Angel’s Story Ch. 08

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In continuing with my theme, this is my 8th story in a run of my sexual happenings I call “Angel’s Adventures”. They can each read as a story on their own, but I invite you to start at the top and work your way down, it’s more fun that way. J As always, if you enjoy my stories, leave feedback or send me an email or IM. I always reply. Standard disclaimer: If you are under 18 or offended by the graphic description of consensual sex between two adults, then please, don’t read any further and head back to ~ Angel


This is the story of a threesome I had once. As most of you know, these stories are the written accounts of true sexual encounters by me. I’ll describe myself for you: I’m 5’6 and plus sized. I have 46DDD chest (no I’m not lying) and full hips and thighs. I tan well but for the most part, I’m milky white. I have a peaches and cream completion, full lips, dark brown eyes and medium brown hair. I love sex. I always have. I lost my virginity at a young age, which was not that rare in the group of friends I hung out with. Since then, I took my lovers at my leisure and enjoyed what they offered with enthusiasm. I guess to me, sex is something to be enjoyed, not feared, and love has nothing to do with it. It enhances but isn’t required for a great time.

Several summers ago I had a girlfriend. That’s not so unusual for most women, but for me, she was a lover also. I had experimented with bisexuality in college (who doesn’t?) and I will write about her another time, but I hadn’t continued on with it in any serious fashion since I had left school. When I met Mandi, she and I were just casual friends on the net. We ended up realizing that I had worked with her ex husband and so our discussions turned to them and some of sexual history. As we started hanging out in person more and more, I learned that she considered herself bisexual and I opened up about my past. I remember the day she first kissed me. I had forgotten how different a woman’s lips feel from a man’s. Her skin was soft and supple like a ripe peach’s and when she ran her hands over my neck and cheek, I shivered. We ended up on my couch making out like high schoolers. I loved it. Her breasts were so different from my own. They had small very sensitive nipples and were pear shaped and slender. When I sucked on them, I could make her cum.

We had a wide community of friends on the chat program we both used and went to lots of get together and hung out with mutual friends on the weekends. Most assumed we were just friends, but a few special people knew we were lovers. It wasn’t that we were ashamed, but we were both keeping things quiet because of our families and jobs. I worked for a rather conservative company at the time – I still got patted on the butt and called “Honey” by some of the older supervisors. I think they were stuck in the 1960’s. She worked in a lawyer’s office and didn’t need that kind of moral dilemma coming up. One of the people who knew was a man named Steve. Steve had always chased after Mandi and I separately and both of us had teased with him but never gone very far. That was soon to change one afternoon.

I had met him before Mandi and I got together. He invited me over and I finally gave in since I was in his neighborhood. He lived in a duplex made from an old Victorian and it these gorgeous hardwood floors that creaked as you walked. He had joked once about wanting to masturbate for a woman he had poker oyna just met and since watching someone always turned me on, I dared him to do it for me. He did and I was very impressed. At that time, I hadn’t seen anyone thicker than him. He had a nice thick cock that was of average length and strong hands – I have a weakness for nice hands. I watched him stroke his dick and run those tanned strong hands over my white breasts and I got wet. I knew I was going to fuck this man sooner or later, I just didn’t know when.

Mandi had dropped her children off and came over. We ended up playing around on line like we usually did, snapping web cam photos and teasing whomever was around. We were kissing and she had her shirt off, me sucking on her nipples while she deep throated a vibrator we called Monster. The web cam was open to our friend Steve and he was typing on Yahoo as we teased him, telling us how hard he was and turned on watching us. In return, he turned on his cam and gave us a show. I had seen him before, but Mandi hadn’t. Despite having had several children, she had a harder time with men with big cocks and seeing Steve’s surprised her. I had her legs spread by this time and my one hand was sliding the vibe slowly in and out of her while he watched and jerked off in time. She came as soon as she saw him explode at his desk. I sucked her nipples as she jerked and moaned in my arms. I loved hearing and watching her cum. Her nipples darkened and got hard and she would gush and pant loudly.

Steve started to call us more often, listening to one of us play with the other till we orgasmed, and then he would cum. He begged us to let him come over and play too and we always said no. Neither of us had discussed adding partners and she seemed rather hesitant because of his past history of being a user and a real playboy. I knew I wanted to fuck him – I’d seen him in person and thought things would be fine, but I didn’t know how to convince her without letting her know that. Eventually, she suggested we let him and we both agreed on an afternoon when we would all have free time.

She came over and we showered together, letting the water run over our bodies as we soaped each other’s breasts and kissed and nibbled here and there. She washed my hair, running her fingers through it, and I kissed her tummy as I washed her legs and thighs. We tried to be good though, hoping we were both going to have lots of orgasms soon. After drying off, we decided to wear lingerie, figuring it gave an illusion of something left to the imagination. We lounged on the couch waiting for Steve. He rang the doorbell and when I got up to open the door, Mandi laid down on the couch and arranged herself. She was in a blue cami and tap shorts set and I had on a sheer red robe with buttons. She opened her legs and slowly ran her hands up and down her thighs, stroking her legs so that would be the first thing he saw as he came in the door. I opened the door and he greeted me with a kiss and a hand on my ass. I slid my hand to his crotch and gave it a good squeeze. He was already hard. He whispered in my ear that he had been driving here with a hard on since he left work at noon. When I stepped back, he got his first glance at Mandi. I could see his eyes get wide and his mouth open a little. I laughed to myself. This was going to be fun!

