Ann: A Love Story Ch. 27

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The drive back towards the hotel was magnificent. It was one of those days where the sky was so blue it looked like a painting. You could play ‘find the cloud’ and spend hours never seeing one to speak of. As we climbed the mountain and got closer to that blue horizon, I opened the top of the car.

Tina had been relaxing, basking in the glow of the orgasm Carol had given her. She smiled as the sunshine suddenly washed over her. She never bothered to open her eyes. Instead, she lowered her seat to make it recline as much as possible. Then she hooked her fingers into the top of her tube dress, and lowered it to her waist.

“Mmmm…that feels good,” she said.

“It looks good too.”

“Keep your eyes on the road, James.”

“Sorry. Just admiring the mountains.”

“I bet you are,” Tina said as she cupped them and squeezed them together.

“Yeah…they’re magnificent!”

Tina giggled and said, “Thanks.”

I glanced at her legs, and noticed the bottom of her dress had ridden up when she lowered her seat. I could just make out the hint of her pussy. It took all of my willpower not to reach over and fondle it. Tina opened one of her eyes just a sliver, and giggled.

“I thought you’d be looking at my tits. I guess I had you all wrong.”

“Actually, I was looking at your shoes. Where’d you get them?”

“Holy shit…let me tell you!” Tina exclaimed. She got so excited she started talking a hundred miles an hour. “Ann is going to love it there…at least when it comes to shopping! There are two great outlets in that town. There’s one next to the Interstate, and the other is in the center of town. And that one is really cool. It’s in an old manufacturing plant that’s been redone as a bunch of shops. The whole thing is inside. So I went shopping and found a pair of shoes that go better with this outfit. You like?” Tina lifted her right leg to show me one of the shoes, and deliberately did it in a way that exposed her wet pussy…and the holstered gun strapped to her thigh.

I wasn’t looking at her shoe anymore when I answered, “Yes. I like it very much.”

Tina giggled as she reached down to stroke her pussy. “I can’t believe I ate her out in the parking lot. And she did me too!”

“You’re becoming quite the little lesbian.”

“Ha…I don’t think so,” she said with a huge laugh. “But I might be bisexual now.”

“That will be a big hit back home.”

“Oh…that will be the day. I’m thinking this is more for out of town trips. I’ve never traveled before, but if this is what it’s like, I think I should do it more.”

“So you’re not going to be looking for girls at home?”

“Hardly. I have a bad enough reputation in town. I don’t think I could live there and do what I’ve done this weekend. I’ll just continue to be the little cock whore everybody thinks I am, and save this for special occasions.”

“You’re being pretty hard on yourself. You know that? Why do you call yourself names like that?”

Tina smiled and said, “I AM a cock whore. I’m not ashamed of it. And I’ve never heard you complain. Isn’t that why we hooked up in the first place? You needed to get laid, and so did I.”

Tina had a point. We had used each other, to an extent. But while it started out as just two people using each other, I’d come to admire Tina. And it bothered me that she had such low self esteem that she degraded herself verbally.

“That may be. But you’re a lot more than the reputation you’re letting define you. You’re smart, you’re funny…you’re successful. And you’re beautiful. It’s one thing to like to fuck. It’s another to let the world believe that’s all you have to offer.”

“You think I’m successful?” she asked, surprised.

“Sure, Tina,” I said, breaking out of the characters we’d been so dutifully acting out. “You own your own business. And from what I can tell, you’re one of the busiest beauty shops in town. Hell, you were the first to add a tanning bed, and you can say you wanted it for yourself, but the fact is you were ahead of the curve, and it’s booked all the time. You make the people who come into your shop more attractive, and that makes them feel good about themselves. I know it’s only my opinion, but that seems pretty successful to me.”

“Wow. No one’s ever said anything like that to me before. Thanks, Neil!”

“It’s Bond. James Bond.”

Tina laughed and winked at me as we started the steady incline towards the top of the mountain range we had to cross.


The view from the top of the mountain pass was spectacular. Tina and I had stopped at a roadside park that served mainly as a park and ride for commuters, although there was a small picnic area. Being late afternoon on a Saturday, the parking lot was empty despite it being such a beautiful day.

Tina was taking pictures of the valley below. I’m not sure how far we could actually see from our vantage point, but to say ‘miles’ would trivialize the experience. The camera was taking good pictures, but it really wasn’t designed to capture the panoramic landscape in front of us.

