Anna’s First Taste

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Elizabeth loved the way Anna’s ass looked in her jeans. She also admired her huge tits. Sometimes she felt guilty indulging in naughty thoughts of her new young co-worker but damn it she was alluring.

Anna had long brown, curly, thick hair and dark eyes. Straight teeth, big contagious smile. Her skin was olive toned, true Italian. She was only 19 and completely bursting with life. There was a problem though. Anna had a boyfriend and everyone knew about him. Elizabeth couldn’t sure if she’d ever go for her but she wanted to find out. Anna was into sports like rock climbing and sky diving but at the same time was an avid church goer. One could never be sure of those church types.

One day while she was on her break, Anna brought in a few gossip magazines and was flipping through them. She went on and on about certain stars and their drama but when she turned the page to Angelina Jolie, her laughter turned into a serious but hypnotic look. She literally looked ‘ga-ga’ over the beautiful actress. She then boasted about how hot she’d looked in the spread. This led Elizabeth’s pussy to drip with anticipation.

Elizabeth was 20 years older than Anna and had had her share of women over the years. No one knew that she was lesbian and no one suspected it either. She was very ‘girly’ and very private. She didn’t know if she could keep her hands off of Anna though, she knew she couldn’t keep her thoughts off of her.

Unlike Anna, Elizabeth had short, straight, red hair and eyes of emerald green. Her skin was milky white and she had a few freckles on her face. Just enough to make her a vision of beauty. Her breasts were small and body slender. She was tall, about 5 inches taller than Anna and she loved the thought of dominating her one day. She thought that she saw Anna checking her out but wrote it off as her imagination.

One day, after work, Anna went to Elizabeth and had a languished look on her face. She explained that her boyfriend had cheated on her with her best friend and she really needed to talk. Elizabeth invited her to have dinner at her place that night and hurried home to prepare herself for a long night of tears. She figured that the Megan wanted a mother figure to help her through her time of need. Someone experienced with love and heart break to offer friendly advice. Elizabeth just wanted to taste her sweet pussy. She wanted to bury her face in her large, inviting breasts. Her clit quivered with thoughts of running her tongue over her soft, youthful skin.

The doorbell rang and Elizabeth let her in. She still looked upset but there was a little look of relief in her eyes. Anna felt like she was safe with Elizabeth so they began to prepare dinner together. They talked and talked about the man who had made a fool of her and how to get the revenge she truly needed.

Elizabeth suggested that she cheat on her boyfriend, tell him all the details and then dump him publicly. Making him suffer from total humiliation. Anna thought it sounded like a great idea but decided that she was through with men completely. Although this sounded appealing to Elizabeth she knew that Anna would change her mind. After all, she güvenilir bahis was only 19 and had many new relationship opportunities ahead of herself.

Then Anna asked Elizabeth some personal questions. She realized that they really hadn’t talked all that much and she wanted to get to know her more. She asked her if she had a boyfriend. Elizabeth didn’t exactly know how to answer the question, she didn’t want to scare her new hot friend off so she simply said no. Anna looked perplexed and asked her how long it had been since she’d last had a boyfriend.

Elizabeth stayed quiet for a little too long.

“Is it hard for you to talk about? Did your last boyfriend die or something?,” Anna, being young and immature asked.

“Honey, I’m not into guys.” She said with a sly grin. She decided that she couldn’t put up with a game of twenty questions any longer and just got straight to the point. Anna stayed quiet but not scared or repulsed. She was intrigued. In fact, Anna had long fantasized about girls but never acted on it. She had been taught the traditional Christian values and had always felt guilty about her attraction to women. Anna thought awhile and then resumed the third degree. Now she was more curious than ever and was beginning to see Elizabeth in a new light.

“Have you ever like guys?”

“Only in elementary school but really I think I only liked them because I wanted to be like them. I’ve always like to do more outdoors things and more sports-orientated things rather than cheerleading etc.. I really enjoy watching cheerleaders though.” Elizabeth remarked with a hearty laugh. She was decidedly excited about not having scared Anna off. Maybe her hunch about her was right after all.

“So, you’ve like had sex with girls then?” she asked but whispering the word sex. Elizabeth grinned at her new friend and decided to answer openly and candidly.

“I’ve had sex with many women. I’ve enjoyed every inch of their petite bodies. I had sex with a guy once or twice but never enjoyed it as much as having sex with a woman. It’s way more sensual and loving. I like to have multiple orgasms and it’s almost impossible for me to do that with a man. So I gave them up for good and decided to go with a more instinctive way of life.”

“Do you agree that it’s a choice? Do you ever feel guilty about going against what’s natural?”

“Anna, it is natural. This is me. I am a lesbian. I love women, I do not love men. I didn’t make this choice, this is how I was made. I see absolutely nothing wrong with being yourself and being a good, kind person in the process. Besides, women are so fucking hot that I sometimes cannot keep my hands off of them.”

Anna looked a bit surprised by how Elizabeth was speaking to her. She noticed that her eyes had turned animalistic and hungry looking. She liked what she was seeing and her panties began to get wet. She wondered if Elizabeth would make a move on her. She wanted her to.

Sometime later Anna excused herself to the bathroom to finger her beautiful pussy, Elizabeth put on some soft music and cleared the dishes. Anna’s panties were drenched by the time she got to her sweet türkçe bahis spot. They had talked for over an hour about sex and different positions and things to try. Anna still hadn’t revealed her attraction for women but she hoped Elizabeth could sense it. When Anna returned she was glowing.

“I know that look.” Elizabeth was done playing games. “Have you ever wanted to fuck a woman?”

