Ann: A Love Story Ch. 46

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Ann had had a rough end to the party in her honor. I suppose it was a party for the two of us. But being honest, in their eyes, the guests were all losing Ann…they weren’t gaining me. Not that I didn’t feel welcomed. In fact, Ann’s friends were amazing, not only in accepting me quickly and with open arms, but in making me feel like I was a longtime friend as well. I’m sure being engaged to Ann gave me a certain cache, but I couldn’t think of one person that made me feel like they weren’t being genuine in their affections towards me. But the fact remained that I wasn’t in California to stay, and I was taking Ann with me.

And the way Ann’s friends made me feel welcomed made the end of the party tough on me as well. But whatever I might have been feeling as we stood at the exit of the big room where the party was held, it was nothing compared to what Ann went through. Each guest filed past us, in a long line, not unlike a reception line at a wedding. And that’s how I chose to look at it. But for Ann, it was a more somber occasion. She was sad she was leaving her friends.

Yet now, as we traveled down the quiet streets of her town, she was practically giddy. Of course, she tended to get that way when she was horny. And she was definitely horny. I was horny too. But at the same time, I wasn’t sure if I could go again. Billie had mentioned at the restaurant that I had gotten hard again. That seemed to be a natural reaction I had just being around Ann. Of course, she HAD just eaten Missy before walking up to me and giving me one of the sexiest kisses I’d ever experienced, so that helped.

Billie had also wondered aloud how many times I’d cum already that day. I knew it was more than the two she’d mentioned at first. But was it three, or four? She had said both of those numbers too, but I couldn’t remember, in part because I couldn’t remember what day it was. I’d cum so many times since arriving in California that it was hard to count. And I was losing track of the days. Being on vacation was a Godsend…and I was having such an amazing time that it seemed like it had been just one long day since I arrived in California, with some sleep thrown in from time to time.

After experiencing first hand…well, first foot, how incredible Ann could make me feel just using her feet on my cock, I had no doubt that if she wanted me to cum one more time, then it was likely that I was going to. But I wanted our sexual experiences to be amazing. Ann deserved that. I didn’t want to not be at my absolute best. I didn’t want to have sex and have it be any less than what we’d kind of set as our standard. And I knew that if I tried to fuck her, I wouldn’t be at my best…my cock needed a rest, no matter how hard I’d been back at the restaurant.

By the time we’d left the restaurant, I wasn’t hard any longer. The mood had changed as we stood at the door and said goodbye to the assembly line of people passing by. Alfred and Billie had been the first to leave, just as they’d been the last to arrive.

Billie had kissed Ann goodbye, holding her hands again like she had earlier, and said, “Remember, we live close by. The offer still stands if you want to drop by and let loose. You can make as much noise as you want. You won’t bother us…we’ll be making noise too.”

“Thanks Em. We’ll see. I think this is going to take a while, and I’m not sure what kind of mood I’m going to be in when we’re done.”

“Anna, remember what I told you…sometimes you can use sex to change your mood. As long as you’ve got a great partner that knows you, and I know you do. You just have to be willing to let go, and let him take you where you need to be.” Billie had said that last sentence looking at me. And I knew what she meant.

So did Ann. As she hugged Billie one last time, she said, “I’ll remember, Em. I’ll never forget any of the things we’ve talked about. And I’ll never forget you.”

“Me either sweetheart. And I’m serious. Stop by if you want to. We’ll leave the back door open. Just come in and make yourself at home.”

“You’re going to leave the door open?” I said, thinking that was an odd thing to do.

“Don’t worry, Neil. There are so many patrol cars in this town it’s not that big a deal for one night. Besides, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be tied up, and Alfred will be too busy to hear you knock.”

Alfred smiled and said, “It’s only fair, Billie. You tied me up so I could only watch you and your new toy before we came over. Now it’s my turn.”

I looked at Ann. She had the same shocked look on her face that I did. But Billie just smiled and took it in stride. “What can I say? You two inspired me with the handcuffs at the party. Seemed like something we needed to try for ourselves!” She gave a little wave, and took Alfred’s hand as they walked out together.