“I wish this poker oyna thing had a lens that I could zoom in and out,” Tina griped.

“It’s okay, Pussy. We just have to give her an idea of how beautiful it is.”

“I know, James. But I want to give her the best pictures I can. I’m a bit of a perfectionist.”

“I know you are…which is why you belong in a place like this. You’re as beautiful as the surroundings.”

“Now you’re just trying to get laid again.”

“Maybe,” I said, flirting with her.

“So you’re saying my natural beauty comes out in a place like this?”

“I’m saying that as amazing as this place is, I think you’re more beautiful, and not just on the outside” I said, wondering why she would say something that sounded slightly conceited. That wasn’t Tina’s style at all. It was way out of character for her, unless she was thinking that Pussy Galore would respond that way. Either way, I couldn’t help but think she was up to something.

“Yeah, but you’re just saying that because I’m wearing this hot red dress.”

“That has a lot to do with it, yes,” I teased, still trying to flirt. Like I needed to. It was pretty easy to see that Tina was turned on. The wet pussy she flashed me in the car had told me that already, but her body language as she stood looking over the valley also made it rather obvious.

“So I’m only hot because of the dress?” she said playing with the material that covered her big chest, threatening to pull down the front of it.

“I never said that,” I replied, wishing I’d have said something a little more clever. It didn’t matter, though. Tina’s mind was spinning toward a destination she had predetermined. She was just trying to find the best way to get there. And as most of us learned in math, the closest distance between two points is a straight line; so Tina went with the direct route.

Handing me the camera, she said, “Here. I think you’re going to wanna use this.”

Tina strutted over to where she’d have the most picturesque backdrop, and she proceeded to do a slow, sexy striptease. Starting with the top of her dress, she peeled it down until she was standing out in the open, topless. I took a couple of pictures while she teased me with the way she played and licked at her tits and nipples. Next, she raised the hem of her short little dress, pulling all the material to her stomach. She posed as she exposed her lower half to me, making sure to spread and bend her legs often.

“I can see I’m having an effect on you, 007,” Tina said as she pointed at the bulge in my pants.

“Pussy usually does, Pussy.”

I had to stop and reload the camera, and while I had my head turned, Tina removed the dress entirely, setting it on the lone picnic table before she returned to the spot she’d been standing. When I turned around, I almost dropped the Polaroid.

“You see! I love that! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know my feminine side this weekend. But this is why I’ll always love men. You just wouldn’t get that kind of reaction from a woman. Men salivate…they get hard. I love that instant feedback. It’s like a drug…I get high off of it.”

“With a body like that, you must be an addict.”

“I’m addicted to sperm, but I’m okay right now. I’ll probably need a fix later, though. A big one…so why don’t you take some more pictures and we’ll see if we can work up a big batch in those huge balls of yours.”

Facing me, Tina bent over and grabbed her knees, making her big boobs sway back and forth like they were being moved by the gentle breeze. I took a photo, and then another, as she began to move seductively for the camera. She was playing to the lens, taunting it. Her body movements were more graceful than I could ever remember, and there was something strangely exciting about her wearing just her shoes and that holster strapped to her thigh.

Pulling the gun from the holster, Tina made like James Bond in the intro of the movies, posing and pointing it like she was in the center of that famous white circle on the black screen. As I pressed the button to fire the shutter, I half expected to see the red blood ooze down the viewfinder like it would over the silhouetted Bond during the opening credits of the films. I could even hear the Bond theme music in my head. But, maybe that was because Tina was actually humming it to herself as she moved.

After several of those pictures, Tina put the gun back in the holster, and took it off; placing it on the picnic table with her dress. Left in just her shoes, she started posing like the models I’d seen so often in the pages of Playboy or Penthouse. I was quick to oblige her demand that I take close ups, including her spreading her labia to show me pink. She was lying on the grass, and I tried to get in positions that allowed the scenery to still be a part of the pictures that weren’t close ups.

At that point, I was complaining to myself that I wished I had a way to change the focus, but I made the best with what I had. I was at least thankful that we could take nude pictures. It was the only avenue that you had in that time, unless canlı poker oyna you developed your own film, knew someone that did and trusted them, or paid to have your film sent off to one of those far away labs that you’d find in the back of some adult magazine. The trade off of privacy and immediate results far outweighed the other options, and somewhat made up for the limitations of the camera.

