Angel Ch. 02

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Pt 2: On the Beach”

A Ms. Neb Story

What a wonderful way to start the day. Soft, tender, in silence expect for moans of ecstasy, and with wonderful climaxes for both of us. The rest of the day would prove just as satisfying.

Neither of us had any clothes on. Jon just stared at me as I stood at the full length mirror and brushed my hair. I could see his eyes dart to different parts of my body reflected in the mirror. I liked that. I liked that Jon liked looking at me. I liked that I caused that lustful look in his eyes. I liked that my naked form kept his cock erect.

Just as I was finishing with the brush, Jon came up behind me and wrapped his strong arms around my waist. He nuzzled his face into the side of my neck and drew in a deep breath.

“You are so beautiful”, were the words he muttered into my neck. “I just can’t keep my hands off of you.”

Again he drew in a deep breath and added, “And you smell so good!”

I let my head fall back a bit giving him more access to my neck. He began kissing it and nibbling at my earlobe. Tingles went all through my body. Jon’s hands slid slowly and softly over my tummy and then lower. A finger slid between my legs. I parted my legs just enough to make his quest easier. A finger slid over my clitoris and between my still wet lips. Shivers shot through my legs and I almost orgasmed right then and there when the tip of his finger entered me. I moaned deeply.

Jon drew his hand with the damped finger up away from between my legs. He stayed behind me but I could still turn my head and look into his eyes. His finger went into his mouth and he sensuously sucked on it.

“Did I forget to mention that you also taste wonderful too?” he said with a smile.

I turned around, still with Jon’s arm around my waist, and wrapped one arm around his neck. The other I lowered and took his cock in my hand.

“You taste pretty good yourself,” I said with a gentle squeeze.

If it weren’t for a knock at the door at that moment, Jon and I would have jumped right back into that bed and pretty much stayed there for the rest of the day. We both sighed at the interruption. Jon hastily wrapped a towel around himself and headed to open the door. I hadn’t quite closed the bathroom door before Malaya came in pushing a tea cart. We made brief eye contact before the door came between her and my naked self.

After the delicious breakfast on our balcony of fresh fruit, soft breads, and cocktails of tropical juices and champagne, we decided to head to the beach below. I was already in my bikini but Jon was still in a bath towel. As he stood up and headed away from me, I reach over and took the towel from him. He ignored the event and just kept walking, full knowing that I was staring at his tight naked ass all the while.

* * * *

Since our bungalow was at a point on the resort, our beach was pretty isolated. A few lounge chairs dotted the beach, a few for our bungalow and the rest further away. At least so far, Jon and I were the only ones around. I plopped the beach bag down onto the sterling white sand and then slid two chairs together whereby we promptly laid ourselves down. We just lazily alternated between harmless chit-chat, looking out at the ocean, and half hearted reading. Once in a while I took out the binoculars ankara escort and looked out to the sea on the off chance that I might see a whale. Jon told me that this wasn’t the season but I did it anyway. Malaya came by and presented us with another delicious cocktail. We were just never going to be fully alert on this day. As the latter part of the morning approached, we both just ended up lying back with our eyes closed and quietly absorbed the peacefulness and the sun.

I blindly moved my hand towards Jon, seeking to hold his hand but instead, bumped into his hip. I just hooked my pinky finger into the waist band of his swim suit. That was good enough. Jon returned the gesture. His finger was now hooked around the string of my bikini bottom right where it joins the tiny triangle. We both just lay there, facing upward, eyes closed, with our fingers harmlessly tangled in each other’s swim suit.

With no real purpose, I gave his suit a couple of tugs. He did likewise. I did it again, this time a little more forcefully. Jon did so as well but instead of pulling sideways, he tugged up, as if to give me a “micro wedgie”.

Things just naturally escalated. I slipped my all of my fingers past the waist band and grabbed and handful of his suit and gave it a firm tug. There was a lot less to my suit however and so when Jon slipped his fingers inside my suit they rested quite neatly over my mound. At that point, Jon could care less about the suit and gave my soft flesh a gentle squeeze. Oh my, that felt good. A rush of warmth flowed to right between my legs.

There was only one next move for me and I took it. I slipped my hand beneath his suit further and took hold of his member. It was no surprise to me that it was already half way to an erection. It felt so warm and soft on the outside. I felt the pulsating rigidness developing within my grasp.

He completed the counter play and slid his hand between my legs. His middle finger deftly parted my damp lips and for the second time in that still young day, dipped into me.

Without looking over to him I whispered, “Now what Jon?”

“I don’t know baby,” he replied and then chuckled, “All I know is that I have you right what I want to have you and you have me right where I want to be had.”

He moved his finger from side to side to prove his point. I shuddered as if electric shocks were running through my legs as his finger rubbed back and forth over my clit. I knew that this was very exciting to Jon because I felt his cock jump at my reaction. He swelled to a full erection and pulsed powerfully in my hands.

“I’ll do what ever you want. You know that,” I cooed.

“I know that baby and I’ll bet you already know what I want, don’t you?”

“I’m sure I do Jon. And I’m also sure that you want me to say it?”

“I sure do Angel. I sure do. Tell me. Tell me what I want.”

Still without looking at each other, I seductively said the sorts of words that I know Jon likes to hear me say.

“My guess is that you are still thinking about earlier this morning, about how I woke you up by rubbing you, rubbing your cock with my wetness and then taking you into my mouth. You did like that, didn’t you?”

