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I walk through the doors, dressed to the 9’s and ready to kill. The music is slammin, huge speakers in every corner making the walls shake with each bump of the base. They got the music spinnin from the heavens like usual. The lights all neon, complete with that silly disco ball casting the rainbows and flashes of light through the near darkness. Smoke filled rooms, back to back filled with hot sweaty bodies, grinding together and talking and just enjoying a little piece of worry-free life.

I pay my fee to get through the door, flash my ID and tuck it back into the back pocket of the low riddin jeans. Daayyyumn… took me like an hour to get ready for tonight. But here I am, the sides of my auburn hair pulled back in a pony tail that sits high, the rest flowing free… sweet little ringlets twirling and tangling together, hinted with glitter. Yeah I know. Glitter is pretty funny, something that little kids do, but in this light? It looks SO AWESOME!

The rest of the girls just roll up in the place like they own it, or like its their hood. *laughs* Taking the place over, they will never know what hit them. Giving a whole new meaning to Femme Fatal.

Bobbing my head to the beat searching over the crowd, waving to people here and there, I smile, make my way to the bar. Wrapping fingers around the brass railing that frames the cherry wood counter top of the bar, finished with a high gloss coating to protect it from the effects of alcohol, I pull myself close. “The usual, babe… how things t’nite?” jumping half way over the top to kiss the bartender’s cheek. “Same ole – Same ole, gurl. Your admirer is back. “, he smiles big and lifts hys cute little chin motioning in the direction of this person.

There hy is, indeed. Leaning against a tall table, elbow resting comfortably with drink in hand. Hy is always dressed so incredible. Brown leather shoes, dark green slacks, the permanent press line down the center that only a dry cleaner can accomplish to perfection, a nice strong belt to match the shoes, and a “business – casual” shirt. Hys short hair always perfectly combed, and brushing slightly against the collar of hys shirt, Nice smooth face with a strong jaw line, a smile that would make any girl melt, and hazel eyes that… wheeeewww… find a way to capture a person with a mere glance.

Hy looks a little out of place, like hy is too good for the likes of this crowd, but is forever smiling and friendly to all the ladies that try to gain hys attention. The odd thing? Hy turns everyone away. I asked one of the girls once, she said that hy “was waiting for someone in particular. ” This is possibly the 8th time I have seen hym there, and I am SO curious. So is every other femme in the place.

Shawn hands me a tall glass of Diet Coke and says, “Hys eyes haven’t left you since you walked in here. Why don’t you just grow some balls and to talk to hym. ” Taking the drink, in a mocking voice.. complete with nose all scrunched up and looking bratty, bubbling head from side to side, “hy is waiting for someone in particular”. I lift the glass to my lips and drink, while breaking the expression into a smile. “What makes you think hy ain’t waittin for you? Come on.. he stares at your ass any harder while you dance hy gonna burn another whole in the damned thing”. I choke on the soda and laugh aloud, caressing my ass tenderly, “this baby is waaaayyy to fine to be hurt by anyone’s admiring glances, thankyouverymuch.!”

Swinging my body around, pulling shoulders back to rest elbows on the brass railing, I lean back gently, looking at this stranger. Our eyes meet, and for the first time hy doesn’t look away. Instead, hys eyes gaze all over my body, little pink tongue licks hys lips.. just seconds before hy bites the bottom one. Lowering hys head slightly, eyes never leaving mine, hy smiles. Breath catches inside my chest… butterflies suddenly take flight. Oh my goodness!

“OOOhhhh gurrrrllll, NO HY DIDN’T” Shawn grabs my arm and turns me around… seeing my face flushed hot, as he laughs. “Look at you… no shit. I’m telling you. One of you guys need to make a move before the only thing left to do from all this sexual tension will be to slam hym against the wall and do hym, leaving introductions for later. I’m telling you. ” He laughs wickedly “unless that is the desired result?” brows all raised high. I push him playfully, blushing just a little deeper, “not everyone is a slut bag like you, babe!” Making grabbie motions with my hands, “Give me a piece of paper.. and a pen.. hurry.. I got an idea. ” Scribbling words down, folding it.. and tucking between my belly button and waist of jeans, letting half of stick out just a little, knowing it will draw attention of everyone that sees.