We were still pretty far from Ann’s house. The way she was acting made me think that it might be too far. She had the stretchy elastic bottom of her white blouse pulled up over her tits. She’d taken each of her nipples into her mouth, making them poker oyna very hard and very wet. She made a show of it for me. But now she was lying back in her seat, which she’d reclined a little, and she was playing with them for herself.

Ann’s eyes were closed, and her back was slightly arched. She was cupping her breasts from underneath with her hands, and her thumbs were rubbing the hard, rubbery buds, traipsing circle around them as she moaned. I began to rethink waiting to have sex with Ann after all. If she was that into it, I was pretty sure I had nothing to worry about regarding not being at my best…I figured Ann was going to find a way to get me where she needed me to be.

“Do you want me to take us to the Davidson’s?” I asked, not knowing where Alfred and Billie lived, but knowing it had to be closer.

“Mmmm…that sounds enticing,” Ann moaned.

“Does it sound…inviting?”

Ann opened her eyes, but barely. Her eyelids hung heavy over her pupils, like she was in that dreamy state between awake and asleep. “No, baby. It doesn’t.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah…I’ve already said goodbye to almost everybody. I don’t want to go back now. I want to move on from this. I want to…”

Heal. She wanted me to the salve to the ease some of the pain she was feeling about leaving the friends she loved behind. She was tired of the life she was leading in California; tired of working her ass off to be successful, but not having a life for herself. But she would never be tired of her friends…her family. Yet we were moving on. And Ann wanted to start that process right away.

“Let’s go home, Ann,” I said, letting her know that I was on board with her decision. She closed her eyes and reached down to the little string closing the front of her shorts. She slowly untied the bow, and pulled the criss-crossing laces to make the front loose. A mile later, she’d wiggled out of her shorts, letting them lie on the floor of the car near her feet.

Now naked below the waist, she spread her legs wider, but her hands remained at her breasts, toying and pulling at those amazing buds. I reached over, letting my hand rest on her left thigh. The sly grin that crossed Ann’s face, letting me know I’d done exactly what she was hoping I’d do. As my hand moved slowly up her thigh from near her knee, she sighed. When I was almost to her pussy, her body trembled, and she quickly removed her top altogether so that she was totally naked. It reminded me of the night I’d eaten Ann after our ‘prom’ night.

And that was my answer. I was worried about being able to perform. But remembering that magical night by the pond on my friend’s farm gave me the inspiration I needed. I had followed an equally amazing night of dancing and fingering Ann to an intense orgasm at the Starlight night club at the Holiday Inn, and gave me my focus for the evening. That night back in Indiana had been about Ann. I was giving her what she needed, and I had decided early on that it was going to be all about her. I didn’t cum that night. I didn’t need to. And I realized now that I had cum so many time since I’d found myself back in Ann’s arms, I needed to make the rest of the night all about her. After all, she’d just done the same thing for me by masturbating me with her feet.

As my fingertips brushed against the outer lips of Ann’s pussy, she sucked in her breath, holding her lungs full of air as she waited for me to do something more. But I continued to play with just the outer fringes, flicking my fingers, making her wetter. Ann moved her hips forward, trying to press her pussy harder against my hand. When she did, I moved my hand back up on top of her thigh, leaving a little wet trail with my fingers.

“Are you teasing me, baby?” she said with a little whine.

“Yes…I am. This isn’t going to be quick, babe. I’m taking my time tonight. I’m not sure if you’re aware of it, but I can make you cum in five minutes…or I can take five hours,” I said, using the line she and Gloria had referred to earlier in the evening.

Ann sucked in her breath again, this time through her teeth. “Oh God,” she said as her body shivered again.

“Ann”, I said, looking over at her as she breathed hard in her seat.

“Yes, lover,” she answered, looking at me with lust in her heavy eyes.

“Tell me about the ‘plan’…that you and Gloria hatched.”


The trip home seemed to take on a life of its own. I was driving carefully, and I was obeying the posted speed limits to the letter. If I didn’t want to attract attention before, I certainly didn’t want to get pulled over with Ann naked in the front seat. But while we were about 15 minutes from Ann’s house, it seemed to take us much longer than that. Mostly because I was engrossed in what Ann was telling me.