Standing up, Tina turned and faced the valley below us. She spread her legs, and put her hands on her hips, looking as if she was looking down over her kingdom. After two pictures like that, she moved her hands to her thighs. Bending slowly, her palms rubbed down her athletic limbs, until she was holding her ankles and looking back at me through her legs. I’m not sure if she knew that was my favorite centerfold pose or not, but it wasn’t lost on me. I quickly took three pictures, and realized I’d run out of film again. That was another drawback of the camera…not enough pictures per package.

My mind screamed that I should run back to the car to grab another package of film, and cursed that I didn’t have the foresight to bring more than the two packages that I had brought out in the first place. But my cock was screaming too, as each pulse pushed it against my zipper like it was banging its head against a fabric prison, demanding to be released.

I quickly put the camera down on the table, and unzipped my fly. Walking with my rigid cock in my hand, Tina looked between her legs with an upside down smile.

“I can’t believe it took you that long. I was beginning to wonder if you were ever going to fuck me!”

I grabbed her hips and thrust deep inside her juicy snatch. Tina screamed out loud, her voice echoing down the valley. It shocked the both of us, but it was also incredibly hot.

“Fuck me hard, James. I’m so close! Fuck me!” Tina growled, trying to hold in what she wanted to scream. I pounded into her as she continued to grab her ankles. I was amazed at her balance. I was holding on to her tightly, but she still kept her center of gravity in place as I slammed into her.

“FUCK! I’M CUMMING!” Tina howled at the top of her lungs. Then she screamed out a bunch of expletives, along with a screech that sounded something like an eagle…or a pterodactyl.

As she came, a vehicle pulled into the parking lot. I could barely hear the tires rolling over the gravel over Tina’s wailing, but I knew someone was there. I suppose I should have been nervous of being caught. Or scared. But there was no place to hide, and little I could do. And with Tina in the throes of an intense orgasm, I wasn’t about to stop. So, I kept humping into her.

We must have made an interesting sight, what with me being fully clothed in a very sharp black suit, and Tina being totally naked in just her red pumps. I heard a door open and close, followed by another one opening up.

“What’s that?” Tina said as she looked up from her unusual position.

“We have company, Pussy.”

“Shit…you’re kidding!”

“Nope. Want me to stop?”

“It’s too late. I’m CUMMING AGAIN. OH FUCK! FUCK ME!” Tina screamed out.

Those words echoed down the valley just as her earlier ones did. And that certainly got the attention of our innocent bystanders. Tina’s announcement of her second orgasm caused an instant reaction. I listened to the exchange with amusement.

“Kyle! Quick…get the kids back in the van!”

“What? Why?”

“Just do it!”

“Melody, what’s going on? Are you nuts?”

“There’s a couple over there having S-E-X. Get the kids in the van!”


“KYLE! Get the kids back in the van!”

“Okay, Okay! Keep your shorts on!” he said as I heard some commotion. A couple of door slams later, he was looking at us. I didn’t look, but I knew because he said, “Man, Melody…they’re really going at it.”

“Stop being a pig and get in the van!”

“Look at them, babe.”

“I’m not looking at them. Stop being a perverted jerk and get in the fucking van!”

“Perverted? Jeez, Melody…a few years ago, that would have been us!”

“We have kids now, Kyle!”

“So what? I’m not saying we should do it in front of the kids. But why should they change who we are.”

“I’m a mother now Kyle…get in the van!”

“Fine. I’ll get in the van. But you’re going to have to tell me how you being a mother factors into this discussion. You’re a woman too. And the woman I married would be right next to her, getting her brains fucked out.”

Doors slammed, and tires spun in the rocks as they peeled out. Children. I never thought of them, and how they could impact a marriage…or the sex life of a couple. I wondered if what Ann and I had could withstand that kind of life altering change. Kids would no doubt change things. But I hoped it wouldn’t be that drastic. I wanted kids some day, so it was a bridge we’d eventually cross together. At least I hoped. Ann and I hadn’t really discussed having kids yet, other than to gloss over the subject. I shook my head, trying to get that image out of my mind for the time internet casino being. When I did, Tina moved forward, letting my cock slip out of her cunt.

