there and didn’t turn around as I did on the train when you pulled up my dress and pulled down my panties, we’re all good. Is that right? Typical,” said Roberta. “You’re so typical of all the men that I meet still hiding in the closet Peter.”

“Yes,” said Peter again keeping his responses to one word and one syllable before apologizing. “I’m sorry.”

Still wanting to hang up and not knowing why he didn’t, Peter was uncomfortable with the conversation.

“Sorry? What are you sorry about?”

Unable to admit even to himself, especially to himself, Peter was sorry that he discovered that he was evidentially and so obviously gay. Gay, gay, gay, he was gay. No doubt about it, but angry that he was, Peter was gay. He was as dizzy as he was confused by the revelation that he may be gay. He never realized and always swept his gayness beneath the rug whenever he had gay thoughts that weren’t appropriate for a heterosexual man to have. He didn’t understand how he could live his life as a heterosexual man without knowing and/or even suspecting that he was gay, that is, until now.

“I’m sorry for having anal sex with you,” said Peter.

He wished that Robert would be insulted enough to hang up on him and end his folly into gay sex prematurely, when he was unable to stop this from happening himself. Actually, he wasn’t sorry for having anal sex with Robert, the best sex he’s had in a long time, he only wished he had the time enough to ejaculate before the lights came on and the doors opened on the commuter train. Had he ejaculated in his ass on the train, he wouldn’t be in this sticky situation now in confronting his true sexual orientation.

“Don’t be sorry. I had a good time,” he said with a laugh.

Peter remained quiet for a long minute while wrapping his head around the disturbing reality that he showed another man an anal good time by having anal sex with him.

“It’s just all so confusing to me,” said Peter.

Always having negative connotations about gay men and now totally changing his perspective about his sexual orientation, he couldn’t believe that he was a gay man too.

“Would you like to come over,” he said pausing to let out a dramatic sigh, “to talk?”

Peter read between the lines. In the way that Roberta sighed was as if he had done this a hundred times before, invited strange men to his apartment for sex, and was bored with it. With Roberta’s sigh giving Peter a bit of insight into the life of a gay man, he wondered if their lives were too much about sex. Yet, as a heterosexual man, his life was all about sex, repressed sex, frustrated sexual thoughts, and always wanting to have sex but seldom having sex. If judging a gay man by how he felt, definitely gay men had more sex than he did.

What he wanted to do from the start, now Peter wasn’t sure if it was a good idea for him to go to another man’s apartment, a gay man’s apartment, with the expressed intention to have anal sex with him. Too revealingly real, what if, when he got there, he wanted to do more and did more than just having anal sex with Robert? What if he suddenly had the urge to kiss Robert? What if he suddenly had the urge to suck Robert’s cock or agreed to have him suck his cock. After already having anal sex with Robert, what if he agreed to allow Robert to fuck him up his ass?

“Yes,” said Peter unable to decline the invitation. “I’d like to come over,” he said with a pause in the way that Robert paused but without the dramatic sigh, “to talk.”

It was one thing to have sudden, spontaneous, anal sex on a train with who he thought was a woman but it was quite another thing for him to have a planned sexual affair that was initiated by him especially after knowing that Robert wasn’t a woman but a man. Now with his hand already played and his cards face up on the table, all in, more than curious to know if he really was gay, Peter wondered what would happen if he was to accept Robert’s invitation and go to his apartment.

“My address is on the other side of that card that I gave you. The number on the card that you called me on is to my cell phone number. I work out of my house and I don’t usually give that number to anyone but you had a great way of introducing yourself by making a big and hard, I might add, impression on me,” said Robert laughing.

This was all getting too real. Nonetheless sexually excited by the thought of having anal sex again, Peter couldn’t say no. Now that he knows that Robert is a man and not a woman, feeling more comfortable calling him Roberta than Robert, he’ll just have to close his eyes to türkçe bahis the fact that Roberta is a man. Not a difficult thing to do in the way the Robert really looked like a woman when dressed in drag, so long as he didn’t have to face him and feel Robert’s cock pressing up against him, he’d just have anal sex with him and leave.


Peter tried to think what day next week was good for their little, gay, sexual rendezvous. Figuring that he’d make the date, masturbate over having anal sex with Roberta, and not show up on that day, it wasn’t as if Robert was privy to his phone number when he was calling him from a payphone.