Anna blushed and looked down at her feet. Her answer was obvious and Elizabeth sat beside her on the sofa. Anna grew tense but was getting really hot.

“Hmm, not going to answer me huh? What would you do if I were to caress your shoulders or give you a massage? Would you let me do that to you knowing that it would get my pussy all hot?”

“I am feeling a little tense right now.”

“C’mere. Let me rub your beautiful shoulders.”

Elizabeth moved in closer to Anna, allowing her delicate hands rest on her shoulders and neck. She could feel that Anna was extremely tense and nervous. Both women’s nipples became erect and goose bumps arose on their arms. Elizabeth knew that if her pussy was soaking wet, then Anna’s beautiful pussy would be too. She liked anticipating what Anna’s pussy would taste like. She thought perhaps she could already smell the subtle aroma of her enticing juices. Elizabeth’s clit protruded far out of it’s hood and stood erect and hard. It begged to be sucked and pampered.

Anna let out a few signs of relief as she began to relax under Elizabeth’s magic fingers spell. She became more liberal with her rubbing and massaging and worked her way down Anna’s firm arms. She traced her fingers from the top of her shoulders down to her elbows and then on to her wrists. She herself loved her wrists to be lightly caressed and teased. Anna let out a few more sighs and closed her eyes. She envisioned Elizabeth kissing the nape of her neck and giving light pecks down the center of her back. She wanted her to throw her down and fuck the shit out of her. Her pussy was on fire and needed to be pounded. She wanted immediate relief. She wanted her to bury her face into her juicy cunt and ram her tongue deep inside. She dismissed those thoughts and decided to enjoy the sensual teasing that Elizabeth seemed hell bent on doing.

“You might be more comfortable if you lied down in my bed. I could give you a full body massage and make your troubles melt away. What do you say?”

Anna turned her head and looked Elizabeth directly in the eyes. Without a word she stood up and waited to be led. Elizabeth took Anna’s small hand and led her up the stairs to her master bedroom. Anna didn’t need to tell Elizabeth it was ok to take advantage of her. When they had locked eyes, her permission was given. Anna’s pussy whimpered with impatience.

Elizabeth didn’t bother turning on the lights. She grabbed Anna and turned into her. They embraced with a passionate kiss. Elizabeth’s tongue probed the 19 year old’s mouth and Anna happily reciprocated. Elizabeth ripped Anna’s blouse off and threw her to the bed. Her heaving bra-covered breasts looked delicious and pulling them out, she buried her face in between.

“Oh my God!” Anna cried.

Elizabeth güvenilir bahis siteleri licked and nibbled each nipple with great hunger. Anna’s hands roamed all over Elizabeth’s back and ass. Elizabeth loved her ass to be groped, it was as if Anna knew exactly how to turn her on! She pushed Anna’s legs apart with her knee and forced her thigh hard into her jean-clad pussy. She applied a lot of pressure and Anna began to moan loudly. Elizabeth loved it when the girl was loud. Elizabeth removed her shirt and bra, revealing small and perky breasts. Her nipples were very hard and Anna instinctively petted them. Elizabeth leaned into Anna, pressing their breasts together and wiggling from left to right allowing their erect nipples to slide against one another.

“Mmmm that feels so nice.” Is all Anna could manage to say.

“Suck on my tits.” Elizabeth demanded. Anna gladly began licking and sucking at her beautiful breasts. Elizabeth rubbed her thigh harder and faster, pressing up against Anna’s hot pussy, bringing her to a huge climax. “I want to taste your sweet pussy now.” Elizabeth pulled away from Anna and stood up. She dropped her pants to the floor, which left her in only her red, lacy panties. Anna liked what she saw but laid on the bed for fear of taking the wrong action.

Elizabeth pulled Anna’s tight jeans off, revealing black silky thong. She was completely waxed and hairless, just like Elizabeth craved. For a moment she felt that Anna was made for her. She quickly removed her panties and pulled her ass to the edge of the bed. She kneeled before the beautiful sight of such a young, succulent cunt and took in intoxicating aroma of her sweet juices. She knew she had made Anna cum and she was about to drink down what she had made. Elizabeth slowly lapped up all the juices that had spilled out of her chamber. This sent chills up and down Anna’s firm, young body. She gripped the sheets as she waited for her lover to open her lips and dive into her.

Elizabeth spread the hood that covered her hard, little clit. She swirled her tongue completely around it and sucked a little, just lightly. She knew how sensitive it would be. Anna moaned and gripped the sheets even harder. Her legs tensed up and she felt her insides contracting.

Suddenly, Elizabeth drove her tongue deeply into her. Anna could feel her climax building up and grabbed onto Elizabeth’s head. She pushed her face down, hard into her cunt. She wasn’t planning on letting her up until she came.

As Anna’s silky interior was over flowing with cum, Elizabeth opened her mouth wide to catch all of it and drink it down. She was sweet and her nectar hot and fresh. Her face was covered in her glistening. Her own pussy was begging to be touched and right after Anna let go of her head she climbed up onto the bed and repositioned Anna right in the middle.

Elizabeth quickly took off her own panties and laid directly on top of Anna. She pushed her pussy hard into her lover’s and slid all over, rubbing their clit’s together. Elizabeth forced her cum covered tongue deep into Anna’s mouth and rocked her body back and forth in the most intense sexual dance she’d ever performed. They came together, mixing their hot cum together several more times that night.

Anna got her first taste of pussy and loved it.


Author’s Note: Please email me with comments and PLEASE VOTE 🙂

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