Ana’s Sin Ch. 07

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Under a full moon she wondered up through the narrow gorges and canyons, everything luminous but for the black shadowy places.

Beaten, yet un-raped. Alive, yet unwanted. Naked, feet hurting as she walked on sand and gravel, growing thirsty, and high as a kite, she got completely lost. And her glasses were dirty, too.

Uncle Pilo. Why had Tom had to remind her of him? She was thirteen when it happened. But it wasn’t his fault! The man had never touched her until she let him. Until she flirted. Until she touched him first. Until boys at school started forcing themselves on her.

Ana struggled with it in her mind. Taking the blame, then a hot rage burning against her uncle. He was supposed to say no! He fucked her more than once. Her guilt and shame in liking it so much and spurring him on was what was eating her alive. Whether she had liked it or not, it had been wrong!

“The world is a vampire,” she sang as the sun came up.

She had turned around to at least get her backpack and water. But she must have gone down the wrong canyon, and got even more lost.

“It was both our faults.”

Pilo clearly had perverted thoughts for young girls. She had known it. He had never acted on it, but she had grown up seeing how he stared guiltily at girls.

She wanted to lose her virginity to a real man, not boys in the school bathroom, and see what sex was really like, and knew she could count on the much older man to show her, and never, ever tell a soul.

Silly girl, many girls think such thoughts. Early maturity of body, but no maturity of mind. Your uncle was entirely at fault, not you. A child knows not their feelings or sexuality.

Ana had blamed herself because Pilo withdrew into depression then took his own life.

Coyotes yipped and reminded her of mortality. Let them come and rip her apart! They came closer. A pack. She was terrified and wanted to turn back. Designs on rocks illuminated by the moon appeared. Native American glyphs were everywhere. All around her. She was dizzy and fell. The air was cold, but the rocks still warm.

“It is my fault! I knew what I was doing! I killed him!”

“Free will is a bitch. You know it is his fault. You are just using him to justify your own lack of dignity. Now you are behaving as he did. Will you take your own life, too?”

Ana looked around the early morning brightness. The hot sun on her skin. Who had spoken? Was she going loco? She moaned from a fierce headache. Her stomach hurt. Her feet bled.

“Over a century of psychology and we don’t know a fucking thing about sexuality and the mind. No, we actually know less than our ancestors.”

She wandered the desert to die under the hot sun. Hardy had summoned the demon that possessed her. The glyphs on the rocks moved and danced, and the world of the Natives came alive. Feathered headdresses, eerie music, ritual dancing around fires.

Young girls stared at her. Generations of women going back thousands of years. Grow up, become a bride, have babies, grow old. You thought you were ready. You tried too soon. Men, rapists? No such concept existed to the Natives.

“Fuck you,” Ana shouted back.

It’s a gringo trick. Oh, you’re body gets used and you get all weepy. Gringo victim mentality. Gringo logic. They make weak women and weaker men. You were a woman at thirteen, and you know it!

Driven by thirst and madness, she kept hiking downward until she found the river again. The icy cold Colorado. Falling to her stomach she drank in the pure river water to sate her thirst.

She vomited, and her mind cleared. Then she drank more and kept it down. Hunger came, but she could do nothing for it. The wash she was in was a dead end. No way to travel along the river and seek help. Too rocky.

Rinsing off in the water, cleaning up, she then left it behind. She was dry again in only a few minutes in such desert heat.

“I don’t want to be saved,” and she walked back into the desert.

Keeping to the shadows along the way, she kept herself from burning. Alone, naked, afraid, she had only her memories and demons.

Back and forth she argued with herself.

A naked soldier appeared, pushed her face against a rock wall, and began fucking her dry pussy. But it felt good, and her juices started flowing, and she grunted from the hard, needful thrusts into her.

“Is this Hardy’s idea of psychotherapy?”

He said nothing as he fucked her, his hand holding her hair and head pressed against a rock wall. She took it like slaves and wives have taken it for thousands of years, with resigned pleasure.

