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Editor note: Because of something I did or did not do, the last of “Andy” is flying off in cyberspace somewhere. I apologize to the readers and Literotica for my blunder. Here is the complete story.(I hope) Older and Better

It was late spring; early summer when I noticed the grass had nearly obliterated the walk to my house. My husband had always seen to the lawn and when he was killed in a car accident late last summer, a high school boy had been mowing the lawn. That was all he done, mow the lawn. No trimming or upkeep at all. When he informed me he was going to be gone most of the summer, I decided I would need to hire a more reliable person to do the whole thing right.

I picked the first name in the yellow pages. Andy’s Lawn Service. It sounded OK and the address was just down the street a few blocks. I dialed the number and a very female voice answered. I told her of my dilemma and asked if they could come and talk to me. She said Andy was out but would call as soon as he came in.

I decided to rest in the Jacuzzi and wait for his call. . My husband had left me very well off as far as finances but I yearned for some companionship because all of our friends were happily married, or so I thought and after the first few weeks I was left basically alone. I was about to step into the Jacuzzi when the phone rang. “This is Andy from Andy’s Lawn Service,” a gruff, deep voice informed me. “I am just down the street. If it is OK I will stop by and give you the information you requested.”

“Damn!” I thought. “Here I am in my nearly nude bikini suit and he is just down the street.” I hesitated a minute and replied, “OK!”

I had barely enough time to grab a robe when the doorbell chimed. When I opened the door I was surprised to find a very muscular, handsome man waiting. He was somewhat older than I had expected but he was built like a Grecian God.

“Come in,” I stammered almost incoherently. I clutched at the robe in front to keep from gasping at the handsome man. My knuckles turned white. He was just slightly taller than me and had a deep tan. His arms were muscular and his smile caused deep dimples to appear in his cheeks.

“I hope I am not interrupting,” he said. His deep voice made poker oyna the hair on the back of my neck stand up. “I see you need my service pretty badly,” he continued.

My mind raced. “I sure do,” I thought as I gazed into his dark eyes. “My husband died last summer and I had a high school boy mow but he didn’t do a very good job,” I said as we walked toward the living room.

I thought I heard him gasp when I sat down across from him. I blushed when I noticed his gaze on my long tapering legs. The robe had parted and they were totally exposed. The bikini was all that covered me from the waist on down.

He was smiling. His dimples larger than life. “I would like to see more of your”—he hesitate—”Lawn! I could see the front but need to know about your back,” he said, in a voice that seemed deeper than before. I felt my face flush. I was not sure just how he meant that, but I hoped he was talking about me and not the yard. I stood up, allowing the robe to open further.

“I was just about to get into the Jacuzzi,” I said lamely. “It is out back,” I gestured, allowing the robe to open totally, the top barely holding my 38 DD’s.

He smiled again. His dimples seemed to dance on his face. I walked, or rather wriggled down the hall toward the back door. I could feel his eyes on me.

He brushed by me, his arm touching my hard nipples as I held the door open for him. He was smiling widely when I showed him the boundaries of the property and nodded toward the Jacuzzi. “I enjoy relaxing in the hot water,” I said, my voice cracking when he looked at me with his deep, dark eyes.

“I have always wanted to try one of those,” he said, his eyes gazing into mine, or rather, at my breasts.

“Feel free to use it anytime!” I blurted.

His smile melted my senses.

“If you would like to try it right now”—my voice suddenly becoming deep and sensual.

“I would, but I don’t have a bathing suit with me,” he said jokingly.

“I usually don’t bother with a suit,” I said without thinking. His dimples were deeper than ever. He pulled the tattered tee shirt over his head. His chest was broad and muscular. He stepped back and pulled his shoes and socks off with a flourish.

I flushed crimson canlı poker oyna when he slowly unfasten his belt and unzipped his pants. I could not take my eyes off of his magnificent body as his pants fell to his feet. The bulge in his underwear was outstanding. He glanced at me and held his hand out too me. “Let’s check it out!” he said as he led me toward the Jacuzzi. I let the robe slide from my body.

His hands found the clasp of the halter.

I sighed softly as he gazed at my naked tits.

He pulled me against his hard body, mashing my tits against his muscular chest. His mouth found mine. The kiss was not only one of passion but sweet and lovely.

I felt my body responding to the kiss. My bikini bottom became wet. I sighed deeply when he released me. I felt his hands softly massaging my tits. I trembled slightly when he pushed my bikini down over my ass globes. His hands fondled the globes. He had indeed found my erogenous zone. I trembled in his arms. I felt the bulge against my stomach.

He sighed softly when I pushed his underwear down, having difficulty with the enormous, hard shaft holding it up. I gasped at its size. It was at least ten inches long and three or four inches around.

He laughed at my stare. I could not believe how inviting but also menacing it looked.

He picked me up in his strong arms and carried me back into the house. He sat down on the bench at the kitchen table with one leg on either side. He slowly lowered me down onto the huge pole, all the while sucking on my nipples, which had became rock hard.

My eyes grew wide as his cock penetrated my cunt. Slowly he allowed me to get used to such a huge cock. Inch by inch he lowered me until I thought I would scream in pain as well as ecstasy. The pain was instantly gone and I gasped in pleasure.

I hung onto his neck with my arms, trying not to slip down on the hard member completely. I looked down and could see at least three inches of cock still waiting to be encased by my hot, trembling, stretched love box. I coughed softly as he allowed me to slip another inch onto his pulsing member.

“I can’t”—I started to say but he covered my mouth with his.

I groaned in delirious ecstasy internet casino as another inch slipped into me, deeper than I ever imagined. I was coughing and gagging when he allowed another inch to delve into me.

I clutched at him viciously. His muscular body trembled slightly and I felt the last inch plunge into me. I was completely impaled on his marvelous cock. I could feel the head of his cock moving inside of me. I heard screams in the room only to realize it was my own, begging him to drive his enormous cock in and out of my raging body.

His lips were nipping and kissing my tits with each stroke. I braced my feet against the floor and bounced up and down on his lap, eagerly accepting his masterful ardor in my stretched cunt. The first of many orgasm racked my body.

He lifted me from the sitting position and turned me around so my tits were resting on the table. Without missing a stroke, he impaled me from behind, driving his love prong deeper into me. I gasped softly as I came, flooding the floor with my orgasm. I blinked and passed out in shear delight.

I awoke to a wet towel on my forehead. Andy was smiling and kissing my lips gently. “You are the first to take it all the first time,” he said in a matter of fact way.

I smiled weakly at him. “I hope it is not the last time! I have never been so completely fucked in my life!”

He laughed. “I will need to work on your lawn at least every other day or more often as the case arises.”

I smiled gratefully. “I find that most agreeable,” I said dumbly. I kissed him avidly and held his thick, deflated cock with my hands. He dressed slowly, watching my cunt leaking our combined orgasm down my legs and splashing onto the floor.

“I find you quite wonderful,” he said. “I have never been so satisfied as I am right now. You are a terrific fuck and so lovely to look at also.”

He kissed me gently and walked slowly out of the door. “We’ll have to try it in the Jacuzzi some time,” he said as he put the truck into gear and drove off.

We never settled on a price for his lawn work, but we decided that I needed my snow removed in the winter. I have been well fucked and everyone that sees me mentions how radiant I look. Who would not be radiant after being fucked by such a giant of a man. I have had other men but I will remember Andy forever. He taught me a lesson. Never let an opportunity go by when you can be fucked by an OLDER AND BETTER person.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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