I’d pulled my hand from her leg, to concentrate on driving…and listening. Ann took matters into her left hand. She turned her body to face mine, leaning her back against the locked door. She had her left leg snaked between our seats, her foot actually rubbing up canlı poker oyna against the back of my seat as her calf rested against the console between her seat and mine. Her right leg was stretched out too, resting between the dashboard and the gear shifter. For such a tiny car, Ann had found a way to spread her legs as wide as she could in her seat. She was slowly playing with her labia like I had, not wanting to touch her clit, or insert a finger into her tight, wet cunt. She was just keeping herself warmed up as she explained ‘the plan.’

“Obviously, I met Gloria under circumstances that weren’t exactly ideal. But she’s turned out to be an amazing friend, which is incredible when you think of how we started out.”

“So, she comes into the store…”

“And I’m the one that waits on her. If it was one of the other girls, or on a different day, we may have never found out Jesse was dating both of us.”

“How long did you date him?”

“Me…maybe two weeks. It wasn’t very long. And it really wasn’t more than sex, and kind of bad sex at that. We met at a party. I was between boyfriends, and I wanted to get laid. He said he was between girlfriends, so we hooked up that night. And we saw each other one more time the next week and fucked again. But it was never going to be serious. In fact, I was pretty much done with him when Gloria came into the store. He hadn’t called in five days, and I never called him. Truth was…if he had called, I would have told him we were done. He really wasn’t good in bed at all.”

“So if he was that bad, why’d you see him again after the first time?”

“I was a little drunk…so I’m sure I wasn’t at my best either. I figured if I was off my game, he might have been too. And he was really cute, so it seemed worth the risk. Turned out I was wrong. He was one of those selfish guys out here I’ve told you about…more concerned with his orgasm, and not taking care of mine.”

“So what happened?”

“I went home and frigged myself, like I usually did after sex with a lousy fuck.”

“No…what happened when you found out. The plan…hatching…remember?”

“Oh…that. Well, Gloria was paying, and she dropped her wallet and his picture fell out. I was a little shocked, and I asked her if it was her brother. She actually laughed and said it was her boyfriend. It struck me as odd, since it had just been less than a week since I’d fucked him the second time. I mean, who does that?”

“Does what?”

“Fucks someone, and then goes out and gets a girlfriend within a couple of days, AND gives her a picture. I knew as soon as she said he was her boyfriend, with a SMILE, that she didn’t know he was screwing around on her.”

“So, what happened?”

“I was going to let it go. You know, not tell her. But Gloria and I had connected so well while she was shopping. She was in the store for over a half hour, and I really, really liked her. And I thought about that. And I thought about how I didn’t like being the other woman.”

“So you told her?”

“Well, she asked me why I was so interested in the picture…and I didn’t have a good answer. She kind of put me on the spot. So, I finished up, told my assistant that I had to leave, and I told Gloria we needed to get a beer. She knew something was up, but I smiled…and she kind of calmed down.”

“Wow, you calmed her down with your smile?”

“Well, I DO have a great smile,” Ann laughed, flashing me a really goofy one, which made me laugh too. “We met up at a bar, and we had a beer…and I told her.”


“And she was hurt at first. Then she got pissed. They had been dating for six months. But she figured out pretty quickly that he’d been screwing around on her all along.”

“So…what about the plan?”

“Well, Gloria had said that she was supposed to meet him the next night…that’s why she was buying a new outfit. He had some big public event that he had to attend…his job was a part of it. She said that she didn’t want to go anymore, and I made some passing comment that it was too bad we didn’t both go, and bump into each other there.”

“So that’s what you did?”

“Oh…it’s even better. She liked that idea, but it kind of evolved after that. She didn’t want to go home that night, because she was worried he’d want to have sex, and she obviously wasn’t in the mood. I made some comment about him being selfish in bed anyway, so I didn’t blame her…and she gave me a weird look. She said she thought it was just her. That got us to talking about him and what he was like in bed. It was a weird conversation, but she needed it.”

“Okay, so what did you decide to do?”

“I agreed to have a threesome with her and Jesse,” Ann said with a giggle.


“Relax. It was a ruse. But he bought it.”

“You lost me,” I said, shaking my head. Of course, it was a little hard for me to concentrate on what Ann was saying. What with me driving down the dark, deserted streets…and trying to watch Ann play with her perfect pussy out of the corner of my eye every time we passed internet casino a street light.