The feel of cock stretching ankara escort bayan her pussy, sliding in and out, pumping hard and fast, raw dominating power. Her eyes rolled back as she came. Then cum exploded inside her and slid down her inner thighs.

“Fuck yeah, cabron. Give it all to me. Get yours!”

She found herself alone and rubbing her clit, feeling the soft folds of her intimate flesh, masturbating in the shade, hot and dry. One last orgasm before she perished from this hell.

Then Ana turned and put her back against the cool rock, and shouted put into the canyons. “Where the fuck are you, Hardy? I did it! Not my stupid weak uncle! I destroyed him! On purpose!”

A lie, of course. Once unleashed, Pilo fucked her. She had not been ready. He had used her flirting and willingness to experiment as an excuse to fulfil his own dark desires. What she had really needed was her uncle spanking the shit out of her, and telling her to save herself for a boy she would marry and have children with.

So she tried to bury it by exploring her sexuality. How the fuck was Tom any different than her Uncle Pilo? He also took advantage of her. Had he known all along that Pilo had done something? What the fuck was his motives?

Ass on hard ground, legs bent and spread, leaning back against the wall, she looked around her.

“No mas,” she said. “It is finished.”

And just like that she was done with her pity party. Pilo was dead, and good riddance. He was God’s problem, not hers. He had destroyed himself letting himself be tempted by an underage teenager. It was time to stop blaming herself when she still needed adults to guide her and teach her. No teen is ready for sex, not at any age. Not even legal adult teens.

She had faced her own demons, and here she was. She looked back on her slutty memories, and she simply had to accept now she loved it all. Yes, it had been an unhealthy way to deal with her pain, with Pilo. A bad way to deal with insecurities.

Gudit, Brenda, and Lucy … now she understood them. A woman could face her demons many ways. Some never enjoy sex again. Others refuse to let those bastard men in their lives steal their joy. Some just healed, found God, or rediscovered Him, and live normal happy lives.

Some never get over it, and self-destruct or try to destroy other lives with them. She almost went down that path.

“No mas,” she said again.

Looking around the noon day world that blazed with incredible heat by the, and the sun now touched her feet, she decided it would be nice to live. Soon she would lose her shade. Her mouth was parched. Her body weak.

“Shit, I’m in trouble. I might actually fucking die out here.”

She found a crack in the wall to crawl and and sleep. Trying to move during the heat of the day was certain death. And she slept deeper than she perhaps ever had in her whole life.

She dreamed of a bruja in the desert, old and gray, half naked and burned by the sun, dancing and grinning a toothless grin. Then she dreamed of snakes.

When she awoke, it was her instincts warning her, for a real snake had come for her. It hovered over her face, ready to strike. The rattler and the dusky light both made her mind go into the primal.

Ana had held a stone in her hand the whole time, not knowing what she might run up against. She struck first, striking the snake in the head with a thud, scraping her knuckles badly. She then rolled out of her little crawlspace and struck it again and again, making sure it was dead.


Without a second thought, she bit into its underbelly and drank as much of its blood as possible. Hunger made her pick out the meat and eat that, too. She shocked even herself. But then real hunger, and such desperate situations, were unknown to most people these days.

Her vigor and energy renewed, she stood on her painfully sore and bleeding feet, ready to march back to that river and stay put. Water, and the likelihood of rescue from a boat was her only chance. She started walking.

Then startled a hiker all by himself, a young man with a backpack, white t-shirt, and loose shorts. She gasped, and his eyes went wide.

“You have water?”

He brought his backpack down and brought out a huge jug, and handed it over while keeping his distance.

“Um, are you alright, ma’am?”


Ana was embarrassed as the young gringo was oh so very handsome. Blue eyes, blond hair, perfect features that reminded her of that Guardian of the Galaxy man, Chris Pratt. Except as big as an ox with wide shoulders and lots of muscle. He could easily have his etimesgut escort way with her.

“Well, you have blood all over your face and … chest. Your hair is wild. You’re feet are bleeding, and so are your knuckles. And you have a dead snake hanging on your neck.”