I waggle my brows, “wish me luck, babe” winking as I saunter off to the dance floor. The beat of the music pounds though me like the beat of my heart. Closing my eyes as it takes control, the other instruments effect me separately… one speaks to Bostancı Escort my arms, another to my chest, another to my hips… body swaying with its whims. Sauntering and sashaying though the sea of bodies in motion, I make my way near hym and stop when I can feel hys gaze.

Hips bumping from side to side with each beat guiding my body along with it, I find an eager dance partner and enjoy the “ghetto tango” between us. Keeping it light, but making sure the moves are easily seen as I put on my little show for Hym. A new song spins through the air now, cutting through the smoke in the room and slamming like a sharpened arrow into my soul. I look up and see Shawn in the DJ’s box with a HUGE smile.. knowing this is MY groove. The show.. will now truly commence.

Swallowing hard I twirl over towards the stranger, bumping and grinding along through the crowd. All of a sudden I feel Hym. Hy plant hys warm smooth hands on my hips and pulls me back against hys body. Everything inside of me shudders for just a moment, I find myself terrified. The butterflies wreaking havoc on my insides… this time they brought friends with them. I straighten and lean against hym. Tilting slightly off to the side, laying my head back along hys shoulder as my hand rises and caresses the soft smooth face. I melt.

Long deep inhale and I am filled with hys scent, hys cologne, the smell of hys shampoo. I feel hys arms wraped around and holding tight to me. Oh my gawd, I think my knees are going to buckle. Hearing a moan escape from hym, again makes the air catch in my lungs. Come on Ayanna get a grip on yourself. My hand lifts higher as I laces my fingertips through the back of hys hair, then slowly trail down along that jaw line. Feeling the heat of hys flesh, hys neck. Visions of my lips peppering that area with soft kisses and impassioned nibbles flash through my mind. We begin to sway together.

I concentrate on the music again, allowing my ass to circle outward, grind and rub against hym. I can feel some kind of hardness there and realize in that an instant… Hys packing. Once again my whole body shudders inside, electricity spreading through my spine and reaching every nerve ending possible. I turn around quick and grab hold of the belt loops for a good grip. Swaying my hips forward as hy moves hys back, we dance like pros. Eye contact so incredible it feels that hy is reaching inside of me and taking hold.

The beat of the song getting a little more intense as the adrenalin builds inside me. Moves rolling up out of us to make anyone on that floor jealous. Suddenly I bend my knees and dip down, trailing my hands along hys sides, hooking on hips. I bring myself back up.. pausing for just a moment in the middle, parting my lips planting a dirty little thought in hys mind, then shoot up again to the full standing position. Hy pulls me tight against hys body. Our legs laced between each other’s, he supports the small of my back with hys tender hand. Hy dips me back, body arching, my hips dig against hys so that I can feel the hardness plainly. Guiding me back to hym, hy holds me tight as the song ends and another begins. We pause for a breathless moment.. frozen in time, bodies crushed together.

Hy takes my hands gently and kisses the back of each one, bowing hys head. In the most incredible voice I can ever recall hearing hy whispers, “Thank you, My lovely. It has been a pleaure. ” Then begins to walk away. Quickly I snap back to reality and remove the note from my jeans, tucking into hys pocket before hy turns too far away form me. Hy return to hys table. The dance floor swallows me up in its arms and I disappear from his view for just a moment, only to return back at my drink at the bar on the other side of the room.

WHEW, big exhale as I collapse on my stool and grab hold of the drink, gulping deeply. My insides in a whirl, light headed, the nerves beginning to settle. Shawn glides to me like a greasy shark from the 80’s and laughs. “Gurl.. that was HOT HOT HOT! Hy is reading the note with a big ass smile.. whats it say??” In a little giggle I reply, “I’ve been watching you, watching me… And I am growing tired of the game. Come talk to me please.. don’t leave me hanging for yet another agonizing night. I only ask to meet you, nothing more. Please – Anna. “

“Your not playing anymore are you gurl?” Shawn replies, “Damn, you must have scared Hym away… hys gone. ” His whole body perks as if the radar has been turned on and he is looking for some incredibly valuable gem. I can almost hear the submarine pings as the radar bounces throughout the room, under his searching. My smile sinks along with the rest of my body, “Dang… I behaved myself too. I guess hy doesn’t like hys ladies to have balls, huh?” Shawn smiles brightly and does the “guy nod” to someone in the distance, gives my wrist a gentle reassuring squeeze and wonders off to take someone’s order.