“When what? When did you make a big impression on me?” He laughed. “Duh, on the train silly.”

He wasn’t sure if Robert knew what he meant or that he was making fun of him.

“No. When should I come to your house?”

Trying to think of what he had planned next week, he couldn’t concentrate on anything but having anal sex with Roberta again. Hoping that Roberta gave him enough notice, he wondered what he’d tell his wife, Christine, for him to get out of the house for a few hours.

“What are you doing now?”

Now? He wants him to come over now? Seriously now? All too real, he was as sexually excited as he was reluctant to continue having gay sex, especially now knowing that Robert was a man and not a woman.


His sexual excitement overruled his reluctance to have gay sex with a man.

“Yes, now,” said Robert.

Peter couldn’t believe he was really through this and really going to do this.

“Nothing. Other than talking to you, I’m not doing anything now,” said Peter.

Holding his breath in anticipation of Robert extending an invitation for Peter to come over now, he waited for Roberta to respond.

“Then, get your beautiful cock over here and I’ll stroke you and suck you before you fuck me up the ass. Who knows, a first time for everything, being that you’re not a gay man, maybe I can convince you to suck me too,” said Roberta with a laugh.

It was one thing for him to have anal sex with a man especially when he thought she was a woman but he couldn’t imagine himself on his knees and sucking the cock of another man in the way that his wife sucked his cock.

“Suck you? Seriously? You expect me to suck you?”

“Yes,” said Robert. “That’s part of what I do when having sex as a gay man,” he laughed the cackling laugh again. “I suck and then I fuck. You suck and then you fuck.”

“No, I don’t think so. Sorry but I’d never suck another man’s cock,” said Peter showing his disgust for oral sex in his voice. “I’d never allow another man to cum in my mouth.

Nonetheless, Peter’s cock throbbed at the thought of blowing Robert. Immediately suppressing the thought, he thought of his wife naked and on her knees sucking him. When that wasn’t enough to quell his homosexual, sexual excitement, he thought of baseball.

“Another man? Meaning that you’ve sucked your own cock?”

Sucked my own cock? How could I suck my own cock? This man is crazy.


Maybe flexible enough, now he wondered if Robert sucked his own cock.

“You said that you’d never suck another man’s cock meaning that you’ve already sucked a man’s cock, your cock, with no one else to suck while still claiming that you’ve never sucked another man’s cock,” said Robert obviously taking pleasure in having some fun with Peter.

Peter couldn’t help but imagine himself on his bed naked, while trying to contort his body enough to put his erection in his mouth. He wondered if that would be considered gay to suck his own cock. Probably it would. If he could suck his own cock, he wouldn’t need Robert. If he could suck his own cock, he wouldn’t need to have sex with his wife. Yet, anal sex would still be a problem. Certainly, no matter how he tried and how he twisted and contorted his body, he could never fuck himself up his ass. Inspired and encouraged by what Robert said about him sucking his own cock, he couldn’t believe that he was having all of these gay thoughts.

“Sucked my cock? No, I’ve never sucked my cock. As a kid I couldn’t even bite my toenails,” said Peter with a nervous laugh.

“Eww, bite your own toenails? That’s too much information,” said Robert.

“It was difficult enough for me to call you about having anal sex with you again,” said Peter. “I’d never suck your cock Robert.”

“Roberta please,” said Robert.


“Call me Roberta. I prefer you call me Roberta instead of Robert,” said Robert. “One day soon after my sex change operation, Roberta will be my legal name.”

“Sorry, Roberta,” said Peter.

“Well, if you won’t suck my cock, at least you’re willing to fuck me up the ass. A girl must take what she can get,” said Roberta.

* * * * *

Peter went to the address on the card and rang the doorbell.

“Who is it?”

Who is it? Who does he think it is? Who else would it be? He just got off the phone with him. Maybe he has a lot of boyfriends, thought Peter.

“It’s me. Peter.”

Even güvenilir bahis siteleri with his sexual excitement overruling his commonsense enough to preserve his heterosexuality, he couldn’t help but wonder if he was making a mistake, a big mistake.

“Come on up. I’m on the fourth floor. Sorry, we don’t have an elevator. Now you know why my ass is so hot,” said Roberta laughing.