She tossed the snake, now that she would not need the meat. She took the water and drank deeply of it.

“You have a car? Can you get me out of here?”

“Sure. But what happened? Do I need to call the police?”

“No, I’m fine. Just had to work some shit out. Is the hot spring nearby?”

“Yes, one of them. I just left it. Where are your clothes?”

“I took them off and went exploring, high as a kite, and got lost, amigo. So maybe I’ll find it near the spring. I was at one of them.”

“Here, you want my shirt?”

“No, I’d ruin it. Let me clean up, first. Anyone else out here?”

“I haven’t seen anyone.”

“Well you already have seen me naked, no point in covering up now. Vamonos!”

So they hiked for a while. Ana limped a little and hissed when she walked on something sharp. She found the spring, but it was a different one. She got into the water and rinsed off.

“What’s your name, Pratt?”


“You look like Chris Pratt, the actor.”

“Oh,” he blushed. “Well, it’s Brad. Pretty close I guess.”

“You have soap?”

“I do, here.”

She washed herself thoroughly, then sat on a rock in the setting sun to dry in the air. Which did not take long at all. He just stared at her.

“So you got lost, then survived by eating a snake? That’s pretty badass. You didn’t find your backpack?”

“Nope. Must have gotten stolen. Could you take me into town? Vegas?”


He gave her his t-shirt which just barely covered her ass, and seeing how bad her feet were, let her ride on his shoulders. She used the clean shirt to clean her glasses and could finally see well again. Shirtless, and her bare pussy against the back of his neck, they set out.

He had to put her down and rest along the way. Then put sunscreen on to keep his already Pink skin from burning. She would sit on a rock, hissing from the stinging pain of her feet, and just stare at the rocky wilderness.

Ana was sure they were being watched. Hardy wasn’t going to let her go. He was in love with his goddaughter, and she knew it.

“So you have a boyfriend?”

Ana looked at him and smiled. “Yes. But he let’s me fool around. I’m sure you’re horny by now.”

He was stunned by her openness and honesty, but his hard-on was obvious. A young big strong man all alone to take advantage of. He was shy, but building up courage to ask her out.

She wanted to give him a blowjob, but more people arrived. This was not a hidden or hard to reach spring as the other had been.

So he carried her on his shoulders back up the canyon, her wet pussy against the back of his neck. They talked and got to know each other. He was in college, a loner, out exploring the world.

Hours later at the parking lot, she noticed Hardy’s bike was still there. Ana wondered if they had bothered looking for her at all. Brad had an old beat up Toyota truck.

“Where is your car?” Brad asked.

“Oh, that’s my motorcycle there. But I can’t ride it with my feet all cut up. I’ll have a friend pick it up later.”

“Oh,” he said, not disappointed in the least. Ana could tell he liked her.

“So, could I ride with you, Brad?”

“Of course,” he replied.

He let her down on the passenger side, conscious of her ass being too exposed in public as she scooted in.

Brad got behind the wheel and started it up. “So where to?”

“Wherever you want, Brad. I’m stuck with you for now.”

Ana put her hand on his bare leg, then his shorts. His cock bulged beneath the fabric.

“I’m totally helpless and at your mercy.”

Then she leaned over and kisses his cheek as she undid his belt and zipper. “You can do anything you want to me. But let’s go. I’m hungry. Feed me, first.”

He started driving, the engine old and loud, and had trouble concentrating. Tom Hardy was there watching them, a slight grin on his face. She gave him the finger out of sight of Brad’s vision.

Then on the highway, Ana brought out a pound of thick, long, white cock. It was beautiful. God’s gift to women. She took it into her mouth and moaned as she sucked and licked it.

For the first time in her life she knew who she was and what she wanted. A great weight of shame and guilt off her soul. She enjoyed being a goddess to this young virgin man. Teach him confidence kızılay escort in himself and how to please a woman.

“I’ve never … done anything … like this.”