“I guess that was one of his fantasies. But Gloria was adamantly against it. When she mentioned it to me, a light bulb went on in my head, and I told her that was the perfect way to get him back. So, she went home, and put him off by telling him that she didn’t want to have sex that night because she wanted to save her energy for the next night. He asked her why, and she said she would do it. She told him she had met an old girlfriend who was willing. Of course, he thought she meant a girlfriend of hers.”

“How did you pull it off? Did you just go to their place?”

“No…the event was at a big, fancy hotel in Oakland. It took up almost the whole hotel. I made sure I bumped into Jesse while Gloria was still upstairs in her room. He asked me what I was doing there, and I told him I worked for a company that was a part of the event. He didn’t know any different, since I never told him where I worked. Anyway, I told him that I had a room there, and I wanted to know if he wanted to go have a quickie. The pig didn’t even think about it. We were in the elevator, riding up to my floor in like 15 seconds.”

“God, Ann…you took him to your room?” I asked, a disgusted look on my face.

“Hey, don’t judge baby. It was all a part of the plan. On the way up in the elevator, I told him I’d met an old girlfriend when I was checking in, and she was a real party animal. I asked if he was interested in a threesome, because she was cute, and…”

“He said yes.”

“Of course. I think he thought he was going to have two of them in the same night. Or, at the very least, he’d have two during the weekend.”

“How did you…I mean…at what point did you…”

“Patience baby…I’m getting to that. We kind of took a page out of tonight. I told Jesse that my ‘girlfriend’ was only interested in the kinky side of sex, so I tied him to the bed with the ties to the robes. He never questioned why I had four of them, since each room only came with two robes. I got the other two from Gloria. I had gotten undressed first to entice him to do the same, and once I had him tied up on one of the two big king-sized beds in my room, I got dressed again.”


“Yeah. He asked what I was doing, and I told him I had to go get my girlfriend. He didn’t seem to mind. He thought it was part of the game. I went to the room next door to get Gloria, and we walked into the room together. He just about shit right there.”

“Wait…he didn’t know his own room was next door?”

“No. She checked in. He had to work to get things ready for his company. She was supposed to get the room for them so they could spend the night. He had never been there.”

“What did you do…did you just tease him?”

“You could say that. First, we left him there, while she and I went down to the shindig and had a good time. And we really had a good time. Are you sure you’re okay with me telling you all of this, Neil. I have to tell you, I don’t come off looking too good in this story. I was really a bit of a bitch. And…”

“Ann, you were betrayed. So was Gloria. I understand. Hell, when I found my ex in my bed with the jerk she was fucking, I dragged him out of bed and kicked him in the nuts as hard as I could…twice. Then I threw him out of the door naked, and I threw his keys as far as I could across the road into a field. I think I told you before, it wasn’t one of my proudest moments.”

“Yeah…but you walked in on that. Gloria and I PLANNED this.”

“Still, same category, same free pass as far as I’m concerned. If you don’t want to tell me any more than you have, that’s okay. But I’m not going to feel or think differently about you, Ann. I love you, and that’s all that matters.”

“Well, I just worry, because I don’t want you to think that I’m really like that. Like I said, we planned it out. And the more we talked about what we were going to do…well…we kind of fed off each other’s anger at first. Then it became kind of fun to think of how outrageous we could be. The whole plan sort of took on this life of its own, if you know what I mean.”

I looked at Ann, and realized that she really didn’t want to tell me any more than she already had. It wasn’t like she was hiding anything, and I think she would have told me if I’d pressed her. But it was pretty obvious that they’d planned to exact some type of revenge, and they’d gotten it. To press her for the details would make it seem like I was either titillated by the story, which I wasn’t, or that I ‘needed’ to know. And I didn’t. Just knowing that Ann would have told me the rest of the story if I’d asked her was enough for me.

In truth, I was titillated. But it was because of Ann and what she was doing in her seat. She was still teasing her pussy, refusing to dip her fingers into her sweet hole, or play with her clit, which was so aroused I could see it peeking out from under the cute little hood. She was horny, and I wanted her that way. If we’d continued to talk about an event in the past that didn’t matter, and it upset her because she thought it would put her in a bad light, then her mood might change. That wasn’t a chance I was willing to take. I wanted Ann’s night to end on a high note.

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