Suddenly I hear that voice again… feeling Bostancı Escort Bayan hys presence so close, almost touching me as hy whispers into my ear softly, “Well, Anna, we already know that our bodies work well together.. perhaps we should find out if our minds and hearts do as well?” A small grin caresses the edges of my lips as my eyes close to savor the feel of hym so close. Long deep inhale… I turn slowly to face hym, a hint of wicked playfulness glints in my eyes. We talked all night, Shawn had to kick us out when he needed to lock up.

My goodness does the place look grimmey with all the lights on and emptied out. And a bunch of faggots are ONE MESSY GROUP! You’d think stereotypically that we would make the place look even better when we left that when we came in. Guess for a meat (meet) market we have other things on out minds? I laugh suddenly feeling a twang of guilt as I know that Shawn will be here for another couple hours cleaning up after all of us. But once I feel Hys hand lace into mine, that guilt floats away like it was just a fleeting emotion that never had the chance to burry inside me and plant its roots.

Once out in the street we pause, looking onto each other’s eyes for what seems like a frozen moment in time. I clear my throat being a good lil grrl and bat my eye lashes slightly while pretending to look at my watch, “Well… its late. I had a great time, when can I see you again?”. We exchange phone numbers and a promise to talk the day after.

Over the next few weeks we spend just about very other night together. Talking until the wee hours of the morning. We just seem to FIT.. like a puzzle, made for each other. We have so much in common, yet just enough differences to keep little debates going and to clash just enough.

Mic (short for Miceala) works for an advertising firm and is incredible. Everything Hy sees sparks some kind of new angle on some product here or there. Hy comes up with some of the funniest things that just grab your mind and you find yourself remembering it at the oddest parts of the day. Mic swears that hy is just another employee, but I know that no ordinary employee has the pleasure of the title “Senior Accounts Exec. ” added to their business cards. I catch on to those things kind of fast. Hy is the last of 5 kids and grew up in a household that was made up of some of the oddest characters I can imagine. It seems that hys uncle is quite the flamer and the whole family always made sure to include themselves is celebrating gay rights events. It was never really a question in their minds of hys sexuality. I cannot imagine the feelings of safety that type of an environment must have filled hym with while growing up “different” from the rest of hys classmates.

I wasn’t so lucky. I was an only child to the parents of politicians. I one day just disappeared from the family. Yeah another teen run away statistic, if I hadn’t I would have suffocated there. I never did anything well enough for them, not even when I tried SO HARD to be the perfect little girl. I ran from them and into the arms of someone that was very abusive, both mentally and physically. Its taken me years to realize just how incredible I am!

Mic’s apartment is perfect. For a while I thought for sure that hy had to have had a decorator come in, but everywhere I turn I see little pieces of hym in the styles, choices of art, textures, and colors. Its beautiful yet so comfortable, just like hym. Oh lourdy did I just say that aloud? How “chickie” was that? HHEELLLPPPPP someone please.. I think I am falling.

Tonight we are having backed chicken breasts, steamed broccoli, and garlic noodles for dinner that hy cooked with hys own little hands. Mic was so adorable fluttering about the kitchen, complete with apron and tussled hair, all worried about burning, or undercooking something. I laughed so many times while sitting on the counter in the middle of the room, making hym work around me while sipping slowly my wine. As per usual the conversation never lagged, hy was telling me about this new client and some of the lame, pathetic ideas a few of hys colleagues tried to pass off to the clients before it was handed over to hym.

We ate the masterpiece slowly, again over never ending conversation. After finishing washing the dishes and drying everything thoroughly, we settled into the living room with the rest of the bottle of wine, some fresh fruit on a platter with a bowl of fresh whipped cream for dipping into, and the nice warm glow of the fireplace. For some reason the tone of the night was quite different than any other night we have spent in this same living room. The conversation slowed to nothing as we watched intently the other eating the little pieces of fruit. I felt desires inside of me burning to new heights.

Until this moment we have been very well behaved, a few lingering touches, a few passionate kisses in the moonlight… always bringing ourselves Escort Bostancı back to reality before things became carried away. I have always been terrified of intimacy, that maybe once they get the jewels they will become disenchanted with the jewelry box, and only think of the sparklies inside it. Nothing kills a relationship faster than turning it into a sexual relationship. Mic has had similar issues with dating, too. We decided to wait until the moment came where there was nothing else in life that we needed more than to touch taste and feel every inch of each other. If we did not right at that moment we would be terrified of exploding into a million pieces.