“I know,” she replied. “But I’m going to be your teenage Mexican dream and show you how to please your future wife.”

And with that she took his pale cock all the way down her throat. The taste of sulfur from the hot springs, salt, and precum filled her mouth and made her hungry. As he drove slow and study, she sucked and licked him.

The explosion of cum was a surprise. Volumes of it filled her mouth. The truck rocked slightly as he corrected his driving, obviously distracted. She swallowed again and again to keep a mess from unfolding all over his pants.

When she sat up for air, she wiped her chin and licked off more cum from the back of her hand.

“Mm, lunch. You gave me a whole meal.”

Brad looked at her, stunned.

“Eyes on the road, cabron.”

She let cum warm her belly as she took in the sights. The sun was going down now. And the lights of Vegas spread out before her after passing through the mountains.

“So, you want to go to my house? My parents are gone for the weekend.”

“Sure. Can you buy me a burger first?”

He did so, and she ate and drank hungrily in the parking lot.

“Come, sit in the middle,” she told him.

He did so and Ana brought his cock out, easily made hard by her mere touch. She straddled him, taking his cock deep into her wet pussy, it stretching for him. She moaned as it filled her whole pussy.

Facing him she looked into his eyes, face barely illuminated by street lights and the city in the parking lot. Slow movements, enjoying his rigid hardness inside her, the smell of him.

Brad breathed hard and whimpered, trying to hold back. But he came, filling her pussy with young college cum.

She shuddered and came with him, loving how much sperm the young stud produced. But he remained hard and she kept going.

“I’m sorry I came already.”

“It’s fine. You’re still hard.”

Taking their time, enjoying his vigor, moving slow and letting him play with her tits against his chest. She lifted her shirt then her tits for him to suck on.

“Harder, gringo. Suck for milk.”

She gasped and moaned by the sharp pain of his strong suck. Her vaginal muscles clamped tight around his shaft. Another orgasm building up.

Ana came again, sighing, and kissing his neck. Then she sucked on it to leave a hickey. He pumped harder as she latched onto him like a vampire.

His second coming was as voluminous as his first, filling her hungry pussy again, spilling out and around his balls.

She got off him and then slurped up as much of his cum as possible, a wet stain now on the seat. He leaned sideways to let her lap up cum all around his balls.

“There, all clean again. I’m thirsty, can you get me a soda?”

She knew her dark eyes and exotic features had their effect on him. Her face smeared with his cum no doubt looked even better.

He pulled into a gas station and she got out to clean the windows, careful not to reveal too much of her ass beneath the t-shirt. Cum streamed down one leg from her pussy. She didn’t mind.

A couple of men whistled at her, but she ignored them. Brad returned and she sucked up soda from a Big Gulp, then kissed him.

“Let’s go home, papi. I’m yours for now. All yours. Until my boyfriend comes to retrieve me.”

Crestfallen, he stared at her. “Boyfriend?”

“It’s ok, he pimps me out. I’m a nympho, so I might as well get paid, right?”

It was a test of course. Would any man want her? Was she a predator now? Would Tom Hardy reclaim her out of jealousy?

Or would she just start a life with this young man and see what happened?

Brad took her home and fucked her every which way he had seen in porn. Legs wrapped around him while on her back. Doggy style. Sixty-nine. Spooning. Loads of cum filling her pussy and stomach again and again.

Then she introduced him to her ass, and took more loads of cum into her rectum. Sweet bliss for any young man his age with a late twenty-something woman.

“Oh papi, fuck me. I don’t want to work, or think, or anything else. I just want you to use me.”

He was very compliant.

Naked on his bed, wearing glasses and reading a book, legs spread and cum still spilling from her pussy, she liked back and relaxed. Her whole body was splattered with dried cum, her dark brown hair dishevelled, she felt thoroughly used.

He slept naked next to her, snowing away, penis soft and red from overuse. A gorgeous young man.

He had a lot of interesting old books to read, and she realized there was a whole world of literature untouched by academia. For the first time in her life she felt truly content being someone’s bitch on her own terms.


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