Mandi was still slowly touching herself. Her blonde hair was spread out from her head being tossed back on canlı poker oyna a pillow and she had pulled down one side of her top and was pinching her nipple in time to her fingers moving. I looked over at Steve and saw the bulge in his pants get harder. He looked at me and grinned. I put my hands on his waist and started to undo the buttons on his shorts. He nodded and reached up to tug off his shirt. Mandi opened her eyes and smiled, then put her middle finger in her mouth and slowly sucked her juices off of it.

“Do I get to try that?” Steve asked her. She grinned.

“Sure, but you’re over there and I’m over here,” she teased. By this time I had his pants and shirt off and he was kicking off his shoes. He walked over to her and I just sort of slid to the end of the couch and sat down to watch. He sat next to her and ran his hand up her thighs. She spread them for him and watched as he slid his middle finger into her wet pussy. She spread her lips for him and he worked his finger in and out, his thumb flipping over her clit so she would jump and wiggle her hips and moan. I was feeling a little left out until I felt him reach around behind his back and try to run his hand over my breasts. I leaned into his touch so that it was easier and scooted closer to him. I put my hands in his hair and started kissing his neck and stroking his shoulders as he fingered my girlfriend. His dick was rock hard and moving back and forth a little as he touched her then tried to touch me.

I wrapped my arms around his waist and grabbed his dick in my hand. I milked his cock slowly back and forth as he started to make Mandi cum. She had her eyes closed and was holding on to the side and back of the couch for dear life. She was moving her hips in time with his hand so I started moving mine in time with his. He groaned a little but she finally let out a little scream and flushed as she went over the edge. He kept rubbing her, spreading the juices she let out of her pussy. When she finally opened her eyes he took those fingers that had been inside her and slid them in his mouth, licking them clean. I was still pressed up against him, so let go of his cock and pulled his face around towards me, kissing him full on the lips. He tasted like my lover’s pussy. I licked his lips and then smiled at him.

By this time, I was all but sitting on his lap so he pulled me over to straddle his thighs. His cock brushed against my pussy as I did so and I moaned a little. Grinding against him, I took his hands and put them on my breasts. I love having my nipples played with – especially a little roughly. I also love being spanked. He leaned in and buried his face between my tits, squeezing them around his face while I laughed. I rubbed my pussy over his legs and against his dick, letting him feel how wet I was. He slid his face over to a nipple and started suckling hard, squeezing that breast in his hands. I closed my eyes and held his face to my breast as I felt Mandi reach between us. I spread my legs a little more and let her help his cock inside my lips. Since I was so wet, he slid easily inside me. I slid back and forth for a second while he kept sucking on my tits before I sat down and he was all the way inside. He felt amazing as he slid home – full and thick, just long enough to reach where it mattered without hurting.

Mandi took my face and pulled me to her for a kiss as he slowly screwed me and sucked on my tits. I felt well loved. internet casino I rode him like this for a few minutes before I felt my knees start to get sore from the material on the couch. I told them I needed to move and I stood up. With Mandi in front of me, kissing me, our hands on each other’s breasts and Steve behind me, his cock between us pushing against my ass, we stumbled into my bedroom.

My bedroom is set up so that as you walk into the door, the bed is directly to the front and right of you. If you are walking backwards, go to the right and you’ll hit it with the backs of your legs. Mandi knew this so when we nudged open the door, she just let herself fall onto my bed with her legs spread. Mmm, I knew where this was going. With Steve behind me caressing my legs and ass, I kissed her thighs and reached up to pull down her tap shorts. She wiggled free of them willingly and scooted back on the bed so I could climb up. She laid on her back in front of me spread open for the taking and so I did. I spread her legs as far as I could and started to lick my way down her tummy, hitting all of her sensitive spots I knew so well.

By this time I was on my knees, my head between her legs and Steve started feeling around my ass. I spread my legs to give him access and he nudged me a few times before eventually getting his cock back inside my pussy. I’m trimmed rather smoothly on my lips and around my clit, so every time he slid all the way in, I felt his balls slap against my clit. He put his hands on my hips and pounded on me, banging me for all he was worth. I did my best to keep things steadily on Mandi’s clit. She had her hands in my hair and was pushing my mouth against her clit while my fingers slowly fucked her to madness. She was moving back and forth and moaning, from what I could hear and I knew I was close to cumming too. I flicked her clit with my tongue so that she would feel it harder each time Steve pushed all the way into me. With it like that, I started to cum. I laid my head on her tummy and just teased her clit with my fingers and groaned into her leg.

“Oh God, Mandi honey, unh, fuck me Steve!” I moaned. Steve was moaning and panting too and his grip on my hips tightened. I could feel him getting closer and suddenly I pulled away from him. I dropped down, letting his cock slide out of me. I looked at him and he looked confused.

“What? Why?” he asked, his dick hard and just standing there at attention. I smiled and Mandi sat up. I moved out of the way and she climbed up between his knees. Pushing him to the side so he fell over, she moved his legs apart and laid between them, kissing up his thighs.

“I want to suck your balls,” she said. One thing I couldn’t do was deep throat and swallow. She could do both and make it look like cake. She sucked on his balls and worked his cock, then licked and sucked her way up his dick. Taking a deep breath, she just downed it all in one open-mouthed movement! I love watching her do that. It’s so impressive! She was making some muffled noises as she squeezed his cock and balls and sucked on him. I laid against his side and just kissed him as she worked him back up. His hands on my arms got tighter as she brought him to orgasm. He was kissing me and opened his mouth and just let out a low groan. I held his hair and pulled him into the kiss as his hips bucked and she swallowed. She kept making slurping noises and he was shivering as she lapped it all up. Mandi wiped her mouth off and came up his other side, leaning over him to give me a kiss. We kissed, and then kissed his chest and he put his arms around both of us and we snuggled and napped, a tangled mess of legs and arms.

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