“Okay,” said Peter suddenly feeling uncomfortable enough again not to encourage him by responding to the banter.

Roberta buzzed Peter inside and he climbed the four flights of stairs as if he was slowly climbing the Tower of London to go for his incarceration before being beheaded at his execution. Finally reaching the top a little out of breath in the way that Jane Fonda and Robert Redford as Paul and Corie Bratter were when climbing to their top floor apartment in Barefoot in the Park, he knocked on the door.

“Come in. Come in. The door is open,” said Roberta emerging from her open door to stand in front of it. “My door is always open,” said Roberta with the flair of a Broadway actor onstage.

Peter looked up to see Roberta striking her helpless pose as if he was Oscar Wilde.

“Your door is always open? In this neighborhood,” said Peter with a laugh. “Hi,” said Peter finally making it to the top.

“Yes, without exception, my door is always open to a fellow gay man who forces me to have his wicked anal way with by poor helpless body,” said Roberta putting the back of her hand to her forehead as if she was Scarlett O’Hara played by Vivian Leigh in Gone With the Wind.

“I’m not gay,” he said this time not as confident as he was before.

Standing there in a sweatshirt, jeans, a Chicago Cubs baseball cap, and sneakers as if he was one of the guys meeting to go out for a beer or to play some touch football, he looked nothing like he did when he was a passenger on the commuter train. If Peter saw Robert on the street, he’d never think he was a gay man, that is, until he walked in talked in the way that Nathan Lane played a gay man in The Birdcage with Robin Williams.

“How are you?” Peter held out his hand. “It’s so nice to officially meet you.”

When Robert took his hand, Peter was relieved that he didn’t lean in to kiss him hello.

“I’d kiss you,” he said as if reading his mind. “But I don’t want to scare you off,” said Roberta bypassing his hand to give Peter a hug. “Being that you’re new to being gay and just now emerging from out of the closet, I’ll just hug you instead of feeling your ass,” he said with a laugh while grabbing two handfuls of Peter’s ass. “What the Hell? Being that you had your wicked way feeling my ass, the least that I can do is to reciprocate by feeling your ass too.”

In the way that Roberta must have felt his cock humping his ass on the train, Peter felt Robert’s cock humping his stomach through his pants. Not wanting to be humped in the way that he’s humped so very many women in public, when he felt his skin beginning to crawl, involuntarily, he pulled away from Robert’s to sexually intimate hug.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to bite you,” she said. “I just wanted to hug you.” He looked down at his erection. “Sorry about my cock. Robert is always so horny.”

“Robert? You named your cock Robert?”

“Doesn’t everyone name their cocks?”

“No,” said Peter. “I didn’t.”

“Well?” Robert stared at Peter in the way that Peter stared at Robert.

“Well what?”

As if sizing up one another, both men continued staring at one another.

“Are you just going to stand there while showing me your reluctance in being here before bolting out my open front door?”

His final chance to stay or flee and make good his escape from becoming a gay man, Peter looked at Robert with trepidation.

“Sorry. All of this is new to me. I’ve never been with a man before,” said Peter. “I don’t know what to do or say.”

“Correction,” laughed Robert. “You’ve already been with a man after fucking me up the ass with your cock,” she said reaching out to squeeze his cock through his pants. “Now take off those pants. I want to see what I missed seeing before on the train.”

“My pants?” Peter stood there and looked down at his pants before looking up at Robert.

“Unless you plan on having anal sex with me without removing your clothes, you need to get naked Peter.”

This was it. The point of no return. Once he removed his pants, if only in his mind, he’d be officially and forever gay.

“Okay, yeah, sure,” he said, unbuttoning, unzipping, and kicking off his shoes before removing his pants.

“You’re underwear too,” said Robert.

With a finger to his discriminating nose, he stared at Peter as if he was Julia Child played by Meryl Streep in Julie & Julia while watching a student prepare a French recipe under her tutelage instead of watching the impromptu striptease show.

“Okay,” said Peter sliding down his underwear. He covered his erection with his hand.

“Don’t be shy,” said Robert. “Take your hand away,” he said pulling at Peter’s wrist. “Let me have a look at your cock. I always like to know what I’m sucking and fucking before I suck and fuck. Yet, already one up on me, you totally caught me by surprise when you stuck this monster up my ass.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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