She stood up and turned around. “Come on, James. Take me back to the hotel and fuck me again.”

I was going to argue, but I didn’t want the hassle of what getting caught again might turn into. I grabbed the camera, and Tina grabbed her dress and the holster. She didn’t bother getting dressed. We just headed to the car and eased back on the highway. I couldn’t help but look over to Tina, who was sunning herself again.

“Do you want me to put the top up?” I asked, wondering why she was so ready to leave, but not ready to cover herself. I thought she was worried about being caught naked and fucking. It turned out I couldn’t have been farther off.

“No. I want you to catch that minivan.”


Tina pointed down the 4 lane separated highway down the mountain, towards a black Dodge Caravan that was about a mile away. “Catch up to that van,” she said, as she fingered her clit.

“Is that?”

“Yeah. I saw it through your legs. I wanna have a little fun, James. Do you mind?”

“No. Not at all,” I said as I punched the V-8 and kicked the Camaro into high gear. Racing down the mountain with the top down was exhilarating. Not as much as fucking Tina at the summit, but a close second. There were no cars between the van and us, and we steadily gained ground as the tires rhythmically popped over the cracks in the pavement. It was like a steady beat, keeping time like a metronome to the music of the asphalt.

I eased off the gas as I neared the van. It was your every day, run of the mill minivan, with the exception that it had tinted windows in the back, which was a rarity in the late 80’s. We were in the same lane as the van, and I looked over to Tina, wanting to get a feel if she was really serious about whatever she had planned, if she even had a plan. That answer came rather quickly, when she looked at me with lust in her eyes.

“Pull up next to the van…but don’t pass it yet. I’ll tell you when.”

I slid gracefully into the left lane like I was drafting a racecar, and swooped up beside the van so that Tina was in line with the driver…the patriarch of the family Von Prude. Try as he might, he couldn’t fight his urges. He valiantly tried to keep his focus on the road ahead, but once his eyes darted to the left, he couldn’t help but turn his head to watch Tina pulling at a nipple while she rammed her fingers into her juicy snatch. She had her left leg on the dashboard, and her right dangled over the door of the car. She had even turned her body slightly towards him, and with her legs spread wide, so he could see all of her heavenly body.

I looked up at the driver, who was staring more at Tina than at the road. I had to make sure he didn’t drive us off the road, so I kept my eyes on the van’s position while I drove. I was sure I heard some yelling coming from the van, even over the rush of the road and wind as we sped down the highway. I could see he became agitated, and yelled something. He turned to talk to his wife, and Tina moved back to a normal sitting position.

“Quick! Pull in front of the van and get in their lane!” I stepped on the gas and moved over in front of them like Tina asked me, and she said, “Now…slow down.”

“What are we doing?” I asked.

“We’re going fishing.”


“I want to see if we can catch her.”

“What do you mean, ‘catch her’?”

“She’s been screaming at her husband for looking…but can you really blame him? But you heard him. It sounded like she used to be the wild and free type herself before the munchkins came along. I’m betting that she’s still that way, and I want to see if we can catch her being a hypocrite.”

“And how do you propose doing that?”

“You just need to use the right bait,” she said, rubbing my semi erect cock through my pants. “Slow down enough that they’ll pass us. Then make sure you match his speed. I bet he’ll figure out what we’re up to and let you.”

I slowed the car, not using the brakes, but just letting off the gas ever so slightly to check up a little. At first the van slowed with me, but as I started to ease to the point of being a nuisance, he had to make a decision. It seemed like a game of cat and mouse, until I looked in my rear view mirror and smiled. I could see the light bulb go on over his head, and suddenly he was pulling into the passing lane. As he sped up, so did I. Just as Tina said, he quickly figured out what I was doing, and settled in so that we were cruising at a reasonable speed. We still had the highway to ourselves, and I set the cruise control on the car to set the pace.

Tina was playing with her tits, looking at the passenger window to see if the mom would look out. She was busy trying desperately to stare straight ahead, while continuing her tirade directed at the poor soul beside her. I peeked toward the back of the van, and I couldn’t see any movement. Their kids had to be young, because I could see the car seats, even through the tinted glass, but I could only see the tops of their heads. I was relieved that they couldn’t see out the window at what we were doing below. Tina didn’t care. She was carrying out her plan, which at the moment involved me.

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