Anne , Paul’s Story Ch. 03

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Paul parked the car and walked into the lobby of the apartment block. It was a rainy Sunday evening and he felt cold and a little grumpy. He was also feeling very horny. He had been surfing porn sites on the web when his wife had called upstairs and asked him to drive over to her friend Jane’s apartment to collect some magazines.

He took the lift to the sixth floor and rang the doorbell. To his surprise, it was opened by his friend Anne who grinned expectantly at him. Anne was a slim attractive woman in her early 30s with dark shoulder length hair and an aura of sensuality about her that Paul loved. The last time they had meet Anne had shagged him senseless as his 65th birthday present and his balls had ached for days afterwards! He felt his penis twitch and grow at the thought of their last meeting.

“Hello Anne, this is a pleasant surprise. What are you doing here?” Paul asked with a grin.

“Oh Jane and I were just having a girl’s night in.” she replied. “She has just had to go out for a little while. She said you were to wait. Come on through to the kitchen and I’ll make us some coffee.”

As Paul followed Anne into the kitchen his eyes lingered on the swing of her hips. She was an absolute joy to walk behind! As she turned to face him, Paul placed his hands on Anne’s shoulders and forced her to her knees. “On your knees woman, you’ve got a job of work to do!!” Anne looked up at him in surprise. “Supposing Jane comes back? I’m not sure we should do this now.” she protested. Paul smiled grimly “If she does come back, she’ll just have to wait her turn!” Anne giggled and pulling down his zipper inserted her hand and released Paul’s erect penis.

She held the shaft and started to eagerly lick around the head of his dick and up and down the outside. She stopped suddenly looking up at Paul. “I’m still not sure we’ve time for Ankara escort a proper blow job.” she said nervously. “Don’t talk with your mouth full!” Paul exclaimed and Anne obediently took his cock into her mouth and began to give her full attention to the task in hand!

Paul reached down, entwined his fingers in Anne’s long hair, and held her head firmly. He started to move his hips backwards and forwards forcing his dick in and out of Anne’s mouth. Anne gagged momentarily then valiantly took Paul’s deep throat.

Paul stopped suddenly, withdrew his penis, and helped Anne to her feet. “Anne I need you so badly. I want to bury my cock deep in your cunt and shag the arse off you!!” So saying, he turned Anne around and made her bend face down over the kitchen table with her arms outstretched. He lifted her skirt to expose her firm rounded buttocks encased in silken cream-coloured french knickers.

The knickers were of the type that were lose around the crutch and Paul could see the lips of Anne’s glorious vagina peeping at him. The sight excited him beyond belief and without ceremony he positioned his dick at the entrance to her pussy and pushed hard to bury himself fully and deeply into her.

Anne gasped and grabbed the edges of the table as Paul started his urgent thrusting in and out of her. “For goodness sake Paul slow down and let me catch up with you” she exclaimed urgently, but Paul knew his own orgasm was so near and so urgent that he could not hold back any longer. With a deep groan, he climaxed.

Just as Paul’s dick went limp and he slipped from inside Anne, they heard the front door open and Jane’s voice calling. Anne jumped up and fled into the next room and Paul had just enough time to zipper-up and be seated at the table when Joan came into the kitchen. “Hello Paul, I thought that was your car outside. Where’s Anne?” Ankara escort bayan As Paul tried to gather his wits to respond, Anne strolled back into the kitchen. Paul marvelled at her composure. She looked so calm and collected. No one would ever know that a few minutes earlier she had been forcibly taken doggie-fashion across the kitchen table.

Joan smiled in greeting “Hello Anne. I’m sorry, but I need to go out again for a little while. Do you mind keeping Paul entertained until I get back? I won’t be that long.”

Anne smiled and looked at Paul “No problem. I’ll make us some coffee!”

As the front door closed behind Jane, Anne grinned at Paul. “Right you sod you’ve just had your evil way with me. Now its my turn. You left me high and dry and I need a good seeing to before Joan returns!” With that, she jumped up on the kitchen table with her legs dangling over the edge. She hoisted up her skirt and Paul could see she had taken off her knickers whilst she was out of the kitchen.

He could feel his dick harden as he gazed at the swollen lips of Anne’s vagina and the tangle of her dark pubic hair. “On your knees and eat my pussy.” Anne commanded. Paul started to protest about the risk of Joan catching them but Anne cut him short. “If Joan comes back, I’ll get her to give you a blow job whilst you’re eating me.” she joked “I’m sure you’ll not object to that?” Paul had to admit the mere thought of it added extra excitement to the situation!!

Anne lent back and braced herself on the table’s edge. Without further delay, Paul sank to his knees and buried his face between Anne’s enticing thighs. He slowly and gently began to lick up and down Anne’s outer lips. Anne was already aroused from their earlier activities and she smelt delightfully musky. Paul used his hands to pull apart the outer lips of her vagina and pushed Escort Ankara his tongue deep inside her. She was already hot and wet to his tongue and Paul knew she would soon be ready to be fucked. He also knew in her present mood Anne would ride him unmercifully until she reached multiple orgasms.

His tongue found and started to tease Anne’s clitoris. She moaned with lust and pulled Paul’s head into her pussy. “I’m ready.” she gasped. Paul stood up and positioned his throbbing knob against her vagina. He felt her vagina muscles give way against the pressure as he slipped inside. It was like putting his dick inside an oven she was so hot. Paul rested for a moment feeling Anne’s vagina tighten then loosen as she gently massaged his penis.

“That’s nice!!” Anne said, then she wrapped her legs around Paul’s body and pulled him into her. “Take me hard” she sighed “I need a good fucking to finish this evening off!!”

Paul’s cock started to move in and out of Anne with increasing urgency in response to Anne’s animal-like whimpering. Paul felt Anne’s vagina grip him tightly as though she was trying to draw him even deeper and with a cry of pleasure Anne let her multiple orgasms flow over her.

When Joan returned later that evening she found them both seated at the kitchen table drinking coffee and chatting like casual acquaintances.


As Paul rode down the lift from Joan’s apartment he chuckled and gave thanks to the Gods of Chance that had enabled him and Anne to get together that evening. (He also gave special and heartfelt thanks to the chemist who developed Viagra!!)

As Anne rode down the lift later that evening she grinned quietly to herself. If only Paul knew the amount of planning she and Joan had done to arrange their apparently accidental meeting and the careful timing of Joan’s absences!

She also smiled at the thought of the camera she had carefully hidden in the kitchen before Paul’s arrival. The video was now safely in her purse and it would make a great present for his next birthday!!

X——- Finis ——–X

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