Jon did not answer and he didn’t need to. We knew each other far to well. I knew what he wanted then and çankaya escort what he wanted now. He wanted me to recall in the most graphic detail what had happened this morning and what was about to happen now. There was no mystery about where this was headed. I was going to fondle Jon’s cock until he came, he was going to finger me to another orgasm, and I was going try to talk dirty to him, accentuating all the wet and juicy aspects of our sex lives. That is what he wanted to hear so that is what I wanted to say. I must admit, I was going to have a rough time of it as my own orgasm developed.

Jon’s finger began a slow steady thrusting in and out of my increasingly wet opening. With each press into me his palm pressed and slid against my clit. It was going to be so easy to make me come. I began a similar stroking of Jon’s cock. Each slow stroke from his balls to the tip pressed out more of that syrupy precum. It was an easy task to cover the length of his cock with the warm slippery juice. My monologue continued…

“Oh yes, Jon. That feels so good, having your fingers slide in and out of my pussy, feeling me, feeling me squeeze you and get you wet. I know you like that. You said so earlier, before breakfast. We hugged and you put your finger into me and then you tasted me. You said you I tasted good. You like tasting me don’t you?

As it would be with every question, Jon would answer with an action, not words. Jon slipped his hand from between my legs, creating an instant sense of loss. I looked over to him. He still faced skyward, his eyes still closed. I watched him slide his wet slippery fingers over his lips while he drew in deep breaths. His fingers then they slipped into his mouth. His tongue ran around them, retrieving all that was there. In an instant his hand was again at my pussy, my legs now quite open, making it very easy for his fingers to find their deep mark.

“I like tasting you too,” I continued. “Feeling you inside my mouth, growing, tasting my pussy from your cock, mmmm. I think that is so sexy. And then tasting you, feeling your sweet precum slip out of you onto my tongue. I love feeling that.”

My story was reaching its climax as were the two of us. A slick film of precum fully lubricated my pumping hand over the length of Jon’s cock. We both could hear that unmistakable sound of wet thrusting with every movement of his finger in my anxious pussy.

“I love feeling your tongue, on me, in me, caressing me. I love it when you make me come with your tongue. I like it when I can feel your face getting wet with me, licking me, sucking me, tasting me.”

“And I know what you like Jon. You like it when I suck your hard cock deep into my mouth, right to the back of my throat. You like squirting precum onto my tongue. You like that, don’t you.

Jon moaned deeply, signaling that what I had said was definitely true. His fingers move more rapidly now. I was shaking. My need for release was intensifying, becoming desperate.

“But best of all, you like coming that way, in my mouth. I know that. You like filling my mouth, seeing warm thick cum squirt into my mouth. You like feeling your cock slide through the cum as you spurt more into me. You like seeing in run out of my mouth, onto my face and dribble down my body. That what you kızılay escort like isn’t it. You did that earlier and you are thinking about that right now and it is going to make you come, isn’t it!”

It was now Jon’s body that was shaking. He was indeed about to come. I was stroking him as best I could under his suit but it was working well enough. His stomach muscled tightened and he jerked uncontrollably. If felt it in my hand. I felt the heat, the swelling, the pulsing, the cum pumping through his cock. It squirted out, coating the inside of his bathing suit and the back of my hand. I slid my fingers over the throbbing head. I wanted to feel it. I wanted to feel the warm thick spurts through my fingers. I kept rubbing the head, feeling spasms in his cock and the cum spurting from the head until his orgasm subsided, until his cock throbbed in surrender, oozing the last of his semen into my grip.

“Oh my God Jon. That was so wonderful. The feeling. Feeling you come like that. Squirting cum all inside your suit and in my hand! I want to hold you and stroke you while you make me come. Please Jon. Make me come. Please!”

Jon looked over to me with a contented smile. There was that loving look of gratitude for what I had just done, both physically and verbally. That look also told me that my wish was soon to be granted. Jon was about to make me come.

I just slowly kept stroking Jon’s cum-slicked cock to continue his decent from orgasm but Jon’s actions were in the other direction. It was now my turn to close my eyes and face the late morning sun. It was now my turn to draw inward and feel every subtly nuance of my own arousal and climax.

Jon slid his fingers from within me just temporarily. He wet my lips and inner thighs with my juices. I could smell my arousal. We both could smell, feel and hear it. He steadily rubbed me and it gave me a deep sense of satisfaction and pleasure but every moment that there was nothing inside me increased my wanting.

Jon knew it was the perfect time and quickly thrust two fingers deep into me. I gasped at the filling sensation. His palm rested perfectly against my clitoris, his finger tips deftly stroking my G-spot. His thrusting was fast now, deliberate, purposeful, and exactly what I needed. I began to shake. My climax was about to wash over me.

I couldn’t stroke Jon any longer. I pulled my hand from his suit. Both my hands covered my bathing suit bottom and over Jon’s hand below. I felt the sticky warmth of Jon’s cum on both my hands now. I pressed down, ensuring that Jon’s hand would not leave.

And then I came. A rush overwhelmed me. Every muscle in my body contracted at once. Internally I clenched down hard on Jon’s fingers, stopping his thrusting. Wave after wave of orgasmic spasms shot all through me, each ending in my pussy that was twitching and squeezing down hard, expelling my thin slippery cum. We rode it out together, each delicious spasm, each shudder, each groan in ecstasy.

Eventually, as they must, the spasms waned. My awareness slowly returned. I opened my eyes again to almost the same site as before. Jon was still looking at me, smiling, happy in my pleasure. Happy that he made me feel so good. We just lay there, looking lovingly at each other. His fingers were still deep inside me, slowly sliding in and out, letting me down easing. Together we felt the last faint echoes of my orgasm.

I again asked that question that had started it all, “So now what?”

“How about a dip in the ocean.”

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