That moment came… My eyes watch as hy dips a wedge of peach into the whipped cream and brings it to my lips. I close my eyes slowly feeling the peach wedge rub across them slowly as letting my tongue dart out and suckle it inside as they wrap around the wedge delicately. We both moan. Hungrily I swallow the peach and take hys fingers into my mouth after, cleaning them completely. Perhaps over cleaning as the very last thing I wanted at that moment was another piece of damned fruit.

Suddenly I am caught by surprise as I feel hys tongue licking my lips clean, pressing deeper, sliding inside. My whole being is alive, every nerve ending pulsing with need as our tongues wrestle and caress. Instantly one hand reaches up lacing my fingers though the short hairs at the base of hys neck as the other cups that full breast pressing into my own. Mic moans aloud inside my mouth as my fingers pinch that hardened nipple, scraping my thumb along the tip over and over again. Hy squirms slightly adjusting hys seating position and moving closer to me.

Impassioned kisses and groans fill the air as we breathlessly grope each other, leaving the Lady and Gentlemen so far behind they are mere memories. Writhing together along the floor, I feel the wetness between my thighs becoming embarrassing. My leg glide in to push hys apart slightly, grinding into hys own patch of wetness. I feel Mic’s hips buck slightly, grinding against my leg. I slide my hand under to support the arch in hys back. Smiling to myself, happy with the knowledge that I affect hym every bit as much as hy does me.

Panting hy pushes me away, gasping for air, for just a little bit of self control. My eyes become wide and innocent like doe eyes, looking up, terrified that I have pressed past some line that I was unaware of. Hy smiles thoughtfully and stands slowly, reaching out to grab hold of my hands pulling me in hys arms. Mic inhales the scent of my perfume, peppering my neck with sweet tender kisses and nibbles. Whispering huskily into my ear, “Anna, I want to make love to every portion of your body and soul. Will you allow me that pleasure?” I reply with a huge smile as well as a small blush, “I thought you’d never ask. “

Mic smiles broadly and steps back for a moment, looking me and hy pulls out a blind fold from hys back pocket, “May I, M’Lady?” “oooHhhhHh” I laugh and push hys chest slightly a look of pleasant surprise overtakes the contours of my face, “You planned this?” Hy whispers with a slight bow, ” No, baby… hoped, yes… planned, never. ” I turn around slowly as hy gently ties it around my face, and stand still, waiting for hys next move.

My whole body is swept into a whirlwind of unexpected sensations as I feel hys lips grasp hold of my nipple through my shirt. I swoon and gasp, grabbing hold of hys head grinding hym into me. At the same moment hys hand traces slowly along my inner thigh while my hips jump closer to hys attentions. I groan aloud, not knowing if I can stand much longer just as hys fingers begin gather up the hem of my skirt and lightly trace along my soaked panties. Hys fingertips so gentle as they lightly brush against my swollen lips while they pulse and throb, needing hym. The perfect contrast to hys teeth as they grab hold of my poor nipple, twisting and pulling lightly until the fabric of my blouse forbids further torture.

Waves of ecstasy flood my senses, feeling that I am high, or flying, yet I know that my feet are still firmly panted on the ground. How much longer they will stay firmly there, is beyond my ability to guess, but for the time being they are. Hys fingers begin to press into the wet fabric below, making small circles over my nub. Instantly I begin to fall as the heat of the moment drives my body into a series of shocks as the first orgasm ripples through me. Hys free arm grabs hold tightly, not letting my body slip further as he whispers, “come on baby, the night is just beginning, hold yourself together my love. ” And with that hy pulls the wet silk covering to the side and pushes two magic fingers deep inside of me.

My hands GRAB hold of his shoulders, digging nails into flesh as I gasp loudly. My body sways into hys hand with a steady rythem… and just seconds before those waves of delight take hold of me again, hy stops.. breathless with hys own need again.

Whimpering and pouting pathetically, my lips feel the wetness of hys honey covered fingers. The scent of my own arousal drives me insane as I devour every little drop those fingers are coated with, suckling wildly at them. Hy kisses me again, steeling the taste